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Hagane no Renzy
Hi everybody, hope that most of you know teh HNRZ by now. ^_~

Anyways, I got the idea for the fanfic a long time ago when I finished the subbed series but never typed it up. Now's a better time than never! Enjoy!

The Angel--

Trees and beautiful mountains flew by the windows of the speeding train. Over a mountain trail it ran, soon to reach its next stop. If you were to peer into the windows of that train, you'd see many faces. Some of working men on a business trip, some of young siblings with their family on a vacation. But in just one of those windows, there was a brown haired, mild-mannered fourteen year old looking out. He appeared normal but indeed was not, for he in reality should be eighteen.

"Excuses me young man? Care for a drink?" Alphonse Elric's gentle eyes grew in surprise as he turned from the magnificent mountain view to see a man with a tray and piping hot tea ready to be served. Alphonse shyly shook his head. He didn't like the idea that 1st class riders were catered to and the lower classes weren't. That's just the kind of person he is. The man nodded and moved to some other riders.

Alphonse sighed. He thought deeply. Wow, this is just such a great day, he smiled. Called from a mission out of the blue...and now before I know it I'm heading home. To see him. Al smiled even wider. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a silver watch. He stared at it, admiring it. He had been told that Edward despised being a dog of the military and only joined it for the sake of his brother. Al didn't mind being a State Alchemist one bit. Brother, I don't remember anything after the transmutation, but...I'm sure you'll fill me in. Al chuckled and took a small nap.

--There's more to come! That's just the end of this 'chuncklette.'--
Hagane no Renzy
Here's more, folks.

The Call--

24 hours earlier...

Gulping and sweating, Alphonse continued his marching excersises along with the rest of his troop. Sent out from his home and close to Central, a small retaliation group despising alchemists had gathered through the city and were spreading chaos. Alphonse Elric was one of the 150 State Alchemists assigned to halt the madness.

In the middle of alchemic practices, a hand met Al's shoulder. He turned around to see a familiar face. "Angel, you've got a call waiting for you," Roy Mustand said with a meek smile.

"A call...? Aunty Pinako!?" Al gradually smiled and began to laugh. Al ran off to a nearby tent with Roy to retreive his call as other alchemists remained filled with envy that young Alphonse caught a break.


"Umm...He-hello?" Al asked into the phone, not knowing one bit what to expect.

"Al! Recognize this voice?" Al heard a cheery and familiar tone come through the listening peice.

Alphonse couldn't believe his ears! It was Edward! "B-brother!! Is that really you!? Oh gosh! How'd you get back? Where are you? Have you talked to Winry? Have you--"

"Haha, calm down little bro!" Ed said cooly. "There's a lot of explaining to be done and Aunty Pinako invited over Sensei and her family to eat dinner with tommorow. I'm hoping you can make it?"

Al's eyes were on the verge of watering. "E-Ed...!! Of course! I'll see ya! I really will!" As Ed said goodbye, Al could hear Winry laughing asking Ed questions. Al hung up and Roy closed his eyes and smiled.

"Well, Angel Alchemist, I guess you get leave. Go see your brother and tell him that Bastard Colonel who still isn't Furher said 'hi.'" Roy had a heartily sense of humor. He held out his hand to shake, but instead felt a tight hug around his waist and looked down to see an overjoyed Alphonse.

"Thank you Colonel! Thank you so very much! I'll be back!" Al ran out of the tent faster than an arrow. Roy put on a look of confusion and rubbed his hair.
Hagane no Renzy
*ish sad* No comments? Really? Oh well, here comes more! happy.gif

Something Inbetween me and Brother? Pfft! Yah Right!

Al woke dreamily on the same seat he had sat in for hours on the train. He felt so content on that train, it was just like the old days, or as Al was told. Winry had said very little about the four years Al had forgotten, but she did mention that he and Ed always traveled by train and that it became a habit.

Al soon saw signs of home. His heart was pounding. What will I say when I see him? What will he say? Will he look different? Thousands of these questions popped into the younger Elric's head on the ride.

