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GetBackers (ゲットバッカーズ -奪還屋- Gettobakkāzu Dakkan'ya?) adapted into an animated television series in 2002. The Studio Deen production aired on the Tokyo Broadcasting System from October 5, 2002 until September 20, 2003. Directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi and Keitaro Motonaga.
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List of Characters

Plot Summary: Ban Mido and Ginji Amano are a recovery duo infamously known as "GetBackers." Ban possesses two special powers: the "Snake Bite" (his hands have a gripping power of 200kg) and the "Evil Eye" (anyone who looks into his eyes will be locked into a powerful and nightmarish hallucination). Ginji, on the other hand, has the ability to generate thousands of volts of electricity from his body. Together, they run a freelance business of recovering anything lost or stolen from a client - and they claim a 100% success rate at their job.

Genres: action, adventure, comedy, drama, mystery, supernatural
Themes: friendship, martial arts, supernatural abilities
Episodes: 49
Age Rating: Older Teen
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Has anyone else watched this anime? I really like this anime. It has all around good action, plot and characters. I absolutely love Kazuki of the Threads. His style is so cool and hes bells and hair ties are cool blink.gif I am only done the first season, but I am planning to finish the series soon ^^
I haven't seen it, but since you have mention it a couple of times i kinda interested in it
I haven't seen it either, but I've heard some of the music...does 'Otoha' voice any of the characters? happy.gif;;
Celestial Shadow
See? Like hardly anyone has seen it...Just wait a few months and it will be like how Bleach is.

I would watch it if someone would switch to Netflix and let me rent it dry.gif
GB is one of my favorite anime series, especially art-wise. smile.gif i'm not particularly supportive of Ban/Ginji, an apparently canon pairing, but i do like Ban/Himiko, Ginji/Natsumi, Juubei/Kazuki, and Shido/Madoka. i love Tareginji, though...and i bought a really cute Ban pin at Fanimecon (Ban is my favorite out of the two dakkanya). Akabane's pretty cool too. and i wish Teshimine could have made a few more cameos in the series, since i think he's kind of hot cool. laugh.gif the ending was sucky, though.

@ celes: hmm...don't count on it. GB's not that recent of a series, and a lot of DLs for the series are dead, as well as some of my favorite GB sites. (i miss, sigh.)

@ elderberry: yeah, Otoha is Mizuki Natsumi, and sings the first ED. i love the seiyuu in Getbackers, they're so talented and versatile. biggrin.gif
Celestial Shadow
QUOTE(xrninja @ Jun 12 2005, 11:06 PM)
@ celes: hmm...don't count on it. GB's not that recent of a series, and a lot of DLs for the series are dead, as well as some of my favorite GB sites. (i miss, sigh.)

Well...we still have hope of a few people like me finding the DVDs right? unsure.gif
oh oh...i've watched it 2yrs ago..finished the whole series..
My favourite charater is akabane kurodo..a.ka. Dr. Jackal...haha
The story is rather complicated...i guess...but the animations are kewl...
and i luv it especially when ginji meets akabane...haha...
But the ending stinks though... tongue.gif biggrin.gif
Never seen it. Does anyone have any screenies or anything to post. I would like to see what it looks like.
I saw the firs episode thanks to Newtype, and I loved it!! I'm going to buy it, eventually...There goes my soap for the month...Oh well!! It's well worth it! tongue.gif
Celestial Shadow
QUOTE(AlphonseRules @ Jun 13 2005, 12:47 PM)
Never seen it.  Does anyone have any screenies or anything to post.  I would like to see what it looks like.

Because Slash will likely give us lots of shounen-aish pics, I will save whoever doesn't like that by giving a few random ones.

Oh and Slash's siggie.

