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Full Version: Closer To You
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smile.gif This is for all the Inuyasha and Kagome fans, hope you enjoy it. Comments are welcome.



At the well, Inuyasha tossed up the two backpacks, then with Kagome on his back, jumped out. Kagome was going to be on this side of the well for a while. She had some kind of school vacation and didn’t have to leave after a few days. In fact they were all going to have vacation from searching for the Shikon jewel.

“I’ve got these, Kagome. I’m surprised the others aren’t here waiting on us.” No sooner had he said that, the rest of the gang was walking up the hill.

“Hey guys! I brought some goodies for your trip. I got all your favorites and I made sure Inuyasha didn’t touch’em.” Kagome laughed as Shippo raced to her and jumped into her arms.

“Gee, Kagome, I’m sure going to miss you. Do I have to go with Sango and Miroku?”

“Now Shippo, you know Sango will need you to protect her from Miroku’s wandering hands and you’ll be able to keep Kirara company. Think of all the exploring you’ll get to do up at the demon slayer’s village too. Sango’s really is counting on you.”

“Yeah, okay. Miroku I wish you could control yourself better.” The little fox jumped down and hopped up on the monk’s shoulder.

“You guys, I’m not that bad.” At their stern looks, he reddened and went to Inuyasha. “So which one is for us?” Miroku decided to change the subject.

“Thanks Kagome for suggesting this. I’ve really wanted to go home and fix things up, but there didn’t seem to be enough time. Since you have time off from school, it looks like it’s going to work out for all of us.”

“Yeah, no kidding. Maybe I can get some studying done since we won’t be hunting demons this time around. Anyway, I’m looking forward to going to see Jinenji. It’s been awhile and I want to be sure the villagers are treating him and his mother better as well as picking some herbs for Kaede. It really will be nice to just enjoying the countryside for a change.” Kagome turned to look at Inuyasha but continued to speak to Sango. “It’s been awhile since just the two of us spent some time together. Maybe I can get him to loosen up some. Naraku’s driving him nuts.”

“If anybody can, it’s you Kagome. Look, here comes Kaede.”

The old priestess was just coming up to the well. She was bringing a list of herbs for Kagome. Jinenji’s farm had herbs that she didn’t and wanted Kagome to bring some back.

“Well, I assume you are all ready to go. Sango I hope you find things well at your village and you Inuyasha, look after Kagome, hear?”

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t I always? Geez!” He walked off to get Kagome’s bike and put the backpack on it. Miroku followed him.

“So Inuyasha just thought you should know, Kagome is really looking forward to this time, so try not to mess it up for her.”

“Why’s everybody on my case today? I didn’t oppose this when Kagome brought it up. Anybody ever think I might want a break too?” Hands on hips he looked a Miroku.

“Well, actually no, usually you’re hot to catch Naraku. Good then, we should all be able to enjoy ourselves. I can get some quality time with Sango.”

“Huh, some quality time stroking her butt you mean.” Inuyasha crossed his arms and shook his head.

“I can’t help it. Every time I turn around, it seems to be there just waiting for me touch it. Oh, well.” Miroku flexed his fingers.

“Pervert. Kagome? When are we leaving? I thought you wanted to get an early start.”

“Yeah, okay.” She hugged Kaede, Sango, Shippo and even Kirara. “We’re all agreed to meet back here in about a week?” Everyone agreed and they stepped back in order for Kirara to take off. “Have fun!” Kagome waved them off.

“We’ll see you in a about a week, Kaede.” Kagome put up the kick stand and started walking away.”

“Yeah, see ya.” Arms folded Inuyasha followed Kagome.

The two were quiet as they left the village but it was a good quiet, friendly. They walked all morning then stopped for lunch and continued with Inuyasha riding on the back of the bike. They talked about Kagome’s family and the things she was learning in school. That day came to an end and they managed not to have one argument.

Attack at the Spring

For the next two days, they traveled and learned much of each other. Kagome even taught Inuyasha how to ride the bike. She laughed a lot but Inuyasha didn’t give up even when he fell off. He found out he liked it and they took turns peddling the bike.

The next evening, about a full day’s ride away from Jinenji’s place, they came across a hot spring. Kagome was delighted now she could take a bath. Once they got a fire going and the camp laid out, they ate.

“Will you be bathing too, Inuyasha?” Kagome was getting out her towels as she spoke.

“Yeah, since we’re here. I’ll go after you’re done. Where’s those manga? I’ll read while you bathe.” He was rummaging in the backpack. “Got it.” Inuyasha grinned, this manga was very funny.

Kagome also grinned. She knew he’d be involved with the book and probably would notice when she left or came back. Turning she went to the spring and behind some bushes to get undressed. Before entering the water, she peeked over at Inuyasha and saw he was very involved in the manga. Quickly she stepped over to the water and slipped in.

The warm water was heavenly. Kagome swam for a bit then made for some rocks. One was flat enough for her to sit on, so she began bathing. It was a beautiful night- the stars were out and shining bright. Kagome began to hum as she washed and didn’t notice that anything was wrong. She stood up again so that she could rinse her hair and felt the water lap against her. At first she thought it was Inuyasha entering the water but quickly ruled that out. He didn’t peek, at least not on purpose. She thought back to when he came looking for her in the sage’s house and she’d stood up because she’d been so relieved to see him. They were both embarrassed, so she knew it wasn’t him that made the water move like that.

Kagome was just wiping the water out of her eyes when something wrapped around her legs. She only had time for a quick gasp before being pulled under the water.

Inuyasha had finished the manga but started reading it again because it was very good. It also kept his mind off Kagome naked in the water. Yeah, he’d seen her naked before but it still excited him to know she was bathing just a few yards away. He wouldn’t peek like Miroku but he did keep an ear turned towards the spring so he would be aware of what she was doing. At some point he heard her humming to herself then she stopped. At first he didn’t make anything of it, she was probably swimming or doing her hair. It wasn’t until he heard her gasp and then complete silence that he got up; even her smell was gone.

“Kagome? You all right?” Silence. He wasted no more time and went to where she went in the water. Inuyasha saw her clothes even her towel on the rocks but no Kagome. He was sure she wouldn’t play with him like this, as he looked around then gazed at the water. There was something under the water. Was that Kagome?

Inuyasha couldn’t tell what was going on but if it was a mistake, he’d deal with it later. One leap and he was underwater. He knew at once that Kagome was in deep trouble. He could see her being held by some kind of demon. It looked like an octopus but much bigger and uglier. Three of its tentacles were wrapped around Kagome; one around her throat, one around her torso- trapping her arms against her sides and the other around her legs. She couldn’t move at all and she couldn’t breathe.

Swimming to her, their eyes met. Kagome was loosing consciousness, but her eyes held a look of trust, knowledge that he would rescue her. Not about to let her down, Inuyasha slashed through the tentacles from top to bottom. Wrapping an arm around her waist, he swam for the surface. Kagome was gasping, her lungs desperately sucking in air. Inuyasha moved a few feet away from the spring, just as he put Kagome down, a tentacle slithered around his leg.

Growling, he slashed at, turned and drew the tetsusagia. “Damn demon! Be gone! Wind scar!”

The demon hit full on by the wind scar, reared up out of the water screeching. In moments it was gone, disintegrated. Inuyasha didn’t spare it another thought and turned back to Kagome. He picked her up again and went to the fire. After laying her on her sleeping bag, he tried to bring her around.

“Kagome, Kagome? Are you all right?” She was breathing shallowly and her skin had marks on it from the demon. “Damn it! Kagome, talk to me!”

“Inu-yasha.” Her voice was faint. “Thanks, Inu-yasha. I…I think I’m all right. Must rest.” Kagome’s eyes were very heavy. She was so very tired, it was hard to think.

“Okay, okay. I’ll let you rest.” Inuyasha started to cover her but thought she’d like some clothes on. He took off his shirt and put it on her. It was warm from his body and he didn’t want to try to figure out how to put her clothes on her. Once he had the shirt on her, he zipped up the sleeping bag.

Not sure what to do next he made sure the fire was stoked then went and got her stuff from the hot spring. He checked it again to make sure there were no more demons then went back to Kagome. She didn’t look well and he felt guilty. He hadn’t sensed the demon. It was his job to protect Kagome. Hadn’t everyone told him to watch over her and he’d failed. Nothing could happen to Kagome, he needed her. She was a major part of his world now. Kagome made life enjoyable and because of her he now had other friends.

Friends, for the longest time, he’d never know what it was like to have friends. He helped them and they helped him. It was what friends did for each other. Even those arguments they had were actually kind of fun and made life interesting. No, he didn’t want to think about Kagome being out of his life and yet here she was hurt because he hadn’t been paying attention.

Inuyasha sat brooding for awhile until Kagome called his name. “Inuyasha, Inuyasha? Something’s wrong. I …I feel worse. I feel worse.”

He was leaning over her now. She was very pale and she was sweating, a lot. He touched her face and she was very hot but she was also shivering.

“Oh man, Kagome. What should I do? Do you have something from your era, I can give you? What? Please tell me what to do?” Inuyasha was beginning to panic. He didn’t know a thing about illnesses or how to help. “Should we go back to Kaede’s?”

“No, too far. Jinenji, go to Jinenji. He’ll know… what to… do.” She stopped and her breathing grew ragged.

“Right. Jinenji. We’ll be there by morning.” Quickly he put out the fire, stuffed her things in the backpack, put the bike up in a tree and he was ready to go. He managed to get Kagome on his back but had to hold her arms around his neck because she was out of it. Inuyasha took off but didn’t get far; she was slipping, so he had to carry her in his arms. He didn’t let that slow him down; in fact he went even faster because he was so worried about her. True to his word, by the time the sun was rising, he was just approaching Jinenji’s hut.

Jinenji’s Help

Jinenji was an early riser and was up eating his breakfast when he caught Inuyasha’s scent. He smiled as he went outside to greet him. It had been awhile since Inuyasha had helped him. As he came out, he saw Inuyasha running at a great speed then with one great leap he was standing in front of him. One look at Inuyasha and Kagome and he knew they needed his help.

“Please, come. This way, you can put her down over here.” Jinenji’s hut was larger than the previous one. There was space along one wall where Inuyasha laid Kagome. “Make her comfortable and I’ll get Ma.”

Inuyasha got out the sleeping bag and put Kagome on it. She was still burning up. Just when he was going to call for help, the old woman and Jinenji came to him.

“Well, what happened to her? Need to know before we can give her anything.” The old woman was running her hands over Kagome’s face as she listened to Inuyasha’s tale. “A water demon, huh? It’s a wonder she’s still alive. Most people die within hours if they get away from that particular demon. This girl’s spirit and will to live must be strong.” She told Jinenji what plants would be needed to heal Kagome then she turned back to Inuyasha.

“Will she be all right? I got here as fast as I could.” He was looking at Kagome and brushing back her hair.

The old woman watched him for a moment then nodded her head. She would put him to work helping Kagome, it would ease his worries. Inuyasha really cared for this woman; it will be interesting to watch them over the next few days.

