Envy's POV >.> don't ask me why or how I came up with this idea...

*note to readers, it has a little...well it has a spoiler so...don't read it unless you want to get spoiler'd >.<*


That stupid, dare I say half brother of mine

Just the thought of my blood flowing in his veins,

makes me cringe

I should be his favorite, I was his first.

Just because he has that bastardís great skill,

doesnít make him any less of his son.

I try to forget, but the image keeps playing in my head

I donít want anything that deals with him

Heís not like me at all

Heís human, Iím not

He feels happiness, sorrow, anger and all those things

While I only feel envy and revenge

Planning to strike back, to proclaim what is rightfully mine

Once I heard, my so-called mother made that bastard disappear

The only way I could, the only thing to make me content,

Is to rid him from this side of the gate

When the sword stuck through his stomach

My blood, his blood flowed from his body, still warm

His eyes now dilated.

Heís gone,

But my envy remains.

When I showed this poem to my teacher, he was liek "omg carol said a bad word!"
So then everyone wanted to read it, and I sorta freaked half my class with the 'sword stuck through his stomach' part... Anyways, I thank you for reading and please leave me some comments about my oh so eh bad poem XPP