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<Edit the thread title to add the subtitle "What do you think it will be??" and moving the thread from Spam Central forum to FMA Character Discuussion forum on experimental bases. 04/18/07 ~Tombow>

If you were to come back as a Homunculus, what sin do you think you would be?

I think that I would be Pride. I can't even count how many times people have told me to 'swallow my pride'. And if I wasn't Pride, I would probably be Sloth, because I am VERY lazy.
Right now, I'd probably coming stomping out as Wrath, cuz I am SOOO ticked...

But, in general, I think I'd re-live as Lust. ^_~
Celestial Shadow
I'd probably have a good chance of being Wrath, but I'm pretty sure I'd be Sloth right now. I've been sleeping from 5 am to 5 pm lately. Though I do have a pretty bad temper...It scares me sometimes of what I think about doing because of it, so I try to control it.
hmm...for me i think it'd be close between sloth, wrath, and pride, but i think i'd be wrath. i have a horrible, horrible, horrible temper. so bad it merits three "horrible"'s preceding it.
silver bg
Greed or envy,, its 50 50
I would probably be Envy. I can easily be horribly envious of others and am not very sympathetic as times happy.gif||
I'll probably be Envy or lust, envy coz i do get envious(sp?), lust coz...i like her tongue.gif


With me, I don't choose "which or who" simply because I like the character... I choose because I see myself as that... happy.gif
it's a tip between many for me

Lust, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride, and Gluttony dry.gif all exept Greed I'm never greedy well hardly ever i'm sure if i think hard enough i can see sometimes in my life i was a bit greedy.

but the mostly i would be either Pride, Wrath, or sloth lol i'm lazy more times then i can count
I'd probably be Wrath, I tend to have a short temper sometimes rolleyes.gif
I might be wrath ,extremely bad temper..
O_O So many angry people....
No doubt about it. I would be Greedo-san. He is the coolest and I am Greedy. Also, I love his in your face don't give a $h*t attitude.
Phyco girl
Lol, I'd probably be Sloth, if you have ever read my fanfic you know it takes me awhile to update. Why? Because, I'm lazy laugh.gif
QUOTE(~FMAgurl~ @ Jun 10 2005, 11:43 PM)
I'd probably be Sloth, I tend to have a short temper sometimes  rolleyes.gif

don't you mean wrath?
Le Monkey
That would be sooo awesome...

but probably sloth.
Wrath mostly only has a short temper when it comes to Sloth. Other than that, he is a loser :3

I think Envy has the shortest temper.
If I wasn't Pride or Sloth, I might be Gluttony. Mmm. Food. I love food. ^^
Pride i tend to be a bit too proud of myself and have a big ego
I think Envy has the shortest temper.
Envy....tends to have a sort of glossed-over personality, I think. He's usually seems all happy, but if you say/do something that annoys him the wrong way, he just snaps. I'm like that. laugh.gif|||
QUOTE(«°~Envy™~°» @ Jun 11 2005, 08:17 PM)
QUOTE(~FMAgurl~ @ Jun 10 2005, 11:43 PM)
I'd probably be Sloth, I tend to have a short temper sometimes  rolleyes.gif

don't you mean wrath?

Yea I did. Sorry, made a mistake, but I fixed it. Thanks for pointing it out.
I'd might be Envy or Lust
Greed cuz I barely let my lil bro play with the PS2 lol
Chibi Reina
My stomach is like a bottomless pit.... so I'd probably come back as Gluttony... XD

'cept I'm not a bowling ball...
It's torn between Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Pride, Lust happy.gif but I'll have to say Sloth because I'm extremly lazy.
Berserker Alchemist
Sorrow. Is that one? v__v
hum no! Sorrow is not a homunculus! happy.gif
I'd either be Wrath, Sloth, or Gluttony
Wrath - I'm very short-tempered and violent
Sloth - Need I say?
Gluttony - I.. like.. food...
Bleeding Heart Alchemist
Why do you have to pick a sin?I would be a male lust
I would be Wrath
Excel Aishi
Wow, what a coincidence! My friend and i were just discussing this today, when i had no idea this topic had been started.
Most definitely Wrath or Pride. The two kindof tie in together.. if you are too proud you can easily become angry. I am not saying it only as a character point of view, because when we discussed it (my friend and i) it was "what of the 7 deadly sins are you most guilty of?" (she doesn't watch fma) But anyways, i have been told so many times thast all i talk about is myself and that i am too proud and easily embarrassed. (Which must be why my friend said she was Envy....)
Do we have to choose one that already exists? I mean, cuz how would we be our own homunculus if we were someone that's already been created? I would be this cool looking homunculus named Adam that my friend and I have been developing in this fma fanfic we've been working on. He is uber with his purple eyes and stuff. His specialy ability is to bend light to make himself invisible, and he's awesome at fighting. I think we had it so he could use alchemy too, but I'm not sure about that part... He's like best friends with Envy though, which is sweet. He has his own band, and one of his best friends is the main character, Daphne, who's Mustang's daughter. We didn't have Mustang and Riza thing going on...we had it so Daphne's mom died when she was young. Anyway, it's a sweet fanfic, and I would wanna be Adam.
^Uhhh, well, when I started this thread, I meant to choose from the existing Homunculus, i.e., the Sins. I guess I shoulda made that clearer.
I would propably be rencornated as greed. I do seem to always want a lot of things.
Greed most likely. If not Greed then Envy.
I would be wrath because I have so much power and everyone else SUCKS. MHAhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha. DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!So yah, I would be wrath
Smoke Alchemist
QUOTE(Hiorocashi @ Dec 30 2005, 06:42 PM) [snapback]335336[/snapback]

I would be wrath because I have so much power and everyone else SUCKS. MHAhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha. DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!So yah, I would be wrath

Riiiiigggghhhht! huh.gif

I would chose Lust. I can sympathize with her on occasion. unsure.gif
I'd most likely be wrath because I usually am quick to temper and I tend to hold grudges longer than I have too.
Eh. I'll admit it.. I'll probably come back as Lust.. -coughs-
Sleeping Forest
unsure.gif i absolutely and totally hate him, but i'd probably be envy...
Dark Fate
No doubt about it, I'd come back as Wrath. I'm too ill-tempered for my own good most of the time.
i would come back as greed definately because i just love my possesions and everything else.

Ed: i was thinking more gluttony..but greed's fine.

Meh: wha you say shrimp!?!

Ed:who you callin shrimp big boned

Meh: just because i have big you know and a nice ass dosent mean squat

ed: whatever... dry.gif
Sin Of Envy
Envy 100% it's School's fault!
Midnight Feathers
I might come back as Wrath...I have a short temper.
Sharingan Serpent
Hmmmm....Lust...I can be very creepy and scary at times...
Gluttony....... am kind of hungry right now
Carnal Malefactor
Sloth. Definitely Sloth.
Kitty Alchemist
Let see... it hard for to decide. i kida want to be Envy to change in to anything, Greed for the ultramite shield or Pride for the ultramite eye.
But i pick Gluttony so i can eat everything biggrin.gif
I'm lazy, and a procrastinator to boot. I'd definitely be Sloth.
if not, then Gluttony, with my whale of an appetite laugh.gif
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