“Inuyasha, I’m going to help Jinenji and you need to bathe Kagome.”

“What? Why me? Shouldn’t you do it? You’re both girls!” He wanted to help but that was a really intimate thing.

“Get a grip boy! Do you see all the marks the demon left behind?” At his nod, she continued. “It put some kind of toxin in her, that’s why she’s feverish. You need to wash all the spots where she was touched. Since you were there, you’ll know where to look, okay. This will help, any toxin let on her skin will make her worse.” She stared at him to be sure he got her point.

“Okay, okay. I’ll do it.”

“Right, there are some buckets by the door and the well is behind the house. I’ll have her ready for you when you get back.”

Inuyasha left to get the water. He was tired but nothing would stop him from helping Kagome. He was going to have to touch her and blushed at the thought. “I hope she won’t get mad when she finds out.” He thought of all the ‘sits’ she could say and shivered. When he returned, the corner where he’d left Kagome was hidden by a screen, Inuyasha was relieved at this; at least they wouldn’t be watched.

The old woman was just rising and Kagome was naked. Inuyasha immediately went red. She shook her head and laughed at him. “Get busy boy, the sooner that stuff is washed off the better she’ll feel. For now just wash all the places she was touched, she can bathe when she’s feeling better. I’ll be with Jinenji, if you need help.” She left him to his ‘work’.

Breathing deeply, Inuyasha wet one of the towels. ‘You can do this Inuyasha, she’d do it for you.’ And with that thought, he washed her neck making sure all the toxin was gone before moving on. Of course he couldn’t help noticing her plump breasts right there in front of him, her nipples were puckered.

‘Oh, boy. Her arms, do her arms.’ Tentacles had been around them, he remembered but they were also around her middle, just under her breasts. Carefully, he washed her torso and managed not to touch her breasts. Now her back, to do this, he set her up and she fell against his chest. He could feel her breasts on his chest and it felt so good. With an arm around her he washed her back. After he was done, he held her for just a moment and stroked her silky skin. As he laid her back down, he held his cheek against hers.

Her legs were next, another tempting sight before him. Inuyasha spread her legs just a little, he’d have to wash the backs after all. His eyes kept straying to the dark curls at the juncture of her legs. Quickly he worked, but not so that he didn’t enjoy the length and firmness of her legs. As he finished, somehow his hand brushed against those curls. Clearing his throat, he called out that he’d finished washing Kagome.

“Good, put that kimono on her and let us know when she’s decent. The medicine is almost ready.”

Inuyasha did as he was told and shortly the screen was moved aside as mother and son once again joined him. Kagome had been unconscious the whole time he was washing her, breath shallow. The only time she seemed at ease was when he was holding her. Inuyasha hoped that this medicine worked quickly.

“Okay, here’s what we have to do. First, Inuyasha get her to drink down this tea. It’s bitter and she’ll probably refuse it. Since she’s more familiar with you, it’s up to you. When she’s drunk the tea then we have to spread this poultice on her skin on all the places you just washed. We’ll have to do this every couple of hours, to make sure it draws out all the toxin. It’s going to be hard on her, it’ll hurt, burn coming out. This is going to be a long day for us.

Jinenji will tend to the farm as usual, so it will be up to us to take care of Kagome. Alright, off with you Jinenji and be sure to call out before coming back in.”

“Right, Ma. Inuyasha, this will work. Kagome will be back to herself in no time.” Jinenji stared at Inuyasha to be sure he understood that it was true.

Inuyasha stared back then nodded. “Thanks man.”

The old woman was right; it was a long day. Inuyasha had to hold Kagome in his arms and tilt her head back in order to get the tea in her. Since it didn’t smell good, he knew it didn’t taste good but she had to drink it. After that he and Jinenji’s mom spread the poultice on her skin. At first she lay quiet and the two of them were able to eat something before she had any reactions.

Inuyasha got scared again, because of how she reacted. Kagome thrashed, moaned and groaned as the medicine did its work. Sometimes he had to hold her down so she wouldn’t hurt herself. Jinenji could hear Kagome while he was outside and only went in the hut when he had to. As the day went on, the old woman and Inuyasha repeatedly removed and applied the medicine, when Kagome’s reactions became less intense they were sure she was almost free of the toxin.

“Inuyasha you should put this on her one more time to be sure all the toxin is gone. She hasn’t reacted in the last few hours but let’s be on the safe side. Also give her some more tea to purge her system. I’m going to bed. Wait a few hours more then remove the poultice then you should get some sleep too. You’re looking dog-tired. Ha, ha.” The old woman moved away laughing.

“Come Inuyasha and eat something before doing that. You’ll need your strength to keep taking care of her.” Inuyasha slid the screen in place then joined Jinenji for a quick meal.

“You two are very close. I noticed the last time you were here and seeing you with her has confirmed that. No don’t deny it; it’s plain to anyone with eyes to see.” Inuyasha had looked up with his mouth open. “It’s nice to care about someone, enjoy it. You’re good for Kagome.”

“Actually she’s the one who’s good for me. She brightens my life.” Inuyasha concentrated on his food for a while. When he was done, he looked up at the big man. “Thanks Jinenji, for everything. You’re a good friend.”

Jinenji blushed. “Good night Inuyasha. If you need anything, let me know.”

Once again Inuyasha applied the medicine and waited for any reaction from Kagome. When there was none he washed it away and covered Kagome with a blanket. She was sleeping now and she looked very tired. The treatment had been hard on her. He started to sleep in the corner but changed his mind. Inuyasha lay down beside her and pulled her close; in moments he was asleep too.

Kagome’s Recuperation

Kagome woke up the next morning very tired. “Where am I? What’s happened?” She whispered to herself. She felt a heartbeat, but it wasn’t hers. Opening her eyes she saw red, it was Inuyasha’s shirt; she was lying on his chest. Kagome tried to look up but even that was too much effort.

Inuyasha stirred but didn’t wake up. He tightened his arm around Kagome and brought her closer. Kagome’s eyes were getting heavy again. She felt safe and Inuyasha was with her, that was enough so she went back to sleep. It late in the afternoon before she woke again.

She was again beside Inuyasha. This time her back to his chest with his arm over her waist. She still didn’t know where she was and she couldn’t hear anything to give her a clue. She spoke out loud, “ Inuyasha?”

He wasn’t asleep just lying there with her, at her voice he sat up and turned on her over to look up at him.

“Hey! You woke up finally. Jinenji’s mom thought you wouldn’t wake up until morning.” Smiling at her he reached out and brushed aside her hair. “How do you feel?”

Kagome was confused, she figured something had happened but couldn’t remember. Inuyasha looked happy, relieved. “I feel very tired and weak. What’s happened and when did we get here?” She remembered that they were going to Jinenji’s but didn’t remember getting here.

“Well, I hear voices so I guess our girl’s awake?” Jinenji’s mom moved aside the screen and looked down at the two. “You surprised me girl, didn’t think to talk to you until the morning. Here Inuyasha, sit her up.” The old woman checked Kagome over.

“Yep, medicine did the trick. You boys go outside for a moment while I help Kagome.”

Before long they were back in side. Inuyasha went straight to Kagome’s side, she was lying down again.

“Inuyasha, she wouldn’t tell me what’s happened.” She held out a hand to him. Inuyasha took it and pulled her upright so that she could lean against him.

Jinenji joined them holding a cup of broth for Kagome to drink. “Here you go, you need a little something on your stomach. In the morning you can have some more. It good that you’re feeling better.”

“Hi Jinenji and thanks.” Kagome reached for the bowl but her hands shook so much she put them down again. “What’s wrong with me?”

“Nothing now.” Inuyasha took the bowl and held it to her lips. “Go on and drink.” He said when she just looked at him. Finally she sipped and not until she finished did any one speak.

“Do you remember the hot spring?” Inuyasha looked away as he spoke. When he felt her nod he went on. “Well you were attacked by a water demon. It put some kind of toxin in your skin and you told me to bring you here. Jinenji and his mom fixed up some medicine to make you better.” Inuyasha finally turned to look at Kagome.

“I’m sorry I didn’t protect you. The demon should never have gotten close enough to breathe on you. I… sorry, Kagome.”

Kagome frowned then the memory came back to her. “Oh! That’s right, it pulled me under and the last thing I remember was seeing you enter the water to get me. I couldn’t breathe but when I saw you, I knew I was going to be alright.” Kagome smiled up at him but Inuyasha didn’t return it.

“You almost died because I didn’t know the demon was there! I should have known and kept you from getting hurt at all.”

“Oh right,” Jinenji’s mom spoke up. “You can smell a demon that lives under water? Automatically you know where all demons are at all times?”

“Well no. But I should have…” He stopped when she interrupted again.

“Should have? Boy, do you realize that Kagome is here, with you now because you did everything possible to save her. You killed the demon and got help when it became necessary. You helped take care of her without resting until you were sure she was out of danger. I say you did exactly the right thing. Demons will always be around and you can only do your best to protect others and you did that.” The old woman finished in a huff.

“She’s right Inuyasha. Please don’t blame yourself, it wasn’t your fault. Besides you were there when I needed you to be.” Kagome looked at Jinenji. “Did he really help take care of me?”

Jinenji smiled at her. “Oh yes. The only times he left your side was to eat. Even then he ate so quickly that he was back at your side in moments.”

Looking at Inuyasha she saw him blushing. Kagome turned to hug him and he returned it. They stayed that way for a moment and when she pulled back, looked him in the eyes. “Thank you, Inuyasha for always being there.” She laughed gently as he reddened again.

“Well then, now that all the explanations are done you need more sleep. It will be awhile yet before you feel like yourself again. We could use the rest too. I’m off to bed, goodnight.”

“Goodnight and thanks for your help.” Kagome said.

“My pleasure, girl. I’d do anything for friends of my Jinenji here.” She left and went over to her pallet.

“I’m really glad you’re doing better Kagome. We’ll have lots of time to talk over the next few days, so you go on to sleep.” Jinenji stood and began to move the screen into place again. “Goodnight.”


“Okay, time to sleep. I’ll be right over here if you need me.” Inuyasha helped her to lie down again and covered her up. Then he moved to sit against the wall.

“Wait, Inuyasha. You slept by my side while I was sick, didn’t you?” At his nod she continued. “Please, won’t you do it now? I’d really like to feel you next to me. I’ll rest better.”

He hesitated only a moment. Putting his sword within arms reach, Inuyasha moved next to Kagome and she turned on her side to face him.

“Thanks Inuyasha.” Closing her eyes, she snuggled into him and drifted off.

Just before sleep took her she heard Inuyasha whisper, “I’d do anything for you, Kagome.” From then on, the two always slept together. He’d lie down beside her and she’d snuggle in close.

The next few days, Kagome and Inuyasha were never away from each other for any length of time. He helped her with everything. At first she couldn’t even feed herself so he fed her. Inuyasha helped her dress and would carry her when she wanted to go outside. The toxin and the removal of it, had taken all her strength. The only thing he didn’t do was help her take a bath.