Just as the train was less than 40 minutes away from Rizenbul, the train came to an abrupt and loud screeching halt. Frightened children clung to their mothers asking what the problem was. Alphonse put on a serious look and stood up, ready for anything to happen. An intercom turned on and the engineer spoke. "Attention everyone, there seems to be something blocking the trains way...we may, I'm sorry to say this, have hit some people while breaking...I will quickly end this delay. Thank you for your cooperation." Al sighed. He didn't think it would be that easy.

A few minutes after the announcement, six renegades jumped on the train car and pulled out pistols. One shouted "ANY State Alchemists on this care, stand with your hands up or every friggen' person on this car dies!! You hear me!?"

Geez...they sure are demanding, Alphonse thought. He held up his hands and walked onto the isle. The renegades smiled, then looked confused, then frowned.

"HEY! Aren't you that famous alchemist's little brother? The brother of the dead one? Yah, you're the Angel Alchemist! Heheh! Killing you will greatly help our cause!"

Alphonse instantly felt something burst. He said cooly but slightly evily, as if there was a warning in his voice, "My brother is not dead. As a matter of fact, I'm on my way to see him now. He's expecting me in an hour and if I'm late to supper, he'll be upset. And when Ed's upset, I'm, can we please end this?"

The renegades laughed. "You tried to run away from us! That's right, we know you were in that troop to fight off our anti-alchemy group! Why dontchya step outside, little boy?" the rest continued to laugh, thinking that what they were doing was just.

Al chuckled and followed them out of the train. He heard the people mumbling as he walked by, with comments like "Fullmetal's younger brother?" and "Will he be alright on his own?"

Outside, the conducter and engineer were tied up in ropes. Al got even angrier, and said sinisterly, "Before we do this, I suggest you let those innocent men there free."

The men snorted and the leader said "Not after resisting our orders! They'll die along with you, runt!'re all mine!!"

The battle begun. The leader of the anti-alchemy group took his pistol and shouted "This'll be quick!" and shot. He smiled at his perfect aim, but then frowned to see it blocked by a stone wall just the size of the fourteen-year-old. He grunted. "Dammit! Where the hell did you go, Angel!?"

Al never answered. The leader was painfully nocked out cold by a long wooden staff Alphonse had transmuted. He turned to the five remaining men and said, "This is what happens when you go against a State Alchemist. Now, I despise violence, so please leave without hurting anyone?" The men looked at eachother in fear now that their leader was down. One quickly screamed and ran quickly and heaved the leader on his shoulder and ran back to the group just as quickly. Al smiled. "Good."

Another frightened man shouted "Now what do we do!?"
Al smiled wider with gentle eyes. "Just go home. " The men looked surprised, and ran off.

Alphonse untied the two men and they gave him their most sincere thanks. They insisted his ride refunded as repayment but Al, being ever so polite, refused the offer. He just got back on the train with nothing more than many pats on the back by thankful riders.

Al sat back down as the train started up again. "Hmm." he mumbled. Ed...Winry...everyone. Al just couldn't stop himself from laughing in joy at the thought of the wonderful reunion.


I don't think I'll make any more until I get atleast some reviews...I wanna know if I'm making a crappy fanfic! lol
no please continue!!! i like the idea!!! lol al - the angel alhemist biggrin.gif interesting!! please write more
Saturn Stars
I agree, it's a different idea and it's really nice to see that. Continue, and I'm sure you will capture more readers
I find this really interesting I hope you continue. I'm sure more readers will come.
Hagane no Renzy
OK thanks a bunch for you inspiring me guys! I wish i could make the next chapter now but I'm excrushiatingly busy today...I'll try to smash it in today, maybe around 7:30 so be patient! ^_~ I hope you like the last parts of it. HNRZ out...
Hagane no Renzy
Guess what? I'm back with 35 minutes to spare. Next chapter, comin at'chya:


It was his time. The train came to stop and Alphonse couldn't be more excited. Calmly and at a slow and tired pace he made his way off of the train, again to be thanked by the two men. He just smiled to them. That was one thing that Al did best.

The young alchemist breathed in the country air deeply. He was home again. Streching to the maximum, he yawned and picked up his heavy luggage, all crammed into a small brown suitcase. He went on his way.

On the 20 minute walk home, he ran into many familiar faces. They all waved and knew Alphonse well. "There goes an Elric!" they might say with a laugh. Alphonse would laugh along with them. Following the old reliable dirt road alongside the wooden, worn-down fence, he was getting closer to the Winry residence with each step.

