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Full Version: What's Your Favorite Season?
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For some reason I wanted to make a poll about this. So just humor me and vote. You have to pick one because I'm not allowing you to wimp out and say that they're all your favorite or some other type of indicisiveness.

I vote Fall. Why? It's just better than the others! Much cooler and for some reason sparks my brain chemestry to enjoy it the most.

Summer is the worst as it's just so hot and I hate the hot weather.
Winter. I love cold whether. Here, we don't get snow, so it's just cold air on a sunny day. It's perfect. Fall is nice too. My birthday is in September rolleyes.gif
Humoring Arche:

Fall is the one for me, i prefer cold(not extreme cold), coz hot is just not me friend anymore (hope this spelling didn't bring you funny pictures)
Winter because of Christmas and Hanukah(sry if I miss spelled) and all those other good hoildays, and my birthday
Winter is too cold. Snow everywhere, not very convenient, and gas bills increase.

Spring is too wet. I don't like rain, except when I'm indoors.

Summer is too hot. Insects and pesky children flying about. I hate insects, and I hate pesky children.

Therefore, fall/autumn is the obvious answer. I love autumn. Leaves turn a beautiful red-gold color, it's not wet, it's not cold, it's not hot, and I get to break out the fall coats from my wardrobe. *has a coat fetish* biggrin.gif
I sometimes feel naked without my light coat, which is another reason I like Fall so much.
My favorite is summer. I love the hot weather (and of course, summer vacation~). laugh.gif

I was born in the summer, too.
winter all the way
yeah, winter for me too. i like dark, cold, gloomy weather, and i like bundling up. it's harder to cool yourself down when it's hot, as opposed to warming yourself up when it's cold. plus, my favorite holiday Thanksgiving is (sort of) in the winter. biggrin.gif
Yay for winter happy.gif. I never got the chance to see snow though.
Celestial Shadow
I wuv winter wub.gif Summer sucks because of all the heat and rain and hurricanes...I never have seen snow before either though...
spring for me... i love that time.... schools almost over, my birthday, spring, easter, and best of all....... CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! (somtimes when its in march)
Spring. The abundance of life and light. All the fuzzy critters are out an about. Justa joyous time ^^ It isn't too hot or cold, a little rainy sometimes but the sun always comes out. Just like life.
Celestial Shadow
It seems to depend on where you live at then. There are no fuzzy creatures and life in spring here. Only the coming of heat. (Proof you aren't a southrener too tongue.gif)
So? Why would I wanna be from the south? I like the north better :3 The fuzzy creatures are fun to poke.
Trust me, snow is over-rated. Once you are buried underneath two feet of snow, you will learn to hate it too. This past winter was horrible because the snow kept coming and piled up. I hate it mad.gif
Celestial Shadow
You're the 4th person to say that. But I still know 2 people who love snow, so I'll have to believe them or my fantasy will be destroyed.
i like winter because you not need to waste electricity just for opening Air-corn

Reasons: Not too hot, not too much gloomy weather, and no stinkin' incests swarming about like in spring.
Mine is Fall. I like the Spring, but I think I like Fall better.
Le Monkey
Autum all the way...

Thats fall to all you americans....
Envy's lil' miniskirt
I love summer the best.

I actually like the heat. Where I grew up, in the summer time the heat can get up to 100 and I miss that. I try to go there at lest a couple of times during the summer so I can visit the heat. Something about the heat energizes me I always have a lot of energy in the spring and summer plus I love the warm nights.

My second favorite season is fall because of all the beautiful colors.
summer all the way! biggrin.gif
Winter is the best cuz I get to see snow!
T.T..two people chose winter
I love winter, when it's really cold and snow is everywhere. It's unbelievable how quiet the world gets with snow.
I love Chipper
Definately summer.
Sleeping Forest

...snow... laugh.gif
I like the cold
Summer...I'd rather be sweating my ass off then be even a tad chilly.
Winter definetly. I get snowdays, blizzards, the holidaies, it fallows my birthday in the fall (i like the fall but school is icky!), i get to eat lots and lots of cookies, and i hate the heat.

My i don't like summer that much list:
!.)there is only so much you can cut off your clothes to be in public (AKA for me: a t-shirt, and thiner jeans. minis area no-no for me.)
2.)it's way too humid and makes you feel...sticky BLEH!!!!
3.)i get yelled at from my parents during summer break and all i do is watch Tv
4.)there aren't many holidays except the 4th of July and Father's Day. but how am i gonna get gifts then? lol
5.) everyone i know, except me, is on a vacation
6.) i see teachers more often in the mall (*shudders at the thought*)
7.) you can't hit your friend in the back of the head with a snowball.
8.) bugs

my i like summer list:
1.) no school
my favorite season is summer cause im hot and im allergic to the
I can't choose between winter and fall....but then again I chose fall because it could make a great view for taking pics laugh.gif
Summer and Winter are my faves.
Summer! For 3 reasons:

1.My b-day is in the summer.

2.School lets out.

3.And I hate being cold. It makes me sleepy...


No school. And I can wear T-shirts, shorts, mini-skirts and the such.
But not jeans as often. ;-;

You can go swimming, too.
It's easier to stay warm than it is to cool off plus I can have a decent excuse for being lazy.
My favorite season is Spring.~
cold dark winter

no question about it
Ha ha! Another one of my useless threads has been revived smile.gif

QUOTE(joanne45 @ Oct 31 2006, 05:25 AM) [snapback]468409[/snapback]
Summer and Winter are my faves.

Hey! I said no wimping out. Pick a season! Which is it? Summer or Winter? I refuse to allow indecisiveness in this thread!
Molecular Alchemist
QUOTE(arche @ Nov 26 2006, 08:00 PM) [snapback]478452[/snapback]
QUOTE(joanne45 @ Oct 31 2006, 05:25 AM) [snapback]468409[/snapback]
Summer and Winter are my faves.

Hey! I said no wimping out. Pick a season! Which is it? Summer or Winter? I refuse to allow indecisiveness in this thread!


In that case, my fav season is Spring...because everything is pretty and in bloom...and the air smells soo nice and fresh...and i can wear skirts...and school will be almost done happy.gif
Shadow Wulfe
I like the cold, so I naturally like winter. I think better in the cold and I act better in the cold.
I like Spring..... Its the best of all.. !
Female Flame Alchemist
I enjoy the fall. Leaves, hay rides, caving pumkins. Alsow it is a good season for walking in the night.
i love is my favourite season because the weather stays sooooo nice !!!
Indignant Judgment
I love Fall! It is cool, but not cold. I love it! happy.gif
Envy II
I like both winter and fall. I can't decide.

The love the pretty trees during the fall, and also the nice cool breezes.

For the winter I love the way things look in general. The yellow grass, the bare trees, the nice cold weather, the snow and ice (occasionally). Most people consider it depressing, but it makes me happy.. I guess it's because I'm such a depressed person myself, that depressing things make me happy. o_O What a strange logic.
Summer!! I love the heat, sunshine, jet skiing, and my white sandy beaches. Wahoo! cool.gif
i Agree with the frist two posts.The leaves remind me of tears "Fall"ing
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