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Thank you Tombow!!! T^T I'm glad you are back!! XD Wait for an update for tonight ^_~ (or two), I started working at the videoclub tongue.gif and I have waaaaaay too much freedome, lol

sorry, can't update today, I just came home (0:12 am) and I won't be able to add the digital effects, so, unless you want the page without any effect... there's no update today, two for tomorrow?
Roy Mustard
Holy crap, how did you draw like that?
Most of you guys are like way better than the people in my old crappy forum.
lol, just: PRACTICE, really, believe me. Oh.. and read mangas, but specially PRACTICE

PS: I'm not that good!! >.<


Vol2-chap1-page 31:




Vol2-chap1-page 31:
To anyone that might want to know: I updated

Page 34
So manyyy! wow
actually, it's because you haven't visited in a long long long time XD
they are so good smile.gif biggrin.gif i want more
thank you! I'll update tonight ^^
Wow! You're so patient!! I'll be waiting for your updates! happy.gif

PAGE 35:



PAGE 36:
Reika - Sorry I couldn't come here for a while!!
My computer had so much trouble loading the pages in this forum!!

I'm catching up on all your updates now!!
Men, I missed so much!!
Reta McClain
You know, Reika. I read this whole doujinshi today and... I think I like it. *nod nod*

Your drawing is good, even though some small (No I'm not talking about Ed!XD) things are sometimes slightly off.

By the way, I love London!Ed's jacket/coat thingy. That black one. I want it!
@Reika - I know you're really busy with school right now...
Good luck with all your school work, and hope to see more update soon!! happy.gif
@Reta McClain:

Sorry for the late answer, I'm on exams right now. Thank you for your review and thanks for reading. I hope you keep enjoying it as I'll keep updating and welcome to this thread even if I can't answer right away right now.

Thanks again ^^


Don't worry xD You know I always answer, even if it isn't the next day lol. Thanks for the encouragement! I have an exam tomorrow and I'm at english class right now, lol.
wow, your art is awesome, nice work Reika, i want to see more of your beatiful and great drawings biggrin.gif
thanks Alchemist of Time, I just finished my exams yesterday, so I'm lookinf forward to publishing the next to pages and the cover of this chapter soon ^^
QUOTE(Reika @ Nov 30 2006, 05:17 AM) [snapback]479490[/snapback]
thanks Alchemist of Time, I just finished my exams yesterday, so I'm lookinf forward to publishing the next to pages and the cover of this chapter soon ^^
@Reika - So nice to see you again!! Your exams are over?? Great!!

Looking forward to seeing the updates!! happy.gif
I was supposed to be back, lol xD. I'm gonna be honest here, I've been doing EXACTLY this those days, it's nothing special, but since I've left you for so long, I thought I should appear and say at least hi, it's the least I could do for you:

1)Finish exams
2)Going to the gym
3)Celebrating my Birthday (twice, yesterday was the second time lol)
4)working (I work at a Candy Shop now and I don't have free time to draw like at the videoclub, so I'm still adapting, also, I have to know EVERY price :s)
5)Solving problems with Amazon, YES, they denied they owed me anything, and they even told me they already had refunded me the money, BUT, it was when I started telling them that I would go to the legal department in charge of this kind of situations when they actually made some investigation and FINALLY they refunded me everything they owed me.
6)I bought the huge pack of all seasons with all extras of x files here in spain!!!!!! yayness!!! XDDDDDD (one of the happiest days of my life, just the day I finished exams, lol)
7)what more... yeah, watching House! haha, I'm addicted, it's great, its script is marvellous, and I laugh hard lol, but it's kind of worrying the fact that I've been like House sometimes :s (I mean, in the crazy part).
8)I've been thinking the main plot and development of the manga I told you I'll publish who knows when. I need to improve the drawings and everything, but at least, I've got the main ideas written in place and in order, from beginning to end. Actually, the plot was decided about 8 months ago or so, I just thought the end, and thought the begining and the development focusing on how will it end. Also, I've been defining some aspects of some characters, although, that's the lat thing I'll define of the story. And basically, this is what has kept me from drawing this doujinshi.
9)I've become lazy and sat on the sofa watching X Files and House, lol. (Finally I saw the "ending"!!!!)
10)While I was waiting yesterday for my friends to come to have dinner and then go to play with the Nintendo Wii (XDDDDD I love that name), I drew some of the backgrounds of the next page of this doujinshi.
11)I also drew one of the characters of "my story" to whom I call Ryan untill I find another name that I feel's more suitable and fits better with the story. But you won't see a thing 'bout him untill I finish or at least liscence the story itself, muahahaha, I'm bad, I know.

