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Full Version: Futurama Or Family Guy
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just wondering.

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I think most will agree it's Family guy

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did you say "sorry" about the doble post?

I voted for Futurama, coz i love Bender
I voted Futurama. Family Guy is just too stupid and wierd sometimes. I like both shows though.
I watch both and like both, but the edge goes to Family Guy. It's all about Stewie.
QUOTE(NightMistress @ May 17 2005, 02:55 PM)
I watch both and like both, but the edge goes to Family Guy.  It's all about Stewie.

Stewie is really funny and evil, but is Peter's laght that takes me into seeing the show, but Bender and his "Kiss my shine metal ass" makes Futurama the number one for me.
I agree that Peter definately has his strong points. I liked Bender in that ep when he turned into a woman so he could win Olympic Gold. The soap opera-like ending was sooo funny.
Yeah, i specially like the stupid song from that episode.
i voted for futurama. Family Guy is bad it's just i don't get hook on it.
Hagane no Renzy
Wow, I'm surprised that Futurama is doing as good as it offense but I think it's incredibly stupid, and just not funny, while every ep of fg makes me laugh my friggen ass off.
silver bg
i watch both to, but family guy raise over futurama...
Phantom alchemist
QUOTE(miss_neko @ May 17 2005, 05:15 PM)
i voted for futurama. Family Guy is bad it's just i don't get hook on it.

i disagree I think family is more funny than futurama

but futurama is still funny

(my vote was family guy)
Erm Futurama and Family guy are Animes?
Well, Even though they aren't anime (I'm wondering if this thread will be closed...), I vote for FG! I really like Futurama (Fry is my fav!), FG is just wayyy funnier!
Even the repeats make me lmao!! Yay for the new episodes!!! XD
Oh! And my fav from FG is Stewie! Second fav is Brian.
Well, it's not anime but where else would it go? Next best is Spam Central, and if the mods think it belongs there, they'll move it. No use worrying over where it goes.

I enjoy both Futurama and Family Guy very much, but I think Family Guy edges out by a fraction because of Stewie's diabolical infant mind and Brian's dry wit. The humor on Family Guy is a tiny bit less slapstick than Futurama. Just. . . a. . . tiny. . . bit.
I love both...but Stewart Gilligan Griffin won my vote biggrin.gif.
Futurama is really funny, I mean, Dr. Zoidberg is hilarious. But, alas, Family Guy is the much funnier and more random show.
I like both equally, they both have new funny stuff in them
Futurama ofcorse..
Celestial Shadow
I like Futurama better, but that's only because it's never totally disgusted me before...
I like futurama, and highly dislike Family Guy... I just can't stand it tongue.gif
Carnal Malefactor
Futurama had a premise with a lot of potential, and some of the best characters ever [especially Zoidberg and Bender] but many of the jokes were rather flat and hackneyed.

Family Guy, on the other hand, is really slapdash, and relies a lot on cheap but very effective visual gags, pop culture references and nonsequitirs. Family Guy is definitely the funnier show.

[god, I sound like an ass when trying to analyze comedy]
Although I do like Futurama, I have to go with FG. Mainly because Stewie is downright insane.
Carnal Malefactor
QUOTE(edsgirl @ Aug 7 2005, 07:11 PM)
Although I do like Futurama, I have to go with FG. Mainly because Stewie is downright insane.


IPB Image biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
A while back my favorite was Futurama, coz of Bender, but since i've heard Peter's laught and Stewie's evil plans i fell in love with Family Guy tongue.gif
Carnal Malefactor
I do a great impression of Peter. biggrin.gif
My brother does it too, he is tired of me telling him to laugh like that all the time XD
i can do Peter's laugh really good, if i can get my dad's microphone ill record it and then ill upload it
thats easy. ITS FAMILY GUY!
I gotta go with Futurama on this one!Fry's hilarious, and Bender just great! But I still love fg Stewie is great and Chris Cross Giffrin Come on! Chris Cross, Only Peter could get away with something as dumb as that. tongue.gif
Carnal Malefactor
QUOTE(blackmage164 @ Aug 11 2005, 12:53 PM)
Chris Cross Giffrin Come on! Chris Cross, Only Peter could get away with something as dumb as that. tongue.gif

...I don't think you really got that joke...
I like both of them, but Family Guy makes me laugh more and I like it a little more
It's so hard to choose but I like Futurama more. Bender and Fry are funny.
Family Guy, hands down. If even for just that episode with Mel Gibson, I love that scene with Peter as a clown in the White House entertaining Dubya.

Futurama's never really did it for me.
Family Guy, Futurama is kinda boring if you ask me.
Kakashi's#1 girlfriend
Family Guy most definitly! In my opinion.
I like both.. but I have to say Family Guy is funnier.
Family Guy, Though, I'm not that hot about some of the new episodes.
what a question, wow. i think Family Guy is smarter humor, in that they really are heavy with the bizarre pop-culture references; you have to have grown up in the 80's or you'll miss 'em. (it's a generation x'er thing, what are ya gonna do? or at least watch all of VH1's i love the 80's). But i like bender, so I'm partial to Futurama.

it's not fair, though, since futurama has been canceled and family guy is back on the air. family guy will eventually have more seasons than futurama.

although futurama started to have sad episodes in the end. like the one with fry's dog, or the one with the time-warp. they both ended with really sad scenes. i guess the writers just got depressed or something.
I've watched both of them since they first aired, and I like both a lot. Both series have a lot of really funny stuff to offer.
family guy by a mile
Family Guy hands down, nobody can compare to Quagmire
family guy ! huh.gif evry one likes family guy
Family Guy no doubt.
Smoke Alchemist
I chosse family guy, but i really like futurama as well. *Shrugs* Fry is AWESOME!
oh that is a hard decision....

but i think ill choose.... family guy casue its the newest funny show that they have made well there is also drawn together. but family guy is funny.

and they also go american dad which is also funny...but family guy beats them all.
I prefer Futurama most of the time, but I do watch Family Guy from time to time.
Family Guy, hands down. But, I do watch Futurama also, however Fmaily Guy (in my opinion) is a better show.
I like both shows, but to me there's no way futurama is better than family guy.
Family Guy!

The dog one was the first time I cried from an American Cartoon because of a dying animal. I was so sad, liker the .hack one where some guy just kidnapped a cat but the owner retrieved it.
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