It's hard not to find shounen-ai...
Nice Akabane pic, Celes. ^^ I think he is so cool, hence my siggie =D

@ninja-san: She is right ._. It isn't really new. I got into because Kihaku told me aboot it ^^ Though, I don't plan on watching PoT. Yes, it was pretty hard finding a bittorrent for it, though if anyone needs it, I might be able to find or send the torrent location <__<;;
You got into what because of me? Shonen-ai? *has high hopes* You're not planning on watching PoT? *weeps*

Anyway.. I haven't either watched much of this series.. but I'm currently watching it and reading the (TP) manga. I actually started watching it after borrowing the manga from a friend and wanted to see the anime verison too. I wasn't that into it at first (while reading the manga), but later the characters started to grow on me and I started getting into the plot (around the "Infinite castle arc").
My favourite character is Kazuki (yup, cool and sophisticated fighting style.. and I adore his character too wink.gif), but I also like Akabane a lot too.. and really many other characters.... smile.gif
My favourite pairing (yes, this has to mentioned) is JuubeixKazuki (that is so canon)... but I also support BanxGinji and ShidoxMadoka and like... various others. *whistles innocently*
@Kihaku: Well, I meant you had mentioned GetBackers to me before so I decided to watch it... and kind of shonen-ai biggrin.gif So I think you can celebrate a bit.

Yes, I like KazukixJuubei (you think Kazuki is uke? I think that is what it is called. I am not really good at deciding who is dominant, but I guess Kazuki is girlier biggrin.gif). Is anyone a fan of Makube/Sakura? I hope they elaborate on wether they really like each other in season two.
I had mentioned GetBackers before? *thinks hard* Hmm.. It might be possible...
Yup, I'll celebrate! smile.gif And yes, although it's a shonen series, it's hinted enough (okay..a little more wouldn't hurt. tongue.gif)

Yay! You also like Juubei/Kazuki! biggrin.gif And yeah.. I definitely see Kazuki as the uke (even though I like my favourites to be seme) since well.. Juubei is the one who's been protecting Kazuki since they've known each other ( how sweet) and I see him more dominant in a relationship. And yes, Kazuki is girlier. tongue.gif
Oh... I forgot Makubex/Sakura! Yeah, I like them too! But I wonder if there will be any more about them...
XD OMG, I found this picture and I just had to post it.
IPB Image
Ban-chan looks pretty damn girly here... especially since his bustline is about as large as Himiko's. His hair looks kind of like the girl that works in the Cafe shop.
Heh.. Of course there would be pics like that too wink.gif. That's kind of cool actually..
But um... Ban???
There's only Himiko, Natsumi and Kazuki (yay.. Kazuki got to pose in the girl pic smile.gif ) heh, interesting... because Kazuki is behind Himiko and Natsumi one can't really tell from his chest that he's actually a guy wink.gif
Maybe the glasses confused him! But yeah I watched this a long time ago too. It's not bad but I think the action sequences could have been better. And as Ninja stated before, the ending sucked majorly! Not bad, but not the best either.
I thought the hair and face kinda looked like... whatever her name is laugh.gif yes, the glasses through me off dry.gif she must have stolen them while Ban took them off while doing things with Ginji-kun. Aww, Kazuki must be so lonely in that pic. He isn't near his lover, Juubei :3
anime lover girl
Hi!~i haven't watched it just yet....But i sssssssooooooo plan on it!My fave character is Ban!(i seem to all was fall for guys like him,maybe it's a curse!)My fav pairing is BanXGinji.=happy.gif=
Poor Natsumi. I hope I never get mistaken for a guy when I'm wearing a bikini wink.gif.
I wonder how she got those glasses stolen.. hm.. hmm
But noo.. you can see (or imagine) that Kazuki is definitely posing for Juubei (for who else? tongue.gif) and that he's thinking about him.. (one can see it in his eyes) *sighs*

I haven't seen till the end.. but I'm not really expecting anything big since the manga is still ongoing...

Hi, Shamangirl!;) You decided already that Ban is your fave?? And a favourite pairing..
Oh, I liked BanxGinji the most too before JuubeixKazuki... but that changed later, even if I really do still like my previous favourite. smile.gif
I watched the Venus de Milo ones and a lil farther. I liked the Miroku bros... They were a split personality right? I was a lil confused on that... Anyways, I really like the more feminine one's gravity ring. I thought that was pretty spiffy wink.gif I want to see more of the Infinite Castle though... I want to see what is up with Babylon City dry.gif I hope that will be the ending part of the series.

