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Phyco girl
Well here's the first page! If I get any replies I'll start working on the 2nd one happy.gif
This comic is read "American Style" (from left to right) so don't get confused.

Comic #1!!!
Omakase Shimasu
XD I loved it, fabulous! You should definitely keep going with these. wink.gif No matter how much Ed might complain about the abuse.
laugh.gif It's really silly!
Phyco girl
Thanks guys! I'll add another comic either today or tomarrow (instead of working on my fic) But for now here's a pic I did for the countdown until the FMA movie: Pic/comic It's kindof like a comic I guess because of Winry, Ed, and Al at the bottom happy.gif
*loves it* That's sooooo goooooooood!!!! I love the movie countdown thingy, too! Edo looks so cute.
*glomps Ed* Cute! *glomps Phyco girl* They're really good!
Omakase Shimasu
Lovely and hilarious. XD Ed's so full of himself.
Phyco girl
Yay! A new comic! Comic #2 of HOROSCOPE. happy.gif Enjoy, and thanks for the comments everyone!


Remember it's "American" style! Also I added a little Futurama in there for some reason huh.gif Yeah, I know. It's a funny show though, watch it!

@Kase:I couldn't have put it better myself laugh.gif
silver bg
funny, futurama funny ^-^
*grins* It's funny.
Is really funny
There fantastic, Phyco girl-and very amusing. laugh.gif I was ROTFL the whole time while reading them. wink.gif The 2nd horoscope was my favorite. adding a touch of futurama was a great touch! That was just too funny... but then again so was the first horoscope and the other comic.XD I love your sense of humor. Please tell me your planning on making more? happy.gif
laugh.gif When lies come true!
W00t! One of my fans is writing her own comics now. happy.gif

Great job so far. XD And yay for Futurama references! ^^

Armstrong will probably end up suing a lot of people for using the pink sparkles. First Roy (in my comic ^^) and now Winry. XD

And the title looks so cool. *_* *stares at pretty multicolor title*
Hey, no offense or anything, but they all kinda sucked....

the comics, at least, not so much the countdown thing.

it was o.k.
andres higuera
i can't stop laughing laugh.gif lol
Phyco girl
QUOTE(Eyeball08 @ Jun 9 2005, 03:12 PM)
Hey, no offense or anything, but they all kinda sucked....

the comics, at least, not so much the countdown thing.

it was o.k.

Well it's your opinion. Next time tell me what I need to work on though happy.gif

Thanks everyone for the reviews. I won't be posting a new one for awhile. Well, maybe later today if I can get it colored and everything by then.
Saturn Stars
Why didn't you tell me about this? Hah! Let me tell you that your talented in comedy! It's very interesting, and the fact you actually coloured it on the computer is a nice touch! I can't wait to see more of your work
Water Achemist
Those are really funny, phyco! Make another!
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