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Full Version: Fma Movie: Conqueror Of Shambala
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Original Soundtrack for Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shambala to be released on 20/7/2005 laugh.gif
Music collection by composed by 大島ミチル and played by the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra.
Also including a song played by the guitarist, Ferenc Snetberger.
Product no: SVWC-7270
Price: ¥3,150
Specially made sticker comes with first print of the limited editon.


That's all I know.
Does anyone have more information?
Please tell!!!!!!!!! *in need*
Btw, no one post this before, right?

The song played by Ferenc Snetberger is KELAS(LET'S-DANCE).
Tack Listing and cover- Thanks to defade for the notice wink.gif
IPB Image
No.01 Scientist of the Alchemic World      
No.02 Fullmetal Alchemist      
No.03 Weapon of Mass Destruction    
No.04 Castle of Science Goes Kablooey  
No.05 Sibyl      
No.06 KELAS(LET'S-DANCE)      
No.07 Creeper in the Shadow of Time    
No.08 Darkness Looms Upon Her    
No.09 Automated Right Arm    
No.10 Burden of Her Past    
No.11 Her Dream      
No.12 Vanishing Existence      
No.13 Thule Society      
No.14 Seeking a New Thrill    
No.15 Dragon〜Unlocker of the Gate      
No.16 Road to Shamballa    
No.17 The Alchemic World〜Two Years Thereafter    
No.18 Citizen of the World    
No.19 Stranger from Another World〜The young Alchemist    
No.20 Beyond the Light……!    
No.21 Search for the Professor    
No.22 The Incomplete Alchemic Circle    
No.23 Dietlinde Eckart    
No.24 A Temporary Reunion
No.25 Hermonized Feeling
No.26 Parallel World〜Another Self in an Alternative World  
No.27 The Lord of Shamballa Shall Reign Over the World  
No.28 Shadows Surrounding Her
No.29 Soul Slides Away
No.30 To the Vanished City  
No.31 Shadows Swallow Her  
No.32 Other Side of the Gate〜Shamballa  
No.33 Overture of Destiny  
No.34 Evanescence
No.35 When the Gate of Destiny is Revealed
No.36 Beyond the Gate〜Conqueror of Shamballa
No.37 Reunion〜Dear Beloved Place  
No.38 Invasion of the Intruders
No.39 Guardian of the Motherland  
No.40 Destruction of Shangri-La  
No.41 Guardian of the World  
No.42 Reason of War  
No.43 Sad Resolution〜Separation  
No.44 Unceasing Lunacy  
No.45 Requiem  
No.46 KELAS(LET'S-DANCE)[instrumental version]

Well, I saw this posted on another topic, but THIS deserves a topic of its own!

The FMA Movie OST

Fullmetal Alchemist 4th OST
(aka the FMA Movie Soundtrack!)

Coming Out July 2th, 2005!!!

The title to track 43 doesn't look promising... O_<
don't get worried till we see the movie guys..... trailers and OST's are ALWAYS misleading...and it's done on purpose, to make fans like us go insane so we'll see the movie opening day...

but unfortunately those of us who don't know japanese and can't get to japan on July 23rd are screwed anyway.......

No.04 Castle of Science Goes Kablooey  ....... kablooey????/?!!!! ROFL
Hikusa Rockgirl X
i just finished listening to the OST 4 an hours ago XD...
i'm liking so much KELAS (Let's Dance) <_<;
Altought i think its a Noa and her Sister's Theme or something like that

oh, track No 43 is like a Bratja kind of depressing theme... ;___; *cry cry*
Dx Nuuuu~ SO touching ;O;
Tyberious manioal
Well, I have just finished listening; to the soundtrack for the film. What are my thoughts I think that the score had an adventurous side but also an dark melencholy to it that was felt in ost 2 and ost 3. What's left is for all to see the film.
I bought this soundtrack ages ago! Got a sticker with it as well which I am very proud of.

The movie is released on DVD on...something like the 26th January in Japan. The special edition has English subtitles but will be about $70 (£35) and will be region 2 which means it'll play on European dvd players.....woop for me!

Anyone have the translated lyrics to Kelas? I love it and I'd like to know what she's saying.
This OST really nice! laugh.gif
The price also cost me a bomb sad.gif spent 73singapore dollars to purchase it wink.gif
track 17 and 43 and kellas instrumental version nice!
especially track 17 and track 43,17 is The Alchemic World~Two Years Thereafter,43 is Sad Resolution~SEPERATION
this 2 really nice!
especially for 43...depressed...I cried when I listen to the first time but it eventually turn out to be my most favourite of Ooshima Michiru's music
Hey anybody notice that between the "Kelas" at the end of the movie and #46 on the Movie OST is different? Melody's the same, but many instruments are missing in the #46, right?
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Gah! I'm stuck with the downloaded version. I can't find the soundtrack in my piracy infested country. Anyway, the soundtrack is really just nice! But I feel that some tracks have repeated themes. "The Alchemic World~Two Years Thereafter" and "Sad Resolution~Separation" have parts taken from "Kyoudai/Bratja". Anyway, it's still amazing. This is one of the few soundtracks and the only anime one in fact, that gives me the feel of that world. In this case I feel like the world of Fullmetal Alchemist when I listen to it.

Fullmetal Alchemist never fails to deliver emotions to its viewers... Well, the soundtrack does that to its listeners. happy.gif I want the CD for my birthday which is today. Argh... I wish I can find an anime import store here and buy it.
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
I think you can get it now via Amazon or Best Buy, if I'm not mistaken... but it's entirely possible I could be! Haha! It's great, I've been using FMA songs for a Frankenstein power point I'm doing for my AP English class - my teacher's loving it! I'm bringing in some of the cds for her tomorrow! Haha! laugh.gif I think I've just gotten my teacher hooked on FMA... blink.gif GO ME!
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