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QUOTE(«°~Envy™~°» @ Jun 2 2005, 08:45 PM)
QUOTE(Maes-Hughes @ Jun 2 2005, 11:12 AM)
Topic: just watched the rerun of The other brother elrics smile.gif

was just about to tell you the same thing lol

sad.gif didnt have the other brothers elric part 2 on they had parinoa agent (prob spelled wrong) grrr i taped it too.
well that sucks well at least parinoa agent(spelling error i know) isn't that bad of a show biggrin.gif
ya, but i dont like Paranoia Agent (Spelled Correctly smile.gif even after watching the whole season it still isnt that good in my opinion, samurai champloo + s-cry-ed are better tongue.gif

current episode watching count: 10 times 1-26
i just by the dvds
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