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Full Version: When Does Fma Take Place?
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Have any of you ever wondered what time period F.M.A. takes place?What down what you think and post it here.

Sorry ment write down. You know what I mean. tongue.gif
QUOTE(animefan101 @ Mar 5 2005, 01:22 PM)
Sorry ment write down. You know what I mean. tongue.gif

AA battery
Rough anime timeline?
1900 - Ed & Al born (based on assumption that Ed is born January, Al is born December)
Ed (6) Al (5) - Their first transmutation: A doll for Winry. <-- 1906, starts here (episode 3)
Ed (10) Al (9) - Trisha died.
Ed (10.5) Al (9.5) - Finished training with Izumi. Failed human transmutation. (manga did mention that they trained for 6 months... I am taking in assumption that anime is the same)
Ed (11.5) Al (10.5) - Fully recovered from Automail Surgery. Went to central. Studying at Tuckers. (wow, it only took Ed one year to grow that much hair it took me 3 years to grow that much...) <--- since here, the house got burned down on Oct 3, 1911, so working backwards...
Ed (12) Al (11) - Celebrated birthday with Elysia-chan. Passed State Alchemist Exam. (Taking in assumption that Al's birthday is close by... why didn't they celebrate Al's birthday???) (Also take in assumption that it takes Ed about 2 months to take both written and performance exam...)
Ed (15.5) Al (14.5) - Kicked Lior priest's ass... etc (I don't think it took as much as a year between Lior event to 5th Labortory event... 6 months sound right to me)
Ed (16) Al (15) - Stuck in hospital after the 5th labortory incident... Elysia-chan's 4th birthday XD If Al hasn't turned 15 by Ed's birthday then he should've by the end of the series... Events that heppened from here till the end of the series should have took around 3 months (Ed probably went back to hospital for at least a week after finding Al because... well, he still looks quite injuried when Al hit him... o_O one month was gone to revisiting Jack Island already... then spent quite some time with Wrath and then Greed event... then it should took quite some time at Lior too... then back at Resembool... and central AGAIN... all these should took longer than it took Ed to pass exam... also, you-know-who got pregnant and got a baby during that time... so it should really make Ed 16.5 and Al 15.5 by the end of the series) <--- 1916/1917, where Ed gets taken to the other side

Taking in assumption that Roze's baby should be a year old, 1917/1918 on Al's side

1921 on Ed's side, as mentioned in anime
And then the movie takes place in 1923, Ed 18. Wont say anymore because of more serious spoilers.
Haldir of Lorien
well when the accident happend(The attempt at human transmutation)the year was 1910.
Inside of Ed's watch he has carved inside"don't for get 3.Oct.1910" If I am not mistaken that is the date that the two burned down there home.I just wacthed that episode last nigh tongue.gif
AA battery
*swears under her breath* right. I Forgot that the anime time and manga time was different. In anime, it was 1910. In manga, it was 1911... that's where I screwed up

Another screw up: I just remember that Hawkeye said "BABIES DON'T BORN IN JUST 5 MONTHS!!!!" on the phone with Hughes, and that episode should take place at last October. Since babies are generally born in 10 months, so adding 4.5 months to that (Since Glacia said that Elysia was 2 weeks early), so Ed's birthday should REALLY be somewhere between LATE FEBRUARY - LATE MARCH... wow, blizzard in March? T_T;; nice... (Then Al's probably somewhere ranging from Feb - April)
Hikari no Hohenheim
Babies born in 9 months, not 10.
You can take a breath now Armor alchemist,thanx for the all the detail.What do you mean taken to the other side?!@_@Where I live the FMA movie does not come out till the summer of 2005.Not that far away but still too long!If you want to give me any spoilers,but you have the fear of letting it out to the general puplic,send me a personal message or e-mail me!
The FMA world has to many modern things for their supposed time period. If I had to guess, I would say the it was 1910 or 1911 in a parrallel universe that almost mimicked our own. Yet, another theory would be that it actually takes place in the future after some terrible war or atomic apocolypse and sometime afterwards, they started a new timeline. I mean they don't have any flying machines(airplanes) yet in the final episode, where does Ed end up (time wise). I don't want to say too much, don't want to spoil the final episode for others.
Thanx for the info.
To tell you, Ed was born in 1898. And Al was born in 1900. But Ed and Al always seems to be 1 year apart, right?? It is because Ed was born in late December and Al was born in early 1900. Somewhere between January-February.
(That means Ed is older than Winry...and he shorter than her...also...Winry being called OLDER sister cannot be right... huh.gif )
You should be able to know this by caculating the age and the date from episode 1 and 2. laugh.gif
And episode 3 too. So that means Winry was born in 1899. blink.gif
Oke I did a lot of math...oke when they transmutated their mom it was february 1910 Ed was 11 and Al was 10..good
They left on 3 oct 1910 (I'm gonna go with the anime...for now) get on the train where hughes is on will be less then a week, so not significant.
When on that episode we find out Gracia is 5 months pregnant...going 4 months from there it would be.. late Januari/begin February since the baby was early it would probably be late January..but that doesn't really matter...good
This would make Ed's birthday in January I'm not sure about Al..'cause when Ed is 16 Al is still 14 (he says that somewhere...can't remember where) So meaning Al's birthday is later in the year. Good.