Love ya.

PS: Even if it doesn't seem like it, I really wanna update, but I'm feeling lazy lately. Anyways, I draw, I've drawn next chapter's cover, next page is almost done, except the fact that the last pannel's driving me crazy and the next one's been already decided how's it gonna be, I need to draw it better.
Things to do this week: Buy a couple of presents (Dai's one of them), japanese classes, sound engineery classes, study a little, watch House, watch X Files and Draw, lol. In fact, I'm in class right now and since we are not doing a thing, I'll keep drawing ^^.


I'll probably go to Ireland this month, around the week of 25, anybody's from there? XD It would be nice to have something to drink together, lol!
@Reika - Nice to see your post!! Glad your exams are over!!!
Considering how hard and stressful this semester was for you, I'm glad you're taking well deserved "down time" and getting a chance to relax and being lazy!!
(And, belated Happy Birthday!!! ) biggrin.gif
Please take your time winding down, and when you're ready, it would be nice to see the update!! *hugs!!*
Reta McClain
O_o Cool update, Reika! Especially the trains! I can't draw trains biggrin.gif
@Reika - So nice to see your update!! I missed it so much!! happy.gif
Synth Alchemist
Excellent artwork!!!!! Very good!!!!!!
@ Reika So I'm all caught up and I want more...MORE, MORE, MORE! Is there a way to get notifications of when you post a new page?

Thank you soooo very much for your wonderful work,
QUOTE(Starrieidgirl @ Dec 30 2006, 12:36 AM) [snapback]489386[/snapback]
... Is there a way to get notifications of when you post a new page?

@Starrieidgirl - Yes, sort of... biggrin.gif
While on this thread, click on Options on the upper right corner of this page.
Then, click on the drop down menu of Track this topic.
Then, check Immediate Email Notification, then click on Proceed, then proceed with the rest of stuff.. smile.gif
This will get you email notification from our board when someone posts on this thread.
Now that may or may not be Reika's post with new update, but that gives you reason to come to the board to check it out!! biggrin.gif
@Reta McClain:
Thank you very much and marry christmas and happy new year!!!!!!! I had a lot of trouble with the stupid trains, and specially that pannel, but well... it seems it didn't turn out "that bad", hehe.

@Synth Alchemist:
Thank youuuuuuuuuu!!!

Thank you! Thanks for reading and marry christmas to you too!! (well, for all of you, XD) As tombow said, you can do it either that way, or by adding me to your friends list if you are a deviantart member ^^.

I miss you tooooooooooooooo!!! You know that, lol xD Thanks for the explanation to starrieidgirl for me, lol.


I'm on REAL vacation, I'm not even at home, just for dinner or so, so I'm not doing a single thing untill I start classes again, sorry ^^. But next update will be:
Last page of this chapter
This chapter's cover + probably next one's
A couple of omakes

Patience please!
QUOTE(Reika @ Jan 2 2007, 05:50 AM) [snapback]490415[/snapback] update will be:
Last page of this chapter
This chapter's cover + probably next one's
A couple of omakes

@Reika - You deserve some vacation!! Take your time!! happy.gif
But, Omake sounds good!!! Can't wait to see those!! biggrin.gif
lol, I think I'm not inspired though lol
Hi Reika!!
It's been a while, so just checking!!!
Any update lately??? biggrin.gif
nope XD And I'm announcing a huge stop. I have one month left 'till my FINAL EXAMS!"!!!!! So I'll be VERY busy studying (Don't worry, I'm sure I'll update something in between... you already know me XD), BUT, it'll be my final exams, after these... there won't be any more...
@Reika - Of course, we understand!! Good luck with your final Finals!!
We hope to see more updates on your story after the exams!! happy.gif
Reta McClain
Reika: Don't worry about us, we can wait for the new update. You worry your about exams and start worrying about this story after them smile.gif Good luck with them!
I love your doujinshi!!!
Its sooo funny-cute-nice happy.gif
I want more!!!
But donīt worry yet...
I can wait...As the others n_n
Take your time please
Good luck with your exams. You'll make it!