They learned a great deal about Jinenji and his mom as well as taught them some things about Kagome’s time, especially the games. It was a fun time, all things considered. Inuyasha would even carry Kagome into the village where the kids played and they shared some of their adventures with them.

A week had past and Kagome knew that soon the others would begin to worry about them. They were supposed to meet back at Kaede’s village by now. She shared her thoughts with Inuyasha.

“Inuyasha, maybe you should head back and tell everybody what happened.”

“Hmm…no. I’m not leaving you. If they want to find us, we’re not hard to find and they knew exactly where we were going. Besides, Miroku will enjoy any extra time he can get with Sango.”

Kagome had to smile at that. The two of them were sitting under a tree. Inuyasha was leaning against the tree and she against his chest. Kagome couldn’t remember when she and Inuyasha were so happy and at ease with each other. She really didn’t want him to leave either so she let the subject go. “Okay, we’ll just wait for them here.”

“Good plan. Look there’s Jinenji, supper must be ready. Let’s go eat.”

Where’s Kagome and Inuyasha?

Sango, Miroku and Shippo arrived at Kaede’s hut two days later. All were smiles and looking rested. After dismounting, Shippo ran and gave Kaede a hug.

“Hey! Did you miss us?”

“Well hello! Nice to see you all looking so well. Things are well in your village?” Kaede moved to Sango and the two hugged.

“Yes, thank you. We were able to restore many things and it looks more like my home once again. How are things here? Kagome and Inuyasha?”

“Yeah, where’s Kagome? I’ve really missed her?” Shippo hopped down and went into the hut but it was empty.

“They are not back yet. I was looking for them to arrive yesterday, actually. I was planning to make a few things with those herbs Kagome was to bring me. Perhaps they are just taking their time returning. The weather has been lovely after all.”

“Yes, no doubt Kagome wants to enjoy every minute of her vacation.” Said Miroku.

“Yes, well come inside, I’ll make us some tea.” Everyone put the matter aside and went to have tea.

On the third day since the arrived back at Kaede’s, they began to worry. Something must have detained Kagome and Inuyasha, they wouldn’t keep them worrying and waiting like this. A plan was made, if they didn’t return by morning, they would go looking for them.

It was raining and still no sign of them. It was time to go looking for them, they could be hurt or trapped somewhere and needed help. Worse case, Naraku had attacked them but no one wanted to think that or say it out loud.

They set out in the rain and that first day saw no sign of them. It was miserable and wet; the weather depressed them and kept their hopes low. When they made camp that night the rain finally stopped. Miroku and Sango waited until Shippo was asleep before they voiced their worries.

“What do you think could have happened, Miroku? I don’t think they’re off having fun and ignoring us.”

“I don’t know Sango, absolutely anything is possible. Maybe Jinenji’s village was having some kind of trouble and they stayed to help. It’s what happened the first time they were there.”

“Yes, you’re right. I hadn’t thought of that. Or maybe they met someone on the way back that needed their help and went with them. I guess we should just head for Jinenji’s and maybe he can tell us something.”

“Right. We’ll still look for them but we should head directly for Jinenji’s, he can give us some answers. Let’s get some sleep; tomorrow could be another long day. Goodnight Sango.”

“Goodnight Miroku.”

The sun took its place in the sky as the woke up. After a quick breakfast, Kirara leaped up again. Flying, they figured would get them faster than the route Kagome and Inuyasha took. All the morning the only things they saw were trees and villages. In the afternoon, Miroku saw a flash from something and pointed Kirara in that direction. As they drew nearer, whatever the flash was, it came from a tree. Both prepared their weapons in case it was a demon. When they got closer Shippo recognized what it was and jumped into the tree.

“Shippo!” Miroku called.

“It’s Kagome’s bike. They were here, Inuyasha had to put it up here. But where are they?”

“Look, down there, it’s a campsite. Let’s check it out.” Miroku pointed at the circle of rocks.

On the ground, they were sure it was Inuyasha and Kagome’s campsite. Shippo found the manga that Inuyasha had been reading. Looking around for other clues, Sango walked over to the hot spring.

“Miroku, come look at this!” Miroku and Shippo came running. When they reached Sango, she was pointing at the ground. In the ground there were deep grooves, the kind made by the tetsusaiga.

“He used the wind scar, so he had to have fought a demon.” Miroku walked around a bit. “I don’t sense the presence of any other demon, so it’s safe now. There’s no blood, so maybe no one was hurt.”

“But they left Kagome’s bike. Why if they were all right?” Shippo jumped on Miroku.

“Inuyasha can travel faster on foot. If they had to get somewhere quickly, it would make sense to leave it behind. Since he put up in the tree its safe enough. Let’s get back in the sky.”

“Wait Miroku. Kirara is tired. Let’s have some lunch then leave, it’s still early and there’s plenty of day left.

“Of course Sango. Sorry Kirara. Come on Shippo let’s rest a little.”

Once Kirara had eaten and rested for a while they took off again. Before long they saw a hut, it was familiar to them.

“Hey, that’s the hut we stayed in while you and Kirara were sick from Naraku’s miasma. Inuyasha and Kagome walked to Jinenji’s from here. We should be close now!” Shippo was getting excited.

“Indeed it is. Sango?”
“Yep, head that way Kirara.”


It was late afternoon and Kagome and Inuyasha were lying down, dozing. Jinenji’s mom was cooking and Jinenji was sorting some herbs. It had been another nice day and everyone was feeling well.

Inuyasha had just made Kagome more comfortable against his chest when a sound pricked his ears then he caught their smell.

“Damn it all. They got here sooner than I thought they would.” He mumbled, his time alone with Kagome was over. Placing a hand on her face, he leaned over and kissed her awake.

“Mmm… Is it time to eat?” Kagome smiled sleepily up at him.

Unable to resist, he smiled back at her. “Not just yet but we’ve got company. Looks like Miroku and the others have found us. Should be landing in a moment. Come on, I’ll help you up.” Inuyasha helped her to sit up then he got up and moved the screen aside.

“Food’s not quite ready yet. You can rest some more.” The old woman said.

“Yeah, I know but we’ve got company coming.” Inuyasha bent down to pick up the tetsusaiga .

Seeing Inuyasha put on his sword, Jinenji got up and reached for the club he kept in case of unwanted demons. “Is it more than one demon?”

Inuyasha smiled, “Only two but don’t worry, they’re our friends. Looks like they finally decided to find out why we didn’t come back on time. Come on Jinenji, I’ll introduce you.

Kirara had just landed when Inuyasha stepped outside. She growled a hello and the others called out to him. Shippo bounded over and onto Inuyasha’s head.

“Inuyasha! You’re all right! Where have you been? Where’s Kagome?”

“Yes, Inuyasha. Where is Kagome?” Sango had reached him but stopped when Jinenji came out of the hut. “Miroku?” Sango gripped her weapon.

“Hold it Sango. Don’t you remember? We told you Jinenji was big. Jinenji, this is Sango, Miroku, Shippo and Kirara. Everyone, Jinenji.”

“Hello, welcome to my home. Kagome’s waiting inside and we were just about to eat supper. Please come in.”

Still a little stunned by the big man, they all followed him quietly inside. Once inside they saw Kagome sitting against the far wall. Immediately Shippo perked up and jumped to the floor. He was all set to run to Kagome and hop into her arms when Inuyasha caught him by the tail.

“Hey! What’ wrong? Let me go! I wanna go hug Kagome!”

“Not like that. Kagome’s been hurt and is still weak. I won’t have you tackling her when she’s not up to it.” Inuyasha set him down then moved over to Kagome.

Kagome smiled up at him and raised her arms so Inuyasha could pick her up. “Thanks. I really missed Shippo but I didn’t want him jumping on me.”

“No problem.” He gave her a quick grin.

Sango and Miroku looked at each other then at Kagome and Inuyasha. They really had missed a few things. Apparently there was a good story to be told not to mention the new affection between the two.

Inuyasha carried Kagome over to the fire and sat down with her in his lap. The others sat as well. Once settled comfortably on Inuyasha, Kagome held out her arms for Shippo.

“Gently.” Inuyasha said softly.

Now a little hesitant, Shippo walked over to Kagome and let her pick him up. Her arms shook a little. Shippo frowned up at her.

“Are you all right Kagome?” He hugged her but backed away when he noticed she was still shaking.

“I’ll be fine, I’m just really weak right now.” She held out a hand to Sango, who grabbed hold of it. “It’s good to see you. You all look well rested. Did everything go okay in your village?”

“Yes, we were able to make some repairs and lounge around too. Kagome? What happened to you?”

“Hey Kagome. I’d like to know that as well. We came upon your old campsite and found your bike.” Miroku spoke up.

“Now, let’s wait on that a bit. Supper’s ready so why don’t we eat something and then Inuyasha can tell you the details. I’m Jinenji’s ma by the way.” She filled bowls and for a while all you could hear was the sounds of people eating.

Again, Miroku lifted an eyebrow as he watched Inuyasha feed Kagome. He looked over at Sango and saw she was staring as well. Clearing his throat, he got her attention and shook his head so she would stop staring.

The old woman grinned to herself and enjoyed her meal.

“Thank you for feeding us especially since we just showed up out of nowhere.” Sango bent her head.

“Well, it was really no problem, Kagome and Inuyasha figured you show up here sooner or later so I’ve been fixing extra food for a couple days now.”

Miroku looked over at the two, Kagome was now between Inuyasha’s legs and leaning against his chest. “Do you feel up to telling us what happened, Kagome?”

“Yeah, some of it any way. Inuyasha will tell the rest of the story.” Kagome laced her fingers through his and began talking.

“You said you had found our campsite, right? Okay, so you must have seen the hot spring. We’d been traveling for a while and here was a chance for a hot bath. After eating I went in but neither of us knew that a water demon had made that pool its home. At first every thing was fine but before I knew it, it pulled me under. I don’t remember much after that, only seeing Inuyasha enter the water. The next thing I remember is waking up here.” Kagome finished and smiled at Jinenji and his mother.

“A water demon. Well that explains why Inuyasha didn’t know a demon was there. He couldn’t smell it. I wondered how you could be attacked with him around.”

“Kagome? What kind of demon was it?” Sango wanted to know.

“I don’t know, only that it was kind of like an octopus.”

“Oh! Those have a nasty toxin that usually…” She didn’t finish because she realized that Kagome was very lucky to be alive.

“That’s right, girl. Most people would have died after being attacked by that particular demon. I was amazed she was still alive when I heard about it too. But Kagome here has a very strong soul and will to live. Not to mention that Inuyasha got her here in record time.”

“Wow, Kagome. Inuyasha? How’d you save her if you couldn’t smell the demon?” Shippo was wide eyed.

“I couldn’t smell the demon but I could smell Kagome. Suddenly I lost her scent and she wasn’t humming any longer. I called out but when she didn’t answer I went looking. When I reached the water and saw what was happening, I jumped in and saved her.” Inuyasha shrugged like it was no big deal.

“Kagome, did the toxin affect you right away?”

“Actually I don’t know but I guess so since I can’t remember. Inuyasha?”

