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Full Version: Who's the Most Dramatic
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sorry, but i haf to say ARMSTRONG
Alex Louis Armstrong all the way!
The Great Asparagus
haha armstrong's ahead of everyone by far

but!! being dramatic isn't a bad thing now is it?? (thinks of myself) XD its really cool how he can rip off his jacket or w/e in like a second all in one smooth graceful fluid motion!! that takes SKILLS!!!
hmmm, i think Armstrong comes in second. He's not so overdramatic as, um, exuberant
I have to go with Ed here, mostly because of how he freaks out so much. Its so much fun. tongue.gif
Weapons Alchemist
QUOTE(FMA JPD @ May 18 2005, 04:10 AM) [snapback]174025[/snapback]

Don't forget about Hughes. Him and his obsession with his daughter.

Got that right, as soon as i heard Who's The Most Dramatic i thought of Hughes.
(Armstrong was the last person i thought of huh.gif )
Lucrezia one else feels the need to turn just about everything into a 'rip my shirt off and sparkle' moment.
Sheska's really dramatic too. >>
Definitely Armstrong. Probably with Hughes coming second.
I would have to say... Armstrong. He's... out there...
Armstrong is scary o.o;; But cool at the same time ^.^
Izumi is waaay over-dramatic and insanely moody. Seriously, she's coughing up blood, but still can yell like crazy.
winrey is the craziest
QUOTE(Sonic-Teal @ May 17 2005, 05:54 AM) [snapback]173807[/snapback]

Im one of those guys who say armstrong when you say drama. DRAMA... ARMSTRONG DRAMA... ARMSTRONG!

me too... he's so... you know
General Kirby
Armstrong, his whole "take-off-shirt" thing, and when he goes on and on about his family history.
Amethyst Sunset
Armstrong is dramatic...whenever he suddenly takes off his shirt and poses, with all the pink sparkles. XD Yes, he's dramatic.

But Roy's most dramatic moment puts him at a close second...TINY MINISKIRTS! =D
Armstrong was a bit over the top with his constant desire to flex his muscles and vogue with the pink sparkles. Izumi was overly dramatic with how she trained the Elric brothers and when she threw knives at Ed after she had abandonded him as her pupil. Ed overreacts to no end whenever people call him a shrimp and poor Alphonse ends up having to calm him down. Hughes is also pretty eccentric with his constant talk about his family and his desire to show everyone the pictures of his daughter Elicia. Scieszka also had some dramatic moments when she thought that Ed and Al's mother was none other than an alien.
HalfAsian Alchemist
Ed! It is funny seeing him completely go nuclear on someone for calling him short, but that's still be dramatic, especially when he overstates, or understates in his case tongue.gif , everything. "WHO YOU CALLING A BEAN!!!!"
Roy Jr.

*cowers in fear*
I voted mustang cause the whole episode of " Goodbye" of the TV series, I was having a heart attack. But my second vote would have been Armstrong, cause he always shows off his muscles as a point of reasoning. LIke " Do you doubt these perfect muscles, do you not trust a man with this perfect body?" Stuff like that, I dont have an actuall quote but it is just like that.
Roy Mustard
Armstrong definately...most people in the military are dramatic though, but he's the most dramatic one. He crys too much because he's touched, shows off like he's some saint, and beams WWAAAY to much.
Full Metal97
Definately Armstrong
QUOTE(Christallie Kalric @ Jun 16 2005, 10:20 AM) [snapback]193077[/snapback]

Armstrong is definitely most dramatic 99.9%. i mean with his muscles and stuff. i laughed hard when i first saw him did his muscles and his stars. he also cries whenever he heard anything sad, brotherly love...etc.

ed and mustang come second, his height and obsession with mini skirts respectively.

Izumi third whenever she's angry...

am i right or am i right? tongue.gif

thats almost exactly what i was gonna say.
N. Havoc J.
I say Kimbley. He can give a whole speech on the value of killing people. He makes the art of blowing up people a beautiful poem.

I second Havoc. I've never seen anyone take a relationship so seriously. GIVE HIM HIS BIG BREATS!!!

Third. Whenever Roy is called useless.
Who DO I vote?

