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Hello! This is the sequel to 'The Other Mechanic', in case you didn't know. (Hopefully you did) Picking up where I left off, only it's a few months later. Oh, and chapters are called books. (Family, if I got your description or personality wrong, PM me.)

Book One::::New Faces

The sun shone brightly as the train pulled into the station. Two girls stepped off, one taller than the other. "Yuna, are you sure we're in the right place?" "Amirisa, I know what I'm doing." "Suuuuure you do." "Look, we're in Central aren't we?" "How do you know?" "Instincts, my dear !" "Are you sure it isn't that sign over there?" The taller of the two was silent for a second before glaring at her companion. "Shut. Up." The short redhead shrugged. "I'm just saying. You have a tendency to get us lost." "No I don't! Now lets go. I want find Head Quarters before dark." "Sure. We need the headstart. Your horrible direction will get us lost in no time."

Yuna resisted the urge to hit Amirisa. "Listen, you stu-" "Hurry it up! I'm dying of old age over here!" Yuna sighed and grabbed her bags, running after the redhead. Around the same time the two got off the train, an attractive brunette walked off. She was tall and wore comfortable clothes. "Hm. Central. Odd. I sort of expected it to be a bit more...crowded. Oh well. It's a nice place." The woman smiled happily and picked up her bags, heading off in the direction of Central Head Quarters. Following the woman was another girl. She had long black hair and a cheery smile. Looking around, she nodded in appreciation.

Not too far down the train a young girl stepped off. She yawned and stretched. "It feels so good to get off the train. I was so bored! Well, now I just need to find Head Quarters." Checking her watch the girl gasped. "Oh no, I'm late!" Picking up her bags, she ran down the street, her wooden sandals clacking against the concrete.

At Head Quarters...

Momo sighed happily as she finished one stack of paperwork. "There! That's one stack finished. I can't wait for my new secretary." "Agreed." Momo gasped and stood up in attention as Roy came in. "Colonel Mustang sir!" "At ease. I was just passing when I heard you." "Oh." Smiling, the girl motioned to the paperwork. "Fuhrer Bradley said he was getting some new alchemists from...I don't remember." "Neither do I. It's okay. Well, I'm sure they'll be here soon." The girl nodded and flopped back into her chair. "All I want to do is hand her most of this paperwork and go home to Icey." "Hm."

Suddenly, the door opened again and three girls came in, looking around. The tallest of the group spotted Roy and saluted. "Colonel Mustang sir! We were sent here by Fuhrer Bradley, sir." "At ease. I'm glad you're here. Can I have your names?" The second tallest, a redhead, came to attention. "Lieutenant Amirisa Ito, reporting for duty, sir!" The shortest, a brunette, came to attention as well. "Lieutenant Kit Sato, reporting as well, sir!" The tallest, a raven-haired girl, came to attention like the other two. "Lieutenant Yuna Kobayashi, also reporting for duty, sir!" Roy and Momo glanced at each other.

Suddenly Roy grinned. "Excellent. Well, just let me get you your uniforms." He was suddenly hit by a large book. "I'LL get them their uniforms, sir." "O-of course, Lieutenant Hawkeye." Momo sweat dropped as the blond woman left with the girls. The door opened once more and a woman and a girl walked in. "Oh great, more?" "Lieutenant Johanna Tanaka reporting for duty!" "Lieutenant Colonel Mina Sakis, reporting for duty, Colonel Mustang." Roy sighed. "Great, more woman who would look good in miniskirts. Why, God? Why do you torture me so?" "Back that way. Lieutenant Hawkeye will get you your uniforms."

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Book 2::::Problems

Kit sighed as she locked the doors. It had been a long first day of work. She wasn't sure about the other four women, but she had been running around all day delivering papers. She passed Major Cunning's office and heard voices. Kit backtracked a few steps and pressed her ear to the door. She couldn't really make out the words, but she could hear the voices. One was deep, like an adult male. The other was Major Cunning's. 'Who could Major Cunning be talking to at this hour? I was sure I was the last one here.' Pressing harder, Momo could make out a few of the words, but not all of them.

Piecing them together, Kit was able to get a grip on what they were saying. "I know, but it just seems wrong." "Momo, I swore to kill all State Alchemists. That includes you." "Scar...I know how much you love your god and your people. But my father was a State Alchemist and Alaric can't become one. I have to." The two were silent and Kit pressed her ear even harder, as did Johanna, Yuna, Amirisa and Mina. Kit looked up and stifled her scream. "What are you four doing here? I thought you went home!" "We were, but then we saw you and, well, curiosity killed the cat."

"So what's going on in there?" "I think Major Cunning's talking to Scar." "Shh! They're talking again!" All five of the women listened closely. "I know how important your family is to you, you've told me. But I would still feel better if you would resign and go back to Rizembool." "I know. I wouldn't mind that either, but I have to. Please, just give me a bit more time!" "All right. I'll give you a few months. For now I'll hide out in the mountains." "I won't tell anyone." "I know." There was silence again. Suddenly, the door opened and all five fell forward. Momo stared at them. "W-what are you five...what did you hear?" Johanna leapt up and saluted quickly. "N-not much, Major Cunning!" "Get in here. All of you." Kit bit her lip and followed her female friends inside.

"NONE of you are to tell ANYONE what you heard, understood?" "But Major Cunning, why were you talking to Scar?" "Isn't he wanted?" Momo looked at the ground and sighed. "I can't order you to not tell, so I'll ask you. Please. Don't tell anyone what you heard. The Colenel and the others let it slide when...nevermind. They wouldn't like it if they knew about this. Please don't tell anyone." Mina cocked her head and frowned. "You're asking us as a Major?" "No. I'm asking you as another woman." They were all silent a bit until Amirisa smiled. "Okay. We'll keep it a secret. But you have to do something for us."

