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Azura Elric
Mostly RoyxRiza Stuff right now. I'm working on something with Ed and Roy, inspired by an RP I had (No it's not Yaoi) -.-.

First! Miniskirt! lol here is Roy with a miniskirt begging Riza to put it on. Ed and Al are in the back, along with me and Yugi Mutou. Why Yugi? Because I use to like him happy.gif.
Azura Elric
Two drawings of Roy and Riza together getting into the love moment happy.gif.
haha thats really cute biggrin.gif keep up the good work wink.gif
Azura Elric
Thank you very much for the comment happy.gif

*twitches* do you draw mud anyway?! lol
I loved the first one!! lol XDD and the other are really sweet... keep it up! ^^
They're really nice, especially the first one xDDD!!!!!
Azura Elric
thank you very much happy.gif

Here's another piece of work, did this a month ago so it's kinda old, but this was actually my first attempt on drawing Ed. lol I dressed him up into the military uniform. One that actually fits him! O_o , oh yea first attempt on that too.
The Edo one reminds me of my unfinished sketch of him in the miltary suit(which is sexy :lol), also front view. Keep it up, you should try colouring some stuff.
Azura Elric
OK something more recent. I started this a few days ago, and I just finished darkening lines and shading things in (Cause I'm horrible when it comes to coloring). It's just to see what I could do freehanded. I'm surprise how well Ed came out, only problem is....braids...
Steel Alchemist
Keep going with those ideas they can get you far in life.
Azura Elric
>_< Contest ends today, must decide what to put in!

Here's a Roy and Ed picture, with them actually not trying send remarks to each other =_= and Roy after the series....WHY DOES HE WEAR THE PATCH?!! *sighs*
Taisa, those are amazing!! Really great. ( I was surprised to see Yugi in there; he used to my my favorite)
Wow, nice fan art Azura! There all fantastic! LOL I did a double take on the first one when I saw Yugi. laugh.gif Yu-gi-oh! Vol 1 was the first graphic novel I ever read way back when. LOL I used to be really into it. Bakure was my fav, I have no clue why. wink.gif I can see a hint of Kazuki Takahashi's art style in your art work, yet your style is very unique. I really cool. happy.gif I like the Ed/Roy pic you did, that was really cool + very well done. But so where all of them. biggrin.gif
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