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My edward fanarts ...sketches..I took it with my digital camera so it might be very clear...just wondering can it be coloured...
here you go...(its really really bad so give me some comments to improve)

ed in field

same pic but 3 different shots

winry whole body

winry close up
If thats good i might try drawing some more...
Please give comments!
Phyco girl
Well, for sketches I guess they're pretty good.

You need to improve with the side views with Edward. Maybe use a little reference from another picture so you know where everything is supposed to be. The eyes are okay, but maybe work on those a little too.

It was always hard for me to draw guy's bodies and they always looked so stiff when I first started to do fanart. Practice makes perfect though and I improved a lot since that time. I know you can too happy.gif

Winry is pretty good! You could still work on the form a little but overall it was nice. Maybe work on the positioning of her mouth and on both her and Ed work on the foot positioning a little.

Some work needs to be done and that's okay. Draw more and I'm sure you'll improve. When I look back on some of my fanart from only a few months ago I can't believe those were MY pictures. It scares me!

Post some more and I'll coment some more and little by little your pictures will get better and better happy.gif

Best of luck!,
Phyco girl
Thanks ,i also noticed i can't really draw guy's bodies.They look stiff! The legs are a bit funny.When you mean practice more you mean the same characters or others?

My latest art


Whole body

close up
Please comment
Phyco girl
QUOTE(FMAlover^ @ Jun 14 2005, 09:00 PM)
Thanks ,i also noticed i can't really draw guy's bodies.They look stiff! The legs are a bit funny.When you mean practice more you mean the same characters or others?

My latest art


Whole body

close up
Please comment

I meant just drawing all together. It dosn't really matter which character.

I can already see improvement. He dosen't look as stiff as Ed did but his smile looked kinda weird.

Still, I liked it. Nice work happy.gif
I was bored and did this
Ed with automail,I did it!


close up

Comment please!
I drew Lust sorry if it doesn't look like her >.<
Lust close up look

Comment plz
aww... plz reply and comment
FMAlover: There pretty good, especially for sketches! I can see the improvment in your art style from your fist pics and more recent ones! Your making great progress! If you want the body's and limbs to look more realistic, you may want to try going on the web and searching for one of those "How to Draw Manga" sites, b/c they often have good pointers. I used them alot when I first started drawing manga. I would show you some pointers myself, but I don't have a scanner currently. sad.gif Hope this helps, and please keep up the good work! You've got alot of talent, so please keep practicing to perfect your skills! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your art! laugh.gif ~ Bellatrix
FMAlover^ A good site just go to the gallery of costumes,they will show you details of clothings appearencce or more about the character...I tried drawing some more which I will post more soon!Thanks bellatrix...
Ed in the movie->
Okay..This looks weird ->
^.^ comments...Thanks

Aww....Comment plz I'll love to improve!!!


can't stop drawing winry!

comments T.T plz
There actually aren't too bad! happy.gif

The faces generally turn out pretty nicely, and the body proportions are alright, although they're sometimes a bit off...(like the first picture of Winry has arms that are too thick, and Wrath's body seems to shrink...)

Well, I agree with Kyo-san, definitely keep practicing! There's visible improvement between the Winry sketches! laugh.gif
Roy!1st time drawn


Envy-I went mad with his/her hair

Casual Ed

Please,please....PLEASE comment.THANKS!
I won't be uploading any more arts unless someone reply.If not I'll be putting up for nothing T.T.Someone please please reply
silver bg
good work
i pretty much live of drawning
i only post real finished work but have like 250 sketches in my closet
laugh.gif they are pretty funny looking, i like them a lot happy.gif
Thanks.I don't have time to post somemore ,that I can tell you it somehow improve,soon.I won't post all maybe i should post the nice oness. ^.~
This is done on 10/7/05
My favourite as well as my friend's.Ed might look a bit weird.

The hand's a bit out of shape.
Please tell me what you feel!


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