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Book 3::::Returning to Your Arms

Havoc had been walking down the hallway the next day when a beautiful woman walked by. She was wearing a short, pink skirt and a white tank top. She wore black sandals and she carried a small black purse. She was wearing a bit of light lipstick and light eyeshadow. Every man she passed stopped and turned their heads to look at her. She walked into Roy's office and cleared her throat. Hughes, Roy and Riza looked up and their jaws hit the floor. Momo tucked her hair behind her ear. "Colonel Mustang, I'm taking the day off. Lieutenant Kit, Johanna, Amirisa, Yuna and Lieutenant Colonel Mina are coming with me."

Roy opened his mouth to say something, but closed it. Riza and Hughes just stared. There was an uncomfortable for a bit. "...COLONEL MUSTANG!" The man jerked back into reality and coughed. "Oh! Um, of course!" "Thank you." Quickly saluting, Momo turned and opened the door. "You should really wear that more often, Major Cunning." "Sir, this purse has three bricks in it and I don't need it with me today." "Point taken. Have fun." Closing the door behind her, Momo quickly made her way out of the building to where the five women were waiting.

Mina was wearing a long black skirt, a white tank top and sandals. Kit and Johanna were wearing identicle outfits, which consisted of light jeans, white tank tops and black sandals. Amirisa had on a black T-shirt and tan slacks. Yuna was wearing a green tank top and darker jeans. Like the others, she was wearing sandals. "So? What'd everyone think?" "If I come out of this alive, I'm killing all of you." "Translation, everyone was stunned by how-" "Lets hit the shops!" Most of the day was spent shopping. They actually stopped for lunch around noon. "Can we be done, PLEASE?" "Nope. Kit said she wanted to show you something." The girl grinned at Momo. "I promise it'll be good."

"I don't think my wallet can handle anything else." "What? Doesn't it feel good that you bought all that stuff for us?" "Mentally, yes. Financially, no." "Come on." Roy watched as the girls passed the building. Momo was in between Kit and Yuna. Amirisa was on the other side of Yuna and Johanna was on the other side of Kit. Mina was next to Johanna. "They look like they've had fun." "Hm." "Perhaps you should join them." "I wouldn't wear a skirt." Roy sighed and returned to his desk. "I wonder why Major Cunning did all that." "I don't know sir." Shrugging, the two returned to their work.


Momo sighed as she leaned back slightly. Kit's 'surprise' had been buying evening dresses for all og them and buying dinner at a fancy resturaunt. It had been quite a day. In addition to shopping, they had watched a few guys get beaten up by their girlfriends and had even broken a few hearts themselves. It had been fun. "Thanks Kit. I don't think I could have afforded all of this." "Sure you could have." "Not after all we did today." "True." As the six stood up, Kit paid and they left. "Well, we'll see you all tomorrow." "Bye!" "See ya, Momo." As the group parted, Momo sighed and smiled. The gown was nice, but not too much. One could still walk home in it. Opening her purse, Momo pulled out her house key.

Icey lifted his head as she walked in. "Hey boy. It's just me." Turning on a light, Momo placed her keys on her nightstand. Right by the picture of her and Scar kissing. She smiled as she picked it up. 'Thanks Hughes.' Wandering in, Icey whimpered at her. "What is it boy? What's wrong?" "He's just worried, sister." Momo gasped and looked up. Alaric stood there, looking more human than ever. "Alaric! What...?" "Prosthetic skin. It's not real, but it makes me look the way I used to." Running forward, Momo hugged her brother. "I haven't seen you since I left Rizembool! I was sad when Icey came by train but you didn't." "It's okay, sister. I'm here now."

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ME LIKEY> That is actually sooooooooooooo much like me. I would so nag and everything.(I'm Amirisa)
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Book 4::::Deception

Alaric watched his sleeping sister. She was beautiful. It seemed she turned from short and spunky to tall and elegant in less than a year. He turned and walked out of the bedroom. In the hallway stood three Homunculi. "Did she believe it?" "Yes. She believes I am her brother. It is silly, really." Lust smiled evilly. "Yes, I can imagine. Stupid girl. She doesn't realize her brother is still in Rizembool." "He could become a problem." "Leave him to us. Don't worry. When that boy gets the Stone, we'll turn her brother back to flesh and blood." The fourth Homunculi looked down. "It feels...wrong to decieve her like this." Envy crossed his(?) arms and frowned.

"Why do you care? You'll become human too when that Stone is found." "Yes, but I'll be a pale imitation of her brother." "So? You deserve a good life." "So does he." Frowning, Lust narrowed her eyes. "You're not ruinging our plan now, are you." "No. The plan will go on. I will not betray you." "Good boy. Now go. Your 'sister' might wake up." Alaric nodded and trudged back to his room. Momo met him at the door. She had put on a silken robe. The navy blue cloth brought out her eyes. "Alaric?" "It's all right. I thought I heard something. Go back to bed."

Momo nodded and returned to her bed. Icey whimpered as he looked at Alaric. It was as if the dog knew Alaric was decieving the girl. As Alaric stood there, Icey trotted up to him and bit his hand gently. "What? I'm not doing anything wrong. I won't hurt her." Icey whimpered again and bit him. "Stop it, Icey." "Icey, come to bed." The dog bit Alaric agian and quickly trotted back to Momo. "He's old, sister. He's going to die soon." Momo gently petted the dog. "I know. But he still has a few years left." "I don't think-" "Get some sleep, Alaric. I want to introduce you to my friends tomorrow."

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Book 5:::Fight for Love [Sort of]

Momo glanced up at Alaric. He was glaring down at Icey, who was trotting in between Momo and Alaric. "Brother? What's wrong? Why are you glaring at Icey?" "Sister, do you always bring your dog to work?" "No, usually he stays home. But today he seemed to really want to come." "I see." Biting her lip, Momo tried to lighten the mood. "You're going to like my friends. It's kind of hard to believe I actually have friends now." "Not to me. I always thought you were the kind of person who could make lots of friends."

Momo smiled at her brother. "We're here. This is where I work." As soon as Momo opened the door, Kit scurried up to her. "Major Cunning! Colonel Mustang wants to see you immeadiatly." "In private, I assume." "Yes ma'am." Momo sighed and turned to Alaric. "Brother, I really need to see Roy. Can you wait in my office with Icey? Kit will take you there." "Does the dog really need to-" "I have to go!" Momo ran down the hallway and Kit saluted Alaric. "Major Cunning's office is this way, sir." "But I...she....the dog..." Throwing his hands up in surrender, Alaric followed Kit and Icey to Momo's office.

