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QUOTE(Ailuro @ Oct 28 2007, 01:04 PM) *
Halloween makes me do silly things. Even more so when it's a Halloween party.
(Not taken at the party. These were taken in the lounge of my dorm's floor.)

Sexyback! ohmy.gif

QUOTE(Summoner Colette @ Oct 28 2007, 02:41 PM) *

Awesome shirt. laugh.gif

QUOTE(Toby-Chan @ Oct 28 2007, 04:13 PM) *

Death has never looked so good.

QUOTE(seventh_sky @ Oct 30 2007, 02:50 PM) *
I gots mah Zelda hoodie.

It's pretty much the coolest thing ever XD

Ohh, I almost want one. biggrin.gif
Well since you are doing the sexy/scary side pics (oh and a cool shirt) I've gone for a Most Haunted/victim picture

Take That Yvette Fielding
OMG, Chinry. I personally think that that picture is really well-done. ohmy.gif
Meitantei Conan
This Is My Halloween Costume.

Its Sora, From Kingdom Hearts II

I couldn't Spike my hair, so Thats why i had the Hoddie on biggrin.gif i like the Hoddie too!

Emo Sora XD

Sora The Key to Light

I had Fun, That Keyblade My arm Hurt, and the Pants Keep Falling, but i fixed it haha

Happy Halloween Everyone!
Envy's lil' miniskirt
Love that picture ChiChi, very Blair Witch.

So for many years I've wanted to get a dog but lived in an apartment in the bay area where I could have no such beast. Now that I live in a house in Sacramento with a fellow dog lover my dream has come true at last.

Meet Kane everybody!

He had the name Kane when I adopted him but I don't think he looks like a Kane but haven't figured out a better name for him.

He's a terrible model.

But we're working on that.
Carnal Malefactor
D'awwww. What a handsome little dude! <3

This should go in the photography thread, though.
Envy's lil' miniskirt
I thought the photography thread was for scenery pics and such. We used to post our pet pictures here since, forever.

When or why did it change?
Photography is for photography in general to share, and pictures is just for providing an image of oneself with which the rest of the forum can identify you. I think the distinction came when it got to the point of newbies going "Well, I don't like to share my pictures, but this is a picture of my cat's foot, and here's a picture of my friend with a bucket on his head." in this thread, which isn't quite what it's about.

But we're pretty chillaxed in our standards around these parts, so *shrug*.

Handsome little fella, that boy. wub.gif Reminds me I should share the update pictures of my cousins' new puppy (and updates of Cinnamon and her papa).
Aww that pup has such character in his face, love his ears!
He's so lucky to have you, Mini! I think he looks like a Hector...mostly because that inquisitive look in the first picture reminds me of a friend named Hector. tongue.gif
ohmy.gif I agree! He looks very much like a Hector.

I was thinking Ferdinand or Charles or something prissy like that. Hector sounds like a good one, though.
Here are pics of me and my stuffed kitty that I got for X-mas from my girliefriend.

Sleeping with the kitty.

Aww, ain't that precious.

The cat is mine.
I'll post mine .
You look a lot like Lisa Robin Kelly. tongue.gif
That's because it IS a picture of Lisa Robin Kelly. It's obviously not her. There isn't even a background.
Carnal Malefactor
My older sister took some pictures of me yesterday.

As opposed to what the appearance might suggest, this picture is not shopped. The snow really is that bright, and I really am that pale.

Check out my long hair.

Sis has a really good camera. ohmy.gif

Some pictures from other days (on my camera)

A lovely view (of lake Tahoe)

I think you'll notice the most outstanding feature of this photo is the artistic use of form and angle.

I ttly killed a bear to make these boots.* That's one less threat to our nation.

There's other stuff, but that's enough for now. <3

QUOTE(Toby-Chan @ Dec 27 2007, 10:51 PM) *
I think you'll notice the most outstanding feature of this photo is the artistic use of form and angle.

Yum, cleavage. *_*
QUOTE(Ailuro @ Dec 28 2007, 11:49 AM) *
QUOTE(Toby-Chan @ Dec 27 2007, 10:51 PM) *
I think you'll notice the most outstanding feature of this photo is the artistic use of form and angle.
Yum, cleavage. *_*

Dude, that's what I thought, too. ohmy.gif Toby's pictures are always so well-done. smile.gif
Here some webcam photos of me
Just plum showing off now Toby, those really are some well taken shots, could be in a clothing magazine.
QUOTE(Scar-San @ Feb 5 2008, 09:34 AM) *
Here some webcam photos of me

John Lennon/Jesus look???
Ice Blizzard
Why won't it stop raining sad.gif
^^Ooh so that's what you look like. Add a cigarette & you'd look bad [All hail lord Xenu]. laugh.gif

EDIT: Haha so thats what that word changes too. Scientology FTW!!!! All who doubt Xenu shall perish..........I will be safe in a bunker with Tom Cruise & Isaac Hayes.
Carnal Malefactor
lulz from Anime Boston '08

EKE [as Mahiro from SDK] and I

Keeping my hands to myself this time, because she's got a weapon [made of construction paper... and construction paper hurts]

EKE and Ichigo no aku [used to post here way back in the day]

Miyuki and I

EKE and Miyuki

Sharing one set of headphones

Can't a man take a dump in public without being assaulted by a tsundere?!

