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Full Version: *~edo-mame's Fanart Things!~*
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I drew this simple sketch

IPB Image

for practice. I'm planning on making some kind of doujin which has and older Edo in the military uniform and it's just another excuse to draw him in a ponytail laugh.gif Don't mind the horrible quality, I smudged it a lot and my scanner didn't scan it very well, especially the one on the left... that one took the longest to draw sad.gif and the hair is better while the other one has a pose but the hair looks fluffy because I tried to make it look like something is blowing it.
nice work i like his pose you got that drawn pretty good and also his hands. laugh.gif

use blank computer paper or a sketchpad or something so u don't get the notebook lines. oh and if you don't like smudging a lot with a regular 2hb pencil, use color pencils. they are softer and glide smoothing around the paper. or use a 2hb pencil but work from left to right if you're right handed, and vice versa if you're left handed.
Is really good, Edo looks older in those drawns
Thank you for the comments.

I'm glad that other people can notice that he looks older. Also, the hands I used a reference for as I've never drawn hands like that before(so I don't really deserve the credit for them laugh.gif ) and yes, I know that colour pencils are smoother but I love using mech. pencils for sketches for some reason and I do work from left to right but I tend to erase a lot and it makes light smudges everywhere. I cleaned those small patches of gray up by brightening it and upping the contrast but that also killed some of my lighter lines. As for the paper, well I am a lazy lazy person and had a notebook with me so I went with it.

Next time for my serious sketches though I will try using sketching paper and experiment with my colour lead mech. pencils (which aren't the best for drawing but). I also have this glove I made, where all the fingers are cut off save for the pinky and ring finger. It prevents my hand from smudging it when I go back to my sketches laugh.gif
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