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Full Version: My Fma Doujinshi
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I actually made ALL the story already, it's almost everything written, besides a couple of things, one of them.. quite important, yeah, but well xD now I know where do I want to take the story to.

If you don't think making Roy totally incompetent isn't evil, then what is it?! ;________;

*emos 'til next update*

You are mean T_T I suffer too, you know? XDD
^^ Ha, then, I guess you kind of understand how Arakawa-sensei feels with FMA (she already knows the ending, too, right??) biggrin.gif
Well, I'm gonna wait for your updates to learn what happens to Roy. happy.gif
lol, I know the ending and the inbetweens, actually, I already knew the ending when I started the story. Now.. I know what will happen, or the most important parts, untill the ending.
aggh... my computer was being nice and letting me read it, but then... chater 3 page 4+ won't work! IS ist just me? (how long is it now, btw?)
you just have to click on the image to enlarge it and you'll see it ^^.
Right now, it's on volume 2 chapter 1
oh, ok.. ayay! Thankyou!
no prob! ^^
Whoa oa whoaa ow whow.. Whoa ow wo oohw.. Whoa oa whoaa ow whow.. Whoa ohw whow.. laugh.gif Haha..

It seems the football fever is getting the hang of my brain.. tongue.gif

I really can't wait to read the next update! ^^ biggrin.gif
Poor Roy, can't move his fingers anymore.. *sobs*

This doesn't affect Ametris Roy in any way, shape or form riiiiiggghht...??.. It's okay to make me sad but not sad sad, just happy sad.

*waiting patiently for update*
hahaha sorry, I`'m not updating lately because of the exams... ^^U
I'm totally in love with your doujin!
thank you! And I'm totally in love with your signature XDD
OMG. I'm like sooooooo totally motivated to write a fanfic off of that, but I already have about two going, and I can't afford to write anymore -it costs a LOT of time- if I could get your permission I soo totally would. But then it would just be a little "plagiarism" of the doujin. lol.
Well, that's another way to say. AHHH~ I love it!

Poor Roy.... I mean, Roys. lol. Twice the sexiness glompableness hotness, can the world handle it? lol...
It was a really unique idea to have Roy go to the other side of the gate, yeah, and how the Rizas play into it. AH~

Would it be worse to be showered by love with your wife, and then go to a world where your "wife" was in love with you, but not in love with the you you? and therefore you are on merely a platonic -barely- relationship?
Or would it be worse to find this woman who looked exactly like your subordinate, which you loved. -does it ever imply that he loves her, if not, please do not hesitate to correct- but she is not, and she is all goo goo over you, and everyone thinks you're a psychopath? -Not to mention that Ed.... is no longer.... CHIBI! ahh! *mourns in corner*- lol. tongue.gif

Sorry, just rambling on...


It's almost one, and I'm still reading. Did I mention that I REALLY love this? AHHH~ I'm in LOVE with it! IT TOTALLY UBer Rocks my Socks!

and iT's kinda unexpected. The london Roy is being paired with the Amestris Riza, and the Amestris Roy is being paired with the London Elizabeth.
Well.... it just struck me as a little odd, but very unique. Unique. Unique is good.
I read your doujinshi on DevArt and I must say as someone who has tried to draw FMA myself, you have some mad skillz. And the story is one of the most unique I've ever seen, and the way you have designed the panals gives it a real cinematic feel.

I am massively impressed.
UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^0^

Vol 2-chap1-Page 17:



lol, I'm glad you like it so much XD It's quite unbelievable for me, even if people tell me that it's great, but it's really appreciated ^^ I hope not to disappoint you with future chapters ^^


wow, thank you, O.o, but, truth to be told, I don't know why I add the cells that way, I really want to know what's the meaning of adding this cell or the other ^^U
Feh, so Roy's gonna have an automail hand? WTH?! O.o;
yay! an update!! Thankyou! im still loving it!
Ooh, London Roy gets automail.... hrm....... blink.gif
I lOVE the update. as with the rest. der~ Keep it up. lol. Roy's getting all mushy, -pushing his, unbeknownst to him, Mustang Charm up to the max- with Riza, then Ed walks in. lol. What we would do without Ed/Roy-tachi, right?

