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Here's a Ling x RanFan fic... guess its the first xDD

Note: Since there has been very little info about Xing, most of this is what I imagine it might be.

Summary: Its about Ranfan and Ling when they're still in Xing. Starts off when Ranfan is 10, and served as a body guard for Ling for the frist time.

Disclaimer: I don't own FMA

This first part is kinda short, its just a prologue.

It was a bright afternoon in Xing. A black haired 10 year old girl had finished her training early, and was walking home from her trainer’s house. Usually, she would tie her hair up in a bun, but today, she let her hair down. She did that because, it might be the last time she would be allowed to do so in many years. Why? Tomorrow was going to be her first day to serve one of the Emperor’s children from the Chow clan, and her family expected her to do her best. Besides, if she let her hair down, there is a lot of chance that it would interfere when she’s fighting. The black haired girl continued to walk down the street until she nearly tripped over a person lying in the middle of the street. Lying in the middle of the street?!


seriously short, I know. But I'll post more later today ^^
Oke .. Second part up ^-^ Third part... maybe later... I'm editing it at the moment and making it longer than this one tongue.gif

Disclaimer: I dont own FMA


The person lying in the middle of the street was a boy, roughly her age. He had his hair tied back, and his clothes looked like he came from a high-class noble family. She bent down and touched him.

“Uhhh…. ,” She started to speak, but then was interrupted.

“Foooooood…” The boy interrupted, “Foooood.” The girl jumped back a bit. Food? She reached in her bag to find something. Her hand hit something, and she brought the thing out. It was an apple, which was going to be her lunch. It was already 2 o’clock, and she still hadn’t had anything to eat. She poked the boy lightly, and offered him some of the apple. He took the apple, from her hand, his hand brushing lightly against hers. Ran Fan slightly blushed, hoping that the boy didn’t notice that. Once the boy had taken a bite from the apple, he sat up, looking fully restored. But, he continued eating the apple.

“Ne, miss, can I have more food?” The boy asked. When Ran Fan was about to answer no, the boy looked as he was about to faint again.

“Ah… I don’t have any food here,” She said. If she was going to go home, and come back, he might faint again. She searched her pocket for money, but she had none. Guess she’ll have to bring him home and give him some food. Anyways, her house was just about 1 to 2 hundred meters from here. Then, he could call home too. But, how was she going to say that to him without the boy getting the wrong meaning of it?


how's that?? R&R please

Oh by the way... I think its a bit OOC. Help me to improve it please~~~
Phyco girl
We don't know much at all about the characters so I don't think it'd be OOC since like I siad before we don't know the characters well unlike say Ed or Al.

So far I think it's good. Longer chapters would be nice though happy.gif
Hikusa Rockgirl X
Wheeeeeeee~ *wants to read more o.o*
i have a friend that is a HUGE LinxRanFan fan xDDD
i'll show her this fic later :3 *she's also writing an EdxWin and LingxRanFan fanfic and doing a doujin of them too~ but them are in spanish ^^;;*

Nyoo~ i think that when Ling was requesting for some food he would be acting in a melodramatic way but he wouldnt were that hungry xDDD *i think O:*
short but great fic >w< i'll be waiting 4 an update~
Sorry I haven't updated for a long time

but here it is...

“Uhh…umm…,” Ran Fan began, slightly blushing, “mm…my house is only a few hundred meters away” She pointed in the direction of her house, “Y…you could eat there if you’re really hungry.” He nodded, and stood up. They walked together towards Ran Fan’s house. She felt very…awkward. For starters, she had never ever walked beside an extremely rich boy before. Not that she knew any. Not only that, her parents would possibly never allow her to do so, unless of course, it was during her years of working as a bodyguard.

Ran Fan turned her face to look at him. The boy turned around and looked at her questioningly. Blushing, she quickly spun around, pretending to search her bag for something. Judging by his looks, and how he walked, he was definitely from a rich family. But…why would someone like this person be lying in the middle of the road? What if, he ran away? Nope. Then he would’ve worn clothes that looked more like normal people. Got lost? No. How could anyone get lost in a place like this? But, then again, the nobles might’ve not let the children play outside. Oh well, what ever was the reason, he would her and her family when she got home.

Within a few minutes, they were standing in front of her house. It was a traditional Xing house, not very big, since the only people living in her house was, her mom, her grandmother, and her three year old brother. Her father was one of the palace guards, and her grandfather had already passed away.

Kaa-san! I’m home!” Ran Fan told her mother as she and the boy was entering the front door. No one replied. “Okaa-san?” She walked over to the kitchen table, and found a slip of paper saying 'Ran Fan, if you get home before I do and you get hungry, the food is on the table. I’m at the market with your grandma and your little brother'.

Ran Fan walked over to the table and brought the boy there. “There isn’t much food left. I hope this is okay,” she said.

“It would be fine, I just need something to eat,” replied the boy. He sat down and just before he began to eat, he asked, "I might be asking too much from you, but if I’m still hungry, where can I get more food?”

“Uhh…. In the bowl. If there is any,” She replied. Still hungry? If it was her, she’d be really full. “I’ll be right back. I’m going go put my bag upstairs first.” The boy nodded and started to eat.

Ran Fan walked upstairs to her room, and put her bag on her bed. She took a ribbon from the table lying beside her bed and tied quickly her hair up. Within a few minutes, she came down the stairs and went to the kitchen, where the boy was sitting.

Two whole plates of food were already gone. The bowl was half empty. Whoa. How could anyone eat that fast. Or maybe he was just extremely hungry. But still, she didn’t know anyone. Anyone. Anyone who could finish 2 plates of food that fast. The boy was already standing near the sink, washing a plate of food. A plate of food….three plates?! The boy walked over to Ran Fan.

“I guess I have to go now,” He said, “Thanks for the food.” He smiled at RanFan and headed out.


I'll post another chappy today, if not, tomorrow. I still have to edit it and everything..

By the way, what do you call that thing where you put the rice in?? I don't know what's it called XD.. oke its called a bowl.. edited
Ling certainly does eat a lot! I love Ling and Ran Fan and i dont think ive ever read a fic about them before... update soon!

btw... the thing you put rice in? you mean a bowl?
Yeah, that.. bowl.. I wasn't sure what to use.. lemme edit the fic first ^^;;

next update would probably in the afternoon, my time (after I finish another chapter of Warmth)..
Hikusa Rockgirl X
Whee Update x3
lol i dont doubt ling can eat that fast xDD
*and imaginating him as a kid thats scary but cute O:*
i wonder what will do or say Ranfan when she meets with him again >3
XD Wow. Ling /does/ have a big stomache, so that makes sense.
I'm curious to find our what happens next!
-Waves little flags.- Go, go. Aoko-chan! Go, go!
Ahhh sorry for lack of update, but I'll update in a week or so, cuz I'll be going away (means no computer) sorrryyyy ><
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