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Full Version: The Sin Of A Leader
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Chibi Reina
The Sin of a Leader

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist. If I did own it, I wouldn't be posting a disclaimer, now, would I?

Summery: Riza is a spy who disguised as a member of a gang. Roy Mustang is the gang leader of a secret gang. Riza slowly falls for the leader, so what happens when she is forced to arrest him months later?

Pairings: Riza x Roy, Havoc x Fury

NOTE: I might make some homonculous appear in this fic, but as parts of the organization that Riza is a part of. And yes, they keep their names. AND ALSO, things may be unclear in this chapter! Don't worry if you're confused! The next chapter will explain so! Oh, and don't worry about me making too many fics and stuff and not finishing my other ones. I've almost got this whole fic-series thing written up, yup yup!

Episode One
The full moon lit up the clear night sky, and everything was silent. A few shadowed figures walked into an alleyway, holding on to a shorter, struggling figure (it's not who you think he is). His muffled yells for help was barely heard. A few more figures followed in after. The group walked up to a raven haired man at the end of the alley. The taller blond man removed his hand from the struggling person's mouth.

"Let. . .me go!" the young man yelled. The dark haired older man leaned down to him, only inches near his face.

"You stole something from us. We want it back." he whispered.

"I don't know what you're talking about. . ." the younger man twitched.

"Breda." the raven haired man said in an ordering tone. The orange haired man on the other side of the captive nodded, and twisted his arm back. The younger man yelped and he shut his eyes tightly behind his gleaming glasses.

"Now, give. It. Back." The leader narrowed his eyes.

"F-fine. . ." the two 'body guard' men let go of the captive, and he reached into a pocket inside his jacket, and took out a small package. He gave it to the leader, who took it and shook it against his ear. There were little clanking sounds, and he smirked.

"You know you aren't going to be running away from now on, right, Fury?" he asked. The younger man's eyes widened.

Riza sat at a cafe, looking through a magazine. Every once in a while, her eyes darted forward or left or right, still keeping the same, expressionless face. A woman in a tanned trench coat, lined with white fur at the collar, walked up to her. She sat down on another chair, across from Riza.

"You know your mission. We want you to contact us every night to tell us how far you've gotten from studying that gang." she whispered. "got that, Riza?"

"Yes, I know." the young woman took a sip of coffee with a nod.

"I know you do," the woman in the trenchcoat smiled seductively. "you always get the job done."

"Thank you, Lust." Riza smiled back.

"A WOMAN joined?" Havoc nearly chewed hus cigarette in half when he heard the news from the gang's leader, Roy Mustang. Fury, the man that had stolen one of the gang's most prized treasures, and ran away (but then got caught later), sat in one of the dusty chairs and stared out the window. He still had that pain in his arm from that time when Breda twisted it back with no mercy.

"Yes, a woman," Roy smirked. "so, if I see any of you treating her harshly, you will not be forgiven." the men in the room tensed. Soft footsteps sounded outside the door, the loud creaking of the worn out wooden floors could be heard. The door knob turned, and the men looked over to it. The door opened, and in came the young blond woman, short black trenchcoat, and a visible navy blue skirt that went down to her knees. She kind of resembled a tomboy.

"You must be Hawkeye." Roy said with the same smirk.

"Yes I am," Riza said in a low, annoyed voice. What did the guy think? She was Quistis Trepe or something?

"Now, now. No need to be on high alert. It's not like anyone's going to attack." the leader chuckled.

'For now. . .' Riza thought.

Breda slouched in his chair once Roy had left to show Riza where she could stay when they were on the run.

"Man, how are we gonna let loose with a woman makin' the place smell nicer?" he asked. Havoc groaned, and rolled his eyes.

"There's somethin' suspicious 'bout her, though. . ." he said. He looked over to Fury, who was sitting still, and was looking to the ground. He kinda felt sorry for the guy.


"Hear me? Run away again, and you might not be spared like you were this time, Fury! You will suffer much worse!"


Roy was harsh on the guy, even if he did steal one of the most valued treasures of the gang, Fury didn't deserve that. Havoc wondered why he even joined. Or maybe he was kidnapped? The blond didn't blame the younger man for trying to get away. A dangorous environment full of rowdy men was not the place for an innocent male.

Riza walked outside and began going towards town. She walked into the same cafe she went into a few days before and sat down in her usual spot. She reached into her bag, and took out her cell phone. She switched it on, and pushed several buttons.

Message Sent- it said. She put the phone back into her bag and ordered a small cup of coffee.

"So, where's the new girl?" Havoc asked when Roy walked into the room.

"She went out for a while," the leader answered.

"Don't you think she'll tell anyone?" Breda folded his arms across his chest. The raven haired man shook his head.

"So tell me, Hawkeye. Why did you even want to join this gang of nasty men?"

"My parents are dead, my boyfriend's a player, and I have no friends." Riza felt guilty about lying. Her parents were healthy and alive, and she cared about them. She had no time for a boyfriend, they were useless, and she had several friends at the organization.

"Is that so? Well, I wouldn't guarantee that you would be safe here, and if my men mistreat you, tell me and I'll show them no mercy."

"I can stick up for myself, thank you very much."

To tell you the truth, Roy had a very soft spot for women. He saw them as goddesses, even if he just wanted to really see them in mini skirts. If a woman tells him a lie, he'll just fall for it.

"Well, I don't trust her. . ." Breda mumbled. Fury, still silent, got up from his chair and walked out of the room. They heard a door shut lightly, not noticing Havoc bite his lip, or at least tried to, because his trademark cigarette was in the way.

Riza sat in her new room, although it wasn't really new. The paint on the wall was turning a weird, yellowish-brown color and was peeling, the holes in the floor contained cockroaches, and the bed squeaked with rusted springs. She sighed at the sad sight. She would miss the luxery of sleeping in a king sized bed, with the soft cusions and giant pillows. At least it would only be for a few months. She sighed and lay on her bed. Riza hoped this mission wouldn't be so hard.
Really Confusing, and still dunno what's going on, but I'll wait for the next chapter ^-^
Write more write more write more write more write more. And when you're switching between scenes/places, put something like ------ or *** or 'With X/At X' or something like that. It would help the readers a lot.
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