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Tim, 18 Years old, 200cm, Black Hair/eyes, crazy, shy,kind,nice,fma fanatic

any questions?

[clears throat]

Rob, 16, don't know how tall i am, black hair, brown eyes, you decide on my characteristics ^.^

Kokoro no Hana
Well then Camilla, 14, 168cm, blonde hair, blue eyes, kind, shy, anime lover and Ed lover tongue.gif laugh.gif (strange huh.gif)
hi, rolf, hi rsf, hi kokoro no hana....

i am Roger, 20 years old, 179cm, black hair(brown in the light), brown eyes(yellow in the light), looking for challenges, musical, searches for beauty, philosophical, loves to be nostalgic and thinking about the past/childhood.....

rsf why are you not nice to Rolf.. what has he done?!?!?! ohmy.gif
Omakase Shimasu
OK, guess I'll have to throw in my own two cents...

Lisa (>__<), 18 yrs, 1.62 m (midget me), brown hair, brown eyes, shy, curious, lover of anime/manga/shonen-ai, blabbermouth on the net.

Um, don't you guys mean meters instead of centimeters? Now you're all kinda short... ^__^;;

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sorry, I wasn't looking straight (so that's why I got glasses!). Don't mind me~
Hrm. Eric, 16 years, 6'2" (Cheers for my Metric deficiency. >.> I'm too lazy to convert inches to centimeters.) 110 pounds (Cheers for another metric deficiency. That would be around 55 kg, maybe 60 kg., assuming a kg is about 2+ pounds...) And... I'm a visual kei fanatic... homosexual... hrm... I'm also a Franco-Russian Communist who preaches the evils of Capitalism to anyone who will listen...

I also have a site with pictures and more info on it, but it has a LITTLE bit of explicit material on it, so I'll not post the link.

Jim, 16, 5 foot 11 inches, bluish green eyesm crazy blonde hair.

You've seen me.
im not exaclt sure what to put in here-_-; but i guess ill just put up the same things as you guys did. lemme see...

jamie, 16, 5'2-5'3(not really sure), black w/ brown hair, dark brown eyes, anime & manga lover, jpop/jrock/kpop be the judge of my characteristics=3
Fullmetal Alchemist Pr0
Hi im annie brown eyes and long straight hair age 18 hieght is 5.8
Mariana, 15 years old, 158cm (ME = SMALL, OK?) straight long brown hair, brown eyes and I love anime/manga and tv shows
-and loves to fangirl around with her OTPs
CHloe, 17, around 164cm, black hair, black eyes, loves anime, manga(especially), and drawing
that's all i can think of right now
l0l. this is amusing.

hakai. 17. 153 cm. [i think i'm the shortest here blink.gif ] japanese [so that should tell you hair/eye color XD] currently uber obsessed with hagaren tongue.gif and.... i dunno what else to put.... >.<
I go by the name of Connie, and I am currently 18 years old. I was born in Hong Kong (therefore, I am of Asian descent) and immigrated to Canada. I wear glasses and am too short for my age (only 5'2"). dry.gif I like books, anime, video games, video game music, and music.
I'm Maude and I've got the coolest last name XD
the first is the name of a kind of tree and the second a kind of cookie X3
17, brown eye and dark brown hair, quebecer before being a canadian laugh.gif
5'4'' 115 lbs
I like anime, hagaren, bishies, shounen-ai (bits of yaoi), EDO-KUN!!, drawing and sailing (boats and stuff)
Diane, 15 years old, Hong Kong chinese who has immigrated to Canada, 5'2", and like many people here, a crazy fan of anime and manga!
lauren, 17 years old, 171cm (a little over 5'7"), chinese and living in good old CA, love anime/manga, drawing, DA, martial arts (shotokan! whoo), het pairings and fangirling over roy/riza smile.gif well, fangirling in general.
Queen of the dammed
Hi, I'm new here... my name is Mel and I'm 15. I'm form Hong Kong and I'm 151.5cm tall. Ed is the first guy (and only) I worship! biggrin.gif I'm a manga and anime obssesive person.
Think I'll introduce myself properly aswell:
My name is Daniel, I'm one part norwegian and one part londoner (british), i live in norway but frequently visit london. I'm 19 yrs old, soon going into the norwegian military for my obligatory session (12 months).