With Momo...

Roy looked up from his paperwork to see Momo in front of him at attention. "Major Cunning. Have a seat." Gulping, the girl did as she was told. "Momo, I know you've been seeing Scar." "Yes sir." "You know, recently he's stopped attacking State Alchemists." Roy tossed some photos in front of Momo. "You see these photos? They're of Scar. Apparently, he was at HQ last night. Wonder why." Momo felt as though her world was collapsing around her. "Momo, it's no secret Scar loves you. And it's no secret that you love him. Now that you're in the military, orders come before love. Our orders are to find Scar and kill him. Tell me where he went."

Tears sprang into the girls eyes and her fists tightened. "I...I'll quit. If I'm not in the military, I won't have anymore orders." "Then you'll be a civilian. Then you'll be sent to jail for failure to cooporate. Tell me where Scar went, Major Cunning." The tears ran down her face as she stared at the photos. "I can't...I can't tell on him..." "It doesn't matter. Your orders are the same as mine." "Well I don't care about the orders!" Roy sighed and leaned back. 'This is going to be more difficult than I thought.' "Try to understand. Scar is dangerous. We can't have him running around anymore."

"So you're going to kill him. Well..." Momo finally looked up, tears streaming down her face. "What if I started killing people too? Would I be so dangerous that you would have to kill me? Or is it because he's an Ishbalen that he gets so much hate?" "Momo, that isn't the case. A few years ago, maybe. But not now. Now it's because he's killing people." "He can change!" "He's done too much damage!" "Maybe he's killing all these military personel because our military sucks!" The two were silent as they glared at each other. Both had an argument and neither were giving up.

"Major Cunning." "Colonel Mustang." Again, they were silent. "Momo, Scar is a danger to our society." "So are you and you don't see me trying to kill you." Roy opened his mouth to say something but quickly shut it. He opened and closed his mouth several times and finally came up with a comeback. "I am not a danger to society!" "If it were up to you, all woman would wear miniskirts. I'd call that a danger." "ARE YOU SAYING I'M A WOMANIZER?!" "Your biggest dream is to put every woman in the military in short skirts. So yeah."

Roy's face went red and he slammed his fist on the desk. "THAT ISN'T THE POINT!" "Well it's the truth!" "THAT DOESN'T MEAN IT'S THE POINT!" "SO WHAT IS?" "SCAR NEEDS TO DIE!" Everyone in Central Head Quarters was looking towards Roys office. Fuhrer Bradly continued his paperwork while his secretary and everyone else listened to the shouting match between Roy and Momo. "WHO DIED AND MADE YOU GENERAL!" "NO ONE! THOSE ARE MY ORDERS!" "YOUR ORDERS CAN GO TO HELL FOR ALL I CARE!" "AND SCAR CAN GO WITH THEM!" "YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS BECAUSE YOU COULDN'T FIND A GIRLFRIEND TO SAVE YOUR LIFE!"

Everyone's eyes widened. Fuhrer Bradley looked up. "Ooh, low blow." "OH, THAT DOES IT! SCREW RULES!" There was a snapping sound and the door to Roy's office was blasted into the wall across the hallway. "BRING IT ON, DOG BOY!" Thus began the most brutal alchemy fight anyone had ever seen since Roy and Ed's fight.

A few hours later...

Roy panted heavily, Momo not too far away. "Okay...we'll finish..this later." "You're only..saying're losing...sir." "No...I'm saying that...because...I can't breath." "Oh. Me neither." Fuhrer Bradley cleared his throat and Momo and Roy saluted him from their positions on the ground. "I think that's enough fighting for one day." Ed and Al came walking up andlooked down at Momo. "Actually, sir, I think it's more like enough fighting for the rest of the year." "'re sucking...all the air...out of the...vicinity...of me." "Sorry." Riza was a few feet away, trying not to laugh.

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Book 6::::The True Fight

Ed watched from the sidelines as Momo and Roy glared at each other. In fear of civilians getting hurt, the fight between Roy and Momo had been moved to an actual ring. After they had gotten out of the hospital's intensive care unit, they had demanded a rematch. If Roy won, Momo would tell them where Scar was. If Momo won, they would let her try to change him. EVERYONE in Central had come to see the fight. Riza was next the Elrics, grinning.

"Ready, Colonel?" "Whenever you are, Major." Almost immeadiatly, the two charged each other. Roy hit Momo several times with his fire alchemy and Momo sent him flying as well. After a while, they were down to hand to hand combat. All Roy had left were his pants, and the were ripped at the knees. Momo's pants had been cut right above the knees and her shirt torn off, leaving only her bra. They had nearly killed the General. And didn't realize it.

"Lieutenant Hawkeye, who do you think will win?" "I'm putting my money on Major Cunning." "Oh?" "She's a mechanic. She's spent most of her life building up strength. I hate to say it, but Colonel Mustangs not nearly as strong as she is physically. In alchemy terms, well, it's like comparing Scar to Elysia. I'm surprised Momo's made it this far." Ed looked back at the two fighters. Both of them were panting hard and bleeding heavily from various places.

"Had...enough yet...colonel?" "You...wish." They charged each other again. Their fists clashed and it became a contest of who could push the other to the ground. Momo had an unfair advantage and she discovered it. "Colonel's" "You...make it if you're...about to win." "I am." Bringing her knee up, Momo kicked the Colonel between the legs, making his knees buckle. Seizing the opportunity, Momo grabbed the Colonel's neck and hit a pressure point on his neck, knocking him out.

The crowd cheered and Ed laughed out loud. "Go Momo!" Smiling and waving, Momo fell over backwards. Exactly five seconds after victory, Major Momo Cunning fainted from blood loss, serious damage, dehydration, and physical depletion.

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I know, I'm mean to Roy. They're both in the intensive care unit. Again.

