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Full Version: Step In Time
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Intro: The fact I’ve only watched a dozen episodes will probably being very evident, so big apologies up front to anyone I offend with my newbiness. This will contain spoilers though. This doesn’t take place at any particular place in the timeline … it’s way over on the WHAT IF side of things … hoping others might add their own twists and thoughts. The story idea started after watching episode seven … what would happen if some characters didn’t die … and how would that change the present …

Step In Time

Ed stared across the table with a look of disbelief and anger. “What you say is impossible! A wish from a child’s imaginary world.”

The recipient of his anger didn’t blink. “I’m paying back my debt, you saved my life that night … you and your brother have experienced much sorrow for two so young … I can’t fix everything …”

“You can’t fix anything! You aren’t listening … you can’t bring people back from the dead!”

“And you are not listening to me … I’m not say I can … but I am able to travel back in time and save them before they die.”

“Time travel is impossible … fantasy!”

“In my world alchemy is only fantasy.”

Ed left out a soft growl in frustration.

The woman on the other side of the table stood up. “It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not … all you have to tell me is who you want me to save. My research into your time line revealed the following … your Mother, Trisha Elric … the obvious choice, however I can also snag Nina Tucker … she was like a little sister to you, I’ll throw the dog in for free. Then there is Lieutenant Colonel Hughes … his daughter misses her father. What about your brother …” She paused to glance over at the silent giant armor.

“I’m not dead …” Al whispered.

“No you’re not … but I could make sure you stayed whole.”

“This is stupid!” Ed growled.

“Can’t you save them all?” Al asked softly.

“Time travel is tricky … changing the smallest moment can cause catastrophic results in the future. However, taking those that are dead have the smallest chance of upsetting the timeline. Their influence in the future has ended.” Taking a small ring off a chain around her neck she slipped it on her finger, interlocking it with a second that was already on her hand. It started to glow softly. “Choose … one I have mentioned or another … makes no matter as long as I know when and where they met their end …”

Ed glanced over at Al, “Well?”

“Let her try, brother.”

“If she’s lying …”

“Wouldn’t be the first time.”

Ed sighed softly and nodded. “Okay … okay … let’s see this mojo of yours … I choose...”

Mommy Dearest - Ending #1

PAST: She appeared outside the house of the Elrics’ … she had known they would pick their mother … they had already sacrificed so much to have her back in their lives. However, this wouldn’t be easy to do and not upset the delicate timeline. One mistake and it could cost her life … Ed wouldn’t be there in the alley to save her in ten years.

It was her second time in this moment of existence; she’d traveled through the Ed’s timeline once already … just observing looking for the moments she could repay him. She’d seen him and Al at their mother’s death bed … their failed attempt to bring her back. The hardest part was she died in a room filled of people so taking her at the moment of death would be impossible. She also died of an illness and if she took her too late she would only die moment later in the arms of her sons again.

“You’re here …”

“You say that like you didn’t think I would be.” She replied without looking at the one behind her.

Her hand was roughly grabbed as her sleeve was pushed up. “The mark is still there … still wet … as if I’d …”

“Given it to me a moment ago … come, Envy … we don’t have any time to delay with me trying to prove my abilities.”

The other released her wrist and stared over at the woman who was hanging the clothes up on the line. “Are you sure this will help in our goal?”

“Oh yes … if you do exactly as I say, this will … her sons are on their way to become powerful alchemist, but she must die for them to accomplish that.”

“So why don’t I just walk away and let her die?”

“Because I’ve paid you a king ransom for your … ability. And led you to the one that will eventually make your wishes true.”

“Fine let’s get this done with … how exactly am I going to fool her kids into believing I am who I say I am?”

“They’ll find you unconscious on the floor, you won’t have to say anything but a few words … then you’ll die … sadly their mother’s body will go missing soon afterwards but hopefully that won’t cause too much rift in the timeline.”

“Okay … let’s do this.”

She nodded and moved toward Trisha Elric. “Mrs. Elric?”

“Yes … can I help you?”

“Your sons need you … come with me.”

Envy watched as the two women disappeared in a swirling cloud as his form shifted to that of the mother and entered the Elrics’ house.

