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I drew these while sick this week. The colored one was done with some really craptastic pastels I've had for a while. The BW/Pencil one is my favorite, and I might mess with it in PS a bit. My scanner is currently refusing to work properly (THANK YOU Microsoft and Windows XP Service Pack 2, bah) so I had to use my digital camera. If I can get good scans soon I will replace them. Bear in mind that this is the first Fanart I've drawn in several years, so I'm starting to get some skill back. I will try to find some of my old stuff this weekend and upload it.

Hey, i like them, they are really good, if you did that sick imagen ones you feel better smile.gif
yea, i always prided myself with being able to draw really good anime eyes, but for some reason the FMA ones give me trouble with sizing and stuff. I don't know why.
It'll take me a bit to get back to how I was before. Thanks for the comment!!

And I love it when you reply to my posts, I wanna glomp Munich Ed and Al so much... yummy blue eyes!!!!!!
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