Book 7::::Discovery

Momo cracked an eye open. "Where am I?" "The intensive care unit in the hospital. Again." "Did I win?" Riza grumbled something Momo couldn't understand. "Yeah, you won. Nearly killed yourself and Roy, but you won." "Good." Grumbling again, Riza checked Momo's vital signs. "The doctor said you'll live. I called your brother. He said he's coming to Central immediatly." "My brother's already here." The Lieutenant gave Momo an odd look.

"No. He's in Rizembool. With Winry. She's coming as well." Momo flinched as she sat up. "No. My brother is here. In Central. He came with me to my office a week ago, when Roy and I first started fighting." "Major, I think you hit your head a little too hard. You should get some rest." "I didn't hit my head! My brother, Alaric, he's here in Central! He has to be!" "Major Cunning, you're injured. Lay down." "Ask Lieutenant Sato! She knows! She took him to my office with Icey!"

"Major Cunning, you're dog is dead. Lieutenant Sato is extremely injured." All air seemed to leave Momo as Riza's words echoed in her head. "W-what?" "I didn't want to tell you, but someone killed your dog and tried to kill Lieutenant Sato." "Who would..." "Maybe it was that man who said he was your brother." Tears sprang ot the Major's eyes as Riza left. " can't brother...Alaric...he would never..."

The door opened again and Alaric came in. "Sister, I heard about what happened to Icey and-" "'ve never lied to me. What happened to Icey and Kit? Why did Riza say you were in Rizembool?" Alaric tensed up. "What did you say." "Riza. She said she brother. She said he was in Rizembool and was coming to Central immeadiatly. But you were already here..." Pieces began to fall into place. "And why was only Kit and Icey hurt? Why weren't you?"

"Sister-" "Where were you when my dog got killed? Where were you when Kit got hurt? Who..." Everything was beginning to make sense. "Who were you talking to in the hallway that night?" "That doesn't matter." "Why did you kill Icey. Why did you hurt Kit? Why did you pretend to be my brother!" The door flew open and Ed glared at Alaric. "I knew it. He's a Homunculi." Right after Ed said that, the window shattered and three familiar Homunculi leapt in. "Congratulations, Full Metal. You figured it out. Too bad you're precious Major couldn't in time."

Envy grinned. "Hey shorty. Nice brainwork there." "I AM NOT SHORT! HOW DARE YOU CALL ME SHORT YOU OVERGROWN GREEN WEASEL!" "Ooh, that's low. I'm hurt." Lust walked over to Momo and grinned at her. "Foolish girl. You believed every single lie we fed you." "Shut up!" "That's not very convincing, seeing as how you're in intensive care." Grabbing Momo by the neck, Lust tossed her to Alaric, who flung the girl over his shoulder.

"Put her down!" "NO way, shorty. We won't give her up until you get the Philosophers Stone and give it to us. Ciao!" The four Homunculi and their captive leapt out the window. Momo didn't make it easy for them. "PUT ME DOWN, D*** YOU! PUT ME DOWN! LET GO!" "Would you shut up already?!" Ed and Al followed them out the window. Hughes drew one of his knives and was about to follow them, but Riza grabbed his shoulder. "We'll go out the front door, Lieutenant Hughes."

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Book 8::::Trade and Love

Ed paced impatiently. He was watched carefully by Yuna, Mina, Amirisa and Johanna. They had been assigned to keep him in the office until Roy, Hughes and Riza got more information about where Momo was. Winry, the real Alaric, and Al were watching him too. Pinako had decided to stay in Rizembool and wait for news. That didn't stop Winry from coming. She and Alaric had left immediatley. "Ed, calm down. I'm sure they'll find Momo." "Winry's right, brother. Besides, even if they don't, Momo can take care of herself."

"If she's harmed at all, I will personally remove her from the military." Winry nervously glanced at Alaric. When he found out that Momo had been kidnapped, he hadn't been happy. In fact, he had nearly killed someone. "Look, it's not my fault she was taken!" "You were the closest to those things. Why didn't you save her with your alchemy?" "They're Homunculi! It would have barely touched them!" "Wouldn't it have stopped them long enough for you to get my sister?!" "Don't put the blame on me, pal!" "I'm not your pal!" Amirisa jumped up and stood in front of the two.

"Cut it out! Fighting isn't going to help ANYONE. Now stop acting like idiots, idiots!" Ed and Alaric glared at each other before they both sat down. Timidly, Winry sat down next to Ed. The door opened and Roy stepped in with Riza and Hughes. Ed and Alaric got up instantly. "WHERE IS SHE?!" Riza rolled her eyes as Roy and Hughes ducked behind her for cover. "L-Lieutenant Hawkeye, why don't you tell them?" "Babies." "Tell us what." Clearing her throat, Riza looked at all the faces in the room. "...You might want to brace yourself."

Ed and Alaric sat down and everyone else in the room tensed up. "The Homunculi who abducted Momo, who have been identified as Lust, Envy, Gluttony, and Deceit (fake Alaric), have demanded a trade." "A trade?" Nodding, Riza pulled out a sheet of paper. "These are their exact words: 'We will hand over the girl, Momo, if we get the Full Metal alchemist in return. No fakers. We want the real deal. The true artical. If we don't get the Full Metal Alchemist, we'll kill the girl.' Those are their demands. Not negotiable." Alaric stood up. "That's easy. Give them shorty over there and get my sister back!"

"WHAT!? YOU'D REALLY JUST GIVE ME TO THOSE THINGS?!?!" "I plan on it." "YOU BAST-" "Brother!" Grumbling, Ed snatched the paper from Riza. "Are you sure these are their EXACT words?" "That's the letter we got from them." The silence in the room, had it been on lighter terms, would have been comical. "...Oh..." Taking the sheet, Al read it over and over and over. "How do we know they won't hurt my brother?" "We don't." Ed looked down.

