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Full Version: Bleach Captain's Poll!
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foolmetal alchemist
I choose Hitsugaya! I love his ice Soul Cutter!!

You may notice that three captains are not on the list. That is because.....

[spoiler] The 3rd, 5th, and 9th captains all betray the others and leave. I also didn't have enough room to put all 13. So I chose to leave out the traitors.[/spoiler]
Kuchiki Byakuya
I don't really have a favorite captain, but I do like 4 of them better than the others. Hitsugaya, Byakuya,Ukitake, and Gin whom you've left out of the poll. I kinda like em all for different reasons, but those 4 the most.
i like the small kid. which one is he? (too many captains, i cant remeber all of them)
foolmetal alchemist
QUOTE(mongooseboi @ Jun 19 2005, 06:32 PM)
i like the small kid. which one is he? (too many captains, i cant remeber all of them)

You mean Hitsugaya! laugh.gif He's my favorite too! He's the guy in my avatar!
Hitsugaya! No contest (really there is no point to this poll) His awesomeness dwarfs all

(hehehe) laugh.gif

Actually, I like Soi Fong quite a bit too
haha yea we're all voting for the little kid, probably because he looks cooler than all the other captains. but then, for us anime watchers, we dont know much about the captains, being that the show has only got ichigo fighting kenpachi right now.
ah, that was a tough choice. my favorites are shunsui, byakuya, hitsugaya, and ukitake, which i then narrowed down to byakuya and hitsugaya...but i went with shirou-chan (though byakuya has been awesome lately in the manga).

(if i was in the Gotei 13, though, i think i'd want to be under ukitake-taichou. biggrin.gif)
foolmetal alchemist
Yeah, I guess not a lot of people vote in this because they don't know any captains by name, or they're just not familiar enough eith Bleach. Everybody mostly likes Byakuya and Hitsugaya though. tongue.gif
Oh wow! Go Hitsugaya! tongue.gif I voted him too... ^^;

btw, someone told me there was a Hitsugaya Birthday chapter? Is that true? if it is, does anyone have it? ^^; Thanks!
foolmetal alchemist
You mean like a gaiden or something? I haven't heard of it.
Shinobi Alchemist
I voted for Toushirou...and it seems that everybody else except Fayt tongue.gif
Toushirou is smallest of all captains and the coolest happy.gif
*WHOOSH* And the thread lives again! XD

I picked our favorite Shirou-chan <3 He's just so cute, and a genius, and his zanpakutou is awesomeness, and he's just so cute XD
Er, why isn't Gin on here? I guess I'll vote for Hitsu since he's my second favorite captain.
foolmetal alchemist
There were actually only room for ten options when I created this poll, so I left out three captains for reasons I explained at the top of this page.
Er, right foolmetal, sorry about that. D'oh!
Hitsu for me! tongue.gif
foolmetal alchemist
QUOTE(Blitz @ Dec 4 2005, 12:04 PM) [snapback]324142[/snapback]

Er, right foolmetal, sorry about that. D'oh!

Haha, it's alright. biggrin.gif

I'm actually surprised to see this thread back after such a long time... ohmy.gif
phoenix dying
I have a certain feeling for Zaraki Kenpachi. Despite the fact that he kicks ass(and kills too) he is; i think a very indept character.
QUOTE(phoenix alchemist @ Dec 4 2005, 07:07 PM) [snapback]324368[/snapback]

I have a certain feeling for Zaraki Kenpachi. Despite the fact that he kicks ass(and kills too) he is; i think a very indept character.

Yeah, I like him too......he's just so different from the other captains in so many ways........and every time I see his VC, Yachiru, I go, "Wait, how can a bloodthristy, battle-loving, madman have a soft spot for a cute little kid?"
When he learns his zanpakutou's name.......oh my will he be a force to be reckoned with.....
Shinobi Alchemist
I have no favorite captain, but some of my favorites are ex-captains...
My favorite captain among those on the poll is Zaraki Kenpachi of course! tongue.gif
Even though I like most of the captains, I voted for Hitsugaya. Love the chibi! tongue.gif

I've always wondered what would happen if he met Ed. Same voice, practically same hight, and both geniuses.
I think Soi Fong's a cutie. I like Byakuya's hair and head piece. Ichimaru Gin's probably my favorite though. Ukitate I also like.
In a recent Bleach popular character poll, Hitsugaya got the top favorite captain, followed by Gin and Kenpachi.
Hitsugaya Toushirou biggrin.gif

Even though I like most of the captains, I voted for Hitsugaya. Love the chibi!