Mmm... spicy beef soup


And... this might be the greatest cosplay EVER

This dude who goes by the name 'Sketch' went as a life-size [7 feet tall] robot Canti from FLCL. Costume actually lights up, and it took 3 years to finish. I wish I could've gotten a full-length picture of him, but I'm sure better ones will surface within the next couple of days. It was seriously incredible. There was actually a lot of impressive cosplay this year, but this one took the proverbial cake.
Carnal Malefactor
Found a video of Canti-sama

*Yawn* Not shy, To lazy, Good pictures tho. blink.gif
Oh, did I mention it? I'm no longer Chinry...just plain old Chiyo...with red hair

Here is a pic of meopps really Big sorry i messed up
phoenix dying
Quick hide your photo. Unless you want the un-relentless stalking of Void!

Save yourself!

nice picture though
Carnal Malefactor
QUOTE(phoenix dying @ Apr 6 2008, 07:18 PM) *
Quick hide your photo. Unless you want the un-relentless stalking of Void!

No more Chinry? sad.gif *sad* But that looks good, too!

LOL @ phoenix dying. laugh.gif
Hi everyone! I am new to this site, but here is a pic of me cosplaying as Armstrong that I thought I would upload for ya.
Lol! That's a great cosplay there brotha' smile.gif

Here a photo of me wink.gif Mmm well i actually dont smoke tongue.gif

Senior Prom:

I had my prom a couple Fridays ago and finally got a chance to upload pictures. Enjoy!
My friends and I

Us at my friend's house

Me and Kate at her dad's studio

Me and my friend Mary

Me and my sweetheart

Me and my art teacher

Witness my awesomeness

Post Prom: After prom, my school threw a post prom. The theme was Rock N' Roll. Here are some pictures of the boys' room and such. The theme is obviously The Beatles in the little boys' room. lol

Decorated hallway in my school at Post-Prom

Ceiling of Boys' Room

Peace, duuuude

Wall of Boys' Room

I will never look at a urinal the same again

The Fons: Eyyyyyyyyy!
Holy cow. Your hair got super long! ohmy.gif And is still much nicer looking than mine.
Carnal Malefactor
I was the priest at a mock gay wedding last night...

Here's a candid shot from the honeymoon.

It's Massachusetts. We're required by law to hold at least one gay wedding at every gathering.

My friends are cooler than your friends.
That's quite an amazing smile there.
I wasnt sleepin for 2-3 days and that was the seconds ago before i go bed and sleep for looooong hours smile.gif

Bacon, Slush, learn to re-size your own images so they don't drag down slow connections, stretch screens and get automatically re-sized anyway. >:/

Scar-san, are you ever going to participate in the forum community, or are you just going to drop by every few months and camwhore?
well actually i was writin' in that forum once but i'm very very busy for couple months. I put those photos after months too (like didnt writin other topics too) So as you can see im not just loging in and puttin some curious photos, im just "not" logging in too much. And if i log in im reading posts of other topics etc
and if i'm puttin a photo of me to any site at that time, i just put ones' html in here too.

Dont see whats your problem and dont care for it either though, you can keep it for yourself, i dont even know why im explainin those to you, i didnt read a rule like "you can put your photos if only you dont have a real life and loggin for 20 hours each day." Well if there is a rule like that, then your are right its my mistake. But if there is not, it shouldnt be your concern so just piss off. Just havin thousands of posts in that forum dont give you the right for pokin your nose into subject which dont concern you and thats not your first time talkin me that way i guess, so just put your sharp tongue to your [All hail lord Xenu]. İf puttin two photos of me after couple months is just makin you uncomfortable you are just sick... Go get a real life and real problems for yourself.
^ Whoa, defensive much?

Slash: Everyone looks great! I especially like the pattern on your friend's dress, the one in the first picture on the far right. Very distinctive. And your date's beautiful, of course. I almost like her hair more than yours. tongue.gif
Too defensive or just realistic, people should read what they are postin first. İ dont need to tolerate people who i dont even know and talkin pointless about me. Camwhore huh? What'a brilliant kind of word to choose.

Anyway, you know what? till there are some people who just makin fuss about that, i wont post any photos of me from now on. (hurray!)
Cool Scar-San ur avatar is Kenpachi and ur sig is like so sweet too lol oh and don't let th other ppl get to you thats just an echo from an empty head LOL JK JK happy.gif


Which isn't actually true since I quit my job Friday and got out of school Friday as well, but these pictures are a few weeks old anyway. The suit is for Forensics tournaments, at any rate.
^ I love your glasses. Very cute. :3
Dang it, Slash, your hair. You know what I'm trying to say.

Do people wear wedding dresses to prom now? mellow.gif
QUOTE(Scar-San @ May 22 2008, 04:58 PM) *
Too defensive or just realistic, people should read what they are postin first. İ dont need to tolerate people who i dont even know and talkin pointless about me. Camwhore huh? What'a brilliant kind of word to choose.

Anyway, you know what? till there are some people who just makin fuss about that, i wont post any photos of me from now on. (hurray!)

My aim was certainly not to make a fuss, nor to make you stop posting pictures. It's mostly just that your limited participation is confusing. Sharing photos is generally part of a community when you're involved with the people around you, but you post so rarely in general conversation that I feel as if you aren't very much a part of the social group and so the fact that your only activity seems to be posting repetitive pictures makes little sense. It certainly isn't a huge obstruction; just something I wonder about. There's no post count limit for posting a photo, and it's not as if it's wrong for new people who aren't involved yet to post pictures to introduce themselves, but when it seems that's all you do, that makes me wonder.

By all means, if you're getting something out of it, go ahead and keep doing what you do. It was nice at first, but it would be cooler if you were more than just a pretty face in the picture thread.

I didn't realise Scar-san got so upset, you would think someone would realise pointless picture posting might lead to "talkin pointless".

Though this one is mostly manipulation, it was originally a photo

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