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Full Version: Comfort And Safe Comfort *post-series!*
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Title: Comfort and Safe Comfort
Pairing: Al/Winry
Summery: Post-series, three years later. Ed is still missing. Winry falls into a depression and Al does what he can to comfort her…maybe he does a little too much…
Rating: R for mild smut
Genre: Romance/One-shot

Note: Because. I. Could.


He hated seeing her sitting there. All alone. Crying. Crying over him. Sure, she tried to pass it off, act like nothing was wrong. But how could anything not be wrong? He was gone. He had been gone for well over three years now. What about that fact was even remotely okay?

In his usual shyness, Alphonse Elric timidly knocked on Winry’s bedroom door, hearing the tell-tale sniffling betraying her current emotions from within. There was a scuffling sound, probably trying to make herself look like she would on an everyday basis (in spite of the fact her depression had become an everyday basis), and she choked on her response before coughing and repeating in a much clearer voice, “Come in!”

Al was a little hesitant in opening the door. He wasn’t sure what he was going to say to her, and, not that it had any relevance to the situation, but he had never been completely alone like this with a girl before. Well, when you’re soul had been stuck inside an ancient suit of armor that wasn’t even remotely attractive since the age of ten, that hardly gives you a chance to develop a love interest. Or at least, for anyone to develop a love interest in you.

Now, having just turned eighteen, Al was no longer in the armor as his older brother had succeeded in reunited him with his body. The cost was great, though, which was the reason why Edward was missing now. And whether or not he was even still alive was debatable. Al knew Ed sacrificed himself for him, but what exactly happened was all a blank. He could remember before, he could remember right after, but there was a significant gap in between.

“Hey, Winry,” Al greeted softly. “You okay?”

“Of course I’m okay,” she replied with a smile, but Al could tell that her cheerfulness was forced and her blue eyes were still watered-over with unshed tears. “I’m perfectly all right.” Her voice shook more with each word that she spoke. “W-why wouldn’t I-I b-b-be?”

“Winry…” Al whispered, coming toward her.

She collapsed on the edge of her bed, burying her face in her hands. He took the liberty to sit down beside her, however, she did not make a move or an indication that she had noticed. He then slid his arms around her shoulders, rocking her slightly. She moved then, but instead of pushing him off as he had expected, she nestled against the crook of his neck.

Al felt a steady heat flare across his face at her proximity, a feeling that he could not understand. He had always been so comfortable around Winry. She was his best friend aside from his brother. Of course, Winry had always been closer to Ed, a fact Al had always known, and yet this time it pained him to think of it.


He nearly jumped when he heard her say his name. “Y-yes…?” he stammered, nervous all of a sudden. What was there to be nervous about? It was only Winry. And yet…

He knew that he wasn’t seeing Winry the same anymore. When he had been encased in metal, he had not realized how much she had grown.

Okay, technically he had. Technically, his body had not realized how much she had grown. And now, sitting here with her soft frame in his arms and her breath gently brushing across his neck, he felt something rather…enticing about the entire situation, though hardly appropriate for the circumstances.

Was this how Brother felt every time he looked at her?

The sharp jolt of pain stabbed through him again. That’s right, before all that happened with the Philosopher’s Stone, Ed started to really like Winry a lot…and not on a friendship basis, either. He never pursued his affections, but often confided in him.

“Al…if Winry…if Winry ever became my girlfriend…you wouldn’t mind…would you?”

“Of course I would mind! I want her to be my girlfriend!”

Al had been joking in his response, reassuring a near-panicked Ed that if he liked Winry romantically then he should go through with is feelings. He even listened intently when Ed talked over and over, privately of course, of his plans for asking Winry out when all this mess was done and over with.

Now, though he hated to admit it, Al did mind. He minded A LOT. With his own hormones back in action, Al thought he was seeing Winry for the first time and couldn’t help but allow certain disturbing thoughts to cross his mind. Thoughts that made him blush and desperately try to push them away, but they existed just the same.