'It's my fault. If I had protected her better, we wouldn't have to worry about this. Why didn't I protect her better?' 'It's my fault. If I had been a better friend, Momo wouldn't be here. Why wasn't I a better friend?' 'It's my fault. If I had been a better brother, she wouldn't be in this mess. Why wasn't I a better brother?' 'How could we let her get taken like that?' 'If only she had told me where scar was, this wouldn't have happened.' 'Why didn't I shoot them? At least they would have dropped her.' 'I could have hit them with my knives. Why didn't I?' 'Why didn't I help?' 'Why didn't I catch them?' All these thoughts ran through the room.

Suddenly, the wall blew up. Bricks and stones flew everywhere, one almost hitting Winry. Roy prepared his alchemy, Riza pulled out her guns and Hughes revealed his knives. Yuna, Amirisa, Johanna and Mina stood up, ready to fight. "Where is she." Ed covered his face and squinted his eyes. "Who?" 'That's familiar...' "Where's Momo?" The smoke cleared away and everyone gaped. Crimson eyes looked from one face to the next. Muscles tensed under tan skin. Scar narrowed his eyes. "What happened to Momo?"

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Book 9::::The Search Begins

Scar glared at everyone in the room. At the moment, he was the essence of fury. "I'll say it once more. WHERE THE HELL IS MOMO?!?!?!" Roy and Hughes hid behind Riza again. "Th-that's confidential information on an officer! I cannot give it out!" "What did you say?" "Uh...I mean SHE can't give out that information! Talk to her!" "Thanks a lot, sir." The angry Ishbalen turned his glare to Riza. "Where is she." "I hate to be the one to tell you this, but she's been abducted by Homunculi. Where, we don't know."

"Tell me which way they went. I'm going to find them." Sighing, Riza massaged her temples. "I cannot tell you." Scar snarled and grabbed Riza by the front of the shirt, pulling her up to his eye level. "Why the Hell not?!" "Because of your record! You've been known for killing State Alchemists, so I cannot let you look for her!" Alaric jumped up, anger in his eyes. "If he kills State Alchemists, then no way! I won't let some serial killer look for my little sister!" "He probably won't hurt her." "How can you say that Al?!" "He loves her, doesn't he?" Roy jumped up and the yelling REALLY let loose.

Amirisa sighed. It was getting out of hand. Suddenly, Yuna beckoned the other girls closer and leaned forward. The four began whispering quietly. Finally, they all nodded and snuck out of the room. It took everyone in the room a while before they stopped yelling. Winry bit her lip and glanced over at where the other four girls...were. "Hey, where'd the others go?" "Huh?" Everyone looked over and saw the four empty seats. Meanwhile, outside and fairly far away from HQ, Yuna turned to the other girls. Mina was carrying Kit on her back and the others had supplies ready.

"Okay girls. Major Momo cunning is missing and no one in HQ is doind a d*** thing about it. So it's up to us to save our friend. Are you with me?" "Yeah!" "Then lets start searching!" Mina pulled Kit onto her back more and they set off on their journey to find Momo. Little did they know, they were being watched by two people. "Brother, what do we do?" "We owe Ed. We have to take care of them. Come on." "Hang on!"

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Me likey. SO does Amirisa.Ami says we must resue Momo.
Phyco girl
We must rescue Momo! Lol,I'm loving your story sis. You really don't need to censor the words. Ed for example dosn't have the cleanest of mouths. Just watch Episode 1 of the anime!

If it's in character don't worry about it. Putting up those stars takes away from the impact. Overall it's your desision (sp?) happy.gif I love your fic no matter what!

Oh! I'm taking the State Alchemist Exam on the 12-18th! Yayness, my character was approved! (Yuna Hinata)

Whoopee! I would say woot but I know you don't like leet speak and I can't come up with any puns laugh.gif
^^;; I find that remark creepy coming from you Lucky.

*cue evil grin* You don't know me very well, do you? I am so sadistic...:3

Little did they know, they were being watched by two people. "Brother, what do we do?" "We owe Ed. We have to take care of them. Come on." "Hang on!"

I think I know who it is...we'll have to wait and see...
Yuna scratched her head as she looked around. "We're lost, aren't we." "Shut up! We're not lost! The Homunculi must be somewhere nearby, so we have to search around Central." "We're going the opposite direction the Homuncuoli went!" Yuna looked at the map in her hands. "Uh...well, that's what they'd WANT you to think! I mean, if everyone goes the way they originally went, then they'd be found. But if they went one way and then turned and went the opposite way, then-"

"Why the heck can't you just admit we're lost!" "Cause we're not. It's my clever plan to find Major Cunning." "Oh for the love of-"

Suddenly, Kit came running over a hill. "Hey guys! I found something! It's over here!"

"See? I bet it's them." "Shut up. Just shut up. I don't want to hear another word out of you." "Jealous." "I am not-!" "Guys, come on!" Sighing in defeat, Amirisa followed Johanna, Mina and Yuna over the hill to Kit. She had gotten a bit better and was running around like crazy. "What'd you find, Kit?" "That." The girl pointed the a small camp near the river. "It's an Ishbalen refugee camp! I've never seen one."

"Me neither." "Look! Llamas! I love llamas!" "Uh, Yuna? This hill isn't-" As soon as Yuna took a step forward, the ground crumbled under her feet, sending them all tumbling down the slope. Yuna cried out in childish glee while Amirisa screamed bloody murder. The Ishbalens in the camp looked at the steep hill where the five girls were tumbling down. Mina laughed gleefully while Johanna rolled downnext to her, laughing just as hard.

When they reached the bottom, Yuna stood up dizzily and grinned. "That was fun! Lets do it again!" "Someone stop the world, I wanna get off." Johanna and Mina were too busy laughing their heads off and Kit was stumbling around, her eyes spiraling. She bumped into an Ishbalen and looked up. "Hello mister. Would you like to change some donation for a spare? It's a cause good." The girl fell over and just lay there. " she..." "Yuna, I'm gonna kill ya when I get up." "Wheee! Look at the spinning world!"

