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Full Version: Gaurdian Angel
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I sort of randomly came up with this idea while writing a drabble. Envy as Wrath's (ebil!)gaurdian angel. It was a little ooc, which is why I tried to get Envy's expression to be colder than planned.
Wrath looks a little more like his 'Moofy' persona here. Kind of at the brink between innocence and wrath-fulness.

"From this day forward, you're never alone"
aww..Cute pic XD
Awwwww! The cutness! It burns! Lol, I do love it lot's though!
avid fangirl
Awwwwwww!! CUTE!!!!!!!!
Is that Envy? The dude isnt beating the crap out of Wrath, it can't be Envy it is another shapeshifter a good one though, Envy's good twin perhaps?
cool pic!
and is that envy and wrath... or some other people?
X/ Dude, do you people not read? It says Envy and Wrath in the title; I wrote all about the changes behind this pic in the post; seriously!

Whatever. I still like my own pic. >.> I just love the fanon idea of Envy being a protective figure to Wrath.
And if you'll remember, Envy was tolerant, even nice to Wrath in the beginning. He only beat the crap out of him when he wouldn't stop crying.
Uwa, Wrath looks adorable! ohmy.gif
QUOTE(Elderberry @ May 30 2005, 10:05 AM)
Uwa, Wrath looks adorable! ohmy.gif

Isn't he, though? ::Goes to cuddle Wrath and returns with two black eyes:: x.x
Nice Fanpic, Toby-chan! You don't see many Envy w/ Wrath pics. You actually managed to make both of them look lovable as well! laugh.gif I have to admit it's very cute, and a very good/ unique idea. happy.gif
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