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ďWell, if you arenít happy with my decision, so be it! See if I care when some Homonculus tries to break your blood seal!Ē

Thatís how this whole ordeal started. Ed and Al got into a fight before they got to the desert on the way home to Rizembol. Ed wanted to go through the desert to escape any attacks from Homonculi, while Al wanted to go around since the territory of the desert was unknown to anyone.

He always says Iím the one who needs to plan ahead. Psh! Heís the one who needs to be less worried of getting lost!

-Sigh-Why doesnít he ever listen to me? Edís always so reckless!

Ed traveled through the desert by himself and started to get used to not talking to anyone.

I guess this is a little change of pace. No nagging brother, no Know-it-All Colonel. I might be able to get through this before Al even gets home...DINNER!

He saw a mouse on the sand about to go for shade under a bush, when Ed started chasing it like a madman.

"Come to Uncle Ed, now. I wonít hurt you." at least, I wonít right now.

He wasnít fast enough. The mouse scurried into its hole just in time before Ed skewered it.

Dumb mouse.

He walked up to a cactus that looked edible.

"This will do for the night."

Ed knew he had an upset stomach that night. He wanted to be home, but couldnít even lift a finger.

Damn cactus.

He fell asleep having the most awful dream.
Whatís this? --Where am I? ĖOh. Itís just Colonel Whatís-His-Flaming-Face.

"Riza," says Roy

"Sir?" Riza looked at Roy in a most odd manner that it creeps Ed out.

"Will you meet me at that new restaurant down town?" asked Roy.

"Sure, sir."

This is weird,í thought Ed, ĎWhy am I back at Headquarters?

Edís dream suddenly switches to the newest restaurant down town. The restaurant was filled with couples mainly having dinner and what not. Some were about to leave, while Roy and Riza were just coming in. They finished their dinner of lasagna, when everything faded away except for Roy and Rizaís table.

Whoa! This is stupid. I need to get home and Iím stuck here in the restaurant with Roy and Riz--.

He looked at the table.

Gross. O.O I donít need to see that!

Roy and Riza had apparently finished eating and were kissing each other goodnight.

BLECH! I must be dreaming. No way does Mustang have a girlfriend. Let alone his girlfriend is RIZA!
Ed woke up in a cold sweat.

Ha! I knew I was just dreaming. Ugh, I need to cut back on those cookies Gracier baked for me.

And as fast as he woke up, he fell back asleep, but this time he had a peaceful slumber.
Good, and funny I like it when Ed hates see Roy and Riza kissing each other
I think Liz has done very well for one of her first fics. I worked with her through the basic storyline and ideas were just spilling out of her head. This can only mean that she will have more fics to come.

I am proud of my student and hope you will like her work too. It's trying to cover a few genres which is very brave.
Le Monkey
Go lil liz!
You are getting better!
8.6/10 dear!
Chapter 2
(I'm posting it now because I don't think I will be on at all tomorrow)

Back in Rizembol, Winry and Pinako had a water shortage. This would only happen once a year, and now that time of the year had come.

"Grandma, we have no water!"

"Donít worry about it," replied Pinako. "Thereís plenty of storage water left."

Winry went down to the cellar to check how much water was left. Her heart sank to her knees.

There isnít any water left.

"GRANDMA! Thereís not much water left!"

"We will have to deal with it, then, until we go to the well again. But itís storming, and so I donít want you going outside to get any water."

Winry was mad at Ed for not writing any letters while he was gone, so she began to forget about Ed and Al slowly as the days went on. Winry began not having as frequent dreams of Ed coming home, and she didnít look down the road for Ed and Al everyday as much as she used to. Winry actually was heartbroken and didnít care if Ed or Al died, and even forgot what Al had looked like. Those two were mere memories placed in the back of her head.

When Al did finally make it home, without Ed, Winry didnít believe it was Al. She just thought it was Nelly dressed up in a large armor suit again, trying to cheer her up.

"Winry! Iím finally home!"

"Nelly, I know itís you, come out of that suit of armor before you get overheated."

"Itís me, Alphonse! Not Nelly! Donít you remember me?"

"Nelly, I said get out of there, I know itís not Al. His suit doesnít even look like that!"
Or does it? I truly canít remember.

Winry walked up to Al to reveal, who she thought, was Nelly. Once she took off the helmet, she saw it was empty.

"AHH! A ghost!" she screamed. "Gr- Gr- Grandma!" she stuttered, "Thereís a ghost on our doorstep!"

Winry began running around Al like she was playing tag by herself and Al was a lamppost, except she was really scared. Pinako came out of the house, holding her pipe in her mouth like she normally does when she thinks someone has lost their mind. She knew immediately it was Al for her memory had not grown old.

"Quiet, child. Itís only Alphonse!"

"Al? Is it really you?"
Of course itís Al, how could someone replace that empty body of his?

Instead of being surprised, or even going up to hug Al, she threw Al over her shoulder into the garden.