BTW, I fell ill last week, so I wasn't able to go to Ypres. T^T
But I asked my friend if I could borrow her notes. I'll try to translate a bit from my history book, some pages we got by English, and the notes so I can still give you some information. Hope that's okay.

Thank you!!! ^^ You are always sooo nice ^^


Thank you very much for your understanding


Haha, I'm glad you like it ^^ I'll update as soon as posible, don't worry, I'll update


Ohhhhhhh!!! >.< that's so baaaaaaaad, well, anything you can get for me will be ok ^^ Thank you!!!
It's about time I star with WOI (and guess there's even a quote from Edward Grey in my history book -At this very moment the lights go out above all of Europe and no one of our generation that lives today, shall ever see them shine again. (3rd August 1914)-)

The Great War

From Balkan conflict to Worldwar:

It all started in 1848 (yup that is) when Italia and Germany wanted to become independant. Italia managed to do so in 1870. But Germany is the big problem.
After they beat Austria-Hungary (Italia was also battling), Bismarck wanted to have war with France. Just so the Southern parts of Germany would join too.
And Germany won. They crowned Wilhelm (Emperor of Pruisen -geh, my english knowledge of European countries is bad-) Emperor in Versailles (France). The French people were humiliated and wanted revench.

In 1914 the heir to the throne of Austria was shot in Servia. Austria declared war to Servia. Russia stood up for Servia and started too. Germany attacked Russia and soon the other countries got involved too.

In August of 1914, the Centrals (Austria-Hungaria and Germany) faced the Triple Entente (Russia, France and Great-Brittain), Belgium, Servia.. Italy, which first was with the Centrals, joined the Triple Entente.

Switzerland, the Netherlands , the Scandinavian countries, and Spain were neutral.

(The USA joined in 1917 because the Germans were attacking their ships)
Germany wanted to beat France before Russia was ready to battle, but they bumped in to the resistence in the West Corner of Belgium. The Belgian could stop the German Army by flooding the Yzer (-that river-) Valley.
France resisted at the Marne (river) and the Brittish resisted in Ypres.
In the autumn of 1914 the war was moved to the Trenches. They went from Switzerland to the North Sea.

What else do you need?
And if my explanation is bad, Sowwy T_T
oh! so this is what you were talking about on DA! LOL, sorry for not checking up on it earlier! Thank you very much! It will help a lot! ^^

HI EVERYBODY!!!! I'll tell you the same I told people from DA:



That's because:

1)In need to have the sound engineer title, I have to do some excersices at an enterprise, which happens to be 1h far away from where I live.

2), and the most important:
I've thought of another updating method in order to improve the doujinshi. Instead of drawing and keep drawing, FIRST I write this chapter's script, and THEN I'll draw it. This will allow me to draw faster and better while I improve the story.
@Reika - Nice to see you!!!
You are doing an internship as a sound engineer?? Awesome!!
Yeah, I agree... having a chapter script is a good idea!!

Good luck with internship, and hope you can develop a nice chapter script!! happy.gif
intern...ship? yeah... I... suppose? XD

I've written half of it or more already, let's see when can I finish it so I can start drawing it. I don't wanna start drawing before I finish it 'cause I could want to change some things later on.
Hi people, I guess "Tadaima..." I should be back...? lmao ^^ Love you, thanks for all your support, really, love you.
Welcome back Reika! hug.gif
Hope you can get your "Royai doujin" muse flowing again! biggrin.gif
haha, thank you! Yeah! Me too! :S Will I be able to draw like then? it's been a while :S YEAH!....<-- Tries to have selfconfidence again, lmao xD
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