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Full Version: Fan Art By Juandi
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I am Spanish, I am charmed with the series and your web, I hope that you like my version of edo, a greeting

UUp UUPPP! smile.gif
be careful bumping, it's frowned upon, as is double posting. I'm just warning you now that there will most likely be a moderator along soon to warn you about it as well....

anyway... enough warnings...
Welcom to!!! Your art is wonderful, i love the red accents around Ed's face! Keep drawing!
Phyco girl
Welcome and I'm sure Bubbles has already informed you of the dangers of double posting! Well have fun and happy posting!

I like your drawing. You have a unique style. Maybe you should use a hyperlink instead though. That way we can just click on it (unless the image is pretty small)
Hey i like your version of Edo, is really great
nice art
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