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Full Version: Fav Manga FMA Character? Includes Manga Version Of Common Characters Such As Ed & Al
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Well? WHO!?!?!?!

*hopes this hasn't been done before*

I like Hughes and Barry. Hughes is badass and Barry is hysterical.
Omakase Shimasu
Hmmm, I think there was a thread about favorites in general (anime & manga) but I don't know where it's gone off to.

Anywayz, I still say Ed. He rox. He's cool, he's small, he's athletic, he's hot, he's got brains and he's got the clothes. He talks the talk and walks the walk. In one word he's SUPER. cool.gif

And I also have to insist on Jude, the Blind Alchemist. Such a sweet middle-aged man~ He never gets mentioned anywhere!! Why?! He tried to do good, he thinks he did good, he IS good.

...that particular Gaiden creeped me out big time, though.
Ed's still my main man in both manga and anime. laugh.gif
other than that I prefer Winry in the manga than in the anime. She's just more... usefull(manga).
I see.
AS you said, BlueRakuen, without Ed, FMA will be a computer without internet!!
Chibi Viki
hehehe... still Roy and Riza for me... Ed, Al and Winry also... and... and... ok, i like everyone in the manga, even that stupid Yoki guy who keeps popping out of nowhere is hilarious! Scar is more menacing here than in the anime, izumi and Sig are sooo sweet... Roy's subordinates aren't just for background... and the new guys from Xing are very interesting indeed!

I like everyone! But my favorite still is Riza and Roy... biggrin.gif
Omakase Shimasu
QUOTE(TrueAlchemist @ Aug 19 2004, 03:33 AM)
I see.
AS you said, BlueRakuen, without Ed, FMA will be a computer without internet!!

Hell, without Ed there just wouldn't be a Full Metal Alchemist! Or it would be FlaMe Alchemist like Roy predicted, dry.gif but who'd want to see that? tongue.gif

Or Al would take the spotlight.
Chibi Viki
I would... (like to see Flame Alchemist)...

Ed might be the main man of the series, but it'll be pretty boring too if the other characters didn't exist.

actually, it sounds more like, FMA, w/o Ed, is like a computer w/o an Operating System... it can't function w/o it, since Ed is the driving force of the series.

FMA, w/o the other characters, would be a computer w/o supporting software and internet to make it interesting.
*nods in agreement with Chibi Viki* Yup, FMA wouldn't be as interesting without the other characters!
Ok... I admit, I got into FMA because of Roy...and later on, Riza... (Not saying I don't like Ed though.)
The manga characters are a lot more interesting than anime... Then again, I've always preferred the manga over the anime.
RoyxRiza BigFan
Furher Wrath..damn asskicking, wicked to the core, neat sabre fatality tricks cool.gif

izumi more asskicking, could whipped greed in the face if she only was at full strength rolleyes.gif

Barry the Chopper the Ultimate Homicidal Bodyguard cool.gif cool.gif
Chibi Viki
hehehe, well said!

yeah, Wrath is uber cool in the manga! even if he's a homonculous, his sense of humor is just something that I love ^^

his name, Wrath, suits him well since the sin, Anger, is the most powerful of all sins...
RoyxRiza BigFan
Quotes Yoda From Phantom Menace tongue.gif
Chibi Viki
the homonculi are also better in the manga... especially after chap 38 @____@
well, I really like Izumi, Sigu and Riza.. without 'em, the manga would be less interesting
no offense to Ed and Al's fans..
Omakase Shimasu
QUOTE(Kasumi @ Aug 19 2004, 03:05 PM)
The manga characters are a lot more interesting than anime... Then again, I've always preferred the manga over the anime.

Um... I think Ed was more realistic. In a certain way. Looking back at the Barry episode where Ed almost killed him... He admitted that event scared him to hell and back. It was touching in a weird sorta way.

And Winry in that Rush Valley episode. Getting mad because Ed used alchemy to strengthen his automail. biggrin.gif It just screamed "girl!!". Dunno why.
There are so many good characters in FMA.
Chibi Viki
QUOTE(Omakase Shimasu @ Aug 20 2004, 12:29 PM)
Um... I think Ed was more realistic. In a certain way. Looking back at the Barry episode where Ed almost killed him... He admitted that event scared him to hell and back. It was touching in a weird sorta way.

the anime is more human, indeed. especially because they had an applied timeline (Ed turned 16 already... still waiting in the manga). I like how the Elric brothers show that despite their maturity, they are still kids (uhm, i still consider being 15 yrs old as a kid)... not a lot of anime with 15 year old characters could portray this fact so well.
I like the military guys...You know, the people under Roy's command, himself included. Then there's the xing guys. Ling, Lanfan, and the old dude are great characters. Even little Mei-chan. I even like Barry the Chopper. He's too funny with his "little" chopping fetish.
Chibi Viki
oh yeah, speaking of mei-chan... is that little panda thing real? or is it a puppet made to move? (or maybe it has a soul bound to it, hehehe, like Al... only cuter...)

plus, so far, she's the only confirmed Pharmacist (Alchemy is called Pharmacy (translation by yebyosh) in Xing) of those who came from Xing... wonder why she's in East City....
Omakase Shimasu
QUOTE(Chibi Viki @ Aug 23 2004, 05:37 PM)
plus, so far, she's the only confirmed Pharmacist (Alchemy is called Pharmacy (translation by yebyosh) in Xing) of those who came from Xing... wonder why she's in East City....