Mina was the first to stand up without stumbling around like she was completely wasted. "Okay, okay, I'm okay." From her spot on the ground, Yuna gave a thumbs up sign. "Uh, have you seen four Homunculi and a girl with blonde hair and black bangs around lately?" "Yeah, not but a few hours ago. They went that way." The man pointed south, away from Central. Amirisa and Yuna had stood up and they glanced at each other. "Yuna say ONE WORD and I'll-"

Grinning, Yuna turned and skipped off. "I was right! I was right!" She said this in a sing-songy voice that pissed Amirisa off so much that she chased Yuna south. Johanna crawled over to Kit and poked her. "Kit-chan?" "Flying purple kitties..." "...Mina, could you carry Kit for a while? I think we spun her brain."
Johanna and Mina were too busy laughing their heads off and Kit was stumbling around, her eyes spiraling.

Yep. That's me. That is very me. laugh.gif
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Just so you know, Ami's a bit more hype. But, she would also do that. It depends on the mood she's in. SO actually, you're doing a good job.
Phyco girl
QUOTE(Kit @ Jun 14 2005, 04:20 PM)
Yuna scratched her head as she looked around. "We're lost, aren't we."  "Shut up! We're not lost! The Homunculi must be somewhere nearby, so we have to search around Central."  "We're going the opposite direction the Homuncuoli went!" Yuna looked at the map in her hands. "Uh...well, that's what they'd WANT you to think! I mean, if everyone goes the way they originally went, then they'd be found. But if they went one way and then turned and went the opposite way, then-"

"Why the heck can't you just admit we're lost!"  "Cause we're not. It's my clever plan to find Major Cunning."  "Oh for the love of-"

QUOTE(Kit @ Jun 14 2005, 04:20 PM)
"See? I bet it's them."  "Shut up. Just shut up. I don't want to hear another word out of you."  "Jealous."  "I am not-!"  "Guys, come on!" Sighing in defeat, Amirisa followed Johanna, Mina and Yuna over the hill to Kit. She had gotten a bit better and was running around like crazy. "What'd you find, Kit?"  "That." The girl pointed the a small camp near the river. "It's an Ishbalen refugee camp! I've never seen one."

QUOTE(Kit @ Jun 14 2005, 04:20 PM)
"Me neither."  "Look! Llamas! I love llamas!"  "Uh, Yuna? This hill isn't-" As soon as Yuna took a step forward, the ground crumbled under her feet, sending them all tumbling down the slope. Yuna cried out in childish glee while Amirisa screamed bloody murder. The Ishbalens in the camp looked at the steep hill where the five girls were tumbling down. Mina laughed gleefully while Johanna rolled downnext to her, laughing just as hard.

QUOTE(Kit @ Jun 14 2005, 04:20 PM)
When they reached the bottom, Yuna stood up dizzily and grinned. "That was fun! Lets do it again!"

QUOTE(Kit @ Jun 14 2005, 04:20 PM)
Grinning, Yuna turned and skipped off. "I was right! I was right!" She said this in a sing-songy voice that pissed Amirisa off so much that she chased Yuna south.

I remind myself of Osaka from Azumanga Daioh. I'm not so spacey but this isn't supposed to actually be me and so I love Yuna. Lol, she's just so spacey, how can you not?

So I say that thanks to my, no my other personality's, wonderful sense of direction will get us to Major Cunning!

Yes I am now refering to Yuna as my other personality because she's me, just exaggerated happy.gif

Be that way... dry.gif

tongue.gif Well, continue on sis. Sorry, I was acting spacey and babbling on and on...

Maybe my name isn't what I thought it was... Hey, why am I here again? mellow.gif

See ya' guys later!
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I'm gonna annoy u wen u sign on AIM, too. Or wen I c you on Reikinjutsushi. SO, U MUST WRITE MORE OR I WILL KEEP BUGGING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNTIL YOU DO WRITE MORE!!!!!! AND THEN I WILL BUG YOU TO POST IT. SO HURRY UP AND WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!!
Bad Kit! Sorry everyone! It's taken me for-frikkin-ever to write the next chapter-y thing. I'm so ashamed. TT.TT

We're introducing a new character who I got off of Never Winter Nights. Or NWN. Anywho.

Book Something::::Scales in the Bushes

Envy resisted the strong urge to turn around and drive a knife through Momo's head. She was having a heated argument with Lust about men. It was driving the Homunculi nearly insane. Literally.

Ten minutes earliar...

"The best type of guy is one who looks good!" "Are you kidding? They usually turn out to be some self-centered bastard!" "Name one!" "Roy Mustang!" "..." "Isn't he your superior officer?" "Yeah. That doesn't make him any LESS of a self-centered bastard." Lust thought for a moment.

"True. But he IS cute." "Ha! Not NEARLY as cute as Scar." "Scar? Oh, that Ishbalen." "What do you mean, THAT Ishbalen?" "I've seen him. Roy's cuter." "No he's not!" "Yes he is!" "No he's not!" "Yes he is!"

Ten minutes later...

"No he's not!" "Yes he is!" Momo glared at Lust. "Yes he is!" "No he's not!" "Ah ha! You a-" "SHUT THE HELL UP BEFORE I KILL YOU BOTH!" The Homunculi and the Major shut up quickly. Envy glared at them. "ONE more WORD out of EITHER OF YOU, and I'll MURDER you BOTH." Deceit, meanwhile, was poking around in the bushes with Gluttony.

He came across a large, scaly creature which appeared to be asleep. Gluttony poked it and then looked at Deceit. "Can I eat it?" Having changed into a tight, black outfit that looked like Gluttony's, Deceit shook his head. "I wanna know what it is." Poking it in the stomach made the creature twitch and yip. Gluttony and Deceit looked at each other before oking the creature again. And again.

"DECEIT! GLUTTONY! MOVE YOUR LAZY ASSES!" "Coming Envy!" Sighing as Deceit picked up the creature and ran after Envy, Gluttony followed. Momo eyed it with suspicion and Deceit shrugged. "I found him in the bushes." "Then leave him there. How would you like it if I found you asleep in the bushes and took you home?" "I wouldn't mind all that much." "Cut the seducing crap. You look like my brother, ya perv."

"Whoops. Caught me on that one." Lust rolled her eyes and Envy stormed ahead of the group. "They're all fucking idiots." "Hey! Spike-o!" "STOP CALLING ME THAT!" "Are we there yet? I'm getting tired of wandering around in circles." "We're there. Happy?" "No." "Too fucking bad."

