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Full Version: Sigs Made By Me
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k here sum of mah work just wanna know wut u think of it

Omakase Shimasu
Wow. You definitely seem to have a knack for making these. Very nice job! biggrin.gif Especially the Cloud- and Edward-sigs.

Ashamed to say, but never heard of Stockless though. biggrin.gif;;
I LOVE all of them, specially the Ichigo one
thnx guys glad u like em'
Hey blackasknight90 can u make me a sig. If so post here please.
you may have a siggi shop blackasknight90, coz all your images are great
silver bg
please tell me something...................what program did you use because the thing i have like dosen't work
I was wondering if you do pairings?
Like Sakura/Sakuke from Naruto.
If i spelled their names wrong, sue me.
i'm just learning them.
But if you could make me one with them in it I'd gladly let you into my photobucket to look at my FMA pics.
(Not my realy brother, best friend kinda brother)
My "brother" has the rest of them, I'll let you see those too!

Pm and you can see them both either way, I just want a new siggy of Naruto.
Please, I love the colors you use! It's so pretty! *begs* pretty please with a cherry on top and thank you very much. *bows low*
Nice! I love the Ed one!
Fullmetal Fugazi
NICE!!!!! love your work smile.gif
Very impressive jobs ^^
very nice! i wish i could do that type of thing...
fooly cooly pillows
omg i love the sasuke sig i love sasuke
can u pretty please make me a sig i'll give u the image
it will be shampoo from ranma 1/2 cuz shes like my fave character
IPB Image
i think thats it im not sure though(im so slow)
Oh wow I wish I could do stuff like that they're so nice! =D
WOW! I Am Very Impressed! I Love The Gaara Sig, Of Course The Sig With Ed, and The Cloud Sig!! You Did A Magnificent Job! happy.gif biggrin.gif

<Closing the thread due to the shop owner's extended vacation. The shop will re-open when the owner comes back. ^^ ~ Tombow>
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