Wonder what kind of role she'll be playing in the future? ...she was the girl who saw Ed all grown up, wasn't she? laugh.gif Poor girl, all her hopes will be crushed before long.
we all pity that girl... hey, could it be that she might be Ling's little sister? coz they seem to be looking for the same objective
Chibi Viki
if she was ling's sister, why wasn't she with Ling? but... she's just soooo~ cute ^^
well Ling could left her in Xing, considering his journey is dangerous, then Mei just go out and escaped with her Mei-chan (which is so adorable by the way)then she dreams about tall and sophisticated Ed.. then the real small brat Ed crushed her dreams... remember that she was also lying flat on the ground?
Chibi Viki
well, knowing her capabilities, I doubt if Ling would think that the trip would be dangerous.
RoyxRiza BigFan
this should go up and away! more manga chars kickss than the anime to me! @W@
Queen of the dammed
ROY!!! RIZA!!! ED!!!!! AL!!! XING GUYS!!! MEI-CHAN!!! HAVOC!!! FALMAN!!!! FURY!!! BREADNA!!! ARMSTRONG!!!! BLACK HYATE!!! DEN!!! WINRY!!! LUST!!!! ROY!!! RIZA!!!!! ED!!! AL!!!!! LUST!!! ROY!!! RIZA!!!!! ED!!! AL!!!!! LUST!!! ROY!!! RIZA!!!!! ED!!! AL!!!!! LUST!!! ROY!!! RIZA!!!!! ED!!! AL!!!!! LUST!!! *repeats last 10 names for the next hour* Man!!! The manga characters KICK ASS!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD MARIA ROSS!!! MARIA ROSS!!! MARIA ROSS!!! MARIA ROSS!!! MARIA ROSS!!! *chants name for the next ten minutes* biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Actualy, when I first saw Mei, I had this notion that she was his fionce (afterall, this is a chinsese based culture and they (chinese) like arranged marriages), and Ling found her too anoying and left her there in Xing for a moments peace... being so dedicated, Mei secretly folowed him, and got lost on the way... and then she decides that if she was going to get Ling's heart then she would have to get the way of immortality for him... and got side tracked thanks to her 'Ed illusion'.
No matter what anyone says, I like Ed. For some reason, I always like the most annoying people in the show. Who is almoot always the main character... Let's name all my favorite characters from different animes... Naruto from Naruto, Tai from Digimon season 1, Yoh from Shaman King, and there are bunches of other characters that I'm too lazy to list. Actually, I think I almost always like the main characters the best because usually, they are the ones most characterized. They also have big dreams that almost seem impossbile... I like that they always try so hard, because I am nothing like them. happy.gif
This was annoyingly long...
Ed and AL naturaly, for different reasons.
Everyone's fav homicidal teddy bear Barry.
The... there is no word to describe him - Ling.
Evil winry and Roy whenever he's not being dignified (wet match, getting squashed in the car, being told off by Riza, the miniskirts, phonecalls with Hughes)
I like Hughes. He's always so funny, and his love for his family was intense, especially at the very end... *sob*

But since he's, you know, gone, I've had other interests. Like Ed. biggrin.gif
I love Ed, he's so cute and he's the sweetest guy in the world.. even though he tries to act tough and mean sometimes, he's sooo nice to Al and besides, I love his attidtude and his ego.tongue.gif I reckon it's really cute.
*goes psycho and slams a giant sword oversoul, ala' Shaman King, into the general vacinity, causing a massive explosion and tossing everyone to the four winds*

GOD!!! Am I the only one who thinks the Fuhrer is hot?!

*chases after the people who are running for their desperate lil' lives from the psycho fan-guy-person-thingie*

P.S: I haven't actually READ the manga, just jumped randomly from chapter to chapter, looking for any place that Brad appears.
Ed. And Al. *twitch* Al... the sweetest tincan you'll ever find...

