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Full Version: Drawing Ed Or Anybody !
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Whenever I draw Ed or any body, I start with a circle, then the bangs, then the neck and shoulderseyes are always last, They are te parts I suck at. Normally the pictures I draw are pictures I look at from the computer or something. But does any one have any easier way then how I draw Fma people?
I always start with the bangs and then do the face, neck, shoulders, etc, and then go back at the end for the eyes and nose and stuff. Also, it's easier to print out the picture and have it right next to the paper, so you don't have to keep looking up.
I agree. I think the eyes are the hardest part, it takes me along time to do them
Fullmetal Fangirl
Heres mine:

Shape of head not including top part where hair is...

Draw front hair and little pointy one too ^^ its cute.







I do eyes first, then everything comes together around them. Eyes are like my markers and the are the easiest to do for me(I draw lots of eyes for practice though). Then comes the bangs, nose and mouth/head, hair and then I work my way down to the feet.

I love drawing Edo, most of the time you don't have to give him ears = one less thing to worry about!
i do a fast rough circle for the size of the head, then the dominant eye in the picture, then the other eye, then nose, mouth, face shape, bangs, head, ears, hair, and the rough sketches for the shape of the body, then the body details. for me, the eyes are the hardest part because it makes or breaks a character in my opinion. everything else is much easier. biggrin.gif
Fullmetal Fangirl
I dont know anybody that draws with the funny lines on the faces to guide them, I mean, that didnt make sense...

What i MEANT was that some people drwa the head then draw a line down the center, then across and a few more to guide them...I hate that...

Anyway, I mostly draw teen Al and hardley Ed anymore..
Actually, it's not that easy to draw, ^^U You have to take in place many things, even if they aren't going to be shown when it's finished...

Usually I draw first the jaw line, then divide the face signaling where will go the eyes, ears, nose and mouth, then I draw them. After that I draw the hair, then the neck and then the shoulders and the rest.
If I have trouble with the jawline I draw a circle first as a reference, that would be their head and then I draw the jawline.

Hope that's of any use for you ^^U, anyways, each person has a different technique.
Fullmetal Fangirl
How long does that normally take you...

Depends on the drawing I want to make XDDD it's not the same to make just a face where the camera is set in front of it, or a body with perspective... ^^U

I don't like to draw the reference lines either, but if I want to make a decent drawing I have to T^T

If it's a normal drawing, a face with the camera in front of it, USUALLY (depends on the day I've got XD) it takes me about 5 minutes to draw. If the drawing is more complicated, as perspectives etc. It can take me hours... It depends on several things: Whether I'm inspirated or not, whether I had a good day or not (sometimes a draw better when I have a bad day, and sometimes when I had a good day, and usually the inspiration comes when I'm about to go to bed and sleepy XDDD), its perspective, the style (it's not the same to draw Roy Mustang than Naruto, por example, the pencil I use xD, etc etc etc
I drawr the lines as wide as the eyes across the circle that that Draw to help( the circle is for helping me with the porportions with the head)to help with drawing how wide the eyes are . it's kinda a guide for me I guess. The hair is hard but it's really fun.
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