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Full Version: Let's Stay Like This Forever
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A/N: This a Bleach one-shot, so I hope it's ok to make a new topic instead of placing it in my fma drabbles if it is problem I am truly sorry. Though I don't anyone will read anyway ... sad.gif

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach... that includes tenth divison captain and bedwetter Hinamori.

Let's Stay Like This Forever

Hitsugaya lied awake in his futon, heavy heaps of rain poured down on soul society, on the heads of wander as they walked in the rain. The air was moist and Hitsugaya was having a hard time sleeping. No matter how hard the prodigy tried, his eyelids refused to stay shut. Adjusting his body to one side of the futon wasn't working either.

So, Hitsugaya lied there staring at the shadows on his wall, watching them move ever so slightly, his eyes making out the lines. His awareness slowly of what was around him seemed to have stopped along with time. Thoughts were not processing in the prodigy's mind, he was just existing, just there.

His eyes slowly followed they seemed to have begun to drift when his sharp feline ears picked up a sound. It was a quiet sound that had to be strained to be heard. It took Hitsugaya a few good seconds to register what the sound was, where it was coming from. Instantly his body moved on it own to the entrance to his room, where he slowly slide the door. There sat a young girl with a fragile, petite body, her eyes full of tears. Sitting in front of Hitsugaya's door her hair neatly tied in pigtails. Hinamori.

“How long have you've been out here?”, He slowly said crouching down to her level so, green eyes looked into another pair of eyes. She attempted to make a sound but nothing came out of her tender lips. She didn't need to, no more questions were asked. He knew what she wanted, why she was here at the moment only one thing could consume her fear of the heavy rain. Him.

Soon, little arms were clasped around another's waist on the futon. Tears dried, fingers were tangled in hair. Noses were being awake by the smell of each other. The warmth from body heat almost unbearable yet so soothing. One last sound was made before the slumber of the night took them.

“ Shirou-chan, let's stay like this forever.”, She uttered clinging onto Hitsugaya's warm embrace, breathing on his neck. Yes, Hitsugaya thought to himself let's stay like this forever. Her and his eyelids shutting at last.

Hagane No Renkinjutsushi {ED}
That was good!
<3 Thank you.
Winter Phantom
Good Story! ^-^ The couple's cute.
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