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Full Version: Who's the Most Dramatic
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Shadow Wulfe
And Armstrong maintains a strong lead in the polls.
Amethyst Sunset
QUOTE(Shadow Wulfe @ Jun 20 2007, 10:09 AM) [snapback]553841[/snapback]
And Armstrong maintains a strong lead in the polls.

C'mon, with his sparkles and his over-exaltation of his lineage...and always ripping his shirt, why wouldn't he? wink.gif

Winter Phantom
Armstrong or Edward(maybe Alphonse).No comment.If we we're talking about the Conqueror of Shambala,[spoiler] Meaning the chibi after party,Lust was the most emotional...which was really creepy and lost her rank as one of my fav bad guys.[/spoiler]
Hm...Armstrong's leading...Never doubted! biggrin.gif
But I choose Barry. Can't forget his scared cry when he found out Al was empty armor exactly like Barry himself. tongue.gif
The random alchemist
Well I voted for Al despite there being a other option... silly me x.x

I would say in the anime Envy is the drama queen... king... whatever!

Envy:"WHAAAA my dad doesn't luv me *stab random human* I FEEL BETTER NOW smile.gif"
and so on...
I voted for Armstrong, probably because I can't think of anyone else XD

Heh, anyway...I'm more familiar with the FMA manga, so I don't really consider Izumi, Al, Ed, Roy, or Hawkeye that 'overdramatic'. To me, the only one that fits the title is Armstrong. Pretty self-explanitory.
I voted for Ed. When he rants about how he's not short is overdramatic, but what I HATE is when he and Al have some kind of 'special moment' with 'brotherly love' and all that. They start talking in soft voices and overdoing the whole thing!
Little Washu
Ed is.
holy! someone voted for al. i have the feeling he's the second least dramatic. at least nobody voted for hawkeye, she's the least dramatic.

i voted for armstrong. flexing his muscles waaaay too much. but ed and winry are close with the trantrums somebody gets when someone calls him short and the wrench of doom (i love it! as long as i don't get hit by it)
Winry Elric
I voted Ed. Armstrong is dramatic but in a comic way^^

When Ed gets serious he gets way to dramatic for my taste. I love him to death but he gets way to absorbed into these dramatic speeches that I personally cannot stand sometimes dry.gif
Misty- Nala
Ed, hands down, he is the most dramatic one. When ever the situation allows, he tears away his clothes to show off his abs (maybe he learned it from Armstrong) and makes dramatic speeches about the rightful use of alchemy. He yells at everyone and keeps a distance to people, thinking no one can or is willing to help him. He makes himself the lonely wolf and is miserable by doing it. What else? Yeah, and he thinks world circulates around him, thinks of himself as an adult and is always saying "I've already seen hell". Jeez, I love Edward, I really do, but he also annoys me to no end. biggrin.gif
Come to think of it, FMA is full of overly dramatic characters, such as... Ed, Alex, his sister Olivier, Scar, Roy, Kimblee, Barry the Chopper, Basque Gran, Shou Tucker, etc., etc. xp
But, I think the most dramatic of all is ...Father (FMA manga)!! tongue.gif It's a stark contrast to Hohenheim who is usually such easy-going, and I really enjoy the fighting scene between these two. ^^
Okay, who voted Al? :|

I voted for Ed because of his shortness... tantrums. But really I think it's a tie between him and Armstrong. They're about equally overdramatic, and both like randomly tearing off their clothes. It's just that Edward has short tantrums and Armstrong has sparkles.
Armstrong all the way! I think there are multiple types of dramatic...such as a person can be most dramatic due to their dramatic circumstances, most dramatic because of their personality, because of how they act, and dramatic in a melodramatic way and a comedic way...but I'll go with Armstrong, all the loudness and flashiness. laugh.gif
As someone said before, it's full of drama. They all seem to have their dramatic times, Armstrong is just the most obvious about it. Heck, his whole family seems the dramatic type, Catherine, His dad (especially this one) mom and Olivier, but she seems to hav a more subtly way (at least then her brother) at starting a scene... Actually it seems every time we see her she starts a scene...
Anyways, after Armstrong you might guess Hughes, because of his gushing on about picture and family.. Other then that I don't really find him that dramatic.
Even Riza is a bit dramatic, though she doesn't often start the scene she participates wholeheartedly in it. (Plus her seemingly undramatic way of telling Roy that he's useless, its one of the most famous quotes and ideas in FMA)
For the least dramatic.. I would probably say... Gracia or Sheska..they don't bring that much attention to themselves.

Look at me, trying to bring a old thread back alive. biggrin.gif
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