Hughes is wonderful too. A bit odd, a bit... crazy... but just plain... wondrous... *sniff* Such a loving father... *cries*
I liked Barry. He was not such a crazed psycho in the books. He was funny. And that little girl from Xing. The way she imagines Ed as being all tall and studley (Ed lover here. Don't kill me.) is so hilarious.
Obcessed Mechanic
Although Ed is the main character, and pretty hot. *drools* I really like Alphonse. He's sweet and caring, and the manga would just be boring without him. *dies of loving Al* I also really like Hughes, he's hilarious.
I love Ed - kun. I also like Roy, Riza, Al, Winry, and the people from Xing( Ling, and the other person).
It's still Roy Mustang all the way for me. But in the newer characters, I adore little Mei-chan. She's just so cute and the poor little thing always falls over because she's starving...I can't wait to see more of this character...Oh, and the fact that she thinks Edward is this tall handsome man is hilarious, don't get me wrong, I think he's cute, but sure ain't tall.
Hawkeyes counterpart
(This is my first post, I'm so happy biggrin.gif )

Anyway, I have to say my fav. characters are: Nina (bless her heart sad.gif ) and Al because they both add a touch of innocense to such a serious anime/manga, but I haven't gotten very far in the manga yet and I'm only on episode 24 in the anime *sigh* dry.gif
your avatar is great!!!!!
Welcome biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
foolmetal alchemist
Ed!!! He is the best of course! Den is cool too.
Hmm.. My favs are the guys in the miliary. Hughes, Armstrong, Roy (of course happy.gif ), and the Fuhrer. Outside the miliary, I like Al for his sweetness, Izumi for her toughness, and Barry for his craziness! happy.gif

But to pick one or two out of the bunch? Ah! Too hard! I love them all!
Probably Scar. He's just a killing machine.
Lots of guys. Scar definitely rules in manga, Ed is a given, so does Mustang...oh hell, I dont know, ask me when the manga is over tongue.gif (which won't be any time soon, thankfully)
Hrm... ask me a few months ago and I'd have said Hughes (the funny guy). Ask me a few weeks ago and I'd have said Havoc (the poor funny guy). Ask me a few days ago and I'd have said Ling (the funny prince guy).

biggrin.gif I'm so fickle. But obviously, I only like funny guys.
Aiyasha Kitara
[SIZE=1][SIZE=7][COLOR=blue] ED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MUST BE ED!!!!!!!!!!!
IT MUST BE!!!!!!!!!!
He is so funny in his stupid rants!!!
Also, I know how he feels about being short, all my friends and I at school are short.
So we banned together and made an army of short people!
And we all bought pocket watches.
Not exactly like Ed's but still cool!
Oh, but they're all awesome sad.gif Except for Archer...

If I must, I'd say the brothers. I'm usually like Al but I've become aware of an inner Edo metally punching everybody in the neck biggrin.gif Probably why I don't snap and hurt anybody. Plus me and Ed are the exact same height... At least last time I measured (I don't want to leave poor Ed behind!)
Mustang's Apprentice
I just now started the manga and it seems to me that every character's personality has been done better than the anime.

My favorites so far are:Mustang,Hawkeye,Ed,Scar,and Envy.
1. Roy and Riza-- always the best
2. Hughes sad.gif
3. Ed
4. Lan (Ran) Fan
5. Black hayate

Everyone in the manga seems to be better in the anime (except for Lust, I think)...
Ed, Hughes, Alphonse
Luceit Elric
First and foremost, definitely Ed, because he bears a 90% personality resemblance to me... Next would be Al, I have this thing for introverts, then Roy, because he can be serious one moment and hilarious the next! I would talk about the others but, most of them just don't have enough airtime, gomen nasai.
Ahhh! Why must you people make me decide. I absolutely love Lan Fan(no seriously in the way a rabid fangirl loves her Ed. biggrin.gif ). Ling is great(he's funny and perhaps the strongest good guy). Barry is awsome (self explamitory). Al and Winry are a lot better in the Magna then they are in the anime. Ed kicks ass in bith the magna and the anime. Most ofthe villians I disliked cept for Greed (if you reallyy consider him to be a villian), but that may be cause of how evil they are*coughWrathcough*. I always hated Envy, though he's not shoved down our throats in the magna and gets his ass kicked by Lan Fan(ahhhhhhhh yes I did quite enjoy that.). Riza, Havoc, Hughes, Armstrong, Roy, and even Pinako are all great too. Anime it be easy to choose (Ed, Winry,Hughes, Riza Period)
the sellout
My three favorite characters are exactly the same as in the anime: Riza Hawkeye, Roy Mustang, and Jean Havoc. I also love Roy's subordinates! It's one of the things that I like more about the manga, that they appear more and play a more important role. And well, of course, the Elrics. How can you not love them? Same with Hughes..

Hmm, even though I also love anime!Greed, manga!Greed is one of my favorites as well. He's my favorite homunculus. biggrin.gif Followed very closely by Wrath (King Bradley), who he has the best sense of humor! I also love Ling Yao, Lan Fan, Winry, and Scar.

All of them characters I mentioned (well, except for those that don't appear in anime) I love both in the anime and manga, there's just certain characteristics that I prefer in the manga, as well as other that I prefer in the anime. But, I actually love both the manga and anime equally, so I don't really compared them that much! biggrin.gif
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