I've always wondered what would happen if he met Ed. Same voice, practically same hight, and both geniuses.

Same with me biggrin.gif I've always wondered that
Here is the official poll of Bleach.. if anyone's interested...

01. Kurosaki Ichigo 8370
02. Hitsugaya Toushirou 8321
03. Kuchiki Rukia 6122
04. Abarai Renji 4517
05. Ichimaru Gin 4039
06. Kuchiki Byakuya 3752
07. Shihouin Yoruichi 3744
08. Urahara Kisuke 3676
09. Zaraki Kenpachi 3001
10. Inoue Orihime 2901

11. Kira Izuru 2873
12. Hinamori Momo 2735
13. Hisagi Shuuhei 2317
14. Ukitake Jyuushiro 2298
15. Ishida Uryuu 1742
16. Soi Fong 1628
17. Matsumoto Rangiku 1377
18. Aizen Sousuke 1266
19. Kusajishi Yachiru 1224
20. Ulquiorra 737
21. Ise Nanao 609
22. Kon 601
23. Tsumugiya Ururu 566
24. Yamada Hanatarou 545
25. Tousen Kaname 519
26. Madarame Ikkaku 456
27. Kurotsuchi Mayuri 448
28. Kyouraku Shunsui 445
29. Kurosaki Isshin 440
30. Yasutora Sado 370
Shinobi Alchemist
What?? blink.gif Madarame Ikkaku only 26th place?? He's my favorite character!!
I go with Zaraki Kenpachi since he has way to much power and is a battle lover. tongue.gif
Synth Alchemist
Zaraki Kenpachi, its great
Sleeping Forest
I can't believe only one person voted for Soi Fong...she doesn't get enough love.

But I shouldn't really be talking since I voted for Shiro-chan...laugh.gif
Kenpachi....hands down....
Definitely the child prodigy, Tenth Squad Captain Hitsugaya Toushiro. happy.gif Hyourinmaru's just soo cool. tongue.gif
@Zachelle: True, but Kenpachi has to be the coolest captian. He can't even get his Ban Kai, but he is still the most powerful captian.
soi fong, i vote for her
@blackpheonix7 - yup, you're also right, and I really don't know which side I'm on biggrin.gif First at Zaraki's side, even without shikai, he's already that strong and he even cuts down his spiritual force. How much stronger will he become when his spiritual force is on full blast with ban kai. Total monster tongue.gif And on Hitsugaya's side, he's still a child and already that strong, he's bound to be much much much more stronger as he grows older. He would eventually be able to fight longer with his ban kai.

@Shinobimelxi finally someone voted for soi fon tongue.gif

And I wonder why no one has voted for Genryuusai laugh.gif
@Zachelle: Very true. Too bad we can't see the two of them sparring together....except in the video games, which aren't yet on sale in America.
Kenpachi FTW!
Hitsugaya.. He's the best.
Hitsugaya. The coolest, in two senses of the word. I love his personality, willing to sacrifice everything for a friend, willing to admit his mistakes. And that look of determination in his eyes... *swoons*
I like Genryuusai, the two swords thing is awesome for one, and the fact that he is one b.a. old man!
laugh.gif Someone finally voted for Genryuusai XD I was really wondering why no one votes for him. Though I was wondering if he's that strong, if he is strong, why didn't he just fight Aizen?

Really lots of people like Hitsugaya. Go Shiro-chan!! XD
Toshiro XD hes an adorable little pain in the butt. ...hmm kinda reminds me of Ed...
kinda funny since they have the same japanese voice actor happy.gif
Mayuri, he's awesome XD I'm the only one who's voted for him.. o_O
My other favorites are Byakuya and Ukitake. (:

Hitsugaya seems to be pretty popular.. O_O
Night Shadow Alchemist
hitsugaya, his zanpakutoh is sheer awsomeness in a blade
Hitsugaya. He's such a cute and strong little boy. laugh.gif

but since he's not there, i'd have to go with shorty since his temper is so similar to edward ^-^
Geez....why does everyone choose Hitsugaya....he may be powerful, but he seems mentally unstable at times....
The Mad Bomber
heh, my opinion is going to drastically differ from everyone elses cause I voted for Mayuri Kurotsuchi, he might not be the most powerful fighter, but then again he seems to be quite hard to kill biggrin.gif lol I wonder who would take up his offer to become his test subject willingly?
yay byakuya!!!

Though it's so hard to choose cuz i also love hitsugaya and ukitake!
Whitey-chan I voted for...cute and totally short ( reminds of Edo)
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