“Why do you need all the little details? Kagome’s going to be fine, isn’t that enough?”

“Come on Inuyasha. We haven’t seen you guys in over a week and while we were away one of you was hurt. We’d just like to know what went on. I’m impressed by your ability to do the impossible, where Kagome’s concern. Jinenji’s mom said you got her here quickly. You must have been flying.” Miroku turned to Jinenji. “Inuyasha can grow in strength and it looks like he can fly whenever Kagome’s in danger.” He smiled at Inuyasha who was frowning.

“Leave it alone Miroku.” He looked away and wasn’t going to speak again until Kagome spoke.

“Please, tell it all. You didn’t tell me everything either.”

Huffing Inuyasha told the rest of it. “After I got you out, you said you were tired and needed to rest, so I put you in your sleeping bag. You seemed fine but soon you were having some type of reaction. I got you to tell me what to do and then we came here. End of story.”

“Huh. Not quite. This boy was very worried about his girl so I had him help me out. He helped give her the medicine and sat up with her all night. He did everything and more would hardly eat, he was so worried. Yep, that’s a good man you got their Kagome.” The old woman laughed as Inuyasha turned red.

“Hey Inuyasha? Will you be my nurse when I get sick?” Shippo asked grinning.

“I’d probably toss you in the nearest river.” Everyone had a good laugh.

“So why didn’t you come and let us know what was going on, when Kagome was feeling better? It wouldn’t have taken you very long to come and get us.” Sango questioned.

“Get real Sango. Can’t you see there was no way he was going to leave Kagome? Not even to get us.” Miroku shook his head at her.

“For once the monk got it right. Figured you come looking when we didn’t come back in a week. Besides Kagome still needs me to help her get around.”

“He’s right. I’m very weak and it will be a while yet before I’ll be able to leave here. I don’t want to head home like this and worry my family. So Jinenji and his mom said that it was okay if we all stay here awhile.”

“Right and on that note, I think we should all get some sleep. We rise early on the farm and we should get a lot done, don’t you think Jinenji? All this extra help and all.”

Jinenji rose and helped his ma to her feet. “Well goodnight everyone. Inuyasha knows where you all can sleep. See you in the morning.”

Inuyasha figured that his sleeping next to Kagome was over, so he didn’t plan on it. Moving the screen out a little he made room for the five of them. Shippo as always, went to Kagome’s sleeping bag, Sango next to her on a pallet and Miroku was going to sit up against the wall opposite from Inuyasha.

The others dropped off quickly, searching and worrying had tired them out. Kagome not yet asleep looked over at Inuyasha and whispered, “I miss you beside me.”

Inuyasha looked at the others then, “The hell with it.” He moved to her side away from Shippo and pulled her close.

Miroku who had been dozing, woke when Inuyasha moved, he lifted and eyebrow and smiled when he saw the two of them together. Romance was in the air and with that thought went to sleep.

Friends Reunited

In the morning, Inuyasha woke first, not wanting to be found sleeping with Kagome by his friends. He really hated to leave her, before leaving he ran a hand through her hair and kissed her cheek. Quietly he left the hut. Kirara had woken and followed him out and Miroku who figured Inuyasha would leave before everyone woke up also got up and went outside.

Miroku saw him sitting against a tree with Kirara, watching the sunrise. For a while they sat in silence.

“So, how bad was it really?”

“Damn it Miroku! I’m trying to forget it, not remember it!” He didn’t say anything else right away then spoke softly. “It was terrifying. Once I’d saved her she seemed well but when she got so sick… it was …if she hadn’t come to long enough to tell me to come here, I might have lost her. I should have sensed the demon, damn it.” Inuyasha’s fist hit the ground. Kirara mewed up at him and crawled into his lap. He stroked her and calmed down.

“You couldn’t have known and blaming yourself won’t change anything. Besides she’s going to be all right.” Miroku paused then grinned. “I would have loved seeing you run or should I say flying here. It must have been a sight.”

Inuyasha grinned a little. “Oh shut up. I had to get her here quickly. I’m glad the old lady knew what she was doing. But the treatment was bad too; she suffered from the toxin leaving her body. That’s why she’s so weak. Don’t know when she’ll be up to traveling.”

“Hmm, sounds rough but you both got through it because you had each other. Kagome will be back to normal in no time.”

Inside Sango was awake and noticing that the boys were gone joined Jinenji who was fixing breakfast.

“Can I help?” The two soon had a meal ready and Shippo woke up hungry. He was sent outside to get the others.

“Breakfast!” He landed on Inuyasha’s shoulder.

“So Shippo, did you have to watch Miroku all the time while you were away?”

“Nah, but he did get some smacks. I probably missed some.”

“Hey! I did my best not to touch her but when it’s right there in front of me, how can I resist?”

Inuyasha let out a laugh, “Still the pervert.”

Everyone ate then went outside to work in the garden. Kagome was still sleeping and didn’t wake until later in the morning. Inuyasha had been listening for her and when he heard her, walked back to the hut.

“Inuyasha?” Shippo called.

“Kagome’s awake, Sango could you come too? She’ll need help dressing.”

The three went inside and Kagome was leaning against the wall. Shippo started for her then remembered to take it easy. He went and gave her a quick hug.

“Morning Kagome.” Sango stood to one side as Inuyasha helped Kagome to stand. For a moment the two just stared at each other. “Inuyasha why don’t you get some food for Kagome and I’ll let you know when we’re done.”

Inuyasha and Shippo left the girls and Sango helped Kagome to dress while they talked.

“So Kagome, what exactly is going on between you and Inuyasha? I mean I know he’s been taking care of you but there’s something more. The two of you seem so-intimate with each other.”

“Noticed that, huh? I don’t really know. This attack frightened both of us really bad and we started treating each other like maybe we wouldn’t have the next day together. Every moment together is precious. Being attacked was like a blessing in disguise, not that I wanted to be attacked and almost die but it has helped our relationship. This tender side of Inuyasha amazes and delights me. I know he feels guilty for not preventing the attack and I don’t blame him for it, so I hope that’s not the reason he’s treating me this way. So I guess I don’t have an answer. Whatever is going on between us, I plan to enjoy and treasure it for as long as it lasts.”

“You’re right, it’s complicated. This new side to Inuyasha is well, so unreal to the gruff guy we’re so used to. I guess I’ll just adjust to it. Now if only Miroku would change from being a lecherous monk, to something better.” Sango sighed and shook her head.

“Oh come on, Sango. Even with as annoying as he can be, you wouldn’t want him to change too much. Now I’m ready to eat. Inuyasha?”

Inuyasha appeared and moved the screen aside. He picked up Kagome and started to go outside. Shippo followed with Kagome’s breakfast. While carrying her he spoke in low tones.

“I do feel guilty about not finding the demon before it attacked you but that’s not why I’m acting different. I guess, I just really care about you and want you to know it. I’m glad that you like what’s happening between us because I like it too.”

“Inuyasha, you’re not supposed to listen to girl-talk, but in this case I’m glad you did.” She kissed him on the cheek very near his mouth then put her head on his shoulder.

The gang spent another four days at Jinenji’s place. They talked a lot, helped with the farm, visited the village and enjoyed each other’s company while Kagome recuperated. Thoughts of the shikon jewel never came up. On the fifth day it was decided that Kagome was well enough to travel so they were preparing to leave when Kagome felt the presence of a jewel shard coming from the village.

Nobody really wanted to go after it but knew they couldn’t let a jewel shard slip through their fingers. Kagome was told to stay with Jinenji while the others went after the shard.

Once they reached the village, many people were running into their homes to hide from the demon. At first, because of the people running around scared, they were unable to see the demon. Inuyasha could smell it but before he had a chance to find it, it got away. There were a few people dead and others hurt from trying to hide. Everyone ended up staying one more day just to help out and the jewel was long gone.

The following day, they started out early. Kagome had all the herbs Kaede had asked for and some food for the journey back to Kaede’s. They took it easy and along the way met a few people but had no trouble at all. Soon enough they reached the infamous hot spring. After retrieving Kagome’s bike from the tree Inuyasha wanted to keep going but Kagome had other ideas.

Let’s Share a Bath

Sango, Miroku and Shippo had moved a distance away so the two could talk. “Inuyasha, I think we should stay here tonight. It’s a nice place now that there’s no demon around.”

“No! Why in the hell would you want to stay here? You could have died here or have you forgotten that.” He crossed his arms and looked away from her.

Quietly, “No, I haven’t forgotten and I won’t get over it unless we stay here. Inuyasha, sooner or later we’ll be by this way again and this is a perfect spot to camp in. If we stay here and have a nice normal time, the fear of this place will go away, for both of us. Don’t you want that?” Kagome was standing behind him, head resting on his back.

“Of course I want that but I just don’t want to stay here. We could move a little further away, how about that?”

“No, that won’t do. We need to stay in the same spot and I need to bathe in that spring.”

He turned around and grabbed her shoulders. “Absolutely not! No way! I’m not putting you at risk again.”

“You destroyed the demon, Inuyasha. It’s safe now; both you and Miroku can double-check it to be sure. It’s what I want to do.” She smiled up at him and put her hands on his hips and moved closer. “We can help each other Inuyasha.”

Inuyasha liked her close but figured she was up to something. “How?”

“When I go to bathe, why don’t you join me?” Kagome laughed a little at his shocked expression. “Oh come on, fair’s fair. Jinenji’s mom told me you gave me a bathe to wash away the toxin. Now it’s my turn to see and wash you.”

Inuyasha was red in the face. “She shouldn’t have told you. I…I was just trying to help you.”

“I know and appreciate it but now I want a chance to return the favor.” Kagome was serious and Inuyasha began to realize she wasn’t teasing him.

“What about the others? We can’t hide what we’d be doing.”

“We’ll wait until Shippo goes to sleep and as for Miroku and Sango…?” She shrugged. “I don’t really care. They both know our relationship has changed and hopefully they’ll take it in stride, at least Miroku will, any way. Please Inuyasha? Let’s have this time together, it might be awhile before it happens again.”

Inuyasha embraced her and was quiet for a while. “Okay, let’s do it.” When Kagome again smiled up at him, he looked to see where the others were and when he didn’t see them, kissed her.

Later that evening, Kagome had a chance to speak with Sango and Inuyasha with Miroku, for now they were leaving Shippo out of the loop. Sango voiced her apprehensions with Miroku as she watched Kagome and Inuyasha walk hand in hand to the spring.

“I … I just can’t believe that the two of them are going to bathe together. What could Kagome be thinking? Besides that, they’ve always been so shy with one another and now they’re both going to be nude.” Sango shook her head, seemingly unable to take it all in.

“Well all I can say is, Inuyasha is one lucky dog.” Miroku laughed as he realized what he just said. When Sango looked over at him, “What? I don’t really see a big problem. Their feelings for each other have become deeper, stronger than before. An illness can do that, make you feel like you should spend more time with the one you care most about and there’s no doubt in my mind that Kagome’s that person for Inuyasha. His feelings for Kikyo are juvenile compared to what he now feels for Kagome. I think its good they want this private time with one another. It may be a while before they get another chance like this.”

