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Full Version: Chapter 48 "Regular" Discussion Thread For First Time Readers (and Others)
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First time FMA manga readers, please post your thoughts and discussions on chapter 48 here. smile.gif

For info about the "Reading Reference", go to page 15.


Do you know somebody who is going to do translation for it ?

P.S. RAW is avaible on #raws @

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Hmm... I cannot get in the link huh.gif
Fullmetal Fangirl
Excactly.....well, i got to that site, but what excactly is it? i cant do anything on it, looks weird too no offence. bout giving direct linky to the Manga or somthing?
...Did you join just for this? XD

Anyway... From what I know, Umeko and CSakuraS are going to be working on a translation, and they said it would be up either at night on the tenth, or on the eleventh. happy.gif (unless I'm misremembering... happy.gif;; )

And I can't get the link to work... sad.gif
QUOTE(Fullmetal Fangirl @ Jun 9 2005, 08:10 AM)
Excactly.....well, i got to that site, but what excactly is it? i cant do anything on it, looks weird too no offence.

Because it's an IRC channel, not a site.
QUOTE(Fullmetal Fangirl @ Jun 9 2005, 08:10 AM) bout giving direct linky to the Manga or somthing?

First some kind soul not caring to give away his/her bandwidth should upload it, for that.

*Waits impatiently* -gah-
As requested by the site owner, I am moving this to the LJ FMA community and you need to join the community to view the download link.

Entry @
Finished downloading!
THANKIES *goes reading*<-- I mean viewing pictures, since I can't read Japanese

I like this chapter biggrin.gif Lots of Riza and Roy compared to the last one
Fullmetal Fangirl
WOW! Im kijnd of happy about what happens in this!

THANKS! *hugs*

anyway...ITS ALIVE! *points at IT* eek!

*wants next chapter straight away*

Ed admitted he likes Winry!!!

Well... he didn't say it out loud... but he didn't deny Al's taunting tongue.gif

And check out Winry's last memory before she leaves Central

I think it's now confirmed the canon is Edwin.

but what happened to Gluttony?!
;_; I'll never be able to download all of that, have to wait till monday. Someone just say whats going on!
Umeko said probably friday night or else saturday morning. Uh timezone...? I think she ment jap time *shrug*
We should just all use Jap time when talking about releases maybe.
...waiting for download...

time zones confuse me. and that... daylight savings time thing? Uh... yeah. that confuses me too ^^; l0l
From oceanizer:


You'll need to be registered at the forum, so if you don't want to create another account, please wait for somebody else's translation.

NOT for scanlation use, NOT to be copy/pasted to elsewhere. (Reason: It's not final yet. I'll probably be modifying it. I don't want people to be reading incorrect translation later on. And FMA is licensed in N.A.)

Have fun.
Thankyouuuu for the scans ^-^

I hate time zones, they're seriously annoying ><"
Fullmetal Fangirl
LOL, yeah tell me about it! XD

Thanks for that! I didnt bother looking at the manga and read the translations at once so i just read.

Gluttony seems pissed about Roy killing Lust...obviously, hes gonna come and try to kill Roy...hmm....not good...and a BIG fight too, with Ling and others involved...and oh yeah, Riza in glasses!
WHOPPIEEE!! I almost scream my head off!!
ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif GGGHHHHAAAHHHH... ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif

Did you notice? This was chapter 48 -> 48/12 = 4. To commemorate the 4th anniversary of Hagane no Renkinjutsushi Arakawa sensei made the [fanboy mode]BEST FMA CHAPTER EVARRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!111111onehundredandeleven[/fanboy mode]

EDIT: We'll probably have character ranking results next chapter. Yoohoo!!

So many things, and I didn't even get half of it!!

[spoiler]- Mei Chan(g?) met Ed for the first time, without recognising him, of course... "Mame Otoko" -> Bean Man! laugh.gif

- Now Bradley knows all their rivals are allied and the allies know Bradley is an homunculus! This is a "point of no return" situation.