On my spare time i try to do as much skateboarding as i can, heres
a movieclip of me and my mates skating if someones interested.
I do some filming/editing (skateboard movies, party videos, that kinda stuff).
I'm a sworn Linux freak.. do some programming on my spare time..

well, thats about it..
Vixx Elric
Aracely (or Arak) 15 years old. 1'66 (I wanna be a bit taller ><), honey-brown eyes, brown hair, living in Spain, love anime and manga (Naruto and FMA freak specially), music, Tarantino's films, love spending my time reading or painting, videogames, fangirling about Roy Mustang, and making mountain bike.
hmm spammerdespamerdespam :

Frank, 16 years old, about 170 CM tall, brown hair, brown eyes, FreeBSD/Computer - Freak biggrin.gif


For more info check my site ( )
Chibi Viki
i'm late again i see... (rolfie's real name is tim?! @_@ sorry, i was thinking of a german name or something.... >.<)

ack, i'm almost afraid to put my bio here... gosh, most of you are teeners... i feel so old... T_T

anyway: Charisse, 22 years old, 5'3" height, an unusually busy bum, loves anime/manga/video games/internet/gadgets/movies; loves het pairing; RoyxRiza fanatic extraordinaire! MJHermi's bestfriend since highschool (she's here somewhere, in this forum, i mean)... caffeine addict (from cofffee...) and an occasional insomniac (sleep? what sleep?!).

oh, and pet lover ^^
Heinz are cool... love that ketchup...lolz.. tongue.gif so.. myself:
Clarissa, 13 years old.. in Canada... not a Canadian YET,
likes: makes some desktop wallpaper, taking pictures, draw some animes, chats, edit my xanga,
height: around 155-160 cm...
languages: Indonesian, English, and a tiny bit of French, want to learn Japanese
EDIT: just call me wolfi...coz I like wolves~
Hehe... you're right, "Viki-sama", I should have visted this thread. laugh.gif

Thanks for giving me something new to call her, guys! laugh.gif

Anyway, since everyone here had introduced themselves, I suppose I should as well...

My real name is Marjorie Joy, but people call me by Marj, or by Jay (yes, with an "a", not "o"), or, like Viki's older sister, MJ. 5'2" in height (I'm so small!! sad.gif ), also 22 years old, a few months younger than Viki.

Met Viki in high school, and became best friends. Loves anime, video games, books, and electronics. Writes fanfics and draws random stuff when I have time. Currently working in an IT firm, dealing with German clients (until next week, when I'm finally moved to another project). May be sent to Singapore for two months starting September. Despite all this, though, I'm still feverently wishing I'd get to move companies and do some graphics work someday. That's the reason I went into computer studies anyway.

I love dogs, but due to my family's history with asthma, I can't have any. Argh.

My dream is to be able to create games someday. Although doing anime or manga isn't bad either. smile.gif Had just discovered the program "Game Maker", and had enlisted Viki into helping me make an RPG.

And... MJHermie's a woman?? @__@ Sorry, no offense meant! But a woman... @__@

None taken. laugh.gif But I'm just curious. What made you so surprised when you found out I'm a woman? What'd I do? Hehe...

Hmm... I'm going to have to post pictures of me and Viki here one day... hehe...

Concerning the Sailormoon Live Action... I'm currently watching it, and I'm enjoying it very much!! The first few episodes are really good for laughs (even if they're not trying to make me laugh), but it does get a whole lot better. Prinz Zoisit, you should see Act 44... Zoicite's actions had me in tears!!!
I guess i have to talk about me too laugh.gif
sry for not answering so fast.... was on a class trip so... and MAN are you writing fast... i'm gone for like 3 days and 9 pages... thats good... biggrin.gif laugh.gif

My name is Jens... I'm 14... 15 in a little more than a mounth... (yay!... moped!! biggrin.gif ... I've been waiting since i was 11 :S )
I'm a little more than 170cm... maybe 1 75 or something like that... don't know my eye's :S but i'm dark blond. I'm not interested in something special... but i liike FMA, manga, anime, music...

well i think thats it....
Mika here. 16, 5'3, 127 pounds. Likes: Family and friends, they put up with me so i owe them big time. uhh...hard rock, the godfather, avation, i love heights, reading, writing, snowboarding, tennis, countryside, long walks, being a skeptic.