Also, I love Akabane's style of fighting tongue.gif his bloody techniques are pretty cool.... and How can you resist how japanese people say Bloody with their accents tongue.gif totally cool.
anime lover girl
I just saw the first ep. and I love it.=happy.gif=

@ Kihaku:I read the first volume in the manga and he seemed to be a really cool guy.(and have a very deep character)
I thought about watching this anime but then... is the manga better or the anime?? Or are they just wonderfully the same???
Kitty Alchemist
I read a little of the manga and it cool. The anime is good to. I only seen two or three ep. and it funny.
Slash, If I recall, I requested that you make a Ban-chan avatar for me. When I didn't use it, you stole it for yourself. Is that how you got into GetBackers? If so, I feel quite accomplished.

Akabane = love

I'm a big fan of AkabanexGenji, but a bigger fan of GenjixBan, just because their adorable. And to prove it, I have this huge poster hanging on meh wall.
IPB Image
I think that is partly why. It is also because I heard someone talking about it and decided to try it. Haha, you should feel accomplished. GetBackers is one of my favourite animes. I agree, Akabane is my favourite, also.

Hey, whatever happened to Zoisit? I haven't seen him around for a while..... sad.gif
I LOVE GET BACKERS its one of my favorites anime!!! i love everything about it..the themathic, and tha characters..speccialy i love ban ginji kazuki akabane and shido..all of them are so cool..and all of them use different techniques so thats what it make very coooooooooool also i love chibi ginji and ban..hehe they are soo funny and i love very much all the episodes( i suffer if something bad happens to someone, or i laugh, i get mad or happy...)..what can i say..i love the jagan of ban and i addmire he is very strong..he seems indestructible
and ginji, he is so deep, you know he is a very good person and friend( also seem undestrucible)
ginji and ban well they do an excellent team and you can see that they apreciate each other very much and im not saying this in the bad way because you can notice that tgey are like brothers and they take care each other..happy.gif
well i forgot kazu and shido..i love them but well my fav characters are abn and ginji off course..
and akabane is very strange..thats the tthing that makes him interesting...and i dont care if he is so cold...its cool for me

well since the first time i saw gb..i get like hipnotized....jeje i dont know but i love it1!!!
QUOTE(Jaganshi @ Jun 8 2006, 10:09 PM) [snapback]408735[/snapback]


Hey, whatever happened to Zoisit? I haven't seen him around for a while..... sad.gif

No one wanted to see his naked pictures, so he left XD

I will download this anime after I finish Loveless and Gravitation^^
@Zarpia: Yeap..loveless is really good...ritsuka and soubi= love!!

Getbackers is cool the humour and fight scenes..
my favourite would be akabane kurodo..he is...devilishly cruel.. biggrin.gif
i like...haha...

on a sidenote: anybody tried kyou kara maou??
it's good too....with mild shonen-ai themes... cool.gif

mmmmmmm is a quite good anime before the go out of the fortress, the rest is not of my tastes

I got the series a long time ago, but never got around to pass ep...i don't even remember. Wherever I go to search pics for this anime, everyone says "The gayest anime on heart" laugh.gif I really like what I saw of the series so far...eventually I will finish this..
Sharingan Serpent
I've seen the series, but I've only reached up to volume Six, I'm gonna get Volume Seven far I'm lovin it happy.gif
Only got into the series recently, but so far it seems pretty good. I like it.
I haven't read the manga yet, is it different from the anime?
Sharingan Serpent
Yeah the first chapter is really placed in the second episode and the Get Backers already Knew Natsumi... happy.gif
Never seen it.
Want to see it.
Thank god for freakin' Youtube.
The Lightnig Emperor
ive watched get backers its great anime and very cooooool!!!!! also like ginji and ban.....
yUme Of LiGhT
have watched this anime too..I like Kazuki in there..its a good anime too, for me..
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