- And most important of all, Shao Mei completed his own "hierarchy/power/food pyramid" laugh.gif

- And, of course, the final scene... "Mustang... Mustang... killed Lust... Lust... Colonel Mustang... Roy Mustang!"
and all goes boom. Yay![/spoiler]
Gluttony rocks!!
Well, I'm certantly glad for more Riza and Roy being in the chapter, but Havoc is there too! Yay! I've missed him! I can't wait to know what he is saying, but he looks quite determined to me! *grin*

And the end with Gluttony... Whee!! Things just keep getting more and more exciting! *bigger grin*

Thank you for the scans!
Saturn Stars
Ahhh... that chapter was so special *Cries* I don'tknow how us fans survive waiting a whole month for these chapters~
yay for poor havoc being in the chapter! XD and ZOMFG i can't wait to see what happens now!! *flails*! the mustang gluttony showdown will be soooo crucial!!!! XDDDD


btw, this?

IPB Image

had me laughing so hard. best picture EVAR.
By the way, CSakuraS and I have started translating now, after spending about an hour fangirling.

In the meantime, amuse yourselves with this:

QUOTE (Guest @ Jun 9 2005, 04:19 AM)
Ed admitted he likes Winry!!!

Well... he didn't say it out loud... but he didn't deny Al's taunting :P

And check out Winry's last memory before she leaves Central

I think it's now confirmed the canon is Edwin.

but what happened to Gluttony?!


It's not Winry's memory that confirms that she likes Ed, it's that she says "Maybe I've always been in love with you/him (no pronoun used XD;;)."
QUOTE(Umeko @ Jun 9 2005, 11:24 AM)

XD!!! THATS HILARIOUS!!! i love it Umeko
LOL, Umeko!! xD That was great!! You really should work with Arakawa sensei on the omakes xD
WAITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last pic!!!!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWWW PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T WANT TO SEE THAT GUY IN THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE ENOUGH TROUBLE SEEING HIM AT SCHOOL!!!!!!! In my opinion, the other pics are, Hikaru no Go, Digimon, and Wonka. The other one? I DON'T WANT TO SEE HIS FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mad.gif

Thank you Umeko! (for the first four, not the last[nerdy idiot in a stupid science show]) You are great at doing omakes!!!!!!!!! Just like SweetJanie-san said!!!! My fav will be the second one and the third one! The fourth I do not get, is that Kimblee?

We will have to wait one more day to see chap 48.

Congratulate myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had become a State Alchemist major! biggrin.gif
OMG Those are hilarious. And you have to admit that Hawkeye totally kicked ass in this chapter. Anyone who can maintain a perfect shot while popping movie-style tricks in a vintage car automatically wins for best manga character ever. Go Hawkeye!

hummm, anybody can tell me how to download it without having to join anything....from what I read (being a huge Roy fangirl and all...) I really want to see it...sleep.gif
That was a great chapter I can't wait to see what happens next.

What will they do now, since they now know that Wrath(King Bradely) is the enemy and Gluttony. The biggest thing ever though WINRY LOVES EDWARD! TWOEYTOEH#Y)Y#YOWIYHOIHOH#OIHIOH I'm sorry fangirlism
I REALLY like Ed's clothes in chapter 48!!!!!!! biggrin.gif
He looks soooooooooooooo cool in it!!!!!!!!!
the panda thinking about the food pyramid was SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed so hard on that one! I really want to read chapter 48 now, just looking at pics isn't enough. Haha!
I think I speak for all of us when I say that we need scanlations...NOW. *Explodes*

*laughs* Yeah, I would love to be able to read what is going on tonight (especially with Havoc and what is happening at the wherehouse(?) at the end happy.gif ), but I would rather have well done translations than rushed hard to understand translations! But that isn't stopping me from wishing that Friday night/Saturday would hurry! biggrin.gif
Umeko's comic makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Heh I read it and I can't read Jap.
Yebyosh has his translation(yeah translation instead of summary this time) of chapter 48 available at Anime-Source now.

Direct link :
So Lan-Fan IS getting an auto-mail! Heh! Finally! Now, waiting for editing...
Look at this. What do you notice about the panel with Ed, Al, and Winry on the second row?
Queen of the dammed
OMG..... OMG...... ED WINN!!!! XDDDDD I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

[SPOILER]And Ling Kicks so much asss..... Al is on the top of the food chain!!!!!!!!! XDDDD This chapter realy rocks!!!!XDDD[/SPOILER]
QUOTE(Koneko_chan @ Jun 9 2005, 08:15 PM)
Look at this. What do you notice about the panel with Ed, Al, and Winry on the second row?

...Is Ed actually taller than Winry in that picture? ...When did he grow? XD
man, i am really loving ed's new attire, all dressed in a sauve black. *drools*
QUOTE(Murasaki @ Jun 10 2005, 01:21 AM)
QUOTE(Koneko_chan @ Jun 9 2005, 08:15 PM)
Look at this. What do you notice about the panel with Ed, Al, and Winry on the second row?