Dislikes: cities, spores, picked flowers, egotistic male libidos, aiheaded whores and rabied feminists. People woh take themselves too gaddamn seriously, dull pencils, blind american patroitism, life, whiners, people who confuse cynicism with intelligence, violent beatings.

That's me. Nice to meet alla you.
Well... My name is Irina, I'm 17, 149 cm tall and my weight is 38 kg. I live in a tiny but beautyful city caled Dmitrov near Moscow, which is in Russia.
I like: my family and friends, reading, being on Internet, manga, anime, skiing, hard and neo rock, my country.
I dislike: selfish people, being discriminated, violence against people and nature, those who turned my country into trash and make money out of this.
I want to do something good for this world.

Nice to meet you all! happy.gif
I'm 18. 5'6, 115ish lbs. I live in Canada.

As a hobby I like to make fun of people in an intelligent manner, or post nonsense.
Hi, everyone! Wow, this threat is so interesting...!!

Well, my name is Linda, I'm 19 years old, 172cm, with blond hair and green-brownish eyes... (the same applies to my twin-sister Ines laugh.gif!)
I like playing videogames, love hearing J-Pop, likes drawing and....I'm a REALLY BIG Edward fan!!! tongue.gif
Carnal Malefactor
6'0", 180 lbs [ideally... I'm about 10 pounds over that because I had a job where I just sat on my ass all summer dry.gif ]
Political Science major at University of Massachusetts... starting my senior year this week
Rabid music collector
Even more rabid football [American... not that wussy soccer crap] fan

photo of me sleeping on my friend's fleshpillows cool.gif

IPB Image
is it ever too late to introduce one's self? ~_^

I'm Kass also known as Ais (don't ask). 19, female, 5'6... chameleon eyes (as in yes, they change constantly). hair is half brown half black and very curly... also I am a fire fighter... and an extreme fan of FMA mainly because of Roy Mustang... because if he can make fire then my fun will never end XD ... oh, I'm also an art fiend though I'm terrible at fanart.

Hi there,

this is my turn ...

Seb, French guy, 27, 170cm, FMA addict, Naruto-fan, UFO Robot Grendizer for ever laugh.gif

and by the way, very happy to be here cool.gif
QUOTE(What @ no bacon?,Sep 11 2004, 03:26 AM)
Where are you from, anyway?

The Philippines.

We've been having Japanese anime here for as far as I can remember. I just never realized that the cartoons I had been watching back then had been anime.
Chibi Viki
I'm from the Philippines too... MJHermi and I knew each other since high school.

yeah, we've been enjoying anime for quite a long time now.

actually, anime has an influence in our history. it's quite funny actually. during the 1970's, the first anime, Voltex V, was aired. But our dictator/president at that time had it cut... and the kids who were fans of the series became the activists of today. So when our dictator was ousted, they immediately aired the series once again.

After that, local tv stations started to air more anime and even sentai (sentai is robot live action... like the power rangers)... and changed our young lives forever, hehehehe...

when dragonball z was aired, it became an instant hit, then sailormoon, then yuyu hakusho... and the rest followed.

the latest trend today... online gaming...
QUOTE(wolfi1412 @ Sep 11 2004, 10:33 PM)
can u speak tagalog? I was born and lived in Indonesia for 12 years!

my mother is filipina, but i missed to speak tagalog/visayas.... but i wanna learn it some day....
Chibi Viki
can u speak tagalog?

yup! fluently ^^

but we use english in school... i started speaking english in high school. when i met MJHermi, our friend, Jhoe, told me beforehand that she was currently speaking in english because she just returned from the US and all.

but i wanna learn it some day....

mjhermi and i could teach you smile.gif
can u speak tagalog?

Well... I can speak Filipino. smile.gif Filipino is basically Tagalog mixed with many other languages and dialects. As for pure Tagalog, I suck at that, as proved by my dismal grades when we were taking up "Ibong Adarna" (The Bird Adarna") and "Florante at Laura" in high school. laugh.gif

but we use english in school... i started speaking english in high school. when i met MJHermi, our friend, Jhoe, told be beforehand that she was currently speaking in english because she just returned from the US and all.