Whoa. Much swearing. Envy's getting all moody and touchy.

G'night folks.
Azura Elric
Then again Envy is always bitchy and moody about something lol

Nice chapter happy.gif keep writing Kit-chan
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YAAAAY! People arguing and cursing, and threatening each-other.... Oh, Ami says to tell Momo and Lust that neither Scar nor Roy is hot. And that they're both annoying idiots. Or, maybe not. she now says she doesn't feel like being chased by mad women. lol, get it. Mad. Women? Ok, never mind, that wasn't really funny.
Yay to people who have replied!

Book Something+1::::The Woes of the Shapechanger

Envy could have cried. The...thing...Deceit and Gluttony had found in the bushes had woken up and was screaming it's head off, saying all the 'mad peoples' were going to kill/eat him. Lust and Momo were continuing their argument, which had now turned into an all out debate and Gluttony was begging Deceit to let him eat the scaly lizard. It wasn't fair.

The argument was going something like this: (Everyone's talking at the same time.)

"They's is all going to EATS Deekin!" "Roy!" "Scar!" "Roy!" "Scar!" "Can I eat him?" "For the one hundreth time, NO!!!" "Now?" "SOMEBODY HELP DEEKIN!" "Roy is FAR cuter than Scar." "You're right. Scar is sexy-cute, not just plain old boring cute." "Well Roy is super-sexy!" "And Scar super-duper-sexy!" "Well Roy is super-duber-UBER-sexy!" "Well, Scar is SUPER-DUPER-UBER-100-%-SEXY!" "HELP! HELP! HELP!" "He looks so yummy...I would eat him raw." "I don' care! I found him, I'm keeping him! You can't eat my pet!" "I could eat you. And then your yummy pet."


End madness sample.

Envy curled into a ball and whimpered pitifully. If they kept this up, all the people in Central would have to do would be to follow the shouts until they found the cave. Finally, Envy decided to venture from his dark corner and crawl pitifully outside. As he sat with his back against the rocks, he sighed as the shouting went down a tiny notch. And then it began to rain. The rain made the dirt Envy was sitting on turn into mud. Then it got cold.

So now Envy was sitting outside, STILL listening to the arguments/shouting matches inside, while it was raining, in the cold mud. "It can't get worse." "Hey! I think I see a cave over there!" The pure irony hit Envy like a brick. Cue the tears.
Water Achemist
I think Deekin is deceit
No, Deekin is the scaly thing. The name amuses Lucky very much.
Phyco girl
QUOTE(Luckyalchemy27 @ Jun 25 2005, 03:26 PM)
No, Deekin is the scaly thing. The name amuses Lucky very much.

The name amuses me too. Yo, props to you Kit, you named that... thing (<---Randy mode).

This also amuses me sis:
Book Something::::Scales in the Bushes

Book Something+1::::The Woes of the Shapechanger

What's with that sis? Looks like someone was lazy tongue.gif

Either that or it was a joke of somesort. Either way I thought it was funny laugh.gif
Phyco, it was laziness. I was too lazy to look for the book numbers, so that's where that came from. And deekin is the scaly thing in the bushes. As I said before, he's from NWN, but in this universe he's a talking chimera. I swear, his name is Deekin. Anyway.

Book...Bleah::::An Anger That Spreads

Envy ran into the cave and threw a rock at Lust, Deceit, and Deekin. "Shut up, all of you! We have to get out of here!" "But it's raining." "WHO CARES! Lets go!" Lust snatched up Momo and Deceit hoisted Deekin onto his back. The four Homunculi scrambled out of the cave just as the rain let up. Yuna spotted them.

"Momo!" "Guys!" "Run!" Turning into Ed, Envy lunged at the four girls while Lust, Deceit and Gluttony ran off. "Major Cunning! Don't worry, we'll save you!" "Yeah right! We worked hard to take her, we ain't givin her back any time soon!" Kit dodged as Envy slashed at her with the sword he made. Mina scooped her up and dodged Envy. Amirisa and Yuna dodged together while Johanna did a slightly-ungraceful leap.

"Ha! It's four against one! You can't win." "Five, Yuna." "Oh, right. It's FIVE against one! You can't win." Envy looked up at the cliff and grinned. "You're right. But I don't have to win." Kicking the cliff, Envy ran off as the rocks fell. Mina cried out as one hit her head and she fell. Kit was pinned under Mina as rocks began to fall around them. "Mina! Kit! No!" Kit screamed as rocks fell on top of them, burying them a pile of rocks.

Amirisa ran forward and began to dig frantically. "Kit! Mina! Hang on, we'll get you out! Don't die!" Both Johanna and Yuna ran forward to help. "They can't die! They just can't!" "We'll get them out!" A hand was placed on Amirisa's shoulder and she looked up. Scar and Ed stood there, looks of anger on their faces. Alaric was there as well. "We'll get them out." The girls stood back as Alaric grabbed the heavy rocks and tossed them aside like they were sacks of feathers.

Scar blasted a lot of them and Ed cleared the last of them. Mina was unconscious, blood leaking from her head. Kit was pinned under her, her eyes closed and her breath ragged and slow. "Quickly. We have to get them somewhere safe until Roy comes with reinforcements." Gently, Amirisa picked up Kit and cradled her. Johanna and Yuna carefully carried Mina into the cave. "Where's Momo." "The Homunculi took her just as we came. They went that way." Ed placed Mina down and stood up.

"You stay here with these two. We'll go after them. When Roy gets here, tell him where we went and follow us." Johanna, Amirisa and Yuna nodded as Scar, Ed and Alaric ran after the four Homunculi. Johanna patched up Mina's head and Yuna found some water for them both. It looked like some dust had gotten into Kit's lungs. On top of that, she had three broken ribs and her right leg was broken. It looked like when Mina had fallen, Kit's leg had been at a bad angle and had broken.

