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Full Version: Going-away-for-a-while Announcement Thread!
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@miracle_flame_alchemist147 - You're taking the trip to U.S.?
Hope you'll have a safe trip, and hope you can find the Net connection so that we'll see you while you are in the U.S. also!!
Otherwise, gonna miss you for those 2~3 weeks!! happy.gif
We will miss you miracle_flame_alchemist147 ~~ happy.gif

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Thanks!! happy.gif But today's only monday but I might not be here tomorrow. happy.gif
I am leaving for Georgia tomorrow. I'll be there for the rest of the summer.

I'll miss you all. (some more tham others) I'll try to get a card at a library, and come around some...

Bye people.
We'll miss you. Have fun at Georgia.
@sweety_pie - Hope you'll have tons of fun time in Georgia!! I will miss you while you are away!!
Please don't forget to come back!! happy.gif
I am the Only sister Elric
In two weeks yesterday, I'm going to Canada for the coolest thing that I might not even be able to get in to!!!! I'll be there for 11 days.......
foolmetal alchemist
I'm heading off for Boston tomorrow morning. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to have a chance to visit until then, so I'll see all of you again in a little over a week from now. smile.gif
@foolmetal alchemist - Have a safe trip to Boston!!
See you again in a little over a week!! happy.gif

@I am the Only sister Elric - I hope you can get into whatever you're trying to get into, and have a good time in Canada!! ^^
Take care I am the Only sister Elric and foolmetal =]

Have fun and come back wiff pictures<3
I am the Only sister Elric
Thanks ~FMAgurl~ I will take lots of pictures!

Just in case anyone was wondering, I am going to the biggest Harry Potter convntion EVER! It's called Prophecy (I think that's how you spell it..) I'm quite excited!!
I'm going to Greece for a week or so. I'm not so sure can I get to a computer there. smile.gif
@Twilightz - Have an awesome vacation on Greek island!! ^^
I'm going to be hiatus, maybe until somewhere in June, due to my reaallllly bad scores, and I have to pass the test also. well maybe I'm online at saturdays, but not always.
thank you, and wish me luck so I can pass the test with some great scores, and enter the class I want! thank you everyone!!
-hiatus starting tomorrow, 9/3/2010-
@shanryelric - Aww, we are going to miss seeing you on our board, but of course we understand! ^^
On our board, school works (and other real life "must-do"s ^^) always come first.. as they should be, in my opinion. ^^ We don't want to see anyone getting bad scores at school because of spending more time on our board when he/she should be studying!
Hope to see you if/when you can come to our board, and when you need some "break" from your study, but otherwise, please study well, and hope you can get great scores!! happy.gif
Going to LA for two weeks (and right after AX, too. Oh, dang you timing) for my mom's college reunion. Should be fun. But I'm really going to miss you guys on here. happy.gif

...I should be sleeping. Our roadtrip starts in four hours and I'm supposed to be "waking up" in three. lol.

I will miss you guys. happy.gif
@sidekick.kep37 - Gonna miss you while you are away!!

Hope you have a great trip, and please don't forget to come back! happy.gif
I never thought to post something in yeah, gonna be out for awhile..
Jeez, I really want to join the re-read discussion but I have to focus in my studies for now. Prelim Exam is coming this week and I should attend Acquaintance Party. I just come back yet I need to go off again. So see 'ya all on September, after my midterm exam (that was sembreak laugh.gif ) I'm going to miss all of you, I hope I can catch up with the re-read sessions. BYE for now^^
@Mhacy - And I was just enjoying reading your posts on our board again.... But, of course, studies are more important. ^^
The Re-reading sessions will go on, but you can always catch up later! ^^
Please study well, and hope to see your posts again in September!! happy.gif
(Or stop by when you'd like to take a quick break from your study! ^^)
Well, as I've announced in the Penny thread, I'm going to Japan! Tomorrow I shall leave and I'll come back the 7th of August (or was it the 8th..? I seriously dunno xD). And I'll probably be all depressed cause I had to leave. But my mother's phone has internet so I'll most likely post a bit real late at night.

Well until my return... Sayonara!
A Pierrot's Aria
You lucky girl! Have fun while you're there. If you feel extra weight in your luggage, don't panic. It's just me trying to smuggle myself in. biggrin.gif
Ha ha! Here, take some pocky with you in case you get hungry. wink.gif
@Carmencita - Lucky you!!!! Hope you will have a great time in Japan!! biggrin.gif
Woah, you're so lucky Carmencita~ Have fun! happy.gif
I wilL! And I promise to bring back hiromu Arakawa fo all of you. x3
bye im sure everyone has wanted really badly for me to leave and thought my text font and color was xfgyudgduwsfging annoying so bye everyone I might stay on to take graphic requests;

and if anyone wants to they can maybe visit my site..?
A Pierrot's Aria
Whatever's the matter, xMinty? Why would you think people want you to leave? hug.gif It's always sad to see a member leave.

But if it's what you want, I wish you all the best. happy.gif
lol because I get yelled at a lot by the mods and people get annoyed with me on here ^^'
so I'm giving them a break ^^' x.o
A Pierrot's Aria
It doesn't mean they hate you or anything. happy.gif I think most of us here have had some sort of run-in with a mod at some point.
We all just need to make sure we stick to the rules. hug.gif

But I hope that you decide to stay, or if you do go, I hope you come back soon. smile.gif
EniviD EiraM
I'll be out for two rough weeks this month. It's my first time on a trip to my father's hometown.
I'm pretty excited about the tour but I'm nervous about being a bridesmaid in my auntie's nuptial.
It's my first time with all the pressure.
@EniviD EiraM - Aww, you're going to be a bridesmaid? That must be exciting! ^^ Congratulations are in order for your auntie for her wedding, and I'm sure you'll do a great job as her bridesmaid! happy.gif
Hope you'll have a great time visiting your dad's home town!! biggrin.gif
Don't forget to come back! ^^
EniviD EiraM
@Tombow - thanks. it was really fun smile.gif anyways ... belated Happy Halloween smile.gif
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