Al soon decided to stop for a quick five minute rest against a tree. No sooner had he sat down then he heard an all too familiar voice call out to him, "Well, Al Elric! It's been almost six months now!" Al looked to his left to see Izumi and Sig Curtis walk up to him.

Alphonse was quite happy to see his sensei and her husband. Izumi examined him and said "Have you gotten taller?" Al smiled widely. "...nah, you haven't," she laughed. Al took it as a joke. Sig gave him a finger-shattering hand shake. Al didn't mention it because that's just how he does things.

For the rest of the walk Al and the Curtis' walked together, in conversation. "So Alphonse, this'll be the first time either you or me see Edward in four years. Nervous?"

Al looked down slightly. "...A little. I mean, what if he's hurt since I can't remember much about him? The last I saw him he was eleven, and now he's twenty! I just..." Al sighed.

Izumi put her hand on Al's shoulder. "You shouldn't worry about things like that. When you see him..." Al looked up to his teacher. "...don't hold any feelings back. I know you miss him." Al smiled with those same gentle eyes.
Please hurry up and continue you've got me on the edge of my seat with anticipation. You've really spent a lot of time building this reunion up I can't wait till they meet again.
Hagane no Renzy
Wow! *screams like a fangirl even though i'm a guy* I luves the attention. But I've got a terrible gut feeling that I'm going to butcher the reunion...I mean I have no clue what they'd do when they saw eachtother again. So...this might be the last chap..! or not, lol. Second to Last! Enjoy folks!

He Wasn't a Bad Man

Cheering could be heard from far off. Alphonse, Izumi and Sig knew they were only about 20 feet away. Soon Al heard the welcoming voice of Winry come to him. "Al! Hey, Al! You made it!!" Winry gripped Al in a bear hug, chocking him. Since Al was now almost five years younger than Winry, her size made a big difference.

Al mumbled "Hi...Winry...mind letting go now?" Winry laughed and waved high to Izumi and her husband. She grabbed Al by the wrist and in a slightly painful way pulled him to a tree in the shade.

"Al, I wanna tell you exactly how things happened before you go to see Ed. He said he'd rather I told you than he, okay?" Al looked surprised to hear this. He really wanted to see his big brother now, but he guessed it could wait.

Winry cleared her throat. "Al, when Edward went through the gate four years ago to save you from death, he transported to another world parallel to ours. He was stuck in a land called Germany." Al listened intently. "In that world there are people who are like our equals...for instance, he met the other you, Al. He was partners with Alphonse Heidrich." Al looked very surprised, as well as the Curtis'. He was taking in a lot at one time.

Winry continued, knowing that Al was shocked. "Ed tried studying an art called rocketry because he couldn't use alchemy in that world."

"No alchemy?" Al whispered. "None at all?"

Winry nodded. "He studied hard just so he could come back to us. He told me that after the 3rd year he was begginning to lose hope...but then he met a man. And this man looked Ishbalin, and that was because he was--he had come through the gate as well from our world."

Alphonse's eyes widened, almost positive of what he thought.

"This Ishbalite managed to bring one item with him to the other world, and it was a gas version of the Philosopher's Stone. Ed said he knew he shouldn't have used it, but the man proved it worked with an alchemic demonstration." Winry paused. "Al, the Philosopher's Stone wasn't its complete form...but it's gas form was. Ed used that to come here, but before he left, Ed said that he had to check what the man's name was. It was Casr."

Al almost began to cry. He looked down to the ground and whispered, "Scar..." Al kept his head down for a few moments and then quickly recovered from the shock and held his head up high. "Winry! Is Dad with Brother!?"

Winry looked rather sad but in a hopeful way still as she shook her head. "Edward said that Hoenheim said he intended to die away in that other world while helping out in their war."

You could see the emotion in Al's eyes. "That's so like him." Al felt the butterflies inside of him. "Well... Let's go see Brother."
Saturn Stars
Once agian, please continue! I can't wait to get Ed into this story!
Hagane no Renzy
Finale. Don't mind it if it's a wee bit short.