“Yes, you make a good point but I just don’t know if it’s right or not. This is a big decision and a big step to take.” Sango stared at Miroku and wondered if he’d ever feel something real for her.

“It’s their decision and step to take and we can’t make it for them. We’ll just have to be happy for them and be there for them.” Miroku crossed his arms; he didn’t have anymore to say on the subject. He did wish Sango would drop off to sleep so he could go take a peek. He sighed heavily.

Wet Together

Standing by the side of the hot spring, Inuyasha wanted to be sure that Kagome wanted this, “Are you sure? I can wait here until you’re finished, I won’t mind.”

“But I will. Don’t back out on me now Inuyasha.” Kagome stared at him intently.

“Never. I’ll be with you always.”

She smiled, “Good, now help me out of my clothes.” Inuyasha did as he was told. Before allowing Kagome anywhere near the spring, he checked thoroughly and then had Miroku check it as well. It was free of any demon presence. Once her clothes were off, Inuyasha picked her up and carried Kagome to some rocks where she could sit and watch him. Per her request, he was to undress for her, give her a little show.

Kagome made herself comfortable and rested her chin on her knees. Smiling softly, “Go ahead, I’m ready.”

Inuyasha was embarrassed, royally embarrassed but wasn’t about to stop now. He removed his outer shirt then the other. He was used to Kagome seeing this much of him, now came new territory. Reaching for his belt, he pulled it loose; Inuyasha stood only in a loincloth.

“Oh my.” Kagome said huskily. The water was warm but now she was becoming a little heated.

At her words the loincloth began to fill out. Inuyasha turned around and pulled this down quickly and showed his firm backside first. Both took deep breaths as he turned back around. He was firm and upstanding. The hair around his groin was as silver as the hair on his head.

“Wow.” Kagome smiled fully and sat up, held out her arms. “Come here.”

Inuyasha waded over to her. They stood just staring at one another then came together.

“Your skin is so soft.” His hand traveled up and down her back and over her buttocks. Her breasts were pressed against his chest and he cupped her to bring her ever closer to him.

Kagome’s hands were copying his and she marveled at the strength in him. His claws raked her lightly making her shiver with the thrill of it. Lifting her head she smiled, “I like this, I like it a lot.”

Inuyasha laughed deeply and full of joy. Back at the campsite, Sango and Miroku heard this. Sango was shocked but Miroku just shook his head and again thought what a luck dog his friend was.

Inuyasha was kissing Kagome and thought he’d better stop before things got out of hand. “Hey, I thought we were here to take a bath.” At her nod, he moved her away from him and picked up her shampoo.

Kagome was sighing with pleasure as Inuyasha washed her hair. He knew exactly how to use those claws of his and proved that they were more than just a way to protect himself.

Inuyasha was enjoying this too; her pleasure was his. Next he washed her lovely back and rounded curves. When he turned her around, her face was flushed and filled with excitement.

“Hmm, what to do with these?” He cupped her breasts and stroked her nipples with his thumbs. Grabbing the soap he took his time lathering them. After rinsing away the soap he couldn’t resist taking a taste of one of her nipples. He switched from one to the other, seeming to really enjoy the flavor of her skin.

“Oh Inuyasha, you’re going to drive me insane.” Her hands reached out and grabbed his hips. Inuyasha suckled a little longer before standing again.

“That was fun but now to move on to those lovely long legs of yours.” Picking her up, he put her back on the rocks; with the soap in his hands he started washing her feet. Inuyasha looked up and wiggled his eyebrows when she jerked and began to giggle.
“Oh, so you’re ticklish, good to know.”

Kagome was delighted at this playful side of Inuyasha but she quieted down when he moved between her legs. He washed her calves and moved up to her knees.
“Almost done, lean back.” Slowly he soaped her thighs moving ever closer to her dark curls.

Anticipating his touch, she moaned even before he touched her. Lying flat against the rock, Kagome lost herself in his touch. Inuyasha was thorough; at first he just massaged her but soon opened her nether lips to view the pink flesh. He glanced up at her; Kagome had her eyes closed, biting her lip. Next he touched her bud and her hips raised up from the rock. Inuyasha paid special attention there as well as entering her lush body with one then two fingers.

Kagome tossed her head, she didn’t know how much more she could stand; her moment was close, hips high, she came. She didn’t scream, she had no voice but as her body relaxed, all she could say was his name.

Inuyasha thought she was beautiful. He moved closer, leaned over her and kissed her passionately. His groin rested against hers and both were shaking with how much they wanted to go further. Soon Inuyasha rested his weight on his forearms. Kagome was smiling with her eyes closed.

“I guess that smile means you’re all right?”

“Better than all right. Wonderful in fact, couldn’t be better.” Opening her eyes Kagome stared at him lovingly. She reached up and ran her hand through his hair. “Thank you. I’m glad we’re able to share this. No one could have made me feel this way but you.”

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Well written, but I hate InuYasha.

This belongs in fanfiction section.
QUOTE(Mustang's Apprentice @ May 24 2005, 11:28 AM)
Well written, but I hate InuYasha.

This belongs in fanfiction section.

Well thanks for the compliment on the writing. I wasn't sure it should go there since it wasn't FMA.
I adore Inuyasha! Well written, well written! I love it! YAYNESS! SMUTTY GOODNESS! Even though it was just a little.....xD
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ah ha, nicely done!
dry.gif Hey guys, I was in a hurry yesterday and didn't realize that the whole story wasn't there, so here's the rest of it. Thanks for reading it!


“I’m glad. I loved watching you almost as much as touching you.” They stared a little while longer then Inuyasha spoke again. “I’d better move before we take this a step further than planned.” He truly had to make himself move because he really liked their current position too much.

“Right. Now it’s your turn, sir.” Inuyasha helped her to sit up then stand. After taking a quick swim she returned to him. She had him sit so that she could wash his hair. “I’ve been dying to get my hand in this mass of gorgeous hair.”

Inuyasha loved it. This was a new experience for him. If he ever got the chance to have her wash his hair again, he would jump at the chance. She took her time because he was obviously enjoying it but soon it was time to move on.

Kagome followed the same routine that Inuyasha had used on her. After his hair came his back and buns. “Those pants of yours hide a really great butt. It’s so firm; must be from all the running that you do.” Kagome spent more than a few minutes running her hands over him.

Inuyasha had to clear his throat before speaking. “Well, thanks. Didn’t realize you liked backsides before.”

“I didn’t know either until I saw yours. Have I told you how great your body looks? All tight and muscular. It gives a girl a thrill to touch and be held by you.” When he kept silent, she knew he was blushing.

Moving to face him, she began washing his chest paying special attention to his nipples. Inuyasha appeared to like that. As she moved down his penis was against his belly. Kagome avoided touching it for now. Looking up at him, “Now it’s time for those long legs of yours.”

He sat and she began with his feet, finding out that he too was ticklish. “Ha! So now I know something about you too.”

Inuyasha was in a state of high sexual tension and yet he was having the time of his life. He and Kagome were joking and kidding with each other. The world consisted of the two of them and this hot spring. Again he marveled at all the wonderful changes she had made to his life. Overwhelmed he leaned forward, grabbed her face and kissed her.

“What was that for?” She smiled.

“No reason, just glad you’re here. Please continue, you’re just about to get to the best part, of me.” Inuyasha laughed as he said it.

“Indeed, then should I hurry?”

“No, no, take your time. I’ll just lie back and enjoy it.”

Kagome couldn’t stop smiling. Slowly and carefully she washed his legs enjoying the play of his leg muscles. As she reached his groin, she stopped and stared, a little hesitant.

Inuyasha was propped up on his elbows, watching her. “You don’t have to Kagome. We can stop now if you want.”

“No, I don’t want to stop. I just like looking at you. No, I want to touch you and more.” Smiling she brushed her hands against him and it jumped slightly. Using a firmer touch, Kagome wrapped both hands around his penis. When Inuyasha gasped she looked back at his face, questioningly.

“I’m fine, just been waiting for you to do exactly that.” He shuddered heavily when she began stroking him.

Kagome was entranced, Inuyasha’s strength was evident even here. He’s quite marvelous, she thought. She looked up when Inuyasha lay back on the rocks, unable to sit up any longer.

“Harder, Kagome.” His voice was harsh, urgent.

Kagome really got into; had a good rhythm going. She thought he was really close now. Inuyasha’s face was a mixture of pain and pleasure; determined to give him a release, Kagome increased the speed of her hands. It didn’t take long, Inuyasha came, came hard. He lay against the rocks breathing heavily. This time it was Kagome who moved closer and rested on his chest. They were quiet for a long time.

“Kagome? You all right?” She’d been silent for so long, he thought maybe she was sleeping but then she kissed his chest.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I keep thinking we should move but I really don’t want to. I’d like to sleep just like this with you all night.”

“I’d like that too.” He sat up. “How about a nice swim before heading back?” They swam like the lovers they were. Rubbing against one another and kissing at every opportunity. Finally they started for the shore.

“I guess we should get back. Inuyasha I hope we get a chance to do this again.” Kagome looked at him, wanting him to agree with her.

He smiled, “I hope so too. We’ll find a way, I promise.” They helped each other dress, still moving slowly to prolong their time together. When dressed they walked, holding hands back to the campsite.

Sango and Miroku were dozing when the two returned. Miroku smiled at them, never had they looked happier and each deserved it.

“Decided to get out before you turned into prunes, huh?”

“Still awake? Miroku, tell me you didn’t spy on us.” Inuyasha’s fist came up.

Soberly, “No, Inuyasha. I didn’t. I admit to being curious but seeing how good you guys look, I’d say the bath went well.”

Inuyasha’s smile quirked. “You could say that.” Kagome punched his arm and turned to Sango who had called her name.

“Are you all right?” Sango still didn’t know what to make of it but figured she’d follow Kagome’s lead.

Going over to Sango, Kagome hugged her and whispered in her ear. “Everything’s fine. It couldn’t be better. Relax Sango, it’s okay really.”

Sango stared at her noticing how happy and relaxed she was. She nodded hugged Kagome again. “I’m happy for you.”

Inuyasha had pulled out her sleeping bag and was waiting on her to join him. Both of them got in and cuddled together.

Miroku raised his eyebrows at this and Inuyasha rose up on an elbow to talk them. “Well goodnight, don’t stay up too long you guys.” Grinning he settled next to Kagome and closed his eyes.

Happy for them, Miroku looked at Sango, “Well how do you like that and here I was hoping for a few details.”

“Miroku, can’t you stop being a pervert for five minutes?” Sango was smiling as she said this. Moving closer to him she whispered, “They really do seem happy, I hope they know what they’re doing.”

“Don’t worry so much Sango. Right here and right now, they’re happy and with us and since Naraku is still seeking the jewel shards, things are most likely going to get worse. Don’t trouble them with making them feel guilty about sharing a pleasurable bath together.” Miroku finished a little sternly and settled down to sleep.

Sango knew he had a point and decided to give them a break and keep her feelings to herself.

