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Full Version: Forgive And Forget
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Phyco girl
A/N: OK, this is the first piece of FMA poetry Iíve written. MAY CONTAIN SLIGHT END SPOILERS!!! Sorry if itís not that great. I also donít remember the proper format so... yeah. Itís from Winryís POV:

I will forgive you for leaving this world without leaving a single trace,
I will forgive you for breaking the metal pieces of my heart and soul so many times,
I will forgive you for never taking the time to give me the call or send me the letter I so eagerly waited for,
I will forgive you for nearly getting yourself killed that one pain-filled night,
I will forgive you for holding back the pain in your heart and not crying even though itís what you needed most,
I will forgive you for the numerous fits and tantrums you had about your height,
I will forgive you for leaving me and becoming a dog of the military,
I will forgive you for believing you didnít have a home to come back to when I wait all day and all night for your return,
And I will forgive you for all the pain you have caused me,

But for me to do this you have to keep your promise.
The one where you squeezed my hand tight and told me youíd always return,
Only then will I forgive you.

Just know Edward Elric, wherever you may be,
I will never forget you.
Hehehehhe good poem Phyco Girl. I usually am hard on people but hey I have a soft spot for you lol.
It portrays her feelings very well and its something outside of a fanfic. Poetry is a brave thing to tackle.
foolmetal alchemist
I love your poem!
Le Monkey
It is good that you did poetry..
It isnt done enough...
Still and awesome poep..
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