NOW: Al had barely time to sit down before the light show happened once more and two women appeared where there had been one. A torrent of emotions in a single heartbeat … disbelief … wonder … joy … “This can’t be … please, don’t be a cruel trick … Mom?”

Trisha Elric took a nervous step toward her youngest son. “She explained much to me … she told me of your sacrifices … I’m so sorry.”

Al rushed forward and embraced his mother. “It’s okay, Mom … we’re together now … we’ll go to the doctors …”

“Your doctors would have been useless … she’s been to the future for a cure and now back … you boys will have your mother for many years to come now.”

“I guess we owe you an apology for our disbelief and our eternal gratitude.”

The threesome glanced toward the shadowed corner as Edward Elric stepped forward. His mother gasped softly as his iron shell … she had been warned her children had changed.

The time traveler raised an eyebrow as Trisha approached her eldest son; this ripple had been unexpected … now Ed was truly the Full Metal Alchemist.


Little Sister - Ending #2

PAST: Watching from the shadows as the Elric brothers were escorted off the Tucker estate, she wasn’t surprised when Ed had asked her to save Nina Tucker. She had to be the most innocent lost of life in his timeline.

A dog’s whine brought her attention back to the happenings within the house; the bastard certainly wasn’t wasting his time. She’d have to be quick but careful, taking on an alchemist in his own house could very easily spell her death.

The sounds were coming from downstairs; she followed them and found Shou standing outside his lab with Alexander on a short leash beside him. Sensibility lost to the more primitive emotion of rage and she raced out of the shadows. With a loud crash Shou Tucker was knocked to the ground, blood trickling from the gash on his head. “I’d love to finish the job,” she whispered to the unconscious man. “But your destiny lies else where.”

Alexander now free, nudged open the door of the lab and slipped inside. She followed him past the unnatural creatures to the room filled with ghastly marks. In one of the circles laid Nina, seemly sleeping. The dog walked over and nuzzled the cheek of his beloved girl. Keeping herself outside the circle she reached down and picked the child up.

“Get away from my daughter!”

She glanced over at Shou … he was struggling to stand up in the doorway. “You lost your right to call her that when you killed her mother, bastard.” She reached down and laid a hand on the head of a growling Alexander, her hand glowing softly.

Shou Tucker lunged forward but all he touched was smoke.

NOW: As the light faded Ed was greeted by the wet tongue of Alexander. The alchemist loved on the furry hound but a confused look crossed his eyes. The time traveler gently laid Nina down on the bed and glanced over. “Just as you requested, Nina Tucker and her dog.”

Ed frowned as he stood up and moved over to brush the top of Nina’s head. “I always wondered what happened to Nina … her Dad was blamed for her death but we never found a body … but …”


The gentle iron giant in the corner spoke up. “I thought you were going back to save …”

“It’s … okay …better me … then girl …” a soft voice spoke up.

The time traveler glanced over at the creature that spoke. Seemed after she had taken Nina, Shou and found another target for his twisted art. “I’m so sorry Winry …” she whispered.

Who would you save? And how might it change the story of the Elric brothers?
now that's an interesting idea. kinda takes touka koukan to another level, eh? polish up your writing skills a little, toss in some more descriptive words, and this could be the start of a really good 'what-if' mini-series. happy.gif your technical works needs a little tweaking, but this is very imaginative. nice work, i hope you'll do a few more?

give us some enlightenmnet into this time-traveler....maybe some background info, and how she does her 'magic'...
Wow, this is pretty detailed and the fact that it has seperate endings makes me crave for more information. O:

Nice idea, I'd be looking forward to more. biggrin.gif
Thanks for the comments you two … I am so out of practice when it comes to fanfics, just really happy I managed to make something even semi-coherent. The concept was easy to come up with but writing it down on paper became a real bear and took longer then I would have liked for such a short bit. I’d write a bit … go be a mommy come back the next day rewrite what I’d written and add a bit more. As for more details on the time traveler … I left her a bit vague on purpose otherwise the story would seem centered around her instead of the changes in the timeline, which was my goal. As for adding more chapters I may after I get to know the series more … nor don’t mind others writing their own ideas and twists. Hopefully my next fanfic will be better. Thanks again! ~ K
Phyco girl
Very good idea and story. Pretty well written, I agree with Tokage on this one happy.gif Keep it up!
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