...Is Ed actually taller than Winry in that picture? ...When did he grow? XD

I have been noticing that Ed's looking ever so slightly more mature in this manga (and it's because I've noticed him being ever so slighty hotter). Like the pic where he talks about how he has a great mechanic to lanfan. Maybe he is slightly starting to shoot up. Winry wasn't THAT much taller than him in the first place. Is he taller than her in Ch. 47? I need to check that hugging scene again.
o_O!! He's... He's taller!! OMG.
holy crap! he IS TALLER! AND SEXIER~! and...he changed his CLOTHES!
Saturn Stars
Hai hai! Ed is officially taller with his boots GO EDDY!

As for sexiness... I have been noticing that aswelll... every chapter... he ... is... more... mature... aaha

What exactly does al say to him? I can't read the characters? Is he teasing him about Love or something, or is he saying something about his youth lol
He has grown....but still with platform shoes.....
Am I the only one that seems to intuit that something really bad is going to happen to Riza???
Saturn Stars
No no no! Nothing bad can happen to Riza *Huggles and protects her*
QUOTE(Saturn Stars @ Jun 10 2005, 12:17 PM)
No no no! Nothing bad can happen to Riza *Huggles and protects her*

I know!! *jumps in front of her and protects her too* But think about it, first bradley said "I'll make him (roy) open the door" and then he sees Riza and seems to have an eye on her like... and I think he is thinking "I'll kill her so Roy opens the door and... etc" XD
Bwahahaha, much edwinism in this chapter tongue.gif

SS, here is the supposable translations:

Ed = Next time...
Winry = Eh? What? I can't hear you
Al = Bro?
Al = Hold on a minute, bro!
Al = Bye, Winry!
Winry = Ah... okay!
Winry = Hold on Ed! What were you saying!
Winry = I couldn't hear you but...!
Winry = What was it!

Ed = Next time, when I make you cry, it will be tears of joy!!
Ed = When I return with Al in our original state, you will absolutely be made to cry tears of joy!
Ed = Remember that!!
Winry = Roger!

pg 31
Al = Love is in the air!!
Al = Bro's in love!!
Ed = Shut up, you idiot!!
Ed = It was to keep a promise
Ed = Have I broken any of my promises to this date!
Ed = That's more than enough
Ed = I will become a State Alchemist
Ed = So please give me an arm and leg I can move freely with
Ed = Just one year!
Ed = We won't be returning anymore

Winry = Ah......
Winry = His back......
Winry = Ahhh that's right......
Winry = I guess...... I have always taken a fancy to him since the beginning.

Hehehe, Al is in the supporting cast xD

Go Edwin tongue.gif

Let me also state: The new attire is looking good, and he's grown, which is awesome.
Sorry to tell you this but Ed isn't taller than Winry... It's the perspective. Ed's closer to us, so he seems taller. But his new outfit is gorgeous... *huggles edo* How cute!! happy.gif

I'm so happy Winry finally admitted!! Thank you Arakawa sensei!! T_T *glomps Arakawa*
Meh, in that case, I'll just upload pages 28-32 for you guys right now. They're not final yet, I have to run them by Cynthia when I next see her tomorrow, but yeah.

[attachmentid=1417] [attachmentid=1418] [attachmentid=1419] [attachmentid=1420] [attachmentid=1421]

Disclaimer: I am the editor. Cynthia is the translator. And there is a reason for that. XDD

PS: It was shown that Ed was taller than Winry a few chapters ago (chapter 44, maybe?). Cynthia had made a post in her LJ about it. XD

EDIT: Okay, correction. ALMOST taller than her. (The LJ post I mentioned is here, by the way. It also marks the birth of ZOMGFTA, though we did not have a name until a month later. :D)
Hey, Umeko, Thanks for the pages! The to translations I saw are different though :/ But I like your better tongue.gif
Thankyouuuuu Umeko for the pages ^-^ I cant wait to read the whole chapter ^-^

Awwwww thats very nice Winry ^^, you should say that to him sometimes..
Thank you Umeko! *hugs* Even if it is just a few pages right now, I prefer your and CSakuraS's scanlations! happy.gif So even a teaser is nice, but like most, I still can't wait for the whole chapter! *chuckle* Thanks once again!
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