Who just got back from the US? You mean Jhoe? (I need to wrack my brains to remember...)

mjhermi and i could teach you

(nods) smile.gif
Hm. A little late but what the heck. tongue.gif

I'm Kara (pronounced 'car-a' not 'care-a', really picky about that). 5'4" or 163 cm whichever you prefer. 15. Born and raised American >D, Brown hair, brown eyes. Eh.. Likes to draw, read, play tennis, watch anime, read manga, learn different languages. Hates to write.

Voila. Tis me. ^^
I'm 15 and I'm only 5'2" >.<
My eyes are a silverish grey. =D I know one other person with the same colour eyes. Unfortunately, I want to kill him, currently. -.-;; But in any case; yeah, my hair is a shimmering blue in the sunlight, when it's SUPPOSED to be a natural black...
I'll introduce myself!!!!
English but lives in France
Brown hair,my eyes change color(it's true!One day they're grey,then green,then blue then all of those!!!)
Kinda shy(Kinda is an understatement....Really shy too...)
I'm so quiet I can go in a room without being noticed(my special ability)
I like Shaman King,FMA and I hate Star Academy(Why is there 5 seasons?!)
Anybody going to Lycée Georges Dumézil in Vernon here?!Is the story about the guy hanging himself in the staircase in H1 true?!!!!
I'll stop wasting you're precious time and go back to worship PH!!!!(he's so fucking cute!!!!I worship the ground he walks on!!!He was in my class 2 years ago!!!!)
Ok..I'l stop with the randomn facts of my life....
Wow...That was long!!!
my name is alan, 15 years old (just turned 2 days ago) im 6 feet tall and 160 pounds. taisonese (not if that spelled rite but its like kantonese) living in maryland right now.
Zander Evens
The names Kyvan =ˆ -ˆ= pronounced - K-von
yep, that's my 'real' name, over the years of being online, i've become less paranoid with someone finding out my whole life, or recking havok on my life because of my name, or being a guy. Honestly, i rather people 'know' my name ^^ because I'm a 3D animator, and Graphic Artist. I'm 23 years old, and I live in North Carolina. I'm a former athlet, in Soccer, Bowling, Baseball, Martal Arts, Wrestling (high school), and Rock Climbing. I'm into Music, of all types, and Area's (with a small exclusion of Rap. Not a big fan ^^; ) I like playing Piano, and listening to other classical pieces. I love Anime, and most things involved with it. From Music to Con's, to Cosplay, Fan Fics, or Fan Art in general. I'm an Artist through and through. If you cut off my hands, i'd sooner Die than try to do anything else. I love Divers people, and the diverisity among people in groups. Things that are different are shinny, while things that are the same are dull. I try to be a good friend to everyone ^^ and i'm a good wall when it comes to helping people. Ummm...

well that's about it ^^; if you have anything else that you 'want' to know ^^; then just ask...
I'm 20, 5'8", black hair, brown eyes, have a tendency to snap my fingers to my music, and practice iaido. Studying engineering right now. Oh, I'm a pseudo artist, too.
Choa shi (Josh is okay^0^),175cm(Wanna be taller!^^~),16,Native of Beijing ,student. Love the music of Lene Marlin .Love the anime such as CHRNO CRUSADE and FMA.
Do you know all of you are most amusing to read?

I am 27, and after reading all of your posts, I know why you have no money to buy anything. You are all so young! I work to buy anime stuff! and my car, and my school loans... but anyways....

My favorites are Rurouni Kenshin, Shaman King and Hagaren.

I love strong female characters that beat up the guy they love, and I love guys who are stronger than everybody who let the girl they love beat them up!

So by that account my favorite pairings are KenshinxKaoru, YohxAnna, RoyxHawkeye.

But I watch and read a lot of different stuff. All over the animation spectrum. But Shounen stuff are my favorite (look above). Once in a while I like to read girly stuff, but seem to get over it pretty quickly. Because it is mostly the samo samo.

I collect almost everything! Cards, figures, shitajiki, books, stationary, jewelry, games, any kind of miscellaneous items made no matter what it is, and Doujin. Lots of lots of doujin, I prefer the nice waffy ones, but I buy hentai ones as well, but of only of the couples mentioned above.

I had a joke going with my friends that if you put one of my favorite characters on an item I will buy it!.. mostly true!

