Im trying my second fic.

I tried to slow it down from the fast paced crap I usually end up writing.

Anyways, its gonna be semi post-anime.

Here we go.

Al's POV

Death. Its a strange word. It can strike sadness, fear, and many other emotions into people. Above all, it can bring disbelief.

‘How could it be?’

This question raced through my mind over and over.

‘How? Why’

I wanted answers. My brother and I traveled on a journey. For 4 years we dedicated our lives to one cause, restoring our bodies to normal. But it was over now, my brother is dead, gone.


Again the simple question stabbed at the very edges of my existence.

He lay in a pool of blood. Struck through the chest by Envy, he had died instantly. His face was in an expression of horror, fear, pain, sorrow, all of the negative emotions we hold.

In our journey, we fought many battles. We fought them all for one reason, so that we could live a normal life. A life we could only dream of, ever since that day. That day we committed the ultimate sin. Several times we had to take the lives of others. And too many times our own lives were at risk. However we couldn’t let fear stop us, we had to move forward. Forward, until the end. And here it is. The end. What reason do I have to go on? I will not live like this by myself.

I decided long ago, if it came down to this, I would be the one to make the ultimate sacrifice. I would lay the most costly of sacrifices upon the altar of success. I won’t let brother die, I can’t.

Gluttony was eating away my chest plate. Immediately I clapped my hands together and pushed them onto is jaw.

"What? What happened?"


The foul creature turned his head towards Envy. His jaw was dissolving slowly.

"Its alchemy! He’s being dissolved."

I began to stand up

"Fool… Didn’t I tell you that you shouldn’t use alchemy? You’ve dissipated that much again"

"Stay away" I shouted as Dante approached. "Don’t touch me!"

I walked over to where my brother lay.

"What are you going to do?"

"My brother isn’t dead yet."

I gently rested my hand on his head. Even though I was unable to feel physical sensations in the armor. At that moment I could feel brother’s warmth. The warmth of his soul. His soul was still inside the gate. All I had to do was bring it back and affix it to his body. There was little doubt in my mind about what would happen to me. However, I was prepared to sacrifice my life for brother.

"See, his body is still warm. His soul is still inside the gate. I just have to bring it back. Just like he did for me.

"You musn’t! If you do that…"

"I…" I stumbled…trying to find the words to continue, "Many people were sacrificed when I became the philosophers stone. No… Perhaps I died on that day. That’s why…"

I clapped my hands just as Envy lunged for me.

"That’s dangerous" I said as I brought my hands to my brothers lifeless body.

As soon as they touched a brilliant blue light began to emit from where my hands where touching my brothers chest. The light was incredibly bright, so bright that it filled the entire room. The transmutation circles throughout the room activated.


All of the sudden I was standing in front of the Gate. The my body had been pulled through so long ago. Brother was there. He looked at me in confusion.


Then everything turned black.
Ed's POV

"Ed, are you alive?"

Rose was leaning over me with quite a sad look on her face.

"Yeah.." It was the only response I could manage. My eyes felt hot and my nose was stinging.

"Why am I crying?" I asked this as I began to wipe away the tears with my sleeve. What the hell….My arm. "Huh?"

"Al performed a transmutation on you. On your dead body."

I sat up instantly.

"He used the philosophers stone to affix my soul to my body…..Then what happened to Al?"

Rose looked away, avoiding my gaze. Immediately I felt the disbelief in my heart begin to rise. Al…. I was still confused.

"Al disappeared?"

I stood up sharply. Gone… Al is gone. This can’t be. We’ve worked so hard for so long. So that we could live normal, happy lives. Not that so just one of us would continue to live. Damn it… why did this happen.

‘What the hell, there’s something in my left hand’ I looked down to see I was clutching a wrinkle sheet of paper. I quickly grabbed it and began to unravel it. This confused me a little. Perhaps it was something Al left.

I was right. Al had somehow left me a note.

Brother. I’m sorry that it turned out this way. I’m not sure what’s going to happen to me when I do this. But I am going to bring you back . You deserve to live. I decided long ago that if it came down to where only one of use could return, that I would be the one to make the ultimate sacrifice.

If you have any respect or love for me, you won’t try and sacrifice yourself to bring me back. Allow me to offer myself as equivalent trade for you.

Please, Brother, do not worry about me. Live peacefully and be happy. Please, do it in honor of my sacrifice.

I love you.

So what the hell do I do now. Offer myself? I would. Damn it, Al! You deserve to live! Far more than I do. Its my fault you had to suffer so long in that suit of armor. The only thing I can do is offer myself.

I once again glanced at the note. Well, it doesn’t seem like you want me too. Believe me though, I will bring you back.

I turned to Rose.

"Lets get out of here." I said.

And with that we turned and left the buried city. I’m not sure where I’m going, or how I’m supposed to bring Al back. I can only move forward. I have to. Its the only thing I can do.

I hope that was ok, its definately better than my first try atleast.