He found himself gazing down at Winry, vaguely aware of his cheek brushing against hers. Damn, but it felt so good to feel again. The warmth of her body. The softness of her skin. The heat in his face plummeted downward, down to his core where his nerves exploded with excitement.

For a moment their eyes locked. Winry felt her breath shorten and not due to crying, either. Gazing into those twin orbs of honey-brown, she always known how mature Al had been. Even when they were little, he had always been the sensible one of the three.

Having witnessed first-hand his growth-spurt since he returned to his normal body, Winry did not realize at first just how handsome he would become. Then, one day, he walked in the door and she almost didn’t recognize him. And now…

It was nearly impossible to determine who made the move first and quite frankly neither of them cared. All Al became aware of was Winry, her mouth and his pressed together, breath intermingling as their bodies drew that much closer to each other, holding on tightly. Having never been kissed before, Al wasn’t sure what else to do, how far he should take this. Winry, however, took the lead by flicking her tongue along his bottom lip and wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him down onto the mattress with her. Instinct overtook his shyness and his own tongue emerged to taste her.

He was lying on top of her now, bodies full flush against each other, and he found their clothes to be damnably confining. His lips seemed to be moving on their own accord as they drifted from her mouth to her neck, inhaling the scent of her skin. She ran her fingers through his short hair, his name emerging from her throat in soft whimpers of pleasure. Leaving his mark on her neck, he returned his mouth to hers, completely intoxicated by her as he began to slowly grind his hips into her own, slowly then faster as their hunger increased.

Then, suddenly, an image of his brother appeared in his mind’s eye and Al instantly pulled his face away from Winry’s, breathing heavily from both the excursion and the realization of what they had just done, what they were on the verge of about to do.

Ed…he liked Winry so much. Sure, all was far in love and war, but Al could not bring himself to go through with it. He could see his brother’s face as clearly as if he had walked in on them at that moment…golden eyes wide with hurt, with betrayal…

“Al?” Winry inquired, reaching up in attempt to touch the side of his face. Al pulled out of her reach, sliding off of her. She sat up, staring at him in confusion. “What is it? What’s wrong, Al?”

“This is wrong,” he replied in a whisper, not looking at her. “Ed is still missing and we--”

For a silent moment she gazed at him, then: “We can’t help but want to move on with our lives as well, Alphonse,” she countered.

He stared at her in surprise. “What--?”

“It’s been three years, Al.”

“Yes, but--”

“Those tears I’ve been crying. Right before you came in. They weren’t for Ed. They were for you.”

He stared at her. Just stared.


“Yes!” she confirmed empathetically. “I don’t think I could love anyone as deeply as I love you, Al. And even though I’m still sad that Ed can’t be with us, I can’t cry over him forever. I have to move on. And you do, too. I love you, Al. These past three years, I have never been sure of anything as I am of that fact.”

He knew he was gawking at her. “But…but…” he protested.

She smiled at him, not sadly, but almost wickedly before taking him by the shoulders and pinning him down on the bed. “Don’t you love me?” she grinned down at him.

Al blushed more furiously than ever. “Don’t be silly, Winry, of course I do.”

“I mean, do you LOVE me?” She leaned down and whispered in his ear, “Do you want to make love to me?”

Now Al’s face was flaring vividly. She giggled. “Why so embarrassed, Al? Just a few seconds ago, you had no problem necking me passionately.”

Okay, doing something without thinking was one thing, but when she just came out and said it like that nearly caused Al’s face to explode in blisters. “Yeah…well…”

She cocked her head to one sighed, still grinning. “Are you saying you don’t want to make love to me?”

Why did she have to keep saying that? “No…I mean, yes…NO!…uh…”

Giggling and deciding to show him a little mercy this time, Winry leaned down to kiss him. Al’s embarrassment dissolved at her touch and his body was reintroduced to the sensations he had been feeling but mere moments ago. Their kiss remained deep for a moment before Winry breathed against his mouth, “Ed will understand”, her fingers beginning to unbuttoned her shirt much to Al’s wicked delight.

