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Full Version: Futurama Or Family Guy
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The Dan
Family Guy.

When they shop the show and change the setting and scene? That's what really turns me on.
In case of emergency I can deliver a pretty effective Cleveland impression, but I'm siding with Futurama on this one.
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Futurama. Far and away the better of the two... Family Guy tries way too hard to beat out the Simpsons... or at least it strongly appears that way...
Envy II
I prefer Futurama. Family Guy is full of really stupid, what I'd consider "childish" jokes while Futurama has some good jokes and a somewhat interesting plot to go with that.
Little Washu
Oh, two of my favorite shows. It depends on what episode it is. I like Family Guy's random jokes but I like Futurama's jokes too! Gah! Too hard!
Hard choice. On family guy, Peter & Stewie PWN the hardest. Then on futurama Fry, Bender, Professor Farnsworth, Zapp Branigan, Zoidberg, Flexo, Hermes, & The Evil Santa Bot all PWN. I guess I'll say Futurama. But i still love family guy's random humor.
I'm gonna hafta go with family guy; every episode has gotten a chuckle out of me.

'Gotta give it up! Give up the toad now!'
Family Guy hands down!
Indignant Judgment
Family Guy all the way happy.gif
Family Guy. No contest there.
Family Guy smile.gif Didn't even have to think twice about this one biggrin.gif
It's kinda funny how some use the reasoning that Futurama is just re-runs (as of right now, soon that'll change =D) when Family Guy, while the episodes may be new, is just the same jokes again and again ._.
Well I can say hand on heart that Family Guy has fallen so far in my opinion most things can beat it. Over and over the same story with nothing but cruder jokes. Peter upsets Lois, learns nothing, Brian gets a girl and loses her, Stewie gets camper, Meg's hated more and Chris speaks now and then but is otherwise usually not worth being there.

Quick, put and penis in the image and say s***, suddenly its hilarious again. The odd episode has funny moments, otherwise the jokes go on far too long.

Futurama I can still happily watch, even if the new extended "movie" episodes (least I can only see them in their hour and a half movie forms on DVD) lack something the original series had, I enjoy it. Perhaps too its suffers from repeat-story syndrome but it hasn't sunk to such lows to overcome it.
I'm gonna have to go with Family Guy. Family Guy nearly every minute has a curious flashback with a lot of humor. I like Futurama, but I can only see re-runs here, while here I can see new episodes of Family Guy every week. biggrin.gif
Easy! Family Guy!

I could never quite get into Futurama, same with the Simpsons. I love Family Guy's randomness and references, I think Seth MacFarlane is a man of my own heart.

I mean, come on, did anyone see Blue Harvest? That was hysterical!

In general though, South Park kicks both their asses, no doubt about it. cool.gif

I hate family guy, it's an over rated show and most of it isn't even funny. So yeah, Futurama.
Mostly Family Guy, Futurama's good too, but Family Guy got me to laugh more smile.gif
Little Washu
I gotta say Family Guy now. I like Futurama, but I really like Family Guy much better. A lot of the jokes are funny, even the more recent ones (Like the "John McCain experience").
I like both! But Family Guy somethimes is really stupid (But I like it too) but I like Futurama more ^-^
Futurama,I just didn't really get into Family Guy but I've been nick named Fry,darn you orange hair and Fry-ish height. XD
Lt. Misha Mustang
I cant choose I love both of them. I love Brian and Bender.
i think family guy is funnier cause its rudder but futurama does have alot of good comedy. family guy i think is better cause it has so many flashbacks and they just go into complete randomness
^Funnily enough, those are the reasons I now dislike Family Guy.

The Futirama "movies" were up and down but I like "Wild Green Yonder". I do hope they don't revisit it but it's open enough if they wanted to I suppose.
why could you not have a option on the voteing thing called "both" cause i am a big fan of both.

Note from board staff: Option added. smile.gif
FUTURAMA by a LOOONNGGG SHOT. Family Guy is just plain stupid.
Definitely Futurama smile.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Futurama, hands down. Family Guy is so unfunny it makes my eyes water and my ears bleed. xD
phoenix dying
New episodes of Futurama start June 24th! On Comedy Central, 10pm est.

neither )))
Broken Chouchou
Famliy Guy can be funny, but I would never pay to watch it. As contrast, I own all the four seasons of Futurama on DVD.

And what an strange poll, isn't it usually 'Family Guy vs The Simpsons' that's being discussed? XD
QUOTE (Broken Chouchou @ Jun 26 2010, 08:42 AM) *
And what an strange poll, isn't it usually 'Family Guy vs The Simpsons' that's being discussed? XD

@Broken Chouchou - I think, at one point in time, both Futurama and Family Guy were "featured line-up" on Adult Swim portion of Cartoon Network in the U.S., and that's when this thread was originally created. smile.gif

Yes, Futurama has been resurrected!! Yay. ^^
(Starting on June 24, on Comedy Central channel in the U.S., 10 PM Eastern Time, as posted by phoenix dying above. ^^)
I checked the new episodes and they were so-so in my opinion, but I still think Futurama is funnier than Family Guy. xp
Broken Chouchou
Ah, I see.

And apparantly the premiere of the first two episodes of the new season was only two days ago!? ohmy.gif Did not know that! *runs to check them out*

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