Oke knowing this lets make a list:

January 1899 Ed born
January 1900 Ed 1
January 1901 Ed 2
January 1902 Ed 3
January 1903 Ed 4
January 1904 Ed 5
January 1905 Ed 6
January 1906 Ed 7
January 1907 Ed 8
January 1908 Ed 9
January 1909 Ed 10
January 1910 Ed 11
January 1911 Ed 12
January 1912 Ed 13
January 1913 Ed 14
January 1914 Ed 15
January 1915 Ed 16

Oke now here we see the problem and why we should follow the manga time (haven't read it, still should) Cause there it's 3 oct 11...making the list again it would make Ed 15 in 1915 and somewhere (I haven't refound it yet) there stands it is indeed 1915 and at that time Ed is that would mean someone made a mistake with the anime...

Oke that was my little don't really need the other events, but I went through them and as I see it they follow up on my theory...just making every year go +1 would make my little list in order for the manga wink.gif
So if the movie is supposed to take place in 1921, and Ed is 18 when it starts. . . AAAA! So confused!
Remember that Ed is send to 1921 as a 16 year that's how he can be 18 in the movie wink.gif
ah math my old nemesis but good job with the timelines guys
Me and my friend can't decide. I always thought it was some time around 1900, but he says it's presant day. So does anyone know?
lurk more...
I did a search and found this timeline of the show, it's pretty intresting.

I was right by the way. biggrin.gif
I was wondering that as well
im new here, well i have visited this site but I just registered
umm i think it takes place in the early 19th century
Ronaldo Rodregez
Looking at graves and Ed's watch helps. Along with reading things on this very site.
very strange..........hmmmmm
im weird yes........thinking alot....
Thank you for those great posts.
Le Monkey
@Kikishi_the_purity_alchemist: DO YOU NEED TO POST THAT MANY TIMES???

IPB Image
Lucky Charm
It takes place somewhere in the 21th century of Europe. Around the years 1900's where WW1 was near. It was also an industrial age around those times. This is the time where humans first encounter machines, blimps, old school planes....etc. How the hell will it be the present? I mean just look at the trains, phones, cars, light poles (if there are any) in the show and compare them to the year we live in now. Biiiiiiig difference.
Eaarly 1900s. Series ends in 1921 and the movie takes place in 1923.

Up until the end of the series, Hagaren does not take place in our world, but in the world of Alchemy. The main country in which most of the show takes place is Amestris, which resembles our Germany/Austria/Poland/Hungry as well as the Soviet nations. Ishbal represents our Islam nations like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Pakistan.
Hmmmm...I never really cared when it took it important??? huh.gif Ah,'s interesting enough.
silver bg
i know it starts 1910
around the 1900's ph34r.gif
If you live in Germany like I do, you can tell that it takes place in Europe sometime in the early 1900's. The structure of the FMA sets and the architecture is a huuuge giveaway. ^^

In the movie- Alphonse moves to Munich, Germany. I'm very anxious to see how they will portray Germany in the movie! =D~
You are all just a bunch of baka!!! meaning to be cruel...
But discussing when it takes place...after I told you? eh...whatever...not that I'm so smart, but I gave prove!
Also that link to the the hell can it be correct...I mean it says there:

Age 11 (1909): They return and try to use human transmutation to resurrect their mother but are unsuccessful as what they create is not human. In the process Edward loses his leg and Alphonse loses his body. Edward is able to transmute his brother's soul into a suite of armor using his right arm.

When in the FIRST episode it says February 1910 Older brother 11, younger brother who will be right? some fan or the people making the damn thing? and because that isn't correct the rest obviously isn't either...though the events are, just not the time...