Mina's head had been hit pretty hard and five of her ribs were broken, two almost shattered. The rocks had almost completely broken her legs and her left elbow was nearly shattered. It didn't look good for them. "What do we do? If they die, then..." "No." Amirisa and Johanna looked at Yuna. "They won't die. And we'll get those damn Homunculi. They hurt Kit. They hurt Mina. And they took Momo. Not only are all these girls our co-workers, they're our friends. Their our family. And NO ONE hurts OUR family." Amirisa and Johanna nodded. "We'll get them for this."
Azura Elric
T_T aww this one made me a little sad, and Envy MUST DIE!!
Phyco girl
You're right! Envy must die! But I still can say I laughed at the: "Ha! It's four against one! You can't win." "Five, Yuna." "Oh, right. It's FIVE against one! You can't win." part happy.gif

This chapter was really sad though. Poor Kit and Mina TT.TT
(Not sure what to call this. I'll think of something later.)

Deceit looked out over the hills. They had run pretty far. To add to that, they had left Envy behind. He hadn't returned yet. Lust was getting worried as well, which was always a bad sign. Gluttony didn't really care if Envy lived or died. Deekin was sitting on Deceit's shoulder, his lizard-like tail wrapped gently around his neck. "Don't you's worry. He be's coming back soon. Deekin just knows it." "I don't know...Envy's been gone a long time. I'm worried."

Momo watched Deceit while Gluttony eyed her. "Lust, she wouldn't make a bad meal. And I'm starving." "We can't eat her." "Why not?" "Because we need her as a bargaining chip. With her, we can get the brat. With the brat, we can get the Philosophers Stone. Understand?" "Ohhh...can we eat her after we get the brat?" Hitting herself in the head, Lust groaned. Gluttony could be so stupid sometimes.

Suddenly, Deceit cried out. "There he is!" Running forward, Deceit helped Envy up the steep hill. "Are you okay? Where were you?" "That brat Ed brought the Ishbalen and her stupid older brother." Envy pointed at Momo and snarled. "Damn it, she's causing us too much trouble! If she wasn't around, we wouldn't have so many fucking people after us!" "It's not my fault! You're the ones who kidnapped ME!" "Shut the hell up! I've had enough of you!" Envy grabbed Momo by the front of her shirt and pulled her up.

"You're more trouble than you're worth! I say we kill her and feed her body to Gluttony!" "Yeah yeah yeah!" "No!" Lust yanked Momo over to her and frowned at Envy. "We need her to get the runt!" Envy yanked her back. "We'll find another way. She's too much trouble!" "We've already got her!" "We can eat her!" "We're not going to!" "Who died and made you queen?! What makes you so special?! You're nothing special to anyone!" Lust snarled and slapped Envy. Hard. He let go of Momo and stumbled back.

Lust had hit Gluttony a few times, but those were just playful bops. This one had hurt. Momo was thrown aside as Lust charged Envy. Neither used their powers, just hit each other with punches and kicks. Gluttony's eyes widened as he realized how serious this was. All of the people watching were helpless to stop as the two tried to kill each other. Deekin cowered behind Deceit, hoping he wouldn't get hurt. Finally, Lust hit Envy so hard that he stumbled back and tripped over the edge of the cliff.

Envy's eyes widened as he fell backwards off the cliff. The hill was tall and steep. It was a long fall down. Hitting his head on a rock, Envy all but blacked out. Branches scratched his skin and rocks deepened the wounds. Finally he hit the bottom with a sickening crack. Lust made a move to follow him but Deceit grabbed her arm. "Lust, stop it! That's enough!" Turning, Lust drove her claws into Deceits heart. He flinched slightly, but nothing else. "That won't work, Lust. You know I have nothing there."

Pulling out her claws, Lust brought herself back to normal. "S-sorry. Lets go. Before the brat and his friends catch up." "What about En-" "Leave him. Let him lay in his own unhappiness." "But-" Lust's eyes narrowed and she became angry again. Turning, she began to yell at Deceit. "Do you want to be left behind too?!" Deceit stepped back and shook his head. He didn't know what had gotten into Lust, but she wasn't to be messed with. "Good! Now lets go!" Gluttony hoisted Momo over his shoulder and began to follow Lust. Deekin meekly followed.

Looking down at Envy, Deceit saw he had moved so that he was leaning against the hill. His wounds hadn't healed and he didn't look good at all. "Envy..." "Leave me alone, traitor." Deceit was a bit taken aback when he heard Envy. "W-what?" "You heard me! I don't want to have anything to do with any of you!" Turning his head, Envy glared at the Homunculi. "Why didn't you stop her sooner?! Did you just NOW get courage?!" "Envy, I-" "Grow a backbone! And leave me alone!"

Tears forming in his eyes, Deceit turned to leave. He halted a bit and turned ack to Envy. "You were the only one I really cared about, Envy." Deceit turned and ran after Lust, crying. He didn't realize he had left Envy in the same state. Heartbroken. The distance between the two grew larger and larger until they couldn't hear the other even if they tried. And they didn't. Night came all too quickly and Envy was alone in the dark with nothing but a few insects and his own sorrow and mistakes.

With Ed, Scar and Alaric...

Ed stopped and panted. Scar was worn out too, though he didn't show it as much as Ed. Alaric turned to look at them. "What's wrong?" "Alaric, we have to stop. It's dark and I'm too tired to go on." "No. We have to get Momo back." Suddenly, both Scar and Ed were lifted off the ground. Alaric positioned them on his shoulders and began to run again. "I'm going to get my sister back, no matter what." Not too far from them were three more come to Momo's rescue. Roy had brought horses for them. Johanna looked over at Yuna and Amirisa. "Are you holding out all right?"

There were onlt two horses, so Amirisa was riding behind Yuna and holding on for dear life. "We're fine! It's just a little bumpy!" "The hills that we're headed for are steep, but the turrain is smoother!" "It just RAINED!" "Then it's going to be a little harder than I thought!" "No, really?!"

There ya go!
Azura Elric
@_@ are you making us feel sorry for Envy? No I still can't forgive him for what he did to Ed....hehe Horses. Lucky's going to love that.

Keep on writing, Kit! happy.gif
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