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Full Version: Bunny Envy, Girly Roy, Martel In A Dress
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This is a doodle thread. Yes, a thread for my random cracky crap that I've generally doodled in 60 seconds or less.

>.>;; My mind is so damaged.

First up, is Easter Bunny Envy.

Don't... ask.

IPB Image

Edwina and Royko.
IPB Image

Royko just loves her new bosoms. XD

To be fair, boy!Winry, and Girl!Alphonse.

Boy!Winry reminds me of Ryuichi.

IPB Image

When my hands are idle in a long Health lecture, this is the sort of thing that happens to my notebook.
IPB Image

Or, I'll feel like being cruel to Martel. tongue.gif

IPB Image
OMG!! Lol that was so funny! I'm laughing as i type
Whoa. Great stuff. Better than any of my doodles. Aside from a few... questions, its funny. Very funny.
Lol these pictures are hilarous lol. I was actually thinking there would be a boy version of Riza in there somewhere.
Hikusa Rockgirl X
ROFL! You are EVIL~
i like it! xD
teh Envy bunny looks so cute O_o
Martel with dress!! poor Martel! XD;
Royko, Edwina, William and Alice... freaking funny x'D
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