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Amestris High
By LadyBubbles
Rating= T currently, may go up to M (PG-13- R)
Genre= Romance/Humor
Pairings= EdWin, Royai, AlxOC

Summary: AU- The FMA gang is in High school, and hilarity ensues. Cameos by all of your favorite FMA characters. Roy and Riza as the popular seniors, Maes Hughes as the lovable history teacher, Scar as the scary science teacher, and Envy as the creepy- “no one is quite sure of his sexuality” gym teacher! EdWin, Royai, AlxOC

Disclaimer- Of course I don’t own FMA, but I DO own my State Alchemist pocket watch and a really hot little figure of Ed without his shirt on… *sigh*

AN: Welcome to the first installment of Amestris High!!!! biggrin.gif w00t!! Now that I am not working waiting for school to start again, I figured I’d start writing again! I’ll be going out of town to Las Vegas Wednesday so I might not be able to update again before then, but I will try and if I can find time I might write out there! So enjoy! And remember, reviewing is good for the soul, but flames earn you a kick in the ass! biggrin.gif (Note- this is AU, and for continuity, Edward doesn’t have his automail, is not a state alchemist and Al is in his normal body. Also, I’m making him clap for transmutations, because, well it’s easier, and funnier. biggrin.gif And a hell of a lot cooler than sitting there having to draw transmutation circles! :-p Remember----- AU!!!)

Chapter 1- As the Bell Tolls

Edward Elric dashed through the hallways of Amestris High, knocking people and trashcans out of his way. He was late. He was ALWAYS late. He couldn’t help it if he slept like the dead. And his brother was no help at all. Well, not really, Alphonse had spent a good half an hour trying to wake him this morning and was nearly late himself.

Edward screeched to a halt in front of his locker and quickly clapped and placed his hands over the lock. He didn’t have time for silly combinations, and to be honest, he’d never bothered to learn the damn thing. There was a click and the locker swung open, revealing a half-naked girl on the door and a mess of books and papers. He grabbed his required text books and slammed the door quickly, knowing he would be in deep trouble if a teacher or administrator caught site of the inside of his locker. He threw the books into his bag and slung it back over his shoulder. Another quick clap re-locked the door and he took off in the direction of his first period history class.

He made it to his seat 2 seconds before the final bell and blew out an exhausted sigh. It made the light blonde hairs hanging from the seat in front of him flutter and he smiled. Winry Rockbell turned to glare at the young alchemy student, silently scolding him for his lateness. They’d grown up together in Rizenbul, and in a way they could have been seen as childhood sweethearts. They’d grown out of that stage long ago, now both 16 years old, but there was still a soft spot in his heart for the young blonde.

He gave her one of his trademark Elric grins and while Mr. Hughes had is back turned, clapped once and produced a little paper flower for her. She sighed at his brashness of performing alchemy in class (even though it was against the rules out of the alchemy club and advanced classes) but gave him a sweet smile and accepted the flower anyway.

Winry turned back to the front and Edward attempted to pay attention to Mr. Hughes, who was lecturing on the history of Amestris, and of course going off on tangents about his daughter Eliysia. Every now and then on the overhead projector he would place transparency’s of his daughter’s picture. The girls would "ooo" and "aww" over the little girl, while the guys would just roll their eyes and doodle or begin talking.

Edward found it impossible to resist the blonde waterfall on his desk, so he sat playing with the silky tendrils while leaning on his other arm. He heard Winry sigh in front of him and he knew it was from his playing. It always relaxed her, and he knew when she braided his hair every morning before school for him, he felt like a puddle of goo. Speaking of this morning ritual, because of his lateness, his long blonde hair had been thrown unceremoniously into a sloppy ponytail at the base of his neck. Oh well, Winry sat behind him in their next class and he’d ask her to braid it for him then.


It wasn’t long before the bell rang signaling the end of class. Chairs scrapped the linoleum floor as students headed to their next classes. Edward caught up with Winry on their way out of class and slung an arm around her, quickly removing her books from her arms. “Now what kind of gentleman would I be if I let a beautiful lady carry her own books?” He grinned at her, tucking her books under his other arm.

Winry just rolled her eyes and leaned into him. “A short one,” she replied with a grin on her face.

Edward stopped suddenly, removing his arm from her shoulders and clutching at his heart. “Owww….that hurt, hon!” he chided her, feigning a heart attack.