"Ow! Whatíd you do that for, Winry?"

"Donít scare me like that! Why didnít you just tell me it was you?"

"But I did tell you it was me, you just didnít believe me!"

"Of course! He he!" she said scratching her head confused and apologetically picked Al up out of the garden.

"Now, Al, tell us all that happened to you andÖ"

She never finished her sentence. With all the commotion of Al coming home, she didnít realize Ed wasnít here also until now. Her face turned pale.

Where is Ed? He should be here also.

"Winry, whatís wrong?" Al curiously asked Winry. He didnít know Ed hadnít shown up. He had assumed Ed was just sleeping in the other room.

"Alphonse. Whereís Edward?" She was afraid to ask, but she had to ask if Ed was OK.

"Isnít Ed already with you? I had assumed he was just sleeping in the spare bedroom sleeping."

"No. Thatís partly why I didnít believe it was you when you showed up, Al. Since Ed wasnít here, I didnít have a heads up on when you two were coming home."

"He must still be in the desert."

A large lump grew in Winryís already pale-fleshed throat.

"De- De- Desert?" She stuttered and swallowed difficultly. "You mean, the one that comes right before Nellyís house?"

"Yes, Winry, thatís the one. Why are you so pale?"

No, Al is just joking. Ed wouldnít be that reckless. I thought his mother told him that desert was a trap for anyone wanting a short cut to Rizembol. This isnít true.

"I donít believe you, Al! Donít toy with my mind!" And at that instant, Winry fled to her room.

She didnít want to believe what Al said. She got ready for bed and fell asleep early. That night she had a dream.
Full Blade Alchemist
O_O OH MY SIS!! it is... VERY GOOD!!! I liked the first one... no wait, i liked the second one... GRRR can't choose! You BETTER make the 3rd chapter very soon!! don't let me take out the Knife of Doom again!!
Phyco girl
Well done. Chiyo had taught you well happy.gif Please continue with your fic it's very amusing! smile.gif
Water Achemist
GOod Job. It's really cool
Very good, on negetive note though... I don't think Winry would forget about Ed or Al, but that's just me. tongue.gif

Keep going smile.gif
Its just gets better as you write more. You are adding in detail, exploring characters and sticking well to your story.
Very Very good ^^!!!! And I agree with Morgri, I seriously don't think that Winry would ever forget Ed and Al ^^""
Well, sorry for not posting in a while. I've been caught up in my homework and school, and I probably won't post until I get caught up.
I like it so far! Very nice! I hope you update soon!!!
Good story you seem to become stonger in your writing as the story goes on but can you defeat a sith lord? *Takes out red lightsaber and black cloak and jumps 20 feet in the air and lands gracefully* Ooops I mean I hope your chapter comes out soon I get jedi and fan fic writers confused a lot.
Water Achemist
Hurry up and write more, or I will be forced to poke you.

EDIT: ~Poke~
write more,if not I 'll also poke you...
EDIT: poke poke poke poke
its cute wright more please
Chapter 3: The dream

Winry tossed and turned in her sleep.

Edward....Edward where are you?

She saw Ed lying on the desert ground, sand enveloping his body, and he was completely motionless.

He....can't be dead....I won't let him be....dó

Her heart sank in her chest as she went and knealt next to him, cradling the upper half of his body. But he didn't move.

Damn you, Edward. You were supposed to come back for me. You promised...

She gaurded his body with hers as the strong desert winds whistled around them.

I...I love you, Ed...


"Winry? Winry wake up!" Al cried as he saw Winry's torn sheets and her in a bundle of blanket twisted around her. She was tossing and turning as any young child would during a competely horrible nightmare.

That was not the first of Winry's horrible nightmares, but it was the only one that was so descriptive of where Ed was located. She could taste the sand this time, and feel Ed's cold body next to hers.

"Winry?" Al called to her once again.

"It's alright, Al." She said melancholy playing clearly on her voice. "Just another nightmare..."

That was no nightmare...He was there...I was there...

Al sat on the bed next to her. "Are you sure you're ok?" He asked again, making sure his old childhood playmate was truely alright.

"I need to find Ed." She whispered, untangling herself from her blanket. "I know where he is and I'm going to get him."

"But you can't Winry its too dangeó" Al objected.

"Shut up, Al! Do you want your older brother to die out there because we were too afraid to take the risk he took!?" Winry's voice gradually got louder as she talked, fear and confidence both showing quite clearly.

"...Winry..." Al said quietly as though his pride was smothered.

"You can come with me if you'd like. You'd be the best to come with won't hallucinate like I would." Winry's voice was so serious chills ran through the atmosphere of her room. "I will find your brother."

Hey everyone! Thanks for sticking to this long as you thought necessary. I was reading back on this fic and I said "hey now, I can actually add another chapter"...even tho the chapter is extremely short for something I'd normally do ^^;;;

Hope you like!
ha ha, the fic...she lives. I'm sure this will please people.
Hehe Thanks chiyo happy.gif
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