Ho hum. Probably Ed or Scar, because Ed seems to go crazy whenever someone calls him short. And Scar because he goes on killing rampages! biggrin.gif
F.M.A.Freak of dragons
not a sole on the lutenat
N. Havoc J.
QUOTE(F.M.A.Freak of dragons @ Aug 24 2006, 08:22 PM) [snapback]436813[/snapback]

not a sole on the lutenat
She's pretty much dead in the series. I don't remember her much in the anime but the only dramatic thing she did in the manga [spoiler]was when she unloaded her guns on Lust when she thought Roy was dead.[/spoiler]But I guess her devotion to Roy could be a bit dramatic.
Shadow Wulfe
I chose Hughes because Hughes just overhypes everything. He draws more attention to himself than even Armstrong.
i voted for Winry. dry.gif
i just don't like it when she has one of her crying fits.

though i'd put Armstrong in second blink.gif
FireStorm Alchemist
Though each character does have their own moments, I'd go with Hughes and his Photo Madness thing.
Armstrong, hands down.
Mind Alchemist
Totally agree Armstrong is the most dramatic, although ed can be dramatic also when someone implies that he is short. wink.gif
Yeah Armstrong its dramatic but funny, as well as Ed that always suffers for being called a "dwarf" (dunno if "dwarf" I heard it on spanish version so I translated it to that =P) anyway, for me I voted for other, because if
armstrong could be the most dramatic for you all, for me the most dramatic
maybe same or more than armstrong is "Anger", he has a terrible identity
problem, calling "Mother" to "Sloth/Laziness"(I repeat i transalate as i know =P)" and trying to be the true Ed, due to his right arm and his left leg, this homunculus, is hella dramatic =P, always suffering when Rose Baby, oh well I t hink "Dante" is dramatic too due to her desesperation of inmortality, ah as well I cant forgot "Envy" due to her or his =P wish of taking revenge
on his/her Dad =P..........Ahhhh and I must mention the "Crimson Alchemist"
all he wants is to make every living being a "Bomb" and he ended totally devastated...........about Armstrong I can call him the funny guy.
The New Fullmetal Alchemist

Ed all the way! laugh.gif Spastic little freak... Oops! I said little! ... ... ... And there he goes!!

With Izumi in at a close second, of course! I mean, what's more dramatic than spewing blood? blink.gif
Demon x
i think it's greed to see how he died and how he wasn't a bad person after all but i didn't go i never did
Triss Hawkeye
Ed definitely! Mention the word small and he's off...


Not me...*runs away*
Obsydian Alchemist
^^; Personally, I find a lot of characters are dramatic in their own way. I see Hughes as most dramatic about family, Mustang and Havok as most dramatic about miniskirts, Ed as most dramtic about his height, and Armstrong... Well he's just plain dramatic in my opinion. I also think that Scar is religously dramatic, just not to an OMG *twitch twitch* extent.
Synth Alchemist
Armstrong laugh.gif
Kitty Chow
I would say Al because he's always trying to convince him to stay with Ed whereever he goes...and, u know ^^;
I don't really think any of the characters are over dramatic. But it's like Ed said, Armstrong is Major Spaz.
His armstrong sayings are soo hysterical and leave me speechless like the ultimate technique pasted down for centurys in the armstrong family.
I voted for Hughes. Too said that he got [spoiler]killed[/spoiler] in volume 5. After his [spoiler]death[/spoiler] it's definely Armstrong who's ths most overdramatic one.

<Used the Spoiler tags for others who haven't read that far yet, just in case. ^^ 06/18/07 ~Tombow>
I also voted for hughes. But, I am now changing my mind to Armstrong being the most dramatic..."This trait has been passed down the Armstrong family line for generations..sparkle sparkle." (yah I know that's probably not the exact quote..oh well!
Armstrong for me. But I also think Izumi can get a little more dramatic than she should be.

Maes except for that one little issue but definatly Alex
or maybe even barry.....
Too said that he got [spoiler]killed[/spoiler] in volume 5.

Volume 4. =P

Mmm..hard to pick, but I think I go with Hughes because I am biased ;3
QUOTE(Alchemical @ Jun 19 2007, 06:45 AM) [snapback]553679[/snapback]
Armstrong for me. But I also think Izumi can get a little more dramatic than she should be.

yah I agree. reminds me in that one episode...Greed: "Oh, and who the hell are you?" Izumi: "I'M PISSED OFF!!!"

^ In the subs of that episode when he asks her she say "A HOUSE WIFE!" instead if I remember correctly. XD Methinks that's funnier.

At least we can assume that her 'over the topness' influenced Ed. XD
^ yah, I know, I just remember that for some reaason...Oh! I think it's cuz it's that way in my dvd....hmmm....
I voted for Winry and for Edward I vote without voting XD

Winry because, in the chapters of the 5th laboratory or later, she got soo dramatic...
"Thatīs the worst mistake of my career!!!" XD

Ed because, in chapter 36.... Remember?
"You think Im scared of a little of danger!?"
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