The Fullmetal and the Angel

Al followed Winry into the Rockbell residence. At opening the door, Al met with Aunty Pinako and had their hellos and goodbyes. It was like a giant party with almost every family that the Rockbells knew in Rizembul. There was food on a big table that people helped themselves to and a giant red banner across the ceiling that sad "WELCOME BACK EDWARD!" and there were signatures all over it. Winry whispered something to Al about how Ed was upset because Al's name wasn't on it. Al smiled softly.

Al still wanted to say hi to a few people before seeing his brother. Opening to the basement, an ever so excited Den flew at Al and tackled him to the ground. People laughed as the young boy and the dog played. Den wouldn't stop licking Al and the alchemist insisted that he stop while laughing.

After getting in all of his pets to Den, Al walked to Winry and whispered, "So...umm, where is Brother anyway? I...I think I'm ready." Winry looked down at Al as if she were his big sister. She nodded slowly and began walking towards the back of the house. On the way, Al saw Izumi chatting with some people while sipping punch. His sensei eyed Al and gave him a wink. Al thought it was somewhat unlike her.

Near the back of the house it was a lot quieter. Winry opened the backdoor and held it for Al. He was about to walk outside but saw that his 'big sister' wasn't coming with. She nodded and said with a slight quiver in her voice, "H-He's outside. I'll let you two be alone for a while."

Al looked lovingly at Winry. "...thank you." He walked into the Rockbell's backyard.

Al's eyes were wide. The backyard had changed a lot. Their old tireswing was so worn down and raggedy. Al used to remember him and Ed pushing Winry on that on lazy summer afternoons. He also saw the big oak tree that he got stuck in and wouldn't stop crying and needed Ed and Aunty Pinako to get him out... Al really missed those days, maybe because they were the only days he remembered with Ed.

Standing near the edge of the fence was Ed, his long brown coat and unbraided ponytail blowing in a gust of wind. Al's voice cracked as he projected, "Brother? Ed?"

Edward Elric turned around instantly recognizing the voice of his younger sibling. Ed was practically an adult. His hair was a little longer and you could see the experience of life growing in his eyes. "...Al? That you?" Ed slowly walked to Al and stopped in front of him.

Neither of them said anything. To break the moment, Ed placed his hand on Al's head and rubbed his hair. He didn't wait to tease. "Hah, YES! I'm taller than you now!!" Ed began to laugh, finally knowing victory. Alphonse smiled along with him and he began to laugh too.

Al couldn't even remember laughing like that with his brother. He didn't even know why he found it so funny. As a matter of fact Alphonse should've been a little downtrodden to see him finally smaller than his older brother.

After the stream of laughter and chuckles ended, Ed's eyes became more gentle. " is you, huh? Been lonely?"

Al began to tear up. He shook his head and mumbled, "Not really." The brothers embraced.
Hagane no Renzy

-__- Any reviews? None at all?
Very nice reunion story! biggrin.gif I liked the idea of Al being the "Angel Alchemist." It fits him well. I'd like to hear more. I am not much for critquing stories, but I do like to let people know I enjoyed their story.
Hagane no Renzy
Well thank you, Animeoldtimer, for teh review. I'm not sure, I guess I'll make a next chapter about their first day back together if I get popular demand (yah right! tongue.gif )

But whatever. You know, I might just do it anyway. *shrugs* I'll think about it.
TSilver Fox
Very sweet reunion story.
It was cute and pleasurable, while making me smile (and forgetting about the serious need for a working air conditioner here.. So that's a good thing if you managed to make me forget about the overbearing heat even for a while). Yay, go you!

Sorry about not adding a review sooner, this was the first time I got to read it.
It was neat to see your story just flowed out so freely allowing you to complete it quickly, obviously a shorter fic enabling that ability, but fun and good nonetheless.

Rating: Enjoyable
I really enjoyed this little story of yours but I really feel that there could be more there's a lot of potential with an idea like this, actually I happen to be in the works of a reunion story of my own, though I haven't posted it cause I'm too embarrassed. There are too many really good authors here that my story wouldn't do much good. Anyway very good story its nice cause its short and I don't have to pester someone forever for updates. Thank you very much for this enjoyable experience.
Hagane no Renzy
Thanks a hole bunches you guys. Hmm, I still I think that where I left it is the best ending. The whole point of the fic was meeting up again, and they did. Making more would be like telling about....but whatever, I'm rambling tongue.gif
Hagane no Renzy
Please excuse me for bumping a really old topic and a double post, but I feel that I can add one last chapter to this fic. So...yah. Enjoy everyone~

Epilogue: Edward Elric

They each stood together by the old river. That river held so many memories. "So Brother...why don't you tell me about this 'Germany?'"