Return to Kaede’s

The next morning, again Inuyasha was up early but before leaving Kagome he hugged and kissed her warmly. First he checked the area, making sure they were still safe from any attacks, then he relaxed and waited for the others to wake up.

When they were done with breakfast, they set off again for home. It was a fun trip; Inuyasha showed everyone how well he could ride Kagome’s bike. They rode part of the way with Kagome on the handlebars. On the day they reached the village, Kagome sensed a jewel shard. Immediately they headed for Kaede’s hut.

Kaede stepped outside when she heard their calls. “Kagome, finally back are you? Are you well, I’ve been worried.”

“I’m fine Kaede. Tell me, do you have a jewel shard?”

“Why no. Do you sense one here?” She began to look around wondering where it could be.

“Lady Kaede, just before we left Jinenji’s, Kagome sensed a shard and there was a demon attack. It got away before we could kill it. It could be the same demon.” Miroku was also looking about.

“Well it’s here somewhere. Kagome lead the way and we’ll get the bastard this time.” Inuyasha flexed his fingers and readied his claws.

Kaede grabbed two bows and some arrows and followed. Before they reached the main part of the village, screams were heard. Inuyasha bounded off with Miroku on his heels, leaving the women to follow.

The demon turned out to be a huge bee. It was trapping victims by expelling some kind of sticky sap to hold them in place, then using its stinger to suck the life out of them.

“Iron Reaper Soul Stealer!” Inuyasha freed some trapped villagers. “All right demon, let’s get it on!”

The demon flew higher away from Inuyasha. “You want to share in my meal? I can arrange that. There’s plenty here and with jewel shard I’m quite powerful.”

“Dream on, I’m here to kill you and that jewel shard won’t help you at all.”

“Oh! You wish to fight me, half demon? This should be fun and when I’m done, I’ll absorb your powers too.”

“Kagome! Where’s the jewel shard?” Inuyasha jumped back as some sap came his way.

She focused on the demon. “It’s in the head, aim for its head!”

Jumping Inuyasha used his claws on the demon but was brushed aside by its huge wings. “Damn it!” He was just pulling out his sword when some sap glued him in place.

Sango’s weapon went flying toward the bee demon and hit it but that just made things worse. The demon divided into two separate, smaller bees. One of them headed for Kagome sensing she had more jewel shards. Miroku jumped in front of her and sent some sutras at it. The demon was burned and it backed away from Kagome. Angry the demon decide on Miroku for its next meal and shot some sap at him. Quick, Miroku deflected the sap with a spin of his staff.

Sango tried again to kill the bees, hit one and again it divided into two bees, now there were four of them.

“Damn it, Sango, quit! You’re only making more of them.” Inuyasha yelled and finally succeeded in freeing himself from the sap. Looking up, he yelled out for Kagome to watch out.

Kagome had been helping free some of the villagers trapped in sap when one of the bees came at her from behind and stuck its stinger in her. She yelled out as she went to the ground.

Out came the tetsusaiga with the wind scar already whirling around it, with one quick slice the bee was no more. Inuyasha ran to her and picked her. No not again, was all that was running through his mind.

“Kagome? Kagome, please! Are you all right?”

Kagome took a moment to catch her breath, and then smiled up at him. “I’m fine, really. You got it before it could hurt me. I’m sore where the stinger went in but that’s all.” She kissed his cheek. “Now put me down and go get the rest of them.” She lost her breath when he hugged her tight before getting back in the fight.

“Sango, Shippo come stay with Kagome!” He stayed by her side until they arrived. Miroku was currently fighting one or a least holding it back with sutras. He was afraid to hit it in case it divided again.

“Inuyasha, it seems you’re the only one who can kill these creatures.” Miroku was a loss for breath and leaned against his staff.
“Okay then, stay back out of the way.” Inuyasha jumped over to one and quickly dispatched it, leaving two demon bees. “All right demon, it’s time to end this.” He went after them but they evaded him.

The demon bees began to fly about him very quickly, not giving Inuyasha a chance to attack them. All of a sudden, the main bee spit that sap at him again. Inuyasha was caught off guard and the tetsusaiga was knocked out of his hand. It was then that the second bee used its stinger on him. Only this time, the demon wasn’t only draining his energy but it was also poisoning him. It was the sap, it was different.

The main bee laughed, “Fool! We could have shared these humans but now not only will I have your energy but you’ll die as well. That is no ordinary sap, it should already be burning your flesh away.”

Miroku didn’t know what to do, he knew he couldn’t hit the bees and they were too close to Inuyasha to use his wind tunnel. He pulled out some more sutras to at least get them away from Inuyasha.

“Inuyasha!” Kagome pulled away from Sango and was trying to stand when she felt her bow. Her arrow could kill it. The bee hadn’t drained her energy but just being stung and her previous illness was making her weak. Kneeling she aimed, Sango seeing her wobble came up behind her to steady her. The arrow hit the mark and the bee blew apart.

Miroku seeing his chance used his wind tunnel to clean up. There was only one left but then he took a good look at Inuyasha. The demon said it had poisoned him and without the tetsusaiga, Inuyasha was in danger of turning into a full demon.

Inuyasha knew he was in trouble, he could felt he change starting to come over him. If he didn’t get his sword soon he’d change into a full demon. He wasn’t strong enough to break free this time, then he had an idea. Kagome’s arrow.

“Kagome! I need you to shoot an arrow at me!” It was getting harder to think clearly.

“Shoot you? No!” She thought he meant for her to shoot him, to stop him from changing again. No way would she ever kill him.

“Shoot…the sap! Free me!” His claw and fangs were growing, it wouldn’t be long now.

“Oh Sango, please help me. I need a steady hand.” With Sango’s help she aimed and fired. The sap disappeared but Inuyasha remained motionless. Kagome could see him struggling to regain control of himself. She willed him to pick up his sword.

Inuyasha put his hand around the hilt of his sword, using all his willpower. In moments he began to feel like himself again. He looked over at Kagome and smiled to let her know he was fine. Raising the tetsusaiga, it transformed and the wind scar appeared.

“Now die!” Jumping high, Inuyasha aimed for the jewel shard in the demon’s head and with a downward motion the demon screamed and was no more. The jewel shard fell right into his hand as he landed. Shippo came out of hiding to land on his shoulder.

“All right! You did it Inuyasha!”

“Of course, I did.” He sheathed his sword and walked over to Kagome. Inuyasha gave the shard to Kagome then picked her up, walking back to Kaede’s hut.

“Thanks Kagome, you saved me back there.”

Kagome smiled up at him, “Anything for you Inuyasha.” She put her head on his shoulder while Shippo looked from one to the other smiling. Miroku and Sango were following right behind and chuckled while Kaede raised her eyebrows.

The rest of the day was spent helping bandage wounds and putting the village back in order. Kagome was ordered to rest because she was pale and weak again.

“I don’t think I should go home tonight. Maybe by tomorrow I’ll have more energy. I’d probably scare Mom if she saw me right now.” Kagome was in Inuyasha’s arms again, resting against his chest.

“Well, you’ve certainly had quite an adventure and even then though you’ve been gone quite a while, I too think it would be wise to regain your strength before you return. I’m tired myself, how about we say goodnight now.” Kaede was still in shock over the demon being in her village as well as the new relationship between Kagome and Inuyasha.

To Kagome’s Era

The next day was again spent helping the villagers while Kagome took it easy. Inuyasha of course mostly stayed with her. They were out in the woods by the well.

“Inuyasha, come home with me. It’s the weekend and we can just hang out and have fun. I know Sota would love to see you and we could probably find some time to be alone again. Come with me, please.”

Inuyasha was sitting with his arms crossed, listening to her. After a moment, “Sure. Hey, maybe you could take me to one of those movies you’re always talking about.” He grinned and got excited about going.

They were still smiling when Shippo joined them. “What’s up? What are you so happy about Inuyasha? Whenever Kagome’s getting ready to go home, you’re usually upset and pouting. Ow!” Inuyasha had just whacked Shippo in the head.

“Listen runt, I do not always get upset when she leaves. Anyway I’m going with her this time.” Inuyasha was smug.

“Hey, no fair! How come he can cross to your time anyway and none of us can? I wanna go!”

“Now Shippo, you know that’s not possible and if you stop teasing Inuyasha, I’ll be sure to bring you some extra goodies.”

“Promise?” He turned to look at Kagome. When she nodded, he raced to her and gave her a hug. After sitting next to Kagome he muttered, “I still don’t think it’s fair, dog-boy can go.”

“I heard that. Keep it up and I’ll make sure she forgets to bring your stuff.”

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry.” Shippo really liked the treats Kagome brought back, he could be nice, for now.

“What’s up?” Miroku and Sango walked up together.

“Inuyasha’s going to go with Kagome when she goes home.”

“Oh? Why, is there something wrong in your time, Kagome?” Sango sat down.

“Nope. I’m going for rest and fun.” Inuyasha was smiling.

“Humph. Inuyasha, I want details. Make sure you remember everything so you can tell us about it when you get back.” Miroku leaned closer to Inuyasha and spoke in an undertone. “Especially about the women.”

Inuyasha looked at Miroku, and then burst out laughing. Kagome was feeling much stronger that evening so she decided they should leave in the morning. Before going to sleep Inuyasha and Kagome took a walk, alone. Inuyasha even took them up a tree to be sure of privacy.

Snuggled together, Kagome asked, “Ready for a different kind of adventure?”

“Yeah, I really am. Just being in your house is different but nice.” They stayed for only a little while and got some kisses in before heading back.

Early the next morning, they were ready to go. Kagome didn’t wan to eat first, so she’d still catch her family at home, so they said their goodbyes and took the leap to the future. As it happened it was Friday and she did find her mom fixing breakfast when she opened the door.

“I’m home!” Mrs. Higurashi ran to her daughter and caught her in a fierce hug.

“Oh dear, you were gone so long this time. Are you all right?” Mrs. Higurashi
ran her hands over Kagome’s arms checking her. It was then she noticed Inuyasha. “Well hello. Come on in. Is everything okay?” She looked from one to the other.

Kagome pulled Inuyasha to her side and linked their fingers. “Everything’s fine and I’m fine, just a little tired. We had a busy time over there so I figured Inuyasha could use a little break too. Is it all right if he stays a few days?”

“Of course it is. You’re more than welcome, Inuyasha.” Smiling she waved a hand. “Why don’t you two clean up and I’ll set an extra place for Inuyasha.”

“Thanks Mom! Come on, let’s wash our hands.” Kagome led him to the bathroom.

Inuyasha had seen the bathroom before but it still amazed him. There were electric lights and water that came out of the walls. After washing up, the headed back to the kitchen. Sota and grandpa were there waiting.

“Sis! Inuyasha!” Sota went and hugged them both. “You’re finally back, we were worried about you.” His face was lit up as he looked at them.

“I know and I’m sorry everyone but it really couldn’t be helped. We came back as soon as we were able.” Kagome sat down as her mom began to put the food on the table.

“Will you be going to school today dear?”

Kagome had to chew her food before speaking; she had really missed her mother’s cooking.