The "real" Roy would never let Ed step on his face like that. lol tongue.gif
Imagine what the Amestrian Colonel would do....
*Ed's a piece of badly over cooked toast*
-Roy went easy on him-


mmm... maybe *starts singing and looking away*


^^ glad you still like it


Roy's starting to realize some things... he thinks he is like "asleep", and he doesn't like it.... well, you'll see what I'm talking about later on.
QUOTE(Reika @ Jun 8 2006, 01:29 AM) [snapback]408148[/snapback]
Roy's starting to realize some things... he thinks he is like "asleep", and he doesn't like it.... well, you'll see what I'm talking about later on.
Ohhhh, more intrigue!! Can't wait to find out!! happy.gif
*squeals with excitement* so much more is going on! i just reread some stuff, and i caught more, so im hoping you update soon!
Jeeeej update! I love your story! I think I'm hooked laugh.gif

QUOTE(Reika @ Jun 7 2006, 11:29 PM) [snapback]408148[/snapback]

Roy's starting to realize some things... he thinks he is like "asleep", and he doesn't like it.... well, you'll see what I'm talking about later on.

Aaarg! I'm really bad at waiting! sad.gif Oh well, I hope you update soon ^-^
lol, I'm glad to know there's more people enjoying my story, I'll update as soon as I can, you know that.


HAPPY ROYAI DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELLO!! I may post the colored one later on.

This is the first time I ever draw something intentionally, I mean, they are not naked just because, they are not in that position just because, there's not that background just because or just "because it fits" no, every scrach and everything is there because of something. Someone explaint me some techniques for the "image composition" and I tried to apply them on this image. Hope you like it and... if there's someone that can understand any meaning I tried to add to it... I will welcome it! XDDD

BTW IT'S RATED R!!! XD nothing specific though
*jumping up and down* Yay! Update!........wah...can't see mature picture....>.<.......

actually it's not an update XD it's just an image I drew for the royai day
Reika ,just now I realized that you are at the Royai thread too. And less than a month ago I said that I like your Doujinshi and I didn`t know that you post there too. thats kind of shameful for me ohmy.gif . Sorry

Well , I wan to say that I like your Doujinshi , It`s like reading the manga you draw and make it so great. and story is great too. i think I`m with everyone , I love your doujinshi biggrin.gif
By the way, I think I read one post of yours and it was on spanish huh.gif .I can be wrong.
lol! don't worry! and yeah, I'm actually spanish



VOl2-chap1-Page 18:


Vol2-chap1-Page 19:



I wish I had found your thread earlier.. [head/wall] I wanna say I really love your doujinshi, I just get addicted to it and its amazing how you can draw the same FMA characters repeatedly but in different actions so well!! Do keep updating, lots of people are waiting..

I really like your story too, Roy's the main character (of course) and the content is very interesting and original! <3

Do take your time to update anyways, otherwise you won't be able to produce a good work smile.gif But I hope you will update soon! laugh.gif

*is addicted*
thank you!!!!!!!!! T^T thank you commenting something!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDD here's an update: as a reward: lol
Hoorah for the update~ laugh.gif Poor Hayate.. Nice catch anyways.. and of course, Roy still had the taste of his french kiss with a dog, how sweet funny!! Keep it up!

I viewed your comment about this page and I learnt a new thing today.. Mangakas use tons of brushes and screen tones which would have cost them a bomb (I saw in stores and they're damn expensive!).. I guess you must have spent uite a lot to make this doujinshi..
Ed rules!!!
hi I'm new could any one tell me how to post drawings??? that would be a big help


well, it's true I've spent quite a bit... well, yeah, quite a big bit, precisely today I just bought some tools at akadot retail, which truth to be told, it's quite expensive, but I don't mind as long as there people like you that honestly enjoy reading it and I keep learning, which are this dou's propose ^^ Thanks.

