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Full Version: 30 Alphonse Elric Themes!
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Yeah... My first attempt at better fiction.... well, this is the first of thirty themes.... that I may or may not write eventually. It's rather short... 500 words is the limit for the themes so they don't get too long, and this one is only a little over 160. Beware, this one contains spoilers for the last episode!! I'll tell you all which ones have spoilers.


Theme 1: kyoudai (siblings)

Winry often pondered what Al would be like if Ed wasn't there. Would he even be recognizable? There was a scarce day here or there that the brothers had spent separately, but the rest of the time Al was always two steps behind Ed, like a faithful, and protective, dog.

Would he have that smile? Would he have grown his hair long like his father's? Would he have been soft spoken and polite? Would he have had an undying love for kittens?

The brothers had always worked together like a fine tuned state alchemist watch's gears. Now the gears had slipped out of place... the timing was off.

The bright sun beat down on Winry and the warm breeze caressed her skin. The grass felt crisp and fresh between her toes. She looked down the grassy hill at Al as he played with Den next to the shimmering water.

Winry pondered what Al would be like now Ed wasn't there.
Oh, now there's a themes list for Aru too? Isn't that adorable! laugh.gif This is decent, although the last sentence seems to be missing the word "that." happy.gif

Please continue working on these! smile.gif
Hagane no Renzy
Very enjoyable. I will love you if you continue.
Tobu Ishi
I'm so proud... *wipes away tear* Well done, lil bro! XD
Thankee all soo much!! Specially you, Nii-san! <3 Onto number two.... episode 11 and 12 spoilers...

2 boku no sei (my fault)

My brother blames it on himself. Who is more foolish, the fool or the one who follows the fool?

I watched and supported him through everything. I felt uneasy, but his confidence comforted me.

I could go on and on about how it was all for Mother. But we were children and we were fools blinded by ambition, even if it was for something benign.

As I was talking to Fletcher Tringham that day, I felt all my mistakes step forward out of the haze of my memory.

"The only one who can stop him is you."

It was just as much my fault as it was my brother's. In fact it was all my fault.

But Brother will never accept that. So I carry as much of his guilt as I can for him.
Aaaaand..... *drumroll* #3!

3 okaasan no koe (mother's voice)



"I think I've forgotten..."

"Forgotten what?"

"Mother's voice."

A silence hovered over the two Elrics. Al didn't bring things like this up often, but the few times the boys managed to get back to Rizenbul since Edward became the Fullmetal Alchemist always led the younger brother's mind to things of the past.

Feeling uncomfortable with the silence that presided over them and the lake, Alphonse shifted his weight a bit. His armor joints clinked against each other, and the sound seemed to travel loud and far over the lake. A duck lifted from the waters into the sky.

Alphonse was just about to apologize for bringing up the subject, and for scaring the duck, and for waking Ed up early by simply moving, and... But Ed chimed in even before put his apology(s) into a sentence.

"Her voice was like a dinner bell. You always knew that when you heard it, good things followed. And it always had the air of wisdom through experience in it. When she laughed, it was musical. Oh! And when she sang..."

"La~ la la la la~ la. Hmmmm hmmmmmm..."

Both brothers looked at each other in surprise. It couldn't be what it sounded like..."

"What?" Winry coldly demanded as she approached the brothers Elric from the direction of the Rockbell house. She hated it when they left her out of things.

Both brothers looked around to where Winry was... and where the singing had been coming from only moments before. Ed had the biggest smile on his face; Al was smiling on the inside.

"Nothing," Ed answered cheerily.

"Nothing? I'll give you nothing!! I'll make you look like the last time you came back to me with my masterpiece automail in pieces!!" The fight progressed from there. Winry had, of course, brought her wrench so she could properly back up her threats.

"Ah," Al thought to himself as he looked over the familiar calm lake, "I remember now."
Hagane no Renzy
How very magical. Al pwns everyone. Continue!! smile.gif smile.gif
nice storry. (wipes away tears.)
Theme #4 tensai (genius)

Edward Elric is known for his genius. He became a State Alchemist at age twelve. Now twenty, he stared over his menu with a frown at his brother’s “genius”.

Alphonse was outside of the restaurant, just on the other side of the glass paned window. He was laughing and scratching the back of his head… the cause of his laughter stood opposite him. Her long raven hair bounced on her shoulders as she laughed, her eyes never leaving Alphonse’s. Then she said something. Al smiled honestly back at her. Then she leaned up and….

Al walked over to the table Ed was sitting at, flustered and face fiery red. Ed looked at Al with a sly grin over the menu as he began to sit down. Al looked at his brother puzzled as he settled into his seat nest to Ed. Ed slowly lowered his menu to the table and continued to grin at Al. Now Al was beginning to look a bit nervous… Finally Ed stuck out, pulling Al into a headlock and topping it off with a (light) automail noogie.