“Nah, I’m still really tired. I thought Inuyasha and I would sit and veg in front of the TV.”

“You’re staying home? Oh Mom, can I stay home from school too?” Sota was on the edge of his seat.

“No Sota but don’t worry, Inuyasha will still be here when you get home. Inuyasha is going to be staying with us for a few days and you’ll have plenty of time with him.”

“Really? Cool!” He turned to Inuyasha, “Now you be sure to be here when I get home, okay?”

“Sure kid, plan on it.” Inuyasha smiled at him.

“Well that fine, just fine. It’s about time we got to know Kagome’s young man.” Grandpa said.

Kagome choked on her juice. “Grandpa!” Blushing she looked at Inuyasha, he too was red in the face.

“Grandpa, you shouldn’t embarrass them like that. Hurry up Sota, we need to leave soon.” Mrs. Higurashi began to clear the table.

“I’ll do that, Mom.” Kagome got up to hug her mother and brother again as they left the house.

“Now you two don’t go playing a lot of loud music and making a mess. I’m going to the shrine and since it’s the weekend, there should be plenty of tourists around to buy genuine Japanese artifacts.” The old man rubbed his hands together.

Kissing his cheek, “Go get’em Grandpa.” Kagome turned back to Inuyasha. Did you get enough to eat? I can fix some more food.”

“No I’m good. So now what do we do?” He stood looking around at all the modern appliances.

“Follow me.” Kagome went into the next room and turned on the TV. Inuyasha came over quickly.

“Is this TV? Like the movies but smaller right?” He sat down and leaned forward, enraptured.

Kagome just laughed then went back to the kitchen to clean up. When she went back, she showed him the remote control and how to work it. Inuyasha was the typical guy, he flipped through the stations every five seconds.

She left again to put away her things. It felt really good to be home again. While she was putting her dirty clothes in the hamper she thought about taking a bath and that brought up memories of her last bath with Inuyasha. Maybe Inuyasha would like to try some more wet activities, like a shower. Kagome got undressed and put on a robe, when she got downstairs; Inuyasha was exactly where she’d left him.

Inuyasha had heard her enter the room but didn’t turn away from the TV. “This is amazing and its weird, I can’t seem to look away.”

“Yeah, TV can do that to you.” Kagome moved to stand beside him for a moment. Her hand came down and rested on his head then began to stroke his hair and ears. Inuyasha responded to her touch, he pressed his head against her hand and closed his eyes. When she took her hand away, he looked up at her and swallowed.

Kagome’s robe was open and she smiled softly at him. “Come upstairs, Inuyasha. Let’s cleanup some.” She held out a hand and he took it, TV forgotten. When they got to the bathroom, Kagome slipped out of the robe and turned to Inuyasha.

“You know, I think it’s about time I got to undress you for a change.”

“Hey, anytime. All you have to do is ask.” Inuyasha smiled as she removed his shirt then pants. When she reached his loincloth, he was holding his breath. “So – um, where’s the water?”

“Oh, we’re not taking a bath, I thought you’d like to try a shower.” Kagome stepped in the tub, turned on the water and stepped under the spray. “Come join me Inuyasha, the water’s fine.”

Inuyasha thought she looked like a water nymph as she beckoned him. He stepped in and closed the door. As before the soaped one another and had lots of sexy fun. It was hard not to go all the way but like before they each found a release. Inuyasha learned that showers were just as fun as baths. They helped each other dry and get dressed again and even managed to watch a little TV before it was time for Grandpa to come home for lunch.

After lunch they sat in front of the TV again, Kagome found an all anime station and Inuyasha was hooked. That’s where they were found when Sota and Mrs. Higurashi came home, asleep.

“Aw, Mom, they’re asleep.” Sota whispered as he put his backpack down.

But Inuyasha’s ears twitched. “Hey Squirt. I’m awake.” He lifted his head and turned to look at them. Kagome stirred against his shoulder and Inuyasha started stroking her hair to settle her.

“Hey, Inuyasha! Wanna hang out with me for a while? I could show you around the temple.”

Inuyasha looked over at Mrs. Higurashi to see if it was okay with her. He noticed that she was staring at him and how tenderly he’d been stroking Kagome’s hair; even now he was running his fingers through her hair, he paused.

Mrs. Higurashi smiled at him; her daughter had her head lying very close and trustingly against Inuyasha. They made a cute couple. “Sure, you boys go hang out and I’ll call when dinner is ready. Sota be sure to change out of your school clothes first and Inuyasha, please take Kagome upstairs for me. I’m sure she’ll rest better in her bed and I don’t want to wake her.”

“Okay Mom. I’ll meet you outside, okay?” As soon as he saw Inuyasha nod, Sota ran to his room to change.

Inuyasha stood then leaned down to pick Kagome up. “Come on Kagome.” He coaxed. He shifted in order to put his arm around her back and under her knees, even asleep Kagome responded and made it easy for him to pick her up.

Once he had her in his arms, Kagome placed a hand on his chest over his heart and whispered his name. Inuyasha blushed and looked at Mrs. Higurashi, who’d been watching. She just smiled and waved him towards the stairs. He met Sota on the stairs and told him he’d be right there.

“Okay, I’ll grab us some snacks. See you outside.”

In Kagome’s room, he laid her on her bed and after making sure they were alone, he kissed her lips lightly. He covered her lightly then removed his sword. He kind of felt awkward without it but this time, at least for now, it wasn’t needed.

Just as he was about to step outside Mrs. Higurashi stopped him. “Kagome’s going to be all right, isn’t she? She looks worn out.”

“Yes. It’s just – well, what happened was…” He didn’t know what if anything to tell her. He couldn’t remember if Kagome told them what all happened in the warring states era.

“It’s okay; you don’t have to tell me what happened. Inuyasha, it seems to me that you and my daughter are becoming quite close, is that right?”

“Uh, yeah I mean, yes ma’am. Kagome’s become the best friend I ever had. I’ll do anything for her and I will always protect Kagome with my very life.” Inuyasha hoped she understood that he would die for Kagome.

Mrs. Higurashi just stared at him for a moment then smiled and walked over to him. Her hands framed his face, “Thank you for taking such good care of Kagome and caring for her. I want you to know that you are welcome in my home anytime that you would like to visit.” Mrs. Higurashi kissed his reddened cheek and held him close.

Inuyasha hesitated then hugged her back fiercely. He had missed the feel of a mother’s touch. He knew then that he could think of her like a mother and felt even closer to Kagome. She was sharing her family with him.

Both their eyes were wet when they pulled back. To lighten the moment she raised her hands to his ears.
“May I?” Inuyasha laughed and nodded. He found he could let the women of this family get away with a lot.

“I love your ears and all this beautiful hair. Okay now, go on out, Sota’s waiting for you. Have fun and I’ll call you later for dinner.”

“Okay, thanks. Thanks for everything.” Inuyasha headed outside and saw Sota sitting on a bench waiting for him.

“Everything okay? Mom said she wanted to talk to you.”

“Everything’s good, great. So, show me the temple.” Inuyasha couldn’t believe how much fun he was having with Sota, of course the hero worship was kind of nice. Sota and Grandpa showed him the temple and grounds and when Inuyasha got a look at his tree, he knew he had to climb it. Sota wanted to go too, so up they went. Inuyasha found a great spot with a view of the city. The two stayed up there until they were called.

Kagome slept until the smell of cooking food woke her. Buo, the cat meowed, she’d been sleeping next to her. Sitting up, Kagome petted the cat then noticed Inuyasha’s sword by her. She smiled, he didn’t need it here and it was protection for her if she needed it. Kagome hugged the sword to her then got up, washed and went downstairs to help her mother.

“Hi sleepyhead. Would you set the table please?”

“Sure Mom.” Kagome looked around for Inuyasha.

“Inuyasha and Sota are outside. Sota really enjoys being with him.”

“Yeah, I think Inuyasha is enjoying it too. Shippo’s about the same age but this relationship is different. Inuyasha and Shippo are always arguing and with Sota it’s friendlier, they get along. I don’t know, it’s nice whatever it is.”

“Mmm, Kagome? Will you tell me what happened over there that has made you so tired? You seem almost exhausted although the nap seems to have helped.”

“Mom, I was attacked by a demon, but I’m going to be fine. It really zapped my strength and it’s taking me a while to bounce back. Inuyasha took very good care of me.”

“Okay, I hate that you were hurt but what you’re doing is very important so I’ll have to learn to deal with it. As for Inuyasha, the two of you are getting close, aren’t you? I talked to him and I can tell he really cares for you. Is it the same for you?”

“Oh Mom!” Kagome dropped her head as she blushed. “Well, yes. I care for Inuyasha a great deal. I don’t know what’s going to happen between us but for now, things are good and we’re happy. I guess you could say we’re living in the moment.”

Mrs. Higurashi smiled, “I’m happy for you. You two just take things slow and I’m sure everything will work out. I’ really like Inuyasha.” Mother and daughter hugged. “Dinner is all but ready, why don’t we go out and see what they’re up to?”

Once outside, they didn’t see or hear the boys anywhere. Kagome called out to them that it was time to eat.

“Coming!” Sota sounded far away and still they couldn’t see them. A flash of red caught their eyes. Inuyasha appeared with Sota on his back up in the sacred tree. In a few fantastic jumps, they were on the ground. Kagome ran over to them.

“Oh wow! Can you take me up next?” She looked down at Sota. “Was the view great?”

Sota hugged Kagome and looked up at her smiling. “You bet, the best. You can almost see the whole city. Mom, you should see it! You’ll love it, won’t she, Sis?”

Mrs. Higurashi was blinking, in shock. They had just jumped down from the sacred tree like it was nothing. Inuyasha wasn’t even out of breath.

“I…I don’t know about that. We’ll see. How about we go inside and have dinner? I’m sure Grandpa is waiting on us.” She followed the kids in, shaking her head in wonder.

They all had a good evening and when it was time for bed, Inuyasha was to sleep in Sota’s room. That where he laid down, anyway. When he was sure everyone was asleep, he went to Kagome’s room.

Expecting him, Kagome was dozing when he walked in the room. She rolled over to face him. “Hi.”

He sat next to her and stroked her cheek. “Hi. Want to go and see the city lights?”

She sat up grinning, “Sure, just let me put on some shoes.”

“You’ll need this too. It’ll be cool up in the tree.” Inuyasha put his shirt over her pajamas. When she was ready, they went to the window. Inuyasha jumped with Kagome on his back and headed straight for the tree. He went up quickly and this time found an even better spot to see the city. Soon he and Kagome were sitting in each others arms enjoying the sights.

“Oh Inuyasha, it’s beautiful. I never thought of climbing this tree before. I’m glad that you thought of it and that I can share this time with you.”

“My pleasure. I had a really good time today. I liked hanging out with Sota and your mom, she’s a special lady.”

“Mom likes you too. I can’t wait to show you the city up close and personal. Mom and I will go out and get you some clothes to wear. People don’t wear kimonos much any more. I’ll be sure to pick out different things, I want you to wear something comfortable and have a good time. Be sure to tell me what you don’t like, okay?”

