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Full Version: Daisuke (D.N.Angel) Fan Club thread!!
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hhhmmm...seems like you guys sre looking for pics of a certain red-haired guy...
why not i are 2 for starters...
i used to hav more..
you guys can take some of them from my album..
haha...hope you all like'em!! laugh.gif smile.gif
I started on DN Angel by buying the complete anime on dvd on impulse and I loved the story. I then started reading the manga and I think the manga is better than the anime. The anime seemed hurried and left a lot out. I'm on book 10 and havent been able to find 11 even tho I am told 11 is in stores in america...oh well. Eventually it will find me lol.

(I already had daisuke in my sig so I didnt need to change anything biggrin.gif but Azura Elric those are awsome sigs...just awesome)
Kitty Alchemist
I love Daisuke, he so sweet, kind, always make people happy and little clumsy. smile.gif
I wish I can find a guy like him. sad.gif
Daisuke is so adorable
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