She laughed and smacked him upside his head, grabbing her books back from him and heading to her locker. Edward grinned and trotted to catch up with her. He’d grabbed all of his books for the day that morning.

His younger brother Alphonse was waiting for them at Winry’s locker. They shared the next class, even though Al was a year behind them.

Al smiled at his older brother as he approached. “So I see you finally woke up. A little late by the condition of you hair and clothes,” Al snickered.
Edward looked down at his clothes, just now realizing that he’d put it shirt on backwards, the flamel symbol facing the front. He grinned sheepishly and quickly righted it, his face matching the red fabric of his shirt. At least he hadn’t missed his fly on his pants or anything… (AN- *crying fangirl* :-p)

Winry smiled at the two brothers. Even though Edward was over a year older than Al, he was a good 5 inches shorter, only about 5’4”. She was even taller than him at this point, standing at least 2 inches taller. She knew he hated it and tried to avoid wearing high shoes at all costs. She glanced back at the “shorty” and noticed his hair for the first time. She’d already left for school by the time he’d woke, so it was unbraided. She quickly pulled him from his conversation with his brother and pulled a brush out of her locker. He smiled a quick thanks before she turned him around and brushed the knots out of his hair. It didn’t take her long to braid it, but she wished she had more time to do it, instead of between classes. She loved the feel of his hair between her fingers, so soft and fine. Sometimes she envied this boy who had better hair than her, but he’d always disagree, saying her’s was much nicer. She never believed him. She knew he was just trying to avoid a wrench to his head.

She patted the top of his head and placed the brush back in her locker. “All done, shorty,” she chided.

Ed glared at her for a second, but then his expression softened. “Thanks, machine freak.” He winked and the three walked to their life sciences class.


That’s all for now. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave me lovely reviews that will get the creative mind rolling!!! :-D Also, I will be writing supplements to certain chapters that contain material not appropriate for either or The unedited versions will be uploaded on my LJ under a cut. The link is: . This one currently doesn’t have a supplement, but I will upload it there nonetheless. I will add a note to let you know if there is an unedited version available for future chapters. I am also currently working on the layout for an EdWin, Royai fan fiction archive so that those of us who aren’t Yaoi fangirls can find our fix of EdWin and Royai without sifting through piles and piles of Yaoi. If anyone is interested in contributing fiction or helping with coding (I’m good at design, just not the basic coding), please let me know! I will be acquiring a domain soon, so I will keep everyone updated.

Wow, I think this is the longest chapter I have written ever.... GO ME!!! Look for an update soon!
Hey, this has to be like the first highschool fic, that I have ever enjoyed and had the pleasure of reading. Can't wait for more...

QUOTE(Morgri @ Jun 13 2005, 02:32 PM)
Hey, this has to be like the first highschool fic, that I have ever enjoyed and had the pleasure of reading. Can't wait for more...


Thanks! I know what you mean, I've never really been a fan of hs AU fics, because unfortunately a lot of them turn to Mary-Sue's, especially on I just suddenly got this idea while sitting on my bf's computer waiting for him to get home from the eye doctor. I will write more tonight when I get home. This one flowed really easily, possibly the longest chapter I've ever written, and I actually cut it off a bit becuase I didn't want to make it too long. Thanks again!
Well, I'll defenitly be there to comment, cause I like it so far biggrin.gif What trials could be in store for the Bro's and Winry, hmmmmm... Uh oh, highschool... stereotypes will soon be born sleep.gif
I usualy don't like reading stories like this, but this one is really good. It does flow smothly, and the characters, are matching their personalities. Good job! You have officialy turned me into a loyal fan girl for this fic. NICE! Well, update when you can.
Most Highschool AU's spin into a puddle of godawful trollage before the second paragraph, so I commend you for holding it together into something readable.

But I must say, there is an amount of OOCness, which you have to be careful of, even in an AU. Just because it's a more easygoing universe they're living in here, dosen't mean they're completely lovey dovey. I understand that at this point in the story they're an established couple, but even so, I don't think their bickering would cease so much that Ed would take lightly to a height comment from Winry. Then again, that's my interpretation. (Also, the picture in Ed's locker... I understand that pretty much every average teenage boy has one, but I simply can't see Ed doing that. He's not really an 'average' boy, and even in this universe in which he dosen't have huge things to do like find the philosopher's stone, he still seems to be the type to have more than common disinterest in sex. And, seeing that as now he has Winry, she'd beat him over the head for a dirty picture.)