So including all the other times they give a the watch...which has 3 oct 10 in the anime but 3 oct 11 in the manga...that of course means its 3 oct 11...because the manga was there yeah...

I know I'm a bit late with this post...but whatever...
masterAlchemist 52
fma takes place in the 1900's, I guess you could say in an alternate universe

...well Edd ends up in a place called Munich and the time period is 1921 so does it realy matter
also baka means dumbass(incase some of you wanted to know)
It does matter, because else we wouldn't have this discussion right?
And that he ends up there and that its 1921 is just because the time there flows different...but on the other side its still 1915 or 1916 in the anime timeline that is.
I'm not certain, but I think you guys are getting confused about the date of Ed and Elysia's birthday... I think Gracia was more than five months pregnant. (From memory, Hawkeye's comment was that the baby won't be born in five minutes, in response to Hughes worrying that the baby would be born while they were on the train.) And it had just started snowing on the day that Elysia was born, putting the date more like late November or early December.

(Left to my personal opinion, I'd put their birthday in early December - which makes their star sign (according to the astronomically correct zodiac) Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer... quite appropriate for Ed, don't you think?)

Working from that, Al's birthday is somewhere between Ed's birthday and the date when they attempt to resurrect their mother (given in the first episode - from memory, February or March?). When Ed turned 11, Al would have still been 9, and their ages given at the start of the series (in Feb/March/whatever) are 10 and 11, so his birthday must have been between those dates.

So (from my reckoning) Ed is born in late 1898, and Al in late 1899 or early 1900.
What does the time of the snow have to do with the month? Here it started snowing in March for the first time...also on Ed's 16th birthday it wasn't was a really nice day...

And the comment Riza gave according to you is not really logical...because he is worrying what to do if the baby would be born the next day...and I don't believe translators would make such a big mistake to write months instead minutes...because according to my subs she definitly says months. And I got subs from 2 different translators and they both translated it as such...
Meh... it's been a while since I've watched the episode, so I'm going from memory... and maybe the version I saw mistranslated it?

And being in Australia (where it never snows except on high mountains) I haven't had much first-hand experience of snow... doesn't it usually start snowing in early winter? Which would be December-ish? (When does it normally start snowing in Europe?)
Depends where you are I guess...I live in the Netherlands and seeing as FMA looks a lot like Germany (our neighbors) I guess it would be sorta the same. Here we can have snow in December, January, February, or even March...I wouldn't be surprised if it started snowing in April...hehe...but mostly it's around January/February...we hardly have snow on christmas...
Christallie Kalric
Early 1900s. Series ends in 1921 and the movie takes place in 1923.

Up until the end of the series, Hagaren does not take place in our world, but in the world of Alchemy. The main country in which most of the show takes place is Amestris, which resembles our Germany/Austria/Poland/Hungry as well as the Soviet nations. Ishbal represents our Islam nations like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Pakistan.

you mean that there is america...

if we look at the manga point of view, xing is china...right?

this is getting confusing...
I'm so confused XDDD so umm the time is different between both worlds? XD And I think it's safe to say Ed was born in 1899. I think. o_o
Ed's birthday was on October 7th (4 days after they left home). I don't know why people think there were months inbetween the time they left to the time of Ed's birthday.

Here's everything that happened after they got off the train (that they fought Bald on):

Yes, it can snow in October...
Why won't there be months inbetween? if Gracia is only 5 months pregnant when they're on the can Ed's birthday be 2 days later?
yea, they most definatly study for the alchemy exam around 4 months, then ed's birthday, then they study for 2 more months b4 the exam starts.
Like I was saying in that other thread, Hawkeye was only making stuff up. They were waiting to see if the line was tapped, remember?

If you watch the episodes , you'll see that it wasn't months. The months of studying happened AFTER.
You're right that they tried to confirm if the line was tapped, but knowing Hughes he probably didn't make it up. Also if you see how Roy reacts, it's a bit overreacting if they were just confirming if the line was tapped...
hea, I think Hughes was trying to have a normal conversation with Roy while they were seeing if the line was tapped.
~*Exotic Latina*~
well when Ed and Al were younger and tried to bring back there mom the year was 1910 and the series ends in 1921.And i'm guessing they are in Germany or sumthin' very close like it for there are many German words used like furur the nick name for king bradly means "great leader" in german,Hitler had that nickname.And also Eds dad is named after a german state or city.
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