Darn genious.
#5 yoroi (armor)

The museums in Central were amazing. Alphonse spent a few hours in the alchemic artifacts section before even looking at anything else. The next thing he looked at was the Ancient Xingian section. In the center of the room that housed the collection stood a life sized diorama of two battling Xingian warriors. There was fake grass dirt and rocks on the ground around them as well as a broken sword and a few arrows to make it seem like they were in the middle of a battle. Both of them were fully equipped for battle from head to toe. One of them had a helmet that only revealed a “T” shaped section of his face; the other had a helmet with a mask built in, showcasing a ferocious demonic face. It was this figure Alphonse gravitated toward.

Al found himself staring at the mask. In the eye holes he could just see the shine of light on the mannequin’s glass eyes. Someone walked past the window in the room… the glare on the helmet’s demonic face shifted and glimmered.

That… was my face…

As Alphonse looked at the armor, he could practically hear the air flowing against the metal… the gentle metallic ring as it spiraled around inside the cold shell…

My body…

”Hey! Don’t touch the exhibits!”

Brought back to his surroundings, Alphonse realized he had been reaching out to touch the arm of the Xingian warrior. As he drew his hand back, Al looked at the guard, who he hadn’t even heard approach, with a mixture of disorientation and embarrassment. The guard stared back at Alphonse, puzzled by his reaction. Al took one step back from the exhibit… then another while finally letting his hand drop to his side next to his other one. Al let his eyes wander back to the armor... then back to the bewildered guard again… then he ran.

Later Alphonse was angry at himself for not apologizing first.
#6 aza (bruise)

When Ed finally came back from Munich, Al wanted things to go back to the way they were before. That is, he wanted things to go back to the way they were when he was ten and Ed was eleven. The only problem with that was now he was thirteen and ed was nineteen. They couldn’t exactly go to play in the river… And Ed even seemed a bit uncomfortable sharing a room. He was, after all, a man while Al was still a teenager.

As soon as Ed has his automail back, Al began to ask him to spar like they used to. At first Ed declined. Al was getting upset… it wasn’t long before words like “lazy”, “fat”, and “rusty” were used to “persuade” Ed.

Finally they both stood outside with shorts and T-shirts on, smiling as they each imagined pummeling the other. The fight started out well… they seemed evenly matched. Al got in the first hit. Ed got the second shortly after…. Al cried out in pain as Ed’s right hook sent him sprawling to the ground. Al winced and was about to get up to continue, but Ed was suddenly next to him examining where his automail came in contact with Al’s arm.

“Shit. It looks like a bruised the bone. Stay right there, I’ll be back with some ice!” Ed rushed inside before his brother could say a word, leaving his brother dumbfounded.

Maybe nothing could be the same as it was.
These are so sweet they make me want to cry. Keep up the good work.
happy.gif Thank you sooo much! Sorry I'm working so slow... it just happens that way.
Yoru Inu
Very good!!! Gotta love Al!!
7 oyogi (swimming)

Nothing gave Al hope like Ed’s smile. For a long time Ed didn’t smile. Shouts cries and moans filled the Rockbell residence and echoed inside Al, sometimes making the grommets and joints of the old armor buzz. Finally, Winry said it was okay for Ed to get out of his bed. His limbs had been attached… but it still hurt to move them normally.

“Why don’t you bring Ed down to the river? It’ll be easier for Ed to move his limbs in the water.”

“Okay.” By keeping his thoughts on taking care of Ed, Al prevented them from lingering on himself.

Al brought Ed to the river in a wheelchair. The day was sunny and warm… The lightest smile warmed Ed’s face. Al remained silent… He didn’t want to ruin the serenity. Alphonse stood watch as Ed tentatively moved himself into the water. The cool water soothed his pains… Although the sensation of his automail becoming cold was a bit uncomfortable.

Ed disappeared beneath the water.


Al didn’t think for a second as he rushed into the water.

It was only two seconds later Ed resurfaced. He had submerged to get his hair wet. Edward looked at the splashes coming toward him… horror filled his face.


Alphonse froze in place as his brother raced over to him.

“The seal,” Ed panted, wincing at his complaining joints, “that holds your soul is made of blood. Just blood… Just… wait on the shore for me okay? I won’t be that much longer…”

Al wondered how many more places Ed would go where he wouldn’t be able to follow.
Tobu Ishi
I love the last line. XD Awesome. You made one canon mistake, though--Ed didn't make any noise during his automail surgery. They mentioned it in Episode 17, I believe; he was totally silent, because he was trying not to scare Al, and it was really impressive, since most grown men howl and struggle.
@_@ Oops... mmrrr... scratch that theme.... dry.gif >_>
here's my comments:
~ Theme 3: LOL...pure funny...they remembered only after winry started yelling...makes me wonder what trisha sounded like...
~ Theme 5: creepy...yet awesome (spoiler! kind of reminded me when we saw al's armor in the army of amored soldiers sent to attak the hagaren world in the movie)
~ Theme 6: absolutely strange...i could never immagine a 19 year old man and a 13 year old kid playing outdoors tackling each other in shorts without the neighbors staring... blink.gif (spoiler! plus, considering they stayed in germany, ed would get LOADS of weird stares because of his automail)
~ Theme 7: that was sad...makes me want to give al a hug now
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