Ed smiled. "That world was a lot like ours in many ways, Al. And what's even more strange is that in that world, there are alternates of us. Like, for example..."

Al laughed lightely. "Winry told me already. Alphonse Heidrich, was it? Was he really that much like me?"


Winry watched with gentle, caring eyes as the reunited brothers spoke by the river bank. She made sure that they didn't see her, because she knew if they did they'd stop speaking. She laughed lightly to herself. They've always been like that...leaving me out of things. But they're like brothers to me, too. Even more, maybe. Winry came out from the hidden side of the house and began to silently walk up to Ed and Al.

Mid conversation, Ed heard her footsteps and turned around. "Ah, Winry. I was just telling Al here about the other world. Care to join us?"

Winry looked rather shocked. After a few seconds of no reply, Ed asked again. "Umm...Winry? Hello?" Winry looked down to the ground. Maybe she was wrong. She slowly nodded her head and walked closer to her friends.


The sun was setting, and Winry had gone inside to make supper. Ed and Al had been talking, catching up for hours outside. Everyone had already left, even the Curtis'. Eventually, Al noticed the setting sun and yawned. "Wow, it's been a long day! Colonel Mustang gave me a few more days off, so I can spend more time with you guys! Right?"

Ed laughed. "He's a colonel? Still? Heh, that old man will never make it to the top." They both laughed a lot at that comment.

In mid walk, Al stopped. He said quietly, "...Brother? Can I ask you something?"

Ed looked back and casually replied, "Yah, sure."

"..." Al didn't want to sound kid like when he said this, but he was still just a kid. "Ed, could you carry me home on your back? Like we used to all the time when we"

Ed waited a long time. Heh. Alphonse, you're still just a child. Maybe that's a good thing, though. Yes, actually, it is. You get to re-live those four long years that I took from you. Those years in that hollow suit of armor...and you should be able to do what a kid your age does, not a seventeen year old. Ed said bluntly, "Sure."


Much later in the night Alphonse was already fast asleep from all of the excitement from earlier that day. Ed sat on a couch in the living room, feeling his automail arm. He didn't care he still had it. As a matter of fact, you could say that he almost got...attached to it. Maybe it was because she made it especially for him. Winry walked in the room in her night gown and whispered, "Ed? You're still awake?"

Ed smiled as he turned to Winry. He got up and whispered back, "Yah...I can't really sleep. I'm just so happy that, you know...I'm back!" Ed laughed lightly, making sure not to wake the sleeping woman and child up.

Winry's eyes began to moisten. "E-Edward, there's been something I've been meaning to tell you. For a long time, actually." Winry kept her eyes glued to the floor as she spoke, as if there was something there so important.

Ed's face grew more serious. "You can tell me, Winry. You know you can."

Winry looked up to Ed. "Ed, I'm in love with you." After that sentence, there was a very long and unwanted pause in the conversation. Winry couldn't hold in her thoughts any longer. She had to tell him.

Ed's eyes met Winry's. He slowly walked up to her. To his major relief, they were finally the same size. Ed wouldn't have done this if he were smaller. He kissed Winry on the lips, and kept them there for what was only a few seconds but seemed like forever to them both.

After that, Ed slowly walked back to the couch. He looked back to Winry and said, "Goodnight, Winry."

Winry smiled back, with some tears. "Goodnight, Ed."
Phyco girl
Awwww... such a cute story happy.gif The "I love you" part threw me off but I'm a big fan of EdWin anyways so I don't mind.

I hope to see more of your stories soon. Oh BTW if you like EdWin then maybe you should read my fic Where Are We (it's at the bottom of my sig) I still need to update chapter 8 though, lol! (Don't worry it's not mushy lovey dovey)

Well see you later!
Hagane no Renzy
Thanks Phyco girl, that EdWin scene was a first for me, so yah, it should be expected to be rather bad. Sorry.
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