Her words were a comfort to him in a more effective way that he thought as they lay together, their clothes suddenly finding new refuge in the floor. And he no longer felt the slightest twinge of guilt.
Saturn Stars
Ahhhhhhh I hate Al Winry...!

But then why do I love this piece so much *Saves*

I have discovered Winry can be extremely evil!

KUDOS to you huN! This was brilliant!
I completely agree with SaturnStars. If it hadn't been for the fact that it was you writing it Shardy, I most likely wouldn't have even read it! But i did like it, very much! Still don't like the paring, but eh, I'll get over it!
Saturn Stars
Yeah, she did it because she could! KNowing very well that there are almost no AlxWinry fans on this board. If any? But she went ahead and did it anyway, it was gutsy and corageous. It was beautiful writing, so why wouldn't we like it, ne bubbles? I think ppl just arn't reading it because it has an AlxWin sign slapped on it.

COME ON PPL! Get reading, this is good shit!
Def. far from liking this couple (more in the hate range) but hey, good job, thumbs up! Write Ed/win XD
I agree that I'm not much of a big Al/Win fan myself as their personalities clash a little. Al is far too gentle and I don't think he would be able to handle someone like Winry on a romantic level.

However, the muses were demanding it, and unfortunately, what the muses demand so this unworthy writer must deliver. ^^;;
Phyco girl
I hate Al/Winry dry.gif

But I love your writing shardy so I don't mind although a bit disturbing tongue.gif Anyways, I hope you write another chapter of The Fuehrer's daughter soon happy.gif

More people need to read this, even if it's a bit unrealistic to me.


-Phyco girl
I really don't think it's unrealistic, cus yea, with Ed gone who would Winry and Al turn to, definitely each other. I like the idea of Munich Al and Winry together big time for some reason, but regular Al and Winry no, cus damn it's just EdxWin!!!! And I will NEVER EVER EVER read a RoyEd fic, EVER!!! I hate slash. If the paring is there, fine, write to your heart's content with slash. But when all the signs are pointing violently away from it, c'mon!! A male friend of mine enjoys reading Harry/Draco and Harry/Snape fanfiction, I just never got it.

Shardy, you should have tricked us and not put the Al/Winry on the thread title! tongue.gif That'll get people to read!

And yes, I agree with Phyco, UPDATE FUEHRER'S DAUGHTER PWEASE!!! *cries in a corner waiting for her update*

Btw, what ever happened with your iPod???
Saturn Stars
Well I will tell you what's up with my freaking $500 ipod! The computer stopped recognising it and Apple aint doing shit!

All i wanted for christmas was my iPod, now all I want so for the Fu@king thing to work~!
poor SaturnStars!!!! *huggles you*

Screw an iPod, I'm getting me a PSP eventually....

key word there.... eventually... *cries*
Saturn Stars
Thanks man *Huggles back*

iPod's are life ruiners! GAH! I gotta send it away to get it fixed, yet stupid american company still wants $50 and it's UNDER TIME PERIOD BY SIX MONTHS! Hello! I already paid $500 for it, god!

My iPod works just fine. ^-^

Can we please stay on the topic of my fic, here? ^^;; If you wanna talk about iPods, PM each other or move it to another thread. As interesting as this conversation is getting, it's off topic.
Saturn Stars
Hahaha! Sorry matey!

I'm glad your iPod works! *Glares*

nYA! This fic rocks. Just to stay on topic *Grins*
Hehehe, you can to turn it into ed/win by putting into to microsoft word, and replacing the the word al with ed, and the ed with al tongue.gif

But I didn't do that wink.gif No really, I didn't.
Saturn Stars
I know but it would make sense because then it would be talking about Al missing when it's really ed... but hehehehe.... *Evil grin*

No way will i change Shardy's wonderful fic though! This could totally happen, lets just hope it dosn't. Now get working on your other fic too hunny!

I shall get working on my ipod *gah!!!!!!!!*
I don't like AlxWinry but it was good. I read almost eerything on these boards but i dont have enough time to post on them all.
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