“Yeah, I will but I’m sure you’ll pick the right things. Right now, just being here with you is fine. If we didn’t do anything else but sit and hold each other while I’m here, my time would be well spent.” He kissed her lightly.

“When did you learn to be so sweet?” They kissed again then turned to look at the city again. After a while they went back in and Inuyasha spent the night cuddled with Kagome.

A Day of Family Fun

The next day was Saturday and after breakfast, Mrs. Higurashi and Kagome went clothes shopping for Inuyasha. Sota in the meanwhile was going to teach Inuyasha about video games. When they returned, Sota was drafted to help Inuyasha try on clothes. There were several outfits, one very similar to a school uniform, a warm up suit and finally a pair of jeans and a sweater. Inuyasha went with the jeans and sweater, and then slipped on some loafers. The finishing touch was a hat to cover his ears.

Mrs. Higurashi, Kagome, Sota and Inuyasha went out on the town. They first went to the mall where Inuyasha basically walked around with his mouth open. All the shops, people and food smells were overwhelming. After the mall, they hit the amusement park. Inuyasha loved this. At first he thought people were being attacked, because of all the screaming. Kagome had to hold him back and tell him people were just yelling because they were having fun. The rides he most enjoyed were the ones that went really fast. The three of them had to pull him away so they could go eat lunch.

Kagome and Sota talked their mom into going to WacDonald’s. Inuyasha found that next to potato chips being his favorite snack, fries came a close second. Next came the movies, Mrs. Higurashi decided to leave that for the kids and head on home. As she watched the three of them walk away, she shed a few tears. This was the best day in a long while that she’d spent with her kids and with Inuyasha along, it just made it that much more precious.

Before entering the theater, Kagome warned Inuyasha about how much bigger the screen was compared to a TV and how loud the sound was. She didn’t want him attacking the projector. Sota thought they should see an action movie, one with lots of martial arts.

Kagome smiled all the way home. Inuyasha and Sota were talking about the movie and trying to do some the moves from the movie. It was early evening when they got back to the house. Mrs. Higurashi and Grandpa were watching the news.

“Hey, we’re home!” Sota called out.

“So Inuyasha, did you enjoy your first movie?”

“Yes! It was great; Shippo and Miroku won’t believe me when I tell them about it. I’m looking forward to the next time.”

“Mom he really loved it. We have a new Jet Li fan on our hands. These two will be trying to do martial arts moves all night, probably.” Kagome kissed her mother’s cheek.

“Now, now, I don’t want too much of that stuff done in the house. You boys can rough-house outside.” Grandpa said sternly.

“Sure thing.” Inuyasha was in a really good mood. “Mrs. Higurashi, would you like to go up in the sacred tree and see the view?” He slipped out of the new shoes, wiggled his toes, glad to be free of them.

“Well, I don’t think…” She broke off as both her children pulled her up out of the chair.

“Yes, Inuyasha she is. Come on Mom, it’s an unbelievable view. You’ll only get this chance when Inuyasha is here and next time we might never get him away from the amusement park.”

“Hey, I can’t help it, that place is fun.” Inuyasha pouted a bit then smiled.

By this time they were all outside, even Grandpa was there. He wanted to find out what all the fuss was about.

“I want to go back up too.” Sota said.

“Inuyasha, maybe you could take Sota up first then come back for Mom.” Kagome looked down at her brother. “Will you be all right up there by yourself, until Inuyasha brings Mom?”

Sota thought about it for a second, “Yeah, I can. I trust Inuyasha and besides the branches up there are really huge, I can sit down and wait for them.” Sota went to Inuyasha and climbed on his back. In a moment, they were gone.

“My word! He practically flew up there and he’s going so high! Oh no, you won’t catch me doing that and you should either.” Grandpa waggled a finger at Mrs. Higurashi.

By that time, Inuyasha had dropped back down to the ground. “Ready? I promise not to go too fast and be really careful, okay?”

“Go ahead Mom. Inuyasha’s really strong, you don’t have to worry.” Kagome added her two cents.

“Well, okay. I’ll go; I don’t want Sota up there by himself. Oh, my knees are shaking. Inuyasha, just be careful okay?” She took a deep breath as she hooked her arms around Inuyasha’s neck. Once he started for the tree, she began to strangle him that is until he patted the backs of her hands. “Sorry.” Before she knew it they were in the tree.

Inuyasha did go slower than normal; he didn’t want to frighten her any more than she already was. He wanted her to like this, this small thing he could do to show her he appreciated the way she made him feel like family.

“It’s not far now. Hey, Sota are you all right?” Inuyasha called from just below him.

“Yeah, come on up.”

Sota turned bright eyes toward his mother as they landed near him. It was indeed a large branch; the three of them could sit or stand comfortably. Inuyasha put Mrs. Higurashi down then moved so she could look out at the city. Sota went to her and they held hands as she marveled at the view. Finally she looked around at Inuyasha, who had squatted off to one side.

“Thank you Inuyasha. This is a marvelous view, I’m glad you brought me up.” She tilted her head then smiled at him. “You are really a remarkable person and I’m glad you’re a part of my family.” Now she laughed as he blushed. “All right, I won’t embarrass you any more tonight. We should go now, I’ve still got to get dinner cooked and on the table. Sota, do you want to go down first?”

“I can carry you together if you like.” Inuyasha offered.

“Oh no. That would be too much. We can go one at a time.”

“But Mom, he’s really strong, he can do it.”

“Sota, I know he can and I trust him to do it, but I’d rather we went one at a time, okay? Inuyasha?”

He stared at her and knew she spoke the truth and wasn’t offended. “Yeah, okay. Come on squirt, let’s go.”

Mrs. Higurashi watched as the descended so quickly and effortlessly. He was beautiful to watch, his movements so fluid. She turned back to the view and sighed with pleasure. It was really nice up here, peaceful. Before she knew it he was back for her. Once on his back, they went down so quick and easily that she didn’t have time to be afraid. Sota and Grandpa were at the bottom waiting on them.

“Tell Grandpa how great it was, I’ve been trying to talk him into going up too.”

“It was really quite wonderful. You should really think about it Grandpa. Inuyasha will take good care of you. Where’s Kagome?”

“She went inside to start dinner.” Sota replied.

“Well why don’t we go help her? Come on Sota. Inuyasha, thanks again.” She kissed his cheek before going in the house.

Clearing his throat, Inuyasha turned to Grandpa. “So Gramps, would you like to go up? I’ll go slow for you.”

“Um, no thank you. That’s more for you young folks, I’d probably get dizzy and fall. Nope, not for me. Let’s go inside and watch some TV.”

Dinner was fun, telling Grandpa about everything they did that day and after dinner they got a board game and laughed as they taught Inuyasha how to play it. Later after everyone else was asleep, Inuyasha went into Kagome’s room, she was waiting on him.

Kagome smiled widely, Inuyasha was wearing the PJs that she’d bought him. They were bright red like his kimono. She scooted over and pulled back the covers for him.

“You know, this was the just the best day ever. I don’t remember when we’ve had so much fun as a family. You’re good for us, Inuyasha. I think you should come over more often, then we could have more days like this. What do you think?”

“Come more often?” Inuyasha was quiet, thinking. He wanted to but he didn’t want to wear out his welcome. Things were so different here, but in many good ways and of course there was the idea of spending as much time as possible with Kagome.

”Yeah, why not? You could come for dinner some nights or on the weekends and go see a movie or back to the amusement park. Inuyasha, you could use more fun in your life. We spend a lot of time perusing Naraku and by coming here, we could be free of that for a little while, I think we both deserve that don’t you? I know you had fun today, don’t you want more of that?” Kagome was staring at him with tender eyes.

“Hey, I have never had as much fun as I had with you and your family.” Inuyasha cupped her cheek and smiled. “Your mother welcomed me as a part of your family. I don’t know if I deserve this but I’ll definitely take it as long as you and your family want me.”

“See, I knew the family liked you, especially Sota. I’ll just add this to what Mom said, please come here anytime you like. Anytime.”

“I’d love to. It’s weird, I’ve spent so much time alone and now I have a place where people want me around.”

“Well get used to it buster, if you need constant reminders that you’re wanted, I’ll do it. I not only want you around but I think I need you to be here too.” Kagome said this as she put her head on his shoulder. Neither said anything else as she drifted off to sleep.

Inuyasha was smiling; his life had never been better. The threat of Naraku was still there and he did want it over with but now his life was more. Kagome was the answer; everything was better since he met her. He had a family here in Kagome’s time and friends in his own.

There would be more battles to come but he didn’t always have to fight. By coming here, he could truly relax and be at ease. Yeah, of course he would come more often besides being able to rest; there would be the extra time with Kagome. Happy, he pulled her closer and went to sleep smiling.

Sunday turned out to be an easy day. Everyone relaxed in the morning then later went for a walk in the park. Sota taught Inuyasha how to play catch and there was a game of hide and seek which was hilarious because whenever Inuyasha was ‘it’, he could always sniff them out. That evening, Inuyasha changed back into his kimono and put his sword back on.

“Inuyasha, I packed you and your friends all foods Kagome tells me are your favorites. I hope it’s enough, I like to think this is my way of helping Kagome on your adventures.” Mrs. Higurashi pulled the strap closed on the backpack.

“And I put in some manga and playing cards. You gotta practice, ‘cause when you come back, I’m gonna beat the pants off you.”

Inuyasha reached down and ruffled Sota’s hair. “Yeah, right kid.”

Grandpa moved closer to Inuyasha, “Now if you could find your way to bring back anything for my souvenir shop, I’d appreciate it. A few knickknacks, nothing too big or noticeable, but in good shape.”

Kagome and the others shook their heads and laughed at that.

“Huh, we’ll see old man.” He picked up the bag and turned to go out the door when Mrs. Higurashi spoke again.

“Inuyasha, Kagome has told me that she’s invited you to come back whenever you like and I just wanted you to know that I agree with her. You just come on home when you feel the need.” She kissed his cheek then tweaked an ear.

“Home. Thanks I will.” Red faced he nodded goodbye to the family then opened the door for Kagome. Outside the two held hands as they walked to the well.

“Tell everyone I said hi and I’ll see you guys Friday after school. I should at least go for a while since I’ve been away so long.”

“Will do. I’m glad I came with you. It’ll seem kind of weird going back after being here.”

“I know, it’s the same for me, when I go from one time to the other. I think it’s good though, we appreciate all the little things more.” They were inside the shrine now. Inuyasha put the bag down and pulled Kagome close. “I’m going to miss falling asleep with you by my side.”

“Me too. You know, I’m glad I was attacked.”

“What?! How can you be glad about that after how sick you were? You could have died!” His hands had tightened on her arms, he wanted to shake her.

Kagome put her had over his heart. “I’m glad because it brought you closer to me, to my family and my heart.”

Inuyasha was stopped by her soft words and the feeling behind them. He breathed deeply. “Well, I’ll never be glad you were attacked, but I am glad we have grown closer to each other. My life is better with you in it.” They kissed deeply and full of love.
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