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Here's a bunch of fanart sketches and retarded doodles I did within the last 2 weeks. FMA has been my latest crack in terms of what I draw x_x

Oh, and if you haven't seen past ep. 34 then you probably shouldn't read the dialouge bubble from Greed in the 4th picture since what he's saying is spoiler-ish (unless you don't care about spoilers, then nevermind).

Any constructive criticism would be GREATLY appreciated.

IPB Image
Al loves cats. Maybe a little too much.

IPB Image
His name is Scar. I had to do it.
Oh, and I think he looks like CRAP. He was so hard to draw D:

IPB Image
Ed expresses his deep seated hatred towards milk. I don't know, but I think that cow's about to swoop down and kill him or something.

IPB Image
It's Greed, but it doesn't look entirely like him. I drew it without reference. It's incomplete, and it'll probably stay that way for a while because I'm lazy like that.
I also gave him earings <3

IPB Image
He's just too gay D:
Oh, and I gave Kimbley some scruff <3
And uh, Greed's head isn't proportionate to Kimbley's. Damn.

IPB Image
Suggestive facial expressions! YUSSS to Hughes x Roy smut. If I ever finish this, Hughes is gonna be jacking Roy off <3
wow~ good stuff theres some really awsome drawings there biggrin.gif
Haha!! I love the second pic XD awesome stuff you go goin here ^^
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