Oh and I hate milk too (so I feel Edo's pain!), I am 5'9", born with black hair, but now has a reddish tint to it. My friends got me into cosplay, but I like to see others more than see myself. I have no athletic bone in my body... except maybe my thumbs! Avid Gamer, Enjoy going to E3 very much!

I studied to become and Animation (film or game) producer. Have a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Arts and Animation.

Yeah, that is about it.
Cute Alchemist
hi im Girlie Alchemist little sister biggrin.gif im 11 years old same as girlie but shes 1 month old sad.gif lol
Riza Babe
17 5.9 height black straight hair
I think i should tell something about myself too..
Kind of strange girl blink.gif

16 years old, not so tall (kind of like full metal alchemist?) exept i am happy with my height biggrin.gif
hair is short, right now half blond,half purple...
that's about it? smile.gif
QUOTE(M3i @ Oct 4 2004, 12:46 PM)
that owns *drool* ...although
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
I think he looks best with regular parts intact in ep. 52 :3

*screams; claws eyes*

Why do I do these things I do to myself? It says 'spoiler' for people like me who don't want things spoiled. So my brain immediately thinks "Well maybe whatever it's spoiling is from ep.40 or earlier..."

And I CLICK on it!! ...i m dum...

Anyway - bio:
Earthan Nicholas Flessas | 21 yrs. old | Born, raised, and living in Portland, Oregon in the Northwest corner of the U.S.

My lineage is half Greek; quarter Native American; the remaining quarter is divided amongst British, German, Dutch, and probably an assortment of other European nations.

I think people tend to get the impression that I think I'm smarter than everyone else. The truth is that I don't think I'm anything special; it's that most human life I have the dubious priviledge of interacting with is stone dumb. One reason I like the internet, and these little global communities specifically, is that it attracts those of a particular ilk to gather in one place and touch brains. Since there are so few of us in the world cursed with common sense, it's reassuring to close the spatial gap and communicate with like-minded folk.
I think the previous paragraph is a pretty good working illustration of my self-image: Barely acknowledged superiority. Despite how that description may sound however, I'm very kind and openminded.

This is going longer and more personal than I intended, but my posts always stretch when I don't mean them too. I'm long-winded, sorry.

Anime fan since 4th grade. Sailor Moon was my bread-and-butter, with the added occasional spice of "Robot Carnival," "Lensman," "Macross," "Vampire Hunter D," "Tenchi Muyo," and "Ranma 1/2." Of course the requisites; Akira and Ghost in the Shell, came slightly later.
Eventually I discovered -quality- anime such as "Neon Genesis Evangelion" and "Record of Lodoss War." When the Cartoon Network woke up and realized "cartoon" didn't just refer to Tex Avery and the Scooby gang things looked good...for a second. It was all Dragonball Z and other dreck until they hired someone with sense and started showing stuff even I'd never heard of.
Now, recently, and thanks in large part to Adult Swim (and formerly Toonami) I'm a big fan of Bebop, Outlaw Star, Blue Sub 6, and FLCL. My own reseacrhes (I love you Internet) have brought me Wolf's Rain, Last Exile, and most recently Fullmetal Alchemist.

FLCL is my favorite anime ever. If you don't like it, it's because you don't get it and that is that. Or possibly the constant style-shifting clashes with your aesthetic sense, or maybe it simply doesn't grab that part of your brain that makes you love stuff the way it did mine. But I prefer to say it's because it's over your head, 'cause that makes my ego happy.

I will now proceed to fuss with my super-chintzy digital camera in a (probably) futile attempt to acquire a non-heinous picture of myself.


P.S. Sorry about the long and boring post.
First I've seen this thread, so I'm jumping on it now. Seems almost like a preliminary.

The name is Chris Kyle, and I'm a 20 year old Californian, born and bred. I'd say American, except 1) you probably all know that, and 2) let's face t, does the rest of the country even think of California as part of the country? I think not.

Not much really to say about me. I'm a "sensitive male" with a love of Monty Python. As might be derived from this, I've got a strange sense of humor. Also, I'm a devout pacifist, so don't expect me to snap at anyone unless they really piss me off.

Well, that about covers everything without getting too deep into details. I'm really enjoying this forum, and look forward to hanging out here for a while yet.

Edit: Oh, wth. Just a little more. I'm a mix too, but I associate myself with scotch-irish. Its strongest in my blood.
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