Your universe is interesting; modern highschool, but still with the alchemy usage. Does Edward still have his automail, and did he have a certain story behind it's obtaining? It's rather hard to write the Elrics in a universe where they haven't experienced some tragedy; it's what makes them strong characters.
(One of my theories of how their situation might pertain to modern storyline, would be if through some accident initiated by Ed, Al became severely disabled; unable to walk and such, and Edward blames himself for robbing his brother of a normal life. But of course you can't have the melodrama all the way through tongue.gif)

Some of your exposition could use practice. The writing is nice, and coherent, and I'm enjoying some of the details you include, however some of the introduction is too blatant. "You could say they were childhood sweethearts, now both 16 years old", is just something that could be dropped in a less outright way.

I'm definitely enjoying your concept of Envy as the creepy what's-his-sexuality gym teacher. Made me giggle.

We should compare notes on our AU's sometime. happy.gif Mine has Hughes as an art teacher, which I just thought fit him like nothing else. (Mine's RoyAi as well, a teensy bit. Are Roy and Riza students or teachers in your fic?) I actually have a lot of random subtle pairings flying around (For future anyhow) in mine.
WinryxMartel (Mainly)
EdxWinry (Later... sort of)
HavocxFury (Just one implication. XD "Jean almost killed me for that...")

But I'm just shamelessly plugging now. (Flails) TT_TT Is nobody reading my fanfic just because it's not a blatant EdxWinry, ya biotches?!?! XP
Thank you Toby! I really do enjoy your writing (even if I don't get to comment all the time cus I was at work). It's been nearly oh god, 3 years since I've taken any english classes and the last one was basically comp 2 my senior year of HS.... which screwed up my writing for almost 2 years...stupid style analysis.

To answer a few of your questions: No Edward does not have his automail. I just couldn't think up a way to make it so he would without Al being in his suit and them being out of HS age. BUT, I'm still letting him do his "i clappa at you" transmutations cus well, it's just damn cool and I like it better than him sitting there drawing transmutation circles all the live long day... biggrin.gif

The half-naked chick, well, I just thought that was funny. I had a feeling that without the stress of being a "dog of the military" he might be a little more like a normal teenage guy.

This story just started flowing while sitting bored waiting for my boyfriend to get out of the eyedoctor. I've never written anything this easily before.

The next couple of chapters I will work more on my exposition. I've gotten better at it, I swear!!! biggrin.gif

Oh and Roy and Riza are students, seniors, while Winry and Ed are sophomores and Al is a freshman. More will be explained as time goes on.

And I started reading your fic but I needed an EdWin fix, so I'll go back and keep reading for yoU!!!!!! biggrin.gif
Really nice start. :D <3
Yes, Lucky likes!! *glomps Bubbles* You put my Maes in there, too! *smiles and hugs*
Art Alchemist
This was so cute! I smiled the entire time I was reading it. happy.gif Have fun on your trip, and please write during that time!

A little OOC on Ed, I thought, when Winry called him "Shorty" at the end. There was a lack of his "WHO ARE YOU CALLING A BEAN?!" reaction. But that could have been from the way you're writing the story, and the AU-ness.

Anyway, I enjoyed the story very much. biggrin.gif Very good.
i love it
its so cut please right more
Please update! *puppy eyes*
Interesting, keep it up.

Yeah, they are a bit OOC. But, still it's still good. biggrin.gif
Frozen Ice Alchemist
More! I want more chapters!! Update plz! and jave a nice trip!
ooh i actually really enjoyed that too. good jobie! im also not big on the whole AU scene but i liked how you had this going so please update soon >_<! haha.. i felt that at times they were acting a little out of character just cuz i think ed and win act more like that in private but i like it..maybe they're just that comfortable now. boy they sure grow up fast! snifsnif
all the hair parts were toooo cute!!!!!! eeii!! (can you tell im a fan girl? <--says that under a pile of ed plushies.. ok not true but how great would that be?)
PRETTY PLEASE UPDATE WITH ""NUDE EDWARD"" ON TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^ x3
Winry The Alchemist
I LOVE THIS ff Its Nice I want to see how its going to end??
WELL please upsate S00N!!!!
You can't double post...
Phyco girl
@FMAlover: Someone got into her accout so she made a new one (hope you got that cleared up with the mods and such)

I think it's pretty obvious no updates are to come very soon ^^"
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