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So what's your favorite video game category?
My brother and I have been discussing this for awhile. I say fantasy and he says adventure. Plus, he needs to do a survey. tongue.gif
fps. guns, explosions, an alien or two, what more could you ask for?
my fav genre is fantasy anything could happen
Action with lots of guns laugh.gif
RPG's are definitly the best
i think horror-action-adventure smile.gif is the best. (resident evil, silent hill)
But my second choise is rpg.
Shinobi Alchemist
hehe...I knew role-playing games are most popular tongue.gif Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts owns cool.gif ( But FMA is better of course happy.gif)
My favorite category of gaming would have to be Fighting games like Soul Calibur 2, etc and Action/Fantasy games. I also like Role-playing games, so I guess for me it would be a tie between these three.
Philosopher's Stone
Blasphemy! You missed First-Person Shooter! There is nothing like mowing down fools and consuming your enemies to feed your ever-developing skills. Taste their dying blood on your lips!

You out-manuveur your enemies by any means necessary and then hit them as hard as you can. Ambush them, snipe them, suprise them, shock-troop, back-stab, blow-up them up in narrow spaces, out-strafe their feeble abilities to aim,force them into a corner using a flamethrower and grenades and generally be quicker and smarter than them. Bwahahahahaha! *evil Sarevok laugh*

Also...fantasy is not a genre, its a theme, too many games are flights-of- fancy, so a large number of them are "fantasy". Prince of Persia [action/puzzle/adventure], Mario [platformer], The Legend of Zelda [puzzle/adventure], Baldur's Gate II [RPG] (I refuse to recognize Final Fantasy as a legitimate RPG franchise), yadda, yadda, yadda.

You also missed strategy. A friend of mine would definately kill you for your impudence.
I like RPGs, but I'm also fond of fantasy and action.
Philosopher's Stone
Again: Fantasy is not a genre. It makes no clarification at all of what kind of games you like. There are almost no games that aren't fantasy.
a lot of games contain more than 1 of the following. i think you should'ved polled on types of games, ex. FPS, MMORPG, RPG, etc.
everything on the list except for sports and racing
i like rpgs a lot
QUOTE(Digitalgirl @ Jun 25 2005, 06:14 AM)
everything on the list except for sports and racing

I'll second that.
RPG is the best
Celestial Shadow
RPG, then fighting. As anime fans, most people will say RPG.
I prefer platformers like, Ratchet & Clank and Spyro (the first three).
Envy's lil' miniskirt
I choose adventure but I'm tied between that and FPS. I used to prefer RPG, which I still like but all the ramdom battles are starting to wear on my nerves. I haven't even played FFX-2 yet.
No surprise RPG is in the lead. I guess no one likes racing & sports tongue.gif
Fantasy can be two things: what we can't be and what can never be. It's like if your a driver in videogames but your not in real life. That counts as fantasy but so does being a Jedi on Lego Star Wars. Hope that clarifies fantasy... kinda. huh.gif
Omakase Shimasu
RPGs foremost. (Final Fantasy) Beat 'em up second. (DBZ Budokai) biggrin.gif Button-bash extraordinaire.
Alot of people seem to like Final Fantasy. smile.gif The only FF game I've ever played is one for GB Pocket. Are they that good? huh.gif
Omakase Shimasu
Well, so far I've only played FFVII, FFVIII and FFX (and Chronicles if you count that as part of the series). The only one I really liked, enjoyed and actually beat was VIII though. biggrin.gif I liked FVII enough to make it near the end and even started a second playthrough, but I didn't feel the same dynamic feeling I got when playing VIII.

I guess the reason why most people like this series is because it's pretty old-school (original for that time) and most consider Squaresoft to be the grandfather of all RPGs? I know I do, but then again I'm not much of a gamer. tongue.gif
I chose other because I love horror games (silent hill, haunting ground etc) my second choice is RPG's (Final Fantasy).
For PC I love old adventures (MI), but for consoles I prefer RPG.
well its just that i don't really care the tipe of game i like anyone xDDD eccept for the raicins, and sports i just hate them the are kind of boring
My vote was for other.

How could you forget the Horror/Adventure category?

Resident Evil is awesome (Although the first movie wasnt too great)

Alot of people here dont like sports games...why?

I love to play NBA Street,NFL Street,and NFL 2K5 with my friends.

Fighting games are also great if you are with a group of friends.

As for the FF series...I dont like it much.The random battles piss me off so friggin much ><

By the way...Is the Full Metal Alchemist game worth picking up?
Hmm RPG or FPS...They are both good
I love strategy!

next comes RPG and adventure
RPGS! ^-^; Gotta love 'em!
well i like FF so i suppose rpg, but stuff with guns and stealth is after that, like metal gear stuff.
I shall choose other because I like RPG AND Shooter games most
I like horror/shooter games a lot(Resident Evil 4 and metriod prime) But RPGs are a close follow up.... Don't ask me why..... But i think the whole 'You choose your destiny thing' is kinda fun.... biggrin.gif
Ya know now that I think about it, I also like racing games
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit=Teh luff <3
I`ve play action-games alot..
Internet Alchemist
My favorite is FPS, but RPG is a close second.
i'd say role-playing (pay tribute to FFVII), but after i played mercenaries i really want to tryout games like that. it was action/adventure but the format of the game was somewhat open ended.
RPG's= #1 type of game.
RPG's! I love them! Most of the games I own are role playing. Some of my favorites are Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age.
I love rpgs for the story, duh.
Kakashi's#1 girlfriend
I like playing role-playing, ation and adventure, as long as there long and hard. tongue.gif
I like RPG's too...^_^yay!
I like rpgs and fighting games the most. Um, fantasy is pretty general isn't it?
Belive it or not I Like RPG games and Action games the same. However I had to vote action just I really like to blow things up.
Ill like all types, so I voted for Action for the same reason as Heartless_Soldier Plus I just beat Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike. It was pretty Awsome!
I really like FPS's and Stratagy games like Age of Empires
what is wrong with all you guys not a one of you has said anything about
PRINCE OF PERSIA am i the only pop fan in here come on ppl mad.gif
my fav. would have to be rpg's but adventure is not to far behind it.[size=1]
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