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Well, it took me hours to vector so I thought I'd share it with everyone here. I put it on minitokyo and I'm scared they'll just delete it. Ah well, as long as somebody likes it I know it was worth the effort.

Woah! That's awsome! Why would they deleat it? It's worthy materieal to me!
i love the wallpaper and winry looks so cute
Full Blade Alchemist
Awesome wallpaper! smile.gif why would anyone delete that? blink.gif
Thats good. Where you got your stock/base from(I see it's in your avatar too)?
@Chiyo: I will now list some reasons why minitokyo should not delete my big sister's beautiful piece of art.

1. She displayed wonderful, skillful talent

2. She did an excellent job on shading and coloring.

3. Because I said so.

4. Because Edward said Winry looked hot in that picture biggrin.gif

Edward: I DID NOT mad.gif !!

Hex-Sama: That's what it says in your diary tongue.gif ! *pulls out Edward's diary from her pocket*

Edward: It's a Journal! Now give it to me! *starts to fight over the journal/diary*

Hex-Sama: *struggles to read* Dear Diary...

Edward: Journal!

Hex-Sama: Chiyo drew a picture of Winry today and I thought she looked *RIIIIIIIP* Hey! You ripped the paper out Edward!

Edward: You'll never find out what it says now! *eats the paper*

Winry: mellow.gif *looks at Edward, who has stopped halfway through devouring the paper to look back at Winry* I'm not going to ask... Oh, by the way Chiyo, nice drawing biggrin.gif
I don't see why they'd want to get rid of it. This came out beautifully!! ^^ You said you VECTORED it?!! O_o Wow. Very nice job.
Hikusa Rockgirl X
kawaii wallpaper x)
and well done, i like winry's expression o.o

@Hex-sama: LOL ahahaha xDD i knew it! its a diary!! and Ed's a paper eater <.< *runs away*
WOW! THATS WAAAAAAAAYYYYYY GOOD! hah yes where did u get your base hting ?? do they have more pics of other charachters?
foolmetal alchemist
That rocks!! Your awesome at writing and drawing Chiyo!! Why do you rock like so?? laugh.gif
Hagane no Renzy
It really is true Chiyo. You've probably drawn the best fanart I've ever seen.
Wow guys, thank you all so, so very much, that has really made my effort worth it. Here is the original pic. Its also off minitokyo but you need a level 10 account to get it so I've done it for you.

Original pic
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