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Full Version: Fm's Random Sketches
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Since this is the FMA fanart section, I'll try to limit the random crap. I'll work on drawing more FMA stuff, since most of the drawings I do are mainly just for practice and character designs...

So then, here...

IPB Image
First, random crap. I had to do this for an assignment in English class, and got a bit too involved. It's sort of DMC inspired...

IPB Image
Sort of a mini-comic that branched off of an angry Ed and a boring science class review session.

So, please comment. I'll try to work on this stuff, since it is summer and I'm out of school...
alchemist of fire
I really like them, they're funny! Wait a minute.....You can draw better hands than me!!!! >_< Well anyway, Good job!
hahah those are good! hehe
they're really funny
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