@Ed rules!!!: Do you mean in DA?
Ed rules!!!
I mean fan art stuff....

what's DA... if it means drawing art, then yes
no, it means DeviantArt, there's where I upload the files and then post them here
Ah, the dog licked inside of roy's mouth. @____________@ Sick.......

I would barf too... XD;;;

*waves hands* Yayz!! I've got your update earlier in another forum^^ Lalala~

Aww~ that's so sweet.. Roy's got fever after a french kiss with Hayate, and Elizabeth cares for him so deeply.. Aww~ Really, I wonder what Roy's gonna say after he grabbed Elizabeth's hand.. laugh.gif

I <3 my new siggie so much, I'm so proud of it.. I think I've gone mad..
yayz!! thanks for posting XDDD you are way too kind, lol, here you have an update in thanks to that ^-^


Vol2-chap1-page 25


Vol 2-chap1-Page 27:
Aah~ I've been checkng your updates in the other forum such that I forgot about the updates here.. Oh dear..

Evetually I know what Katherine meant by "ET".. I'm so dumb, wahaha.. Great update(s)!! I wonder what Ed's doing at Elizabeth's house.. Check on Roy?
hahaha anyways, it's not the first time that Katherine calls him "Et"
Whew, I'm caching up with all the updates I had been missing!!
I missed coming here to read your updates on this thread!! happy.gif
Awsome job, Reika!!
Oh, today I didn`t forgot to come to this post. Sorry. And the story is getting every time more interesting.
I MISSED YOUR COMMENTS TOMBOW!!! T^T What happened to you?????

@55th animalalchemist: don't worry ^^ you can read it whenever you like xD
^^ @Reika - I missed you, too!! T^T
What happened was that right after the Royai Day, my computer had started having trouble loading up this site... as if this site was down (that's what I thought first,) I couldn't connect to the the site, except, unlike other times, it lasted for a week, and then lasted, and lasted, and I still couldn't get on this site... for weeks!!
And, then, to make the matters worse (of course, that's how it goes!! tongue.gif ) my friend, while he was checking to see if anything was wrong with my computer, messed up (I think he messed up the the fire wall setting on my computer, or something), and then I couldn't get on ANY sites for a while!! And, it took us a while to fix that, and then I changed the browser, and some other stuff, and few days ago, puff, just as suddenly, I can get back on this site again!!
I still don't know what was actually wrong, if that was my computer, or something with the router, or some network problem/site problem, or whatnot.
What matters is that I'm on again. smile.gif
I tried going to your DivArt account, but I was/am still working out kinks on my new browser, and somehow it doesn't support the "search" and other functions on DivArt site, and I couldn't get to your account there.
Anyway, I'm back on, and this new browser is kind of tidious and I'm not very used to it yet, but hey, at least I can get to enjoy your updates!! happy.gif
wow... that's really... sad? lol XD Maybe, you should have tried "formatting" the hard drive??? dunno ^^U


Here it is:

I couldn't go on without updating so here it was as it is, it's something veeeeery shitty, but well, at least I updated lol xD I hate digital effects and backgrounds...
I'm double posting just to know if I can post, people are telling me they can't post >.<





should I still post on this thread? XD
To respond to your question: Yes you should still post, or I shall be very crossed with you tongue.gif

Yay updates! I just love your updates. I really admire your skillz, you're so really talented!

Wow, it seems like Roy is actually falling for Elizabeth. That is so cute. *was kinda hoping that would happen happy.gif*
I hope you'll update again soon, can't wait for the rest of it smile.gif
hehe, I was getting afraid, because Tombow told me she/he couldn't post here and noone else posted either, so I didn't know if you people were actually reading it through this forum

I'll always say I'm not that good, lol, but thanks

Roy's a little confused right now lol, but less than when he arrived, he knows something for sure: he doesn't want to see Elizabeth, nor Riza, crying again. He really felt that...
Not posting update???
Please, don't even THINK like that!!! tongue.gif

It's working fine now, and the updates are great!!
Yeah, Roy falling for Elizabeth!!?? Ohoho, interesting!!!!

@Reika - You're such a story teller!! You thrill us with your dojinshi!!! happy.gif
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