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Hagane no Renzy
tongue.gif HNRZ~It's me. I've been on the FanFics page a lot and I just finished "The Angel", about how Al reunited with Ed. Now, this one will be about how Ed reuinited with Winry for all you guys out there! smile.gif This is my first EdWin, so wish me luck. I'd reccomend reading The Angel before this one for a few minor reasons, but it's not requierd or anything

Just for You

Gasping deeply and out of breath, Edward Elric lay on the muddy, rain-wrecked ground in the cold night. He could barely stand...

Couphing up blood, Ed managed to crawl around, seeking shelter. He was incredibly weak. He didn't know where he was...didn't know how it had worked.

After finally reaching a house's wall, Ed set himself against it under the roof. He was safe from the rain. And he was thrilled, because he had just realized he was in Rizembul.


It was as if it were another world from the night before. Birds chirping and the sun shining ever so brightly, Edward managed to stand up. He walked a little ways testing his strength and he had recovered over the night. After sighing in relief, he thought. I know I'm in Rizembul, but...where in Rizembul? I don't recognize this place... Ed walked to the front of the home he had slept beside and knocked on the door. When it opened, he saw none other than his Aunty Pinako.

In shock, Pinako's pipe fell out of her mouth and clattered loudly on the wooden floor. After a moment of silence, she took her hand and slowly waved it in front of her eyes. Afterwards, Ed was still there. She laughed loudly and they hugged. Ed yelled, "Aunty! It's really you!"

Pinako didn't say anything, she just kept laughing. She got down to retrieve her precious pipe and a young black haired man walked down the stairs. "Pinako? What's going--hey, isn't that Edward Elric!? Ed!" Ed smiled at the familiar face. That man had lived close to him when he was a child.

Pinko didn't waste anytime. "Edward! Tell me did you get back?" Edward's face was dead serious.

"Before that, Aunty. Tell me now, Where's Al? And Winry? Where are they now?" Pinako smiled softly.

"Winry is at home. Edward, since the day you left, she hasn't forgotten you. Whenever we spoke, she'd find a way to somehow mention you." Ed's eyes grew soft at that. Pinako continued. "You may not be thrilled to hear this, Ed, but when you brought Al back he lost his memories of the past four years. And he joined the military...he's a state alchemist."

Ed looked upon her in shock. His brother, a state alchemist? With no recollection of the past four years? "...Hmm. I suppose my transmutation wasn't perfect after all." Ed chuckled grimly. Pinako put her hand on Ed's shoulder.

"Go to her, Ed. She's on the other side of town. You have no idea how she misses you so." Ed looked rather surprised at that comment.

I mean, I know Winry must miss me, but...c'mon, she knew that I'd come back for her...right? Ed sighed loudly. He was right to assume that Al was busy in Central.

After a little more conversation with Pinako, Ed left. "Thank you, Granny. I'm off to see Winry, and when I reach home I'll be sure to give Al a call. You know, I've been trying to come back all these years...just for you guys, right?"

Pinako smiled. "Of course, Ed. Now, go along."
Phyco girl
I read your other fic too and I hope that you continue this one too happy.gif
This is good so far. I like it. Update soon please.
Very good, only flaw, wasn't he like dead tired, and hurting just a second ago lol... Can't wait to read the next chapter.
Saturn Stars
Go go! We need more edxwin Fanfiction!
Good work! I can't wait to see what happens next! biggrin.gif
I really like The Angel so its good to see a followup to it. I'll be waiting for your next update.
Hagane no Renzy
0_o;; wow, i thought I'd discontinue it. I really don't think that I'm too good when it comes to edwin...

do you guys really want me to continue? I may end up butchering a reunion.
Why do you even feel the need to ask that?
Hagane no Renzy
Heh. Well, don't say I didn't warn you. I will continue...I guess.

Pride and Tears

It was finally complete. Her best type of automail yet. She couldn't feel anymore proud of herself! It was light, very shiny, durable, powerful. All the aspects of the perfect automail.

Wow. I never thought I'd make anything thisgood, she thought to herself. I'd better finish up polishing it and set it in its case with the others.

Trudding up the stairs, Winry was greeted by a bubbly Den. The dog continued to energetically bark at whine at Winry's feet to play with her. "Tsk...Den, not now, okay? I'm busy." Winry quietly entered her quaint yet very messy room. Den sulked.

Inside, light flowed in endlessly from the big window next to her bed. Winry rummaged beneath her bed, oddly enough, were they kept all of her stuff. There were many cases she felt, but not one of the perfect size.

Digging deeper, Winry felt something she shouldn't have. She was curious as to what it was. Pulling it out slowly, she held it in her hands. It was a picture. A picture of her, Alphonse and Edward. They were outside playing with Den on a sunny afternoon.

Winry slowly set it down in front of her and kept digging through the 'under-the-bed' pile. She finally reached the perfect case. Opening it up, there was fine red material cushioning the spot where the automail is to be placed. She set it in with care, and stared at it for a good long time. This pride feels so great! Winry thought with a slight comical tone.

A few seconds after the pride left, she burst into tears.
Nice update continue soon.
Coming along fine. Keep going! smile.gif
I like it so far. biggrin.gif Though it does bring up some questions.. o.o But it's good nonetheless.
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