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Full Version: Who's the Most Dramatic
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Many of you may go strait to thinking armstrong,although the prime candidate think of the other character's most dramatic moments. they've all been dramatic sometime or other.
Im one of those guys who say armstrong when you say drama. DRAMA... ARMSTRONG DRAMA... ARMSTRONG!
Yeah, i have to agree with that one, armstrong is good but it get anoing after awhile
Couldn't... help... voting... for... Armstrong...
Ed can be kinda dramatic at some times too, and Winry
silver bg
sorry, but armstrong is soooooooooo dramatic.....but funny
Don't forget about Hughes. Him and his obsession with his daughter.
I think Ed is overdramatic because he is always having a fit about his height. Armstrong is pretty bad too. Winry can be when she starts hitting Ed with the Wrench.
Just about everyone in this anime is overdramtic about something: Ed with being called short, Winry with mechanics, Roy with women... and dogs, Hughes with his daughter, and Armstrong with his muscles... and everything else...

I think Al is the only one who isn't over-dramatic.
why then did you vote al. this is for most dramatic
QUOTE(FMA JPD @ May 17 2005, 10:10 AM)
Don't forget about Hughes. Him and his obsession with his daughter.

i picked Armstrong but yeah Hughes had that obsession i don't blame him, she is his daughter and all that, but hey i killed him i got some brownie points ohmy.gif
.... Armstrong's overdramitics are lovely and hilarious laugh.gif but when Izymi appears with her "problem" i really get boring with dry.gif ... i hope in the movie don't see something more about that
What do you guys mean by dramatic? Armstrong in my opinion is part of the comedy relief of the show, so I don't think he's dramatic at all....he overeacts sure, but he didn't have any dark or dramatic moments in the anime, more in the manga.
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who voted for al
Armstrong. Most definitely Armstrong. I mean, the guy has little pink stars that follow him around! And not just him but his entire family! o.O But yes, Hughes and Ed have their moments. Especially Episode 13 for Hughes. Who else do you know who would unveil a gargantuan picture of his a fight...>.> And Ed and his height or lack thereof...That's all I've got to say...
Christallie Kalric
Armstrong is definitely most dramatic 99.9%. i mean with his muscles and stuff. i laughed hard when i first saw him did his muscles and his stars. he also cries whenever he heard anything sad, brotherly love...etc.

ed and mustang come second, his height and obsession with mini skirts respectively.

Izumi third whenever she's angry...

am i right or am i right? tongue.gif
yes you are but all of them have been dramatic. winry and her wrench, Havok when Armstrongs sister denies him, and al when he runs away after barry filled his head with lies
QUOTE(silver bg @ May 19 2005, 07:08 PM)
who voted for al

I did. I think Al has some very dramatic moments *coughepisode15cough*
I think Armstrong is thte most dramatic. He is always rambling on on on about pride ,brothership, etc.
ARMSTRONG!!!!! definetly!!!

Mustang and his mini-skirt obsession comes in second
Phyco girl
Lol, Armstrong all the way!
I chose Armstrong like everyone else,but he's still funny.
Omakase Shimasu
I chose Havoc. I think. Yeah, I chose Havoc. biggrin.gif
hmm id have to vote ed hes the one who goes nuts whenever anyone mentions the word small.
xD Armstrong for sure!
This ones goes to Armstrong hands down. He is the drama queen of FMA. If anything, he makes even bigger deal of his entrances in the Manga than in Anime. Man that character cracks me up.
Armstrong and Hughes.
Armstrong, after him I'd have to say Hughes and his daughter obsession...
Radical Alchemist
My god... I love Amrstrongs big over-the-top entrances. It's like he plans ahead or something.
QUOTE(Radical Alchemist @ Aug 4 2005, 06:48 AM)
My god... I love Amrstrongs big over-the-top entrances. It's like he plans ahead or something.

I think he practises them in front of a mirror daily. And he always seems to have a new line or trick to do, not to mention a new pose! Someone should collect all the Armstrong poses and make a gallery.
Armstrong definitely! Everytime I see him crying and crushing/hugging someone to death, I crack up!
Armstrong, of course
I voted for armstrong cuz he always goes into the "Armstrong tradition" thing.
He rips off his shirt and has sparkles, hes going to win duh.
Heh, heh, it's kinda creepy keep on huh.gif showing his daughter's pic around(I know she's adorable, but still...)
Alchemist Adiktus Alexuna
ummm.... wacko.gif blink.gif I think Sir Armstrong....
Its gives him wacko.gif blink.gif
I voted for Hughes because of his daughter, but Armstrong is in second.
armstrong is a memorable one but ill go with Hughes talk about his daughter.
armstrong is like a soap opera reject or something *if you go to this sites gallery and then fanart the baby armstrong scares me XD*
Armstrong is the most overdramaic character in the whole FMA series with him always preaching about the Armstrong tradition everytime he does something heroic.
Sword Alchemist
Denny Bloch was pretty over dramatic in episode 44. You cant blame the poor guy though. It would be hard to watch the one you love flirt with someone else.

And Winry gets very dramatic too. Especially when it comes to machines and automail.
had to vote armstrong....yet all have there times
Huges..when he talks about hes lil girl
Ed....when ppl call him short* hehe
Winry..all things metal smile.gif
but there lil drama is what makes you like them smile.gif
Macho Man! [Armstrong]
Hugghes, from the ones above.

But otherwise, Sheska XD
Master of Alchemists
obviosly armstrong hes so dramatic and hes always talking about love too its crazy.
Amstrong, a guy who takes of his shirt that much has to be overdramatic. rolleyes.gif

Couldn't pick Hughes, I think his obsession is kinda sweet smile.gif
Full Metal Elf a long-shot..wink.gif
Sleeping Forest
QUOTE(Full Metal Elf @ Feb 12 2006, 11:16 PM) [snapback]349504[/snapback] a long-shot..wink.gif

lol, yeah, whenever armstong does anything, i'm just like, o_O
it has to be Armstrong.
he scares me sometimes
Armstrong is just plain dramatic. When I hear the word dramatic I think Armstrong.
Armstrong, of course!

He even fights in an almost over-dramatic sort of way. I mean, look at the other alchemists: Mustang snaps his fingers, Kimbley just touches something, Ed claps his hands together, and the list goes on.

Whereas, when Armstrong fights: his shirt flies off, he picks up large objects and punches them-combining alchemy with the object itself, lectures his opponent on the Armstrong tradition, and, well, you get the idea....
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