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Full Version: Manga Scene That Wasn't In The FMA-1, But Wanted To See Animated
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Which scenes in the manga do you think would have made great anime? This includes scenes which were done, but haven't been done quite up to how we expected it to be..

I think Mustang vs. Lust would've been great.
QUOTE (Chagan @ May 1 2005, 03:15 PM)
I think Mustang vs. Lust would've been great. No spoilers, but you should know what I'm talking about.

that would ahve been awesome.

i also wish they would have extended the entire 5th Lab Battle like they did in the Manga

also i like the Later events with Al and him um.... Needing to ge this body back... that would have made the series a bit more suspensful
Chapter 46's battle would have been great!
Ed and Al's fight at the hospital, they settled that better in the manga -Ed and Winry beating Al up and yelling "if all the fun and love they shared was faked and WTF Ed would throw away his life for a fake little bro," as opposed to the anime where They try to calmly explain and AL ends up running off and Ed almost jumps off a building to follow him.

Everything after around when Ed and Al saw Izumi

Ling and co ;_;
the scene of Ed as Ed the Alchemy Repairmen XD!!! he can fix anything (when hes trying to draw out the Homunculi)
QUOTE (Kyo_Umerio @ May 2 2005, 02:01 PM)
the scene of Ed as Ed the Alchemy Repairmen XD!!! he can fix anything (when hes trying to draw out the Homunculi)

Oh god, i can even imagine the music they'd play for that
(think of the music when Ed fights Mustang)
I was very disapointed that the Anime lacked Barry falling in love with Riza!
That was sooooo very funny in the manga and would have been outragously funny in the Anime. Barry turned out to be so hilarious!

And I thought Hughs's death could have been alot better in the anime/ more dramatic. The manga left you in absolute disbelief and shock( at least, thats what happened to me, I was like "Whaaaaaaa!? Nooooo!!! That's not possible!!"). I think they rushed it way to much in the Anime, and not only that, but they did not even really include His battle with lust, which I found really intense. They totally glossed right over it...

and I also think Ed's initial battle with scar could have been a bit better, but that's just me. wink.gif
AA battery
agree with all the scenes you guys mentioned above happy.gif

I so want to see ch 45 and 46 animated... ;_;
Of course, Mustang vs. Lust and the whole events leading to that would have been great. It was awsome as manga, as anime it would have been so cool. Don't get me wrong, I like the Elrics and all, but I'm a big fan of the military and they weren't really used in the anime....In the manga, they have chapters wich feature almost only them and that gives the characters much more depth.

I would have like Mustang and Edward's first meeting to be like it was in the manga. Roy getting all pissed off at Ed and asking him what the hell it was that he did in there instead of him just walking in and out of the house like in he does in the anime.
Is it just me, or are the people from the eastern country (Xing) not even exist in the anime? They would have been hilarious in the anime! What is it with them always passing out? To bad they didn't have time to include more in the anime. dry.gif
The people from Xing would have been so cool in the anime. I think that's the biggest let down. The story takes a new twist when they show up.
I would have loved to see little Mei-chan and her cute little panda animated.

And in the later chapters of the manga , Ed vs Scar, that would have been cool because I don't remember those two really fighting in the anime....

The anime in my opinion could have waited until the manga was a little more advanced before continuing instead of coming up with their own story.
I missed the people from Xing a quite a bit too... they where great. Ling was so funny in the manga! if he wasnt passing out in strange places or getting into trouble, he was eating like a fiend and putting the tab in Ed's name. LOL Mei-Chan's vision of Ed is so far from the truth... tall, handsome, considerate.biggrin.gif It's great. The handsome part is true, but as for the tall part... lol tongue.gif

Ed and Scar do clash in the Anime, but not like in the Manga. I suppose they did the best w/ what they had though.

And yeah, Ed and Scar don't fight much in the anime.
The part from the manga where they both use the decomposition alchemy at the same time would've been so awesome in animated form.
well, I think the anime series could have been better with Mei, Ling and Lan Fang.
Moments that the anime didn't have, but I'd like it to are, what you guys said..and most of all, Barry the Chopper falling in love with Riza. Also the Ed vs. Scar chaps are also nice (to have in the anime). Xiaomay would be nice to be seen animated and all.

Also Mustang vs Lust rules. too bad that there were none in the anime. Lust's & Greed's last moments were WAY better in the manga. beside the point, they were badass til the end

The anime lacks, MOST OF THE FUNNY MOMENTS IN THE MANGA (eg. Hughes saying "Yo! Edo! Seducing a mechanic in a hospital room eh?) <-- Anime DID NOT have that.

Also, the Dublith story arc was kinda rushed.

AND THE XING CHARACTERS!!! <--- anime SHOULD have that.
Personally, I would love to see the Xingese characters in the anime. Even if they just got a cameo somewhere. (Though that would leave a lot of fans grumbling over how little they'd been in it.